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"I'm so sorry I was hard on you. I was grieving for my place in RiverClan and needed some cat to blame. And I suppose, in a way, you represented my worst fear-that living cats would go against their own instincts to follow dangerous instructions of some long-dead cat. But Ashfur could have used any cat. It wasn't your fault he chose you, and I shouldn't have acted like it was. If he'd chosen me, I might have been fooled too. But I don't think I would have been brave enough to follow him into the Dark Forest. Even when you were injured, you went back there to help defeat him once and for all. How could any cat be angry with you?"
Mothwing apologizing to Shadowsight in A Light in the Mist, pages 320-321

Below contains in-depth information for chapter twenty-three of A Light in the Mist (book). If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 23 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 315-322

Chapter description[]

Shadowsight sits beside the Moonpool, wondering why the wound in his heart had not healed as Leafpool had told him it would. The ShadowClan medicine cat dismisses it, stating that it will take some time. He recalls how the Clans had arranged for the medicine cats to meet beside the Moonpool and share with StarClan. The tabby tom ponders if he should tell the other medicine cats of Leafpool's message, theorizing that they may prohibit his presence at the Moonpool, but Shadowsight remembers that Mothwing is allowed to be at the half-moon meeting although she doesn't share with StarClan.
Shadowsight watches as Puddleshine tells the other medicine cats that Tigerstar is ordering extra hunting patrols for a feast, with Kestrelflight saying that Harestar is doing the same. He adds that he is going to present Whistlepaw to StarClan as a medicine cat apprentice, hoping that they will accept her. Shadowsight wondered what he might be feeling if Puddleshine could bring Bristlefrost and Graystripe back with his herbs, but he knows that it would be impossible. Puddleshine asks Mothwing if she will be traveling back to RiverClan after the meeting, and the dappled golden tabby she-cat replies that she will, as RiverClan needs a medicine cat and Mistystar has apologized for her actions, having already let Harelight and Icewing back into the Clan. Alderheart asks if the medicine cats think that they will be able to share with StarClan, so Jayfeather begins the process by touching his nose to the pool water. Shadowsight notices Mothwing hanging out away from the Moonpool, causing the ShadowClan medicine cat to wonder if he should be with her as he knew that he would not receive a message from StarClan. Watching Puddleshine join Jayfeather, Shadowsight quickly touches his nose to the water, wondering if StarClan would give him the chance to say goodbye, at the very least. The dark gray tabby tom sees only darkness and understands that he would receive no vision from StarClan, so he lifts his head to see Mothwing's questioning gaze. Nothing comes out of the she-cat's mouth as Mothwing begins to lick her belly fur.
Shadowsight scolds himself for asking for too much, citing that he had seen StarClan's territory and the great Firestar, going on to speak with the legendary ThunderClan leader. Puddleshine asks the younger ShadowClan medicine cat what he had saw, but Alderheart answers first, saying that he saw Graystripe, who told him that he is well in StarClan. Kestrelflight brings the medicine cats the news of StarClan approving Whistlepaw, and how they had told him to learn from their mistakes in the dilemma with Ashfur. Puddleshine says that they had told him the same as well, and he turns to Shadowsight, asking him if he had received that same news.
The ShadowClan medicine cat states he only saw blackness because he has no connection with StarClan. Confused, Puddleshine tells him that he has to have a connection with them as he helped destroy the barrier between the Dark Forest and StarClan. Shadowsight informs the medicine cats of Leafpool's message, how he had never really shared with StarClan in the first place despite his initial thoughts, and how all of his visions were because of Ashfur, and now that he's gone, he won't have anymore visions. Puddleshine reminds Shadowsight that he is a real medicine cat, with Mothwing stating that a cat doesn't need to share in StarClan to become a medicine cat. She continues to say that she had been angered with him because she had just been kicked out of her Clan, and needed someone to get irritated at. Mothwing apologizes to Shadowsight for her short-tempered behavior, saying that if Ashfur had given her those visions, she would've believed it as well.
Jayfeather supports the golden tabby she-cat, saying that she does just fine without sharing with StarClan, and he made the mistake of believing Ashfur's visions because he was young and still is young. Kestrelflight adds that they are sorry if they ever made him feel left out, and he has brought StarClan back as well, with Alderheart stating that he will always be one of the medicine cats. Shadowsight feels the emptiness in his heart left by Ashfur disappear, filled with joy as he sees proud looks among the other medicine cats' faces, feeling accepted at last.





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