"Home...Every cat knows where their home is, don’t they? Or at least where they belong. Every cat...except me. This is RiverClan. It’s supposed to be my home. But if you put claws to my throat and demanded I tell you where I belong? I couldn’t give you an honest answer."
Feathertail in A Shadow in RiverClan, pages 1-4

A Shadow in RiverClan is the second stand-alone Warriors graphic novel, the first of which to be in full color.[2] It features Feathertail as the main protagonist.


The warrior cats leap off the page in their first-ever original full-color adventure—a stand-alone graphic novel set in the wild world of Erin Hunter's #1 bestselling Warriors series.
When RiverClan fell under the rule of the vicious Tigerstar, Feathertail barely escaped with her life. Now RiverClan is trying to rebuild in unity and peace—even if Feathertail isn't ready to forgive her Clanmates.
But when RiverClan takes in a rogue cat named Sasha and her two kits, Feathertail must find a way to escape the shadows of the past if she is to be a part of her Clan's future.
Set after the events of Warriors: The Prophecies Begin, this action-packed, stand-alone adventure is perfect for longtime Erin Hunter fans and new readers alike.

Detailed plot description

Feathertail, a warrior of RiverClan, feels unable to forgive her leader Leopardstar for issuing the command to kill her and her brother Stormfur under Tigerstar's evil rule. She pushes away her Clanmates and finds herself alone all the time. But then a rogue, Sasha, comes to RiverClan along with her two young kits, and Feathertail and Sasha become the best of friends. However, Sasha tells Feathertail one of her darkest secrets, and Feathertail is unsure whether she can ever trust any cat again.

Publication history

  • A Shadow in RiverClan (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), 2 June 2020[2]
  • A Shadow in RiverClan (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 2 June 2020[2]
  • A Shadow in RiverClan (EN), HarperCollins (eBook), 2 June 2020[2]


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