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The final book of The Broken Code arc, A Light in the Mist, is now released! Be wary of spoilers while browsing the wiki.


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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in A Light in the Mist (book) that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • The Dark Forest cats are circled around Rootspring and Snowtuft, who have been fighting.
  • Ashfur recalls his plan to destroy StarClan and the living Clans and seek revenge on Squirrelflight and Bramblestar
    • He realized StarClan relied on the Clans for power, and that cutting the connection would make both vulnerable.
    • The gray tom had cut off the path between the Dark Forest and StarClan, before digging a tunnel between the two worlds for him to go through.
  • The gray tom also recalls how he found out he could enter the living world.
    • He realized that a leader that had lost their life was open to possession by another spirit after Mistystar lost her life.
    • Ashfur used that knowledge to enter Bramblestar's body after the ThunderClan leader lost a life.
  • He set his plan into motion.
    • He persuaded StarClan to let him into the living world to observe the Clans, then blocked his secret tunnel.
    • The connection being cut off caused the Clans to become vulnerable and lose faith in StarClan.
    • This chaos opened an opportunity for him to convince Shadowsight to kill Bramblestar, so he could slip into his body.
  • As the imposter Bramblestar, he began turning the Clans against each other and tried to win Squirrelflight's favor, but his plan backfired on him.
    • The Clans turned on him and Squirrelflight rejected his advances once more.
    • He blames Squirrelflight for his plan to expose the Clan for being hypocrites.
  • After Squirrelflight fakes her death and the Clans betray him, Ashfur escapes to the Dark Forest.
    • The ginger she-cat is kidnapped and taken to the Dark Forest with him, to try to convince her to love him.
    • That plan also backfired, as she escaped with Bramblestar.
  • He vows to abandon any hope and instead destroy anything he could to take everything from the living Clans, including StarClan and the Dark Forest.
  • Ashfur then gives Snowtuft the order to kill him.

  • Rootspring hears the order to kill him.
    • Snowtuft looks at Rootspring with desperation in his eyes before leaping at him.
    • Rootspring manages to offset his balance and throw him to the ground.
    • He hears all the other cats yowling for the white tom to finish him off, including Sandynose and Stemleaf.
  • The two toms continue fighting.
    • Snowtuft has a look of apology in his eye as they continue attacking each other.
    • Rootspring thinks about the cats who rebelled against Ashfur, and how they would not be acting **like this if Ashfur weren’t controlling them.
    • He also notices Mapleshade as Snowtuft lands on top of him, as well as Darkstripe, and remembers that normal Dark Forest cats were following Ashfur as well.
      • When he notices Darkstripe, murderous rage boils up inside of him, because the dark tabby tom was the reason Rootspring was stuck in the Dark Forest.
      • However, he is shocked by this feeling, and resolves to not let the Dark Forest get to him.
  • Rootspring then leaps at Snowtuft and pins him to the ground.
    • He doesn’t kill him, because he doesn’t want to erase the tom’s existence and he hopes that he could get Snowtuft out and possibly into StarClan.
    • Their hesitation prompts Ashfur to ask the mob of cats to kill Rootspring, and they all surge towards him.
  • Remembering his mentor’s advice, Rootspring charges at Dappletuft, the weakest link, who has a limp.
    • He breaks through and begins running away from the controlled cats, taking care to avoid the shadows, before the cats catch up with him.
  • Rootspring nearly gives up.
    • He thinks he will die, but memories of Bristlefrost shake him out of his fear and he resigns himself to his fate.
    • Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the gray she-cat and believes her to be a mirage, before she charges at the group of cats.
    • She tells him to run, but he turns to help her fight instead.

  • Shadowsight wakes in the Dark Forest, and looks for Bristlefrost.
    • He sees Bristlefrost and Rootspring fighting Ashfur's cats
    • He wonders how to help them with his limited skills, but then spots Ashfur, who is controlling the group.
  • Shadowsight wonders how strong Ashfur’s hold over the cats is.
    • He remembers how Ashfur’s control over Bramblestar was broken when Shadowsight broke his concentration.
    • He realizes that controlling all the cats is taking a toll on Ashfur
  • He uses his connection with Ashfur to read his emotions to figure out how to distract him
    • With his connection, he realizes that Ashfur is choosing to target the Clans because Squirrelflight chose Bramblestar instead of him.
  • Shadowsight sets his plan in motion.
    • He shouts that Squirrelflight loves Bramblestar, and that she will never choose Ashfur, hoping to distract him.
    • The spirit cats start regaining control, and Shadowsight tells them that Ashfur is controlling them and they must fight it.
    • He yells at the cats to run while Ashfur's concentration is broken.
    • Some cats flee, others stay frozen because they’re too frightened.
  • The remaining cats begin running, but Ashfur orders the Dark Forest cats to bring them back.
    • Slowly, the spirit cats are being herded back, while Rootspring, Bristlefrost, and Stemleaf make their escape.
    • Mapleshade darts after them, and pins down Stemleaf, before slashing his chest.
  • Shadowsight sees Ashfur following him and runs through the trees, hoping to hide.
    • However, Ashfur continues running after him and soon catches up.
    • Shadowsight turns around to face the tom, who traphs him against a tree trunk.
    • He hopes that he has given Bristlefrost and Rootspring enough time to get away.

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  • Looking behind him, Rootspring lets out a sigh of relief upon not seeing any one of Ashfur's cats.
    • He recounts how he had almost been caught twice; once, he had been forced to pause because of the murky water, and the second time was when he was climbing up a gully.
  • The yellow warrior licks his wounds as he hears a voice in his head, repeating his name.
    • Frozen, he turns around, but no cat appears as the voice continues.
    • Rootspring asks aloud who or what the voice is as he realizes that Bramblestar's ghost had spoken to him in the same way.
    • He wonders if Ashfur is speaking to him in the same fashion, so he decides to ignore the voice.
  • The SkyClan tom remembers Dewspring's advice, telling him that if escape is not an option, then the only solution is to face the enemy. Rootspring realizes that that option is foolish right now, but he decides to retrace his steps and figure out what Ashfur is doing next.
  • As the yellow warrior heads up the gully, he hears the same voice again, this time more urgent.
    • It asks what he is doing, but Rootspring crossly replies that it does not need to know as he carries on retracing the spirit cats' steps.
  • Sniffing cat scents, he detects Ashfur and Darkstripe's scents along with Softpelt and Strikestone's. The yellow tom rejoices in not being able to detect Willowshine, Stemleaf, or Spiresight.
  • Rootspring spots Ashfur giving Silverhawk the order to guard the Moonpool tree with Clawface as he realizes that that's where Shadowsight is going.
  • Next, the dark warrior turns to Houndleap. He gives the Dark Forest warrior the task of searching for Rootspring and the others with him.
    • Mapleshade brings up her problem; she wants to be leader of the patrol, but Ashfur retorts that if that's what she really wanted, she wouldn't have let Rootspring escape the first time.
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