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Personality and traits

Acorn Fur is an energetic and loyal she-cat.[1]
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Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry

Acorn Fur mourns for her mother, Hawk Swoop, when she is killed in the Great Battle.[2]
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Lightning Tail

Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail were close as kits, and played together.[3] However, Acorn Fur chooses to leave her brother and live in Clear Sky’s group.[4]


At first, Acorn Fur was hostile toward Micah, and watched him diligently to make sure he didn’t disobey Clear Sky. However, she soon grows interested as she watches him work with herbs, and becomes his unofficial apprentice. She takes up the mantle of SkyClan’s medicine cat when Micah dies.[5]

Red Claw

Acorn Fur grows close to Red Claw after she becomes a medicine cat, and they share a nest together and are thinking of having kits. However, