This is a list of events that happened in 2011. First book editions are shown in bold text.


13th - DE paperback version of Tigerstar and Sasha Arc released.[1]


19th - DE hardcover and audiobook versions of Midnight released. [2]
19th - DE hardcover and audiobook versions of Moonrise released. [3]


3rd - FR paperback version of Sunset released.[4]


1st - NL hardcover version of A Dangerous Path released.[5]
5th - US hardcover edition of Sign of the Moon released.[6]
5th - US paperback, hardcover and audio edition of Fading Echoes released.[7]
5th - US audio edition of Night Whispers released.[8]
26th - US paperback edition of SkyClan's Destiny released.[9]
Fi hardcover version of A Dangerous Path released.[10]


12th - DE paperback version of Ravenpaw's Path Arc released.[11]
31st - Chinese paperback version of Night Whispers released.[12]


21st - Warriors Wiki is 5 years old.
25th - RU paperback version of Tigerstar and Sasha Arc released.[13]
DE paperback version of Ravenpaw's Arc released.[14]


5th - US hardcover and e-book editions of Crookedstar's Promise released[15]
5th - US paperback edition of The Rescue released[16]
27th - Erin Hunter Answers Your Questions Summer 2011.[17]
30th - DE hardcover version of Dawn released. [18]
30th - DE hardcover version of Code of the Clans released.[19]


15th - ZH paperback version of SkyClan's Destiny released.[20]
17th -  Finnish hardcover copy of The Darkest Hour released.[21]
21st - Estonian copy of Into the Wild released.[22]




3rd - Sonda harcover version of Forest of Secrets released.[23]
10th - JP hardcover version of The Sight released.[24]
20th - FR paperback version of The Sight released.[25]


1st - Afrikaan hardcover version of The Darkest Hour released.[26]
9th - HR hardcover version of Into the Wild released.[27]
12th - DE hardcover and audiobook editions of Starlight released.[28]
22nd - US hardcover and ebook editions of The Forgotten Warrior released[29]
22nd - US paperback edition of Beyond the Code released.[30]


27th - US paperback edition of Night Whispers released.[31]


SK paperback version of Fire and Ice released.[32]
DK hardcover version of Fire and Ice released.[33]
RU hardcover version of The Fourth Apprentice released.[34]
RU hardcover version of Fading Echoes released.[35]

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