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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Thunder Rising

Acorn Fur is born to Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry along with her brother, Lightning Tail, some time after her foster brother, Thunder, is brought into the moor cats' camp.
Out of camp, Acorn Fur wrestles with Lightning Tail and Thunder, the latter then glancing at her to show her a technique. Afterwards, Acorn Fur remarks that she desired to actually try it, and declares that she would be the best hunter. As Gray Wing makes them review on moor hunting, Acorn Fur comments that they would have to jump on their prey, performing such an action on her brother, and Thunder joins her, making Gray Wing pleased watching the kits. She abruptly invites the others to watch her, and she goes into the tunnel that her father was working in, only to be found by him. Jackdaw's Cry scolds her, giving her a sharp tap on her nose. Acorn Fur then turns away, tail drooping, and trudges back to the hollow. Lightning Tail comments that they now knew how to get their noses whacked, and Acorn Fur glares at him without a reply. Lightning Tail responds that he would like to see it again, and Acorn Fur swipes her paw across his nose, remarking that it was said process.
After Gray Wing catches a rabbit, Acorn Fur remarks that she wished to perform such an action. As Thunder tries to hunt a mouse, Acorn Fur shrieks for him to speed up, and the mouse freezes, as if it heard Acorn Fur. After Thunder fails to catch it, Acorn Fur comments that she wished to try hunting, if Thunder did not scare off the prey. Once Lightning Tail begins to try, Acorn Fur informs him to run, and takes off. Gray Wing admires her speed, but she frightens a few birds in the process, prompting Lightning Tail to show an expression of disgust and refer to her indirectly as a flea-brain. Once Turtle Tail arrives in the area, Acorn Fur remarks that they would become brilliant hunters. Gray Wing introduces Turtle Tail to Hawk Swoop's kits, and then refers to them by name. After she is accepted back, Turtle Tail, Gray Wing, and Tall Shadow watch Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail chase butterflies.
When dogs near the camp, Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry push Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail behind them, and protect them while in a tunnel. After the dogs are rid of, Jackdaw's Cry informs his kits of the accomplishment, and their jaws gape with shock. Thunder notes of what Gray Wing did during the event, and Acorn Fur is impressed of his actions, eyes shining and wide. Wind and Gorse then arrive in their camp, and Gray Wing introduces them to Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail. They crowd up around Wind and Gorse, and Acorn Fur asks for clarification if they did hunt rabbits to their burrows, and inquires if she could be taught such skills. As the cats bring some prey over, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail fetch Gray Wing's rabbit, which they had carried back prior. As Gray Wing speaks with Turtle Tail, he points out that Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail, who stuff themselves with prey, had survived, and were healthy. When Wind and Gorse begin to depart, Hawk Swoop bundles up Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail off to bed.
After Turtle Tail has her kits, Hawk Swoop raises her tail to keep Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur back, as the kits were too little to be played with. Once Bumble arrives in the moor cats' camp, Acorn Fur disagrees with Lightning Tail's suggestion, remarking that Twolegs didn't have fun. After she leaves, Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur toss a moss ball to each other. When a fire starts in the forest, Hawk Swoop heads after her kits, and herds them into her den. As Clear Sky's group is about to leave, Lightning Tail goes off to join Acorn Fur, who bats at a feather around their den's entrance. Gray Wing informs Thunder to give a proper farewell to Hawk Swoop, and angles to where Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail wrestle together. After Thunder hunts with Leaf, he imagines his adopted siblings, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail, and their tails whisking mischievously, eyes bright.
When he questions Gray Wing's leadership, Lightning Tail points out Acorn Fur, and plans to speak with her. As Gray Wing and Lightning Tail argue, Acorn Fur bounds up to them, uncertain, and asks if they were quarreling. As the cats are assembled, Acorn Fur stands protectively beside Lightning Tail. When Gray Wing calls for another meeting, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail follow their mother, tails waving as they hurry to sit below the rock. Days after a badger attack, Acorn Fur wriggles in beside her brother. She then bounds eagerly across the camp with her brother, their parents close behind.

The First Battle

As Thunder settles down with the moor cats again, he wonders where Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail were, speculating if they went hunting. He misses both of them, whom he grew up with, and was looking forward to meet up with them again. It is noted that they were born soon after Gray Wing brought Thunder, that they shared the same nest, and they played together as kits. Although he had glimpsed at Acorn Fur and her brother prior, he doesn't feel ready to speak with them, as they hadn't approached him, wondering if they were scared. Thunder is eager to show the two that he was still the same cat that Acorn Fur and her sibling rolled around with when they were young. As Cloud Spots speaks with Thunder, he mentions that he sent Acorn Fur to bring some herbs back from her hunting trip, and Pebble Heart asks about the variety she would bring. As she is speaking to Thunder, Hawk Swoop mentions that Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail were desperate to share news, and they would arrive soon.
