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A Warrior's Choice is a compilation of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first novellas.[6] It features Daisy, Blackfoot, and Spotfur as the main protagonists of their respective novellas.

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Why did StarClan forgive Blackfoot’s transgressions and grant him a leader’s nine lives? How did Daisy choose between Clan and kin—and whether the rogue from her past should be part of her future? What made Spotfur risk everything to defy her Clan’s deputy?
Discover more untold stories from the warrior Clans in these three thrilling novellas!

This collection includes:

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Three thrilling new novellas in the #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series—available in one paperback collection!
Each novella in this collection features a stand-alone story from the Warriors world—giving both first-time readers and dedicated fans a chance to experience spectacular new adventures in the series that has sold more than twenty-eight million copies!
Discover the untold stories of one ShadowClan leader's path to redemption; a ThunderClan cat forced to choose between her past and future; and a young warrior’s choice to defy her leader for the good of all five Clans.
This collection includes:
  • Blackfoot's Reckoning
  • Daisy's Kin
  • Spotfur's Rebellion

Publication history

  • A Warrior's Choice (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 6 April 2021[6]
  • A Warrior's Choice (EN), HarperCollins (E-book), 6 April 2021[6]
  • A Warrior's Choice (EN), HarperCollins (Audiobook), 6 April 2021[6]


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