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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in A Forest Divided that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.


  • Clear Sky is in the middle of a dream.
    • He realizes that he is at the four trees, where so many of his Tribemates were slaughtered.
  • He comes to the horrifying conclusion that the dead cats outnumber the living ones.
  • He sees his former mate Storm approaching him, stating that he had come.
    • Clear Sky's heart ached with grief and replies that of course he came.
    • He inquires why Storm had called him to the dream. Storm replies that she is tired of waiting.
  • Clear Sky looks around and notes that the other groups' leaders have joined him in his dream.
  • He notices that all of the living cats stood separately, whereas the dead cats all stood together.
    • He wonders if the spirit cats were the only ones keeping them united now.
  • Storm tells him that she and the other spirit cats were still waiting for The Early Settlers to grow and spread like the Blazing Star.
  • She asks if fear is holding them back, and Clear Sky retorts that fear isn't holding them back.
  • He asks how much farther can they spread than the forest, moor, and the river.
  • They add more cats to their groups whenever they can.
  • Another small voice jumps in and says they're not doing enough.
    • Clear Sky looks down to see Fluttering Bird, his younger sister who died of hunger in the mountains.
  • Clear Sky realizes that Fluttering Bird is angry with him and the other cats from the mountains, because they have not yet grown and spread like the the Blazing Star.
  • He takes it as his duty to unite all the cats and make them live in the forest with him.

Chapter 1

  • Clear Sky wakes up.
  • Quick Water gives prey to Birch and Alder.
  • Two new rogues have joined Clear Sky's group: Pink Eyes and Blossom.
  • Clear Sky wants to go to Tall Shadow's camp.
  • Clear Sky goes to Tall Shadow's camp.
    • He sees Jagged Peak's kits.
  • He invites the moor cats to come live in the forest, saying it's what Fluttering Bird wants, but they disagree.
  • Clear Sky is saddened and leaves.

Chapter 2

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