Then, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail approach Thunder, Acorn Fur circling him, tail swishing with delight. Thunder notices that they were adults, and Acorn Fur notes that Lightning Tail could stalk a hare on the moor top while being unscented. Lightning Tail adds that Acorn Fur could kill snakes, but she protests that she only killed one, but he replies that it was one more than him. Acorn Fur looks at Thunder, and compliments his appearance, prompting him to look at her, and notice her newly-developed features. Lightning Tail asks several questions about Thunder's time with Clear Sky, but Acorn Fur hushes him, and asks if he came back because he missed them. Thunder then thinks it over, making Acorn Fur ask if he was fine. Lightning Tail adds that they were no longer kits, and Acorn Fur remarks that they heard about how the other cats spoke of Clear Sky. She asks for confirmation if they were to go to battle, and Thunder answers that he hoped they didn't. Wind Runner then passes by, and orders for Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur to practice battle moves, but Acorn Fur protests that they only knew how to hunt.
Lightning Tail points out that they could turn hunting moves into fighting skills, and Acorn Fur suggests that the hunting crouch could be transformed into a fighting one. Thunder then hurries after them, disapproving of their choice to prepare for battle, but Acorn Fur turns and gazes uneasily at Thunder. As Wind Runner and Thunder get into an argument, Acorn Fur tells them to stop, tail twitching anxiously. During a meeting, Thunder is between Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail. Jackdaw's Cry asks if they could feed extra mouths, and Acorn Fur claims that they could. As the moor cats recall times that Wind Runner and Gorse Fur helped them, Lightning Tail recalls a time when Gorse Fur spent an afternoon teaching him and Acorn Fur how to stalk rabbits, and Acorn Fur adds that he was patient even when they got bored, and started stalking his tail.
While Thunder is gone from camp, Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur sit beside a gap in the heather. When he returns, and reports that Jackdaw's Cry is gone, Gray Wing leads the others to where Acorn Fur, her brother, and her mother wait. As Hawk Swoop worries about her mate's status, Acorn Fur assures her that Jackdaw's Cry would be fine, as Falling Feather was with him. After Turtle Tail leaves to find her kits, Gray Wing notices that Acorn Fur crouches beside the heather wall, looking through it anxiously, prompting Gray Wing to speculate if she was watching for the kits. As Gray Wing passes by her, he orders Acorn Fur to send some cat to find him if Turtle Tail returns with the kits. She nods, hoping that they were okay, and Gray Wing promises that Lightning Tail will be fine. She asks about his destination, and he replies that he would be at the four trees. When he returns, Jagged Peak and Acorn Fur murmur in the long grass, heads together. As they wait for Thunder to return with the kits, Acorn Fur asks for the reason why it was taking so long. As Emberkit is being buried, Acorn Fur stands beside Shattered Ice. Gray Wing then glances at Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail as they sift through what remains of the prey heap of the day prior.
During the battle at the four trees, Thunder asks Jackdaw's Cry if he thought Acorn Fur, Lightning Tail, and Hawk Swoop would leave him, and he denies it. When Thunder goes to rally up some cats to join him, Acorn Fur paces beside Frost, and yowls that they would all go. She kneads the ground beside Shattered Ice, and then streaks past along with Hawk Swoop, Shattered Ice, and Lightning Tail. Once they reach the end of the slope, Dappled Pelt and Acorn Fur scramble to a halt, and pace around their campmates. During the battle, Acorn Fur races toward Rainswept Flower, and charges into a tabby tomcat, bowling him over. Falling Feather then chases her, calling her a mouseheart, and leaps for Acorn Fur, hauling her onto her side. He drags Falling Feather off Acorn Fur, and fights her. After the battle, when it is revealed that Hawk Swoop is dead, Acorn Fur's eyes brim with grief, and she hangs back. As Lightning Tail mourns his mother, Acorn Fur watches, quivering with grief.

The Blazing Star

Acorn Fur hovers behind Thunder with her brother, Lightning Tail. The littermates want to help bury their mother, Hawk Swoop, after the battle at the Four Trees. Her and her brother carry their mother over to her grave, and hang their heads in grief. After a moment of silence, the two push their mother's body into the hole, closing their eyes as their mother's body tumbles and flops onto the other bodies of cats who lost their lives. Acorn Fur remarks that her and her brother will miss her so much.
As the cats are getting ready to split back into their groups, Acorn Fur drifts closer to Clear Sky's group, much to the dismay of Thunder. After the big orange tom's outburst to Lightning Tail at the thought of her leaving the moor cats, Acorn Fur pads over to the two toms. She says that so much has happened and that she wasn't sure if she wanted to go back to the hollow. Clear Sky replies boldly that he would gladly take Acorn Fur in with his band of cats, to which Acorn Fur replies with a silent stare at the ground. Lightning Tail doesn't want Acorn Fur to leave him, yowling for her to stay. Acorn Fur brushes her tail against his side in comfort, assuring him she wouldn't be far away. She then asks if he wishes to come with her, to which her brother shakes his head in reply. Thunder reassures the tom, telling him that Acorn Fur was right, and that she wouldn't be far away.
Acorn Fur is on a patrol with Clear Sky, Tom, and One Eye as they walk along the border. She is the back of the patrol. After a few moments, Acorn Fur is seen by Clear Sky rolling around in a hollow of dead leaves, batting at them with her paws. Clear Sky then rolls his eyes and remarks that she's hardly more than a kit. He opens his mouth to tell her to stop, when Tom interrupts with a snarl to stop messing about. Acorn Fur starts and clambers out of the hollow with a hurt look in her eyes as she mumbles her apologies. She then hurries over to Clear Sky and brushes her pelt against his after Clear Sky got in an argument with Tom. She looks over, about to do the same to the former kittypet, but halts and wrinkles her nose. She apologizes once more, not wanting to start a fight.
During a fight between One Eye and Sparrow Fur, Acorn Fur and Quick Water watch hopelessly, both she-cats turning a desperate gaze towards Clear Sky as One Eye basically tears her apart. After Clear Sky stops the fight, Sparrow Fur is bleeding from her wounds badly. Acorn Fur returns with cobwebs, bending over the kit and gently licking the blood away from her wounds and pressing the cobwebs over them. The kit's breathing grew deeper and steadier, and Acorn Fur asks if she'll be okay, to which Clear Sky heaves a huge sigh and says that he hopes so. After One Eye kills Tom, Acorn Fur whispers that the former kittypet was only defending his kit. The she-cat races off as Clear Sky orders her to run ahead to tell Petal to make a soft nest for Sparrow Fur. As Gray Wing and Pebble Heart hurry to Clear Sky's camp to see Sparrow Fur, Acorn Fur nods nervously towards Gray Wing. Clear Sky puts her in charge of keeping Sparrow Fur fed.
The cats all meet at the Four Trees to discuss what to do about the sickness. Acorn Fur remarks that no other cats are sick or have died after Morning Whisker died from the sickness.
At Clear Sky's camp, after he confronts One Eye, Clear Sky's gaze travels over his cats. He remarks that he could trust Acorn Fur as she had been hardworking and as enthusiastic as ever since she left the moor. After One Eye says that most of Clear Sky's cats don't like him, Petal and Acorn Fur let out mews of protest, to which One Eye snarls at them to shut up. Acorn Fur slides out her claws as Clear Sky attempts to rally his cats after One Eye's threat to kill all of them.
Clear Sky's attempt to get his camp back results in another battle. Acorn Fur bursts from the bushes and aids her brother in his attack. At the sight of Acorn Fur, One Eye let out a furious screech, halting the attacking rogues for a moment. Clear Sky yowls to run, to which Lightning Tail protests that he couldn't leave his sister. Clear Sky tells him there was nothing he could do. Looking back, Clear Sky catches One Eye buffeting Acorn Fur around the head.
After Clear Sky goes back to his territory to scout out for a patrol, Acorn Fur calls out his name. After a moment, Clear Sky crawls forward into the bracken where Acorn Fur is hiding. She is relieved to have picked up his scent, trembling as she presses herself against his side. She remarks that she's scared every heartbeat will result in her getting clawed by One Eye. Clear Sky tells her to go back to the moor, and that she could've come when One Eye attacked them by the Thunderpath. Acorn Fur's eyes widen as her fear is replaced with fury. She snaps that she's only staying to find out information. Clear Sky apologizes and asks if she found out anything, to which Acorn Fur shakes her head with despair. Clear Sky then explains his plan to Acorn Fur, to give One Eye a message for him. She protests, claiming that he's mouse-brained and she wouldn't take a message like that if it meant his doom. He then reassures her by telling her he won't be alone, to which she takes a deep breath and says that she'll do anything to get rid of One Eye. After her patrol calls her back, she delivers news that she has a message for One Eye, to which one of the rogues demands to know, but she doesn't give him the satisfaction.
After the final battle with One Eye, Clear Sky and the others head back to his camp in the forest. Acorn Fur pokes her head out from behind a tree, relieved to see it's Clear Sky. She tells him that he needs to come quickly. Following the young she-cat through the trees, Clear Sky hears a low moaning noise from up ahead. He sees Alder and Birch lying in a nest with Petal. He notices that all three of them had bloated bellies from the sickness. Stunned as to what they're doing away from camp, Clear Sky asks what they're doing out there. Acorn Fur's voice shakes as she tells him that One Eye left them there to die. They brought them food and water, but she said she's afraid it's too late. Cloud Spots tells the cats to find tansy after examining the three cats. Acorn Fur runs off, along with Shattered Ice and Sparrow Fur. After returning with the herb, Cloud Spots checks Petal over and shakes his head, telling Clear Sky that she is gone. Acorn Fur remarks that she took one bite of the fresh kill that they gave her, and gave the rest to the kits. Acorn Fur gently lifts Petal's body out of the nest and begins to dig a grave at the side of the clearing. After burying the she-cat, Acorn Fur tells Clear Sky they ought to get back to camp. She leads the way home.
Back at the camp, Snake snarls that Clear Sky was not fit to be leader, and that they all bore One Eye's mark now. It only took a moment until Sparrow Fur barreled into the tom, Snake too confused to fight back. Acorn Fur, Thorn, and Leaf jump into the fray after Nettle exclaims that they couldn't let a kit fight for their leader, and Quick Water jumps in as well. Clear Sky yells for them to stop, hauling Acorn Fur off of Snake, claiming that he doesn't want him dead. As Snake leaves Clear Sky's camp after defying him as leader, Acorn Fur murmurs that it's good to have him back.

A Forest Divided

Acorn Fur is first seen walking into the camp with Nettle, a battered starling hanging from her jaws. Alder and Birch stare hungrily at Acorn Fur's starling. Blossom looks at Acorn Fur, and the brown she-cat drops her starling and says there's not much, but they can share. 
