"You don't imagine I want to be here? I'm only staying to see if I can find some way to help you. I've been volunteering for border patrols so that I might see you or some cat to take a message to you."
— Acorn Fur to Clear Sky about serving One Eye in The Blazing Star, page 223

Acorn Fur is a short and thick-furred, dark[8] chestnut-brown she-cat[2] with bright[9] amber eyes, and a smooth, straight muzzle.[8]

Acorn Fur was the second SkyClan medicine cat under Skystar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born to Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry alongside her brother, Lightning Tail, and gained Thunderstar as an adopted brother. Acorn Fur was raised on the moor; however, after a deadly battle, she chose to join Clear Sky's group while mourning both of her parents. Acorn Fur had an interest in healing when Micah joined SkyClan, and when he abruptly died, she succeeded him as SkyClan's next medicine cat. Though she showed feelings for Red Claw, Acorn Fur swore to the oath of not taking a mate or having kits.


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Dawn of the Clans

Lightning Tail: "Hawk Swoop, I'll never forget you."
Acorn Fur: "Neither will I. We'll both miss you so much."
—Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail mourning their mother The Blazing Star, page 11
Acorn Fur and her brother, Lightning Tail, are born in Tall Shadow's camp on the moor to Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry and are raised there with their adopted brother, Thunder. Acorn Fur, Lightning Tail, Hawk Swoop, and Jackdaw's Cry all participate in the Great Battle, though Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry are killed during the fight. After the battle, when all the cats decide which camp to live in, Acorn Fur chooses Clear Sky's camp in the forest, leaving her brother and Thunder on the moor.
When One Eye commandeers Clear Sky's group, Acorn Fur remains loyal to Clear Sky and helps him take back his group. During the bout of sickness, Acorn Fur tries to keep Petal and her kits alive, as they were left to die by One Eye. However, she fails, and Petal succumbs to the sickness. Acorn Fur buries Petal, and she and Clear Sky restore his group. Later, Thunder and Lightning Tail choose to join Clear Sky's group, and Acorn Fur is excited to reunite with her brothers again. However, Thunder soon tires of his father and creates his own group with Lightning Tail. When Clear Sky's mate, Star Flower, is kidnapped by Slash, Acorn Fur believes his story that Star Flower was taken, unlike many others who think she is a traitor. Acorn Fur follows Clear Sky to persuade the other groups to help and participates in the battle to rescue Star Flower.

Super Editions

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"Moth Flight stared at her. She suddenly understood why Micah had liked Acorn Fur so much. She was kind and honest and open. Moth Flight dropped her gaze, her pelt prickling with guilt. How could she have judged Acorn Fur so harshly? She hardly knew her."
—Moth Flight's thoughts regarding Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision, page 331
In Moth Flight's Vision, after their ancestors inform Moth Flight of the Clans' assigned medicine cats, Clear Sky orders Acorn Fur to watch over Micah. Acorn Fur is hostile toward Micah at first, but she soon grows interested in Micah's skills with herbs. After Micah's death, Acorn Fur takes over the position of SkyClan's medicine cat, and Moth Flight trains her. She later develops affection toward Red Claw and hopes to have kits with him one day. However, Moth Flight, not wanting Acorn Fur to make the same mistake that she did, establishes the law forbidding medicine cats to take a mate or have kits. Acorn Fur is confused and indignant, but vows her celibacy.



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Jackdaw's Cry:[14] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Hawk Swoop:[14] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Lightning Tail:[14] Deceased, verified StarClan member

Adopted brother:

Thunderstar:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Falling Feather:[16] Deceased, verified StarClan member



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    = Female

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    = Gender Unknown


"You came back because you missed us, didn't you?"
—Acorn Fur to Thunder when he returns to the moor cats The First Battle, page 51

"He was so patient, even when we got bored and started stalking his tail instead!"
—Acorn Fur about Gorse Fur's teaching The First Battle, page 62

"Falling Feather is with him. Jackdaw's Cry isn't alone. He'll be okay."
—Acorn Fur assuring the others that her father would be fine The First Battle, page 119

Lightning Tail: "She can't be thinking of leaving us!"
Acorn Fur: "I'm not sure I want to go back to the hollow. Too much has happened. I'd keep expecting to see Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry..."
Clear Sky: "I'll be happy to take Acorn Fur with me into the forest. If that's what she wants."
Thunder (in thought): "And there's nothing I can do about it. We've all agreed to live in peace with one another. Besides, what Tall Shadow said is true: Every cat should be allowed to choose where they want to live."
Lightning Tail: "How can you leave me?"
Acorn Fur: "I won't be far away. The forest is very close. Would you like to come with me?"
Thunder: "Acorn Fur is right. She won't be far away. And if the battle has proved one things, it's this: We shouldn't think of ourselves as two separate groups, but one big group, split in two."
River Ripple: "I'm happy that you seem to have settled your differences."
—Acorn Fur's choice to leave with Clear Sky The Blazing Star, pages 15-17
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Acorn Fur: "Try again, Owl Eyes. You need to reach it in one pounce. There are no second chances in the forest, with so many hiding places for prey."
Sparrow Fur: "Hurry up!"
Acorn Fur: "Keep still, Sparrow Fur. Let your brother concentrate."
Sparrow Fur: "I want a turn."
Acorn Fur: "The mouse isn't going anywhere."
Sparrow Fur: "It'll be shredded by the time I get to stalk it."
Acorn Fur: "Owl Eyes needs to practice. [...] Don't look at the leaf! Focus on the mouse!"
Owl Eyes: "Sorry!"
Thunder: "It's good that he's so alert. You have to be wary in the forest. It's not as easy too spot danger as on the moor."
Acorn Fur: "But he shouldn’t take his eyes off his prey every time a leaf falls! He’ll never catch anything."
Owl Eyes: "I'll get used to it."
Thunder: "He's young. Remember how long it took you to learn your hunting crouch."
Acorn Fur: "I learned it quicker than you."
Thunder: "And quicker than Lightning Tail."
Sparrow Fur [to Owl Eyes]: "You'll be able to tell the difference between a falling leaf and a stalking fox before you know it. For now, concentrate on the mouse. I'll warn you if I smell danger."
—Acorn Fur teaching Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes hunting A Forest Divided, page chapter 5

