"Pack, pack. Kill, Kill."
Pack leader to his pack in A Dangerous Path, page 4
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 27)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

It is dark in the 'kennel-that-moves'. The pack leader is in there with at least more than one dog. He smells burnt forest but mostly dog scent. Outside, he hears Man voices and understands few words of what they are saying. The pack leader picks up the scent of fresh cut wood, and detects fear in the men's voices. He remembers coming to this place lots of times before this. The pack leader thinks about the pack; they are strong, and can run and kill, and crave blood. But instead of roaming free, they are at the mercy of the Man.
The pack leader yowls to his dogs, and they echo him, and the doors of the kennel-that-moves are opened. The lead dog leads his pack away from the wood and men. They run towards the forest, and are delighted to be free at last. The pack leader detects one strong familiar scent above all of the others: cat. A few nights later, the dogs are roaming the forest as they please. The pack leader sniffs for the special spot where he had found a hole to lead the dogs to freedom again.
The massive leader tells his dogs where the hole is. He promises that the hole will become larger. Soon, the hole is big enough for the dogs to go into, and they all follow their leader into the hole to be free. They only have one deep instinct: Kill.




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