Later, when the cats on the moor are deciding where they will live, Thunder remembers when he was in the hollow playing with Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur while their mother watched from afar, and he wonders if he could leave the moor. When Lightning Tail is about to choose, Thunder thinks how the black tom and his sister were like littermates to him. Lightning Tail chooses the forest, which doesn't surprise Thunder, since Acorn Fur had already moved there.
Later, Thunder watches Acorn Fur training Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes how to hunt in Clear Sky's camp. She lays a dead mouse at the end of the clearing, and tells Owl Eyes to try again. Sparrow Fur paces back and forth anxiously and shouts at her brother to hurry up, but Acorn Fur glares at the tortoiseshell and tells her to sit still and let her brother have a try. When Sparrow Fur complains that she wants a turn, Acorn Fur tells her that the mouse isn't going anywhere. A leaf floats down and Owl Eyes, distracted, looks over at it, causing Acorn Fur to snap at him to stay focused on the prey.
Thunder comes to the young kit's rescue, meowing that it was good that he was so alert, but Acorn Fur retorts that he shouldn't look after every leaf that falls. Thunder says that he's young and asks if she remembers how long it took for her to make her first catch. Flustered, Acorn Fur says that she learned it quicker than Thunder, and the ginger tom adds that she learned quicker than her brother too. The chestnut she-cat purrs and turns back to Owl Eyes, reassuring the young tom that he will be able to tell the difference between a falling leaf and a stalking fox quickly. She suggests that he concentrates on the mouse now, but Sparrow Fur impatiently snorts that he is taking forever. Acorn Fur suggests that she tries and sees how many scents she can make out while she waits, but Clear Sky grunts that counting scents is a kit's game. He suggests that Sparrow Fur try to catch real prey, but Acorn Fur shifts her paws uneasily, saying that the young she-cat doesn't know how to hunt in a forest yet. Clear Sky answers that she never will if Acorn Fur doesn't let her practice, and he calls to Sparrow Fur to go and catch something. Acorn Fur protests that she doesn't know what is out there, and she then beckons to Owl Eyes with a flick of her tail and says that the two will come with her. Owl Eyes, who still stares at the dead mouse, asks if he should pounce first, but Acorn Fur, her pelt prickling, tells him to leave it, as they will collect it on the way back. The brown she-cat flashes Clear Sky a reproachful glance at Clear Sky as she passes, and Thunder gives her a sympathetic shrug. Acorn Fur herds the two young cats past the bramble, and as she does, Lightning Tail bursts into the camp from under a low branch, questions where his sister is. Thunder tells him that she just left, and Lightning Tail asks if she is still training Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes. He adds that he promised he would help, and asks where she went. Clear Sky snorts that they left through the bracken, asking if he can't smell her, but Lightning Tail complains about the smell of wet leaves.
Acorn Fur is later seen in Clear Sky's camp, laying in the weak leaf-bare sunshine. As Clear Sky gathers cats for a hunting party, Thistle asks to join, and Clear Sky tells him to stay in camp. Since he sees that Acorn Fur has rolled onto her side and is sleeping, he asks Birch and Alder to teach Thistle and Clover hunting moves.
Later, Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail are seen sharing tongues in camp, while Birch and Alder question them about the moor life. Alder asks if they really hunted rabbits in tunnels, and though Lightning Tail says that he preferred above-ground hunting, Acorn Fur shivers and says that she liked the shelter of the tunnels, as there was no wind down there to ruffle her fur. Birch wonders how they saw what they were doing, and Acorn Fur tells him that they use their whiskers, ears, and noses.
At another point, Clear Sky comes into camp to find his cats quarreling over prey. Blossom nods to a rabbit lying between Acorn Fur and Thorn and says that Owl Eyes was happy to share his catch, but Leaf argues that it was only because Thunder gave him a squirrel. Clear Sky comes to break up the fight, but the cats complain about how the gray tom doesn't let them hunt. The leader defends that he is letting the prey grow strong, and that if they hunt while it is still recovering from sickness, they might destroy it forever. The gray tom looks around at his campmates, and Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail are seen exchanging glances. Thunder, frustrated with his father's leadership, decides to leave the group and go to another part of the forest. Lightning Tail goes along, but Acorn Fur stay at Clear Sky's camp.
Later, when Thunder encounters Shadow Sun and Quiet Rain, who came from the mountains, he leads them toward the moor. As the ginger tom heads towards his old home, he gets swamped with memories of hunting with Lightning Tail and Hawk Swoop calling them back to camp, while Acorn Fur was pacing sulkily at the entrance to the hollow, complaining that they'd left her behind.
Meanwhile, Gray Wing, who had decided to go to the pine forest, goes to the moor due to frustration. He and Slate go hunting, and Gray Wing suggests trying the tunnels. The gray tom reflects how he had never shared Acorn Fur's love of the dark, but thinks that they might find a rabbit's nest.
Later, when Thunder and Lightning Tail come to Clear Sky's camp to talk with gray tom, Acorn Fur sits up in her nest and she asks what they are doing. The young she-cat's mew trails away at the sight of her brother, and she asks if he has come back, hope flashing in her gaze. Lightning Tail softly tells his littermate that they haven't, and she twitches her ears irritably, questioning why they are there. Thunder explains that they have a message for Clear Sky. As the ginger tom looks at the oak roots where clear Sky's nest is and sees that it is empty, Acorn Fur tells him that he and Star Flower made a nest up in the bracken, and she nods toward the steep mud bank and the shadows beyond. Thunder calls to his father and explains how Quiet Rain is ill and in Tall Shadow's camp, but Star Flower says that she is coming too. Clear Sky tells him to stay, as she is expecting their kits, and Thunder coldly adds that Quiet Rain isn't her kin, but Acorn Fur steps forward, her eyes flashing in the dark. She tells Thunder that what's done is done, and he shouldn't be cruel. The ginger tom glances at her, thinking that she doesn't know about cruelty, as her mother didn't die when she was a kit and her father didn't send her away.
In Tall Shadow's camp, as Quiet Rain is with her kits, she demands to know what happened to her Tribemates. Jagged Peak says that Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice live by the river, and Clear Sky offers that Quick Water and Acorn Fur live in the forest with him. Quiet Rain asks how Acorn Fur is, and Clear Sky answers that she is one of Hawk Swoop's kits.
After Quiet Rain's death, Clear Sky and Star Flower come back to their camp. As the pale gray tom tries to fall asleep, he recalls how Acorn Fur and Nettle had hurried to greet him, wondering what had kept him away so long. When he had told them of his mother's death, they'd brushed past him, showing their sympathy.

Path of Stars

When Clear Sky returns to his camp after Star Flower has been captured by Slash and his rogues, he sees several cats acting hostilely, and Blossom hangs back behind Acorn Fur and Birch, waiting uneasily. Clear Sky accuses Quick Water of not telling his cats the entire truth, and when he explains to his campmates that Star Flower was kidnapped and didn’t go back with her friends, only Acorn Fur and Blossom meet his gaze. Quick Water and Clear Sky quarrel, but Clear Sky explains that Star Flower didn’t fight the rogues because she was outnumbered and carrying kits, and Acorn Fur’s eyes widen. She checks that the three rogues took her against her will and Clear Sky confirms it, hopeful that someone might believe him. He explains that Slash wants a share of prey in exchange for Star Flower, but despite many cats disagreeing with Clear Sky and accusing him of favoritism, Acorn Fur lifts her tail decisively, declaring that she will come, and he thanks her. Birch argues that Star Flower might have went with them freely, but Acorn Fur tells him that regardless, he is carrying Clear Sky’s kits, who are a part of their group, and she says that they must get them back. After more discussion, Clear Sky heads for the camp entrance to go to Thunder’s camp, and he is relieved to see Sparrow Fur, Alder, and Acorn Fur at his heels.
In Thunder’s camp, Owl Eyes rushes into the camp entrance and announces that Clear Sky is coming with Acorn Fur, Sparrow Fur, and Alder. Thunder asks for more details, and soon paws scrabble down the ravine beyond the gorse. Clear Sky hurries in, and Acorn Fur, Alder, and Sparrow Fur hurry in behind him, gazes solemn. Clear Sky explains that Slash has taken Star Flower and holding her hostage, and when Clear Sky admits that he doesn’t know where she is, Acorn Fur chimes in that they don’t know how many rogues are guarding her. Clover and Thistle push their way forward and Clover greets Acorn Fur, blinking at her former campmate. She asks Acorn Fur if she recognizes her, but Thistle nudges his sister aside, guessing that she doesn’t, as they are nearly grown up. However, Clear Sky scolds the young cats, saying that it is no discussion for kits. Milkweed hurries across the clearing, eyes sparking with worry at seeing Acorn Fur and Clear Sky’s other cats. However, after Thunder talks more with his father and his cats, he decides not to help, and though Clear Sky stares at him with disbelief, Acorn Fur leans toward her leader, murmuring for him to go. Sparrow Fur adds that River Ripple will help and he hurries through the gorse tunnel, his campmates following.
After telling all the other leaders about Star Flower, Clear Sky goes to the four trees where he had requested them to meet, and he recalls how his campmates were prepared, recalling that Acorn Fur and Quick Water were assigned to hide in the shadows below the oak bough hanging over the clearing.
Later, when Thunder goes to Clear Sky’s camp after Star Flower has been rescued, he sees Acorn Fur and Thorn sharing tongues beside a yew in the camp. Acorn Fur looks up and greets Thunder. She asks him if he saw any prey on the way, and Thunder answers that he didn’t, though he wishes he had. After Thunder talks to Clear Sky and turns to the camp entrance, Acorn Fur calls to him if he let him see the kits, and Thunder answers that he didn’t, though he will be back.
Later, as Clear Sky hunts with several of his campmates, none of them can scent prey, and Sparrow Fur notes that they should have brought Blossom and Acorn Fur. However, Clear Sky reminds her that he wants the camp well guarded.
After the Gathering where Slash’s former rogues are made a part of the groups, Slash comes and declares that they will pay the price for defying him. Clear Sky is afraid for Star Flower and he races for the slope with Acorn Fur, Nettle, and Birch following, but Slash reveals that he has stolen Gray Wing’s kits.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

As Clear Sky and Wind Runner discuss Moth Flight's vision of the spirit-cats and Red Claw's prey stealing, Star Flower pushes past Acorn Fur and Blossom to defend her mate.
When Micah is on his way back to SkyClan territory, Moth Flight stops him and wonders why he's going back so soon. Micah replies that he promised Acorn Fur that he would help her mix some herbs. Moth Flight is taken aback and gives a snarky response, saying that he was the medicine cat and not her. Micah avoids her gaze and tells her that Clear Sky wanted him to have a helper, and defends Acorn Fur by saying she's nice and she's bright. Moth Flight concedes that she was okay.
As they arrive in SkyClan's territory, Acorn Fur pads up to the two and says that she's been looking for Micah. She tells him that Tiny Branch needs more catnip, and eyes Moth Flight warily. Micah frowns and says that Tiny Branch is fine, but Acorn Fur tells him to come anyway, replying that Clear Sky was in one of his moods. As Micah follows her towards the camp, Moth Flight notes that Acorn Fur was treating Micah more like a prisoner than a Clanmate.
When the medicine cats meet up at the Moonstone for the half moon meeting, Moth Flight and Micah are talking with Half Moon. Half Moon tells Micah that he has given much spirit to the Clans, to which Moth Flight snorts in reply and says that they wouldn't let him, and that Clear Sky told Acorn Fur to watch him. After the meeting with the newly named StarClan is over, the medicine cats are discussing about their dreams and how they've been treating sick cats. When Moth Flight asks Micah if Tiny Branch was doing okay, he replies that he's been spluttering, and he told Acorn Fur to keep an eye on him.
Moth Flight and Micah are on their way to RiverClan's camp, and she asks how Tiny Branch was doing. Micah replies that his cough seems to get better one day and then worse the next, and wishes he could follow him and see if something in the forest aggravates his cough. Moth Flight fumbles that he has Acorn Fur to help, but Micah shakes his head sadly and tells her that Clear Sky insists that she never leaves his side.
When Micah discovers the cure for the strange cough that Slate has, he tells Moth Flight that he took Acorn Fur with him to look for it. Moth Flight insists that they go now to find it. As they approach the tree, Clear Sky appears from the ferns and demands to know what they're doing on his territory. Moth Flight tells him that Rocky needs the sap from the tree to cure his sickness. Clear Sky jerks his head up at Micah, who is climbing the tree, and asks if that's his medicine cat, to which Moth Flight replies that he's helping her. Clear Sky hisses at her to get off his land, saying that WindClan seems to think borders only work one way. The two cats argue for quite some time before Red Claw appears. Clear Sky soon sends him up the tree after Micah, much to Moth Flight's dismay. She tries to knock some sense into him, telling him that he cured Tiny Branch, to which Clear Sky hisses that Acorn Fur could have done it. Moth Flight snaps back at him that she couldn't when she didn't know the herbs before Micah taught her about them. She angrily hisses at the leader that he sent Acorn Fur to spy on him, and she wished that he would leave SkyClan and go join WindClan.
After Micah's death, Nettle, Blossom, and Acorn Fur come to take Micah's body away for burial, Acorn Fur slipping her shoulder underneath Micah's hindquarters. As the WindClan group followed them into their camp, Acorn Fur's eyes began to mist up as she leans against Birch.
During the next half moon meeting when Moth Flight is staying in ShadowClan territory, Pebble Heart returns and tells her that Acorn Fur is disappointed that her ancestors weren't among them. Moth Flight is shocked to hear that Acorn Fur was there, to which Pebble Heart replies that she was SkyClan's medicine cat now. Moth Flight angrily declares that she was a spy, but Pebble Heart reassures her that Micah taught her a lot, and she knew more about herbs than any other SkyClan cat. He also tells Moth Flight that he had dreams of her healing her Clanmates. Moth Flight is angry that Pebble Heart didn't warn her that he knew she would become their medicine cat, to which he replies that he never knew and that he has a lot of dreams, and seeing Acorn Fur healing her Clanmates wasn't the same as knowing that Micah would die.
After Moth Flight has kitted, Acorn Fur and Dappled Pelt come to see Moth Flight. Wind Runner tells Moth Flight she found them wandering across the moor, to which Dappled Pelt replies that they weren't wandering. Acorn Fur says that they came to see Moth Flight, and Moth Flight eyes Acorn Fur with resentment as she has taken Micah's place. After Jagged Peak and Wind Runner argue about SkyClan hunting on WindClan territory, Acorn Fur puts in that he hasn't sent any patrols out on their territory. Wind Runner asks her how she could explain the signs of fresh-kill left on the moor, to which she asks how she knows it's SkyClan. Moth Flight tries to break up the argument, hissing that it had nothing to do with Dappled Pelt or Acorn Fur, and that they were medicine cats and not hunters. Blue Whisker asks her mother why Wind Runner looks so cross, and Jagged Peak replies with a glare at Acorn Fur that SkyClan cats were thieves and liars. Blue Whisker asks if Micah was a liar too, because he was a SkyClan cat.
Moth Flight snaps at her mother when she proposes that they should have the argument at another time, saying that they shouldn't have it at all. She apologizes to Acorn Fur and Dappled Pelt about her Clanmates, and goes off to speak with them. After padding away, Moth Flight sighs after her kits and says they remind her so much of Micah, and Acorn Fur nods and replies that they have his spirit. Surprised, Moth Flight asks her how she knew of his spirit. Acorn Fur drops her gaze and says that since she worked with him, she missed him too. Moth Flight angrily replies that they all missed him, to which Acorn Fur said that he spoke of Moth Flight all the time and she knew that he loved her very much. Moth Flight is taken aback by her kindness, but thinks to herself that it was too late to be nice now. She hisses at her that she spied on him, and Dappled Pelt says that she's being unfair.