Clear Sky: "Counting scents is for kits. Give her something better to do! Let [Sparrow Fur] hunt real prey."
Acorn Fur: "But she doesn’t know how to hunt in a forest yet."
Clear Sky: "And she never will if you don't let her practice."
—Acorn Fur and Clear Sky A Forest Divided, page chapter 5

Alder: "Did you really hunt in rabbit tunnels?"
Lightning Tail: "I preferred hunting above ground."
Acorn Fur: "Not me. I liked the shelter of the tunnels — there's no wind to ruffle your fur."
Birch: "But how could you see what you were doing?"
Acorn Fur: "With our whiskers, ears, and noses, of course."
—Acorn Fur about the moor A Forest Divided, page chapter 11

Thunder: "Clear Sky's right. You should stay here. Besides, this isn't your concern — Quiet Rain is our kin, not yours."
Acorn Fur: "What's done is done, Thunder. Don't be cruel."
—Thunder and Acorn Fur after Quiet Rain has been found A Forest Divided, page chapter 17

"What do you know about cruelty? You're mother didn't die when you were a kit. Your father didn't send you away."
—Thunder in thought about Acorn Fur after she tells him not to be cruel A Forest Divided, page chapter 17

Moth Flight: "Acorn Fur was there?"
Pebble Heart: "She's SkyClan's medicine cat now."
Moth Flight: "She's a spy! Clear Sky told her to watch Micah because he didn't trust him."
Pebble Heart: "That might be true. But Micah taught her a lot. She knows more about healing than any other SkyClan cat. And she likes it. Besides—I've had dreams about her healing her Clanmates."
Moth Flight: "You knew she'd become their medicine cat? Why didn't you warn me?"
—Moth Flight and Pebble Heart about Acorn Fur being a medicine cat. Moth Flight's Vision, pages 295-296

"Someone is coming to visit you. You must help her. I'm depending on you."
—Micah to Moth Flight about Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision, page 324

Moth Flight: "They remind me so much of Micah."
Acorn Fur: "They have his spirit."
Moth Flight: "What do you know about Micah's spirit?"
Acorn Fur: "I worked with him. He was my friend and I miss him."
Moth Flight: "We all miss him."
Acorn Fur: "He spoke about you all the time. He loved you very much. I'm sorry that you lost him."
Moth Flight: "You spied on him!"
Dappled Pelt: "Moth Flight, I think you're being unfair—"
Acorn Fur: "You're right. Clear Sky ordered me to watch him. But I knew, after the first day, that Micah could be trusted. He cared about his Clanmates right from the start. I enjoyed working with him. And I loved helping. One time, Blossom got a thorn in her paw. It was really deep. Micah had to dig around for ages to get it out. He talked to her the whole time, distracting her with jokes and stories of when he was a farm cat. He showed me that there was more to being a medicine cat than learning herbs. You don't just care about the wound; you must care about the cat. He said that's why StarClan chose you. Because you always knew that better than anyone."
Moth Flight: "Thank you."
—Moth Flight and Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision, page 331

"Acorn Fur has StarClan on her side. They want me to train her."
—Moth Flight to Wind Runner about training Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision, page 334

"Acorn Fur was a quick learner, just as Micah had said. And she seemed to have a deep understanding of suffering as well as a burning need to ease it. Teaching such a willing apprentice had been fulfilling and, in going over her knowledge in such depth, Moth Flight had renewed her own delight in her healing skills."
—Moth Flight thinking about training Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision, page 335

Acorn Fur: "I didn't realize Red Claw was such a kind cat. He's changed since the battle. I think making peace with Willow Tail has softened him."
Dappled Pelt: "You sound like you're in love."
Acorn Fur: "We've been getting close. We've even talked about sharing a nest."
Cloud Spots: "It looks like Moth Flight won't be the only medicine cat with kits."
Moth Flight: "No!"
—Acorn Fur admitting her feelings for Red Claw Moth Flight's Vision, pages 455-456

Moth Flight: "You can't have kits with Red Claw. You mustn't even share his nest. You must live only for your Clan. It's the only way to stay strong."
Acorn Fur: "That's easy for you to say. You've had a mate. You've got kits!"
—Moth Flight and Acorn Fur about having kits Moth Flight's Vision, page 457

Half Moon: "Your greatest loyalty must always be to StarClan and your Clanmates. The only way to ensure this is for you all to promise never to take a mate or have kits."
Acorn Fur: "That's not fair! I can be loyal to you, and my Clanmates, and a mate and kits!"
—Half Moon to Acorn Fur Moth Flight's Vision, page 476

Moth Flight: "You must decide for yourself."
Acorn Fur: "Okay. If I must choose, I choose StarClan."
Quiet Rain: "Are you certain?"
Acorn Fur.: "I'm certain."
Moth Flight: "Tending to your Clan will give you all the joy and warmth and love that you need. Give your heart to them."
—Acorn Fur deciding to be a medicine cat. Moth Flight's Vision, pages 478-479

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