Acorn Fur interrupts and says that Moth Flight was right and that Clear Sky did send her to spy on him. She told her that she knew after the first day that Micah could be trusted, because he cared for his Clanmates right from the start. She speaks of how she loved working with him and helping him, describing how after Blossom had gotten a thorn in her paw, Micah distracted the she-cat with jokes and stories, and told Acorn Fur that there was more to being a medicine cat than herbs. Acorn Fur says that one doesn't just care about the wound, but also had to care for the cat, and that was why StarClan chose Moth Flight. Moth Flight is taken aback, understanding why Micah had liked her so much, and Moth Flight thanks Acorn Fur.
Dappled Pelt tells Moth Flight that they came there for a reason, and that Moth Flight had to teach Acorn Fur all that she knew now. Moth Flight replies that she has kits to take care of, but Dappled Pelt says that she's still a medicine cat and that there are plenty of cats to take care of them in her absence. Acorn Fur shifts her weight anxiously and tells Moth Flight that Micah wanted her to train her. Moth Flight realizes that was what Micah had meant before, and asks about Wind Runner and Clear Sky and how would they allow a WindClan cat to train a SkyClan cat, to which Acorn Fur says that they don't need to know. She agrees and says that they could start now.
Later, when Moth Flight returns back to camp, Wind Runner asks where she's been. Moth Flight replies that she was training Acorn Fur, to which Wind Runner angrily asks why it had to be her. Moth Flight angrily declares that she will teach Acorn Fur what she knew and Wind Runner couldn't stop her. Wind Runner says that she was just worried about her, and that she knew Clear Sky a long time and what he is capable of. Moth Flight replies that their medicine cat needed to be well trained, and earn the respect from her leader, but Wind Runner snorts that no one has been able to guide Clear Sky. Moth Flight tells her mother that StarClan wants her to train Acorn Fur, and Wind Runner asks if they'd spoken to her. She replies that Micah did, but Wind Runner says that he's not StarClan. Moth Flight replies that he is now.
The next day, Moth Flight heads to their meeting place to train Acorn Fur, but the she-cat doesn't show up. Moth Flight begins to worry, wondering if Clear Sky had restricted her from coming, and that she needed to learn. Moth Flight hurries into SkyClan territory, and is met by Sparrow Fur who hisses at her to leave. Moth Flight says that she has come for Acorn Fur, but Sparrow Fur won't listen and says that she's where she's supposed to be, and she's learned all she needed. Moth Flight tries to dodge around the tortoiseshell, but she stops her again and lowers her voice, saying desperately that she has to leave. Moth Flight asks if he's hurt Acorn Fur, and Sparrow Fur says that he hasn't, but he would rip them both to shreds if she let Moth Flight into camp. Moth Flight asks how Acorn Fur is going to get to the Moonstone without crossing the moor, and Sparrow Fur says that's not her problem. Moth Flight asks if something happens and Acorn Fur needs her help, she wouldn't be able to get her, and Sparrow Fur says that wouldn't happen.
At the full moon Gathering at Fourtrees, all Clans minus SkyClan arrive. Moth Flight explains to the other medicine cats that Clear Sky has forbidden all cats to leave or enter his territory. Dappled Pelt ponders if Moth Flight has finished training Acorn Fur, to which Moth Flight replies that Clear Sky won't let her leave and she couldn't get in. She then explains that Clear Sky stopped her from training the SkyClan medicine cat, and that both Acorn Fur and Sparrow Fur say that Clear Sky hasn't sent any patrols to hunt on WindClan territory. Once the meeting begins, Wind Runner forbids Moth Flight from training Acorn Fur, and that she must go to the Moonstone without her, as she is now forbidden from them.
Sparrow Fur bursts into the clearing demanding to know where Moth Flight is. She then explains that Tiny Branch was hurt and Acorn Fur couldn't stop the bleeding. After finally being let out of the meeting, Moth Flight follows Sparrow Fur along with Pebble Heart and Dappled Pelt into the SkyClan camp. She sees Tiny Branch with dried green pulp on his fur, but he was still bleeding, noting that Acorn Fur must've been treating him for some time. Moth Flight asks where Acorn Fur was, and Clear Sky replies that she was gathering cobwebs, and SkyClan does not ask for help unless absolutely necessary. Moth Flight imagines the poor she-cat treating him all alone, and notes that she wasn't yet trained to deal with injuries as bad as the kit's.
Acorn Fur arrives back in camp, relieved that the three medicine cats are there. She brings over the cobwebs and Pebble Heart directs her where to put them. Tiny Branch soon dies from blood loss, and Acorn Fur is frozen in shock. Moth Flight goes to comfort the brown she-cat, saying that none of them could've saved him. Acorn Fur murmurs that she should've had more cobwebs in her den, but Pebble Heart says it would've taken more than just cobwebs to save him. Dappled Pelt reassures Acorn Fur that she did all she could and that he was in StarClan now. Moth Flight spends the rest of the next day wondering what would have happened if Clear Sky had let Acorn Fur call her sooner, or if Wind Runner would've let her go sooner.
When Moth Flight and Spotted Fur are being kept prisoner in SkyClan territory, Moth Flight says that they have to go warn Wind Runner before Willow Tail gets back to camp and starts a war. Acorn Fur approaches Alder, who is guarding the two cats, with dripping moss. Moth Flight tries to get Acorn Fur to let them go and tells them what's going on, but Acorn Fur says that she can't let them go and betray her Clanmates. Moth Flight tries to suggest a plan, but Acorn Fur says that everyone will suspect it was her who helped them escape. Moth Flight then suggests that she go fetch the other medicine cats and Acorn Fur agrees. Spotted Fur tells her to hurry. After she's gone, Moth Flight wonders if she'll get there in time.
WindClan attacks SkyClan, and Moth Flight briefly wonders where Acorn Fur's den is so she can heal her wounded Clanmates. When Acorn Fur returns with the other medicine cats, the battle was already finished. Acorn Fur looks around in shock. Moth Flight tells her that she needs herbs from her store. Acorn Fur and Dappled Pelt hurry off to the herb store, and come back to help Wind Runner. After Wind Runner is set, Acorn Fur weaves between her Clanmates checking for any other injuries.
When Moth Flight and Wind Runner return from Highstones, after the latter receiving her nine lives from StarClan, Moth Flight goes around to spread the news to the other Clans, heading to tell Acorn Fur and Clear Sky first.
During the next half moon meeting, Moth Flight and the other medicine cats head down into Highstones, scenting Acorn Fur and Dappled Pelt in front of them. Clouds covering the moon, Acorn Fur suggests that they didn't want to share tonight, and that's why they sent clouds. Pebble Heart says that StarClan has shared enough this moon, and Acorn Fur asks if they gave Tall Shadow her nine lives, and Pebble Heart nods and replies that she's called Shadowstar now. After the other leaders are named, Acorn Fur says that Clear Sky was now Skystar, and she was scared when she saw how much pain each life caused. Pebble Heart says that he wishes he could bring Sun Shadow to the Moonstone for it to heal him from redcough, and Acorn Fur says that they should pray for him, as StarClan heals cats, not the Moonstone.
Acorn Fur snorts as the medicine cats talk about the battle injuries, saying that Red Claw was the same way. She also hints that they've been getting close and have been talking about sharing a nest. Moth Flight screams in outrage, surprising every cat. Acorn Fur asks what's wrong, and when Moth Flight doesn't answer, she wonders if Moth Flight was scared that she would lose him like she lost Micah, and just says that she was unlucky was all. Moth Flight screams that she doesn't understand, and that no medicine cat should have kits. Acorn Fur retorts back angrily that she did, to which Moth Flight sighs and says that she was wrong. She says that no medicine cat can be a parent and a healer for their Clan, as they would be constantly worried about their kits. Moth Flight glared at Acorn Fur, saying that she couldn't have a mate, and she couldn't have kits, though Acorn Fur snaps back that Moth Flight had a mate and kits.
After Moth Flight decides to give up her kits, Acorn Fur asks her if she's sure that she wants to separate each of them in different Clans. Acorn Fur says that Clear Sky and Star Flower will be thrilled to take in Honey Pelt after the death of Tiny Branch.
The next half moon meeting arrives, and Acorn Fur shivers when Cloud Spots says that leaves have been falling all day, saying that she wasn't ready for leaf-bare. Acorn Fur purrs as she tells Moth Flight about how Honey Pelt has an eagerness to learn, and follows Skystar around all day. Acorn Fur wonders then if StarClan has anything important to share with them that night. The medicine cats lie down to share tongues with StarClan and awaken in a meadow in their ancestors' hunting grounds. Stars began circling around them and as they got closer, Acorn Fur starts to back away in fear.
The StarClan cats all make the medicine cats promise to never take a mate or have kits. Acorn Fur protests that she can do both, and Half Moon asks her how she knows what it's like to be a mother. Quiet Rain tells her about how Gray Wing, Clear Sky, and Jagged Peak left on a journey across unknown lands, and how heartbroken she was. She tells about her need to cross those same lands to find them once more. Acorn Fur declares that she wasn't Quiet Rain, and that her kits would always stay near her. Quiet Rain asks Acorn Fur if she thinks she can ignore her kits' cries while she tries to heal an injured Clanmate and calls her a fool. Moth Flight defends the SkyClan medicine cat, saying that she's no fool, and Moth Flight thought she could be both too. All medicine cats choose StarClan over having a mate or kits, to the pleasure of the starry cats. Moth Flight presses her pelt against Acorn Fur in reassurance, saying that it was for the best of her Clanmates and that it must always be this way.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Honey Pelt later mentions to Thunderstar how she had found a big patch of tansy that Acorn Fur could use if any cat gets injured.

Shadowstar's Life

Acorn Fur is present at a Gathering, discussing medicine cat business with Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots, the medicine cats for ShadowClan and ThunderClan, respectively.
When Shadowstar tries to find out who the amber-eyed cat could have been that watched her lose a life, she recalls that Acorn Fur, one of Skystar's Clanmates, had amber eyes.
Shadowstar notices that Pebble Heart nods to Acorn Fur and Sparrow Fur upon their arrival to SkyClan's camp.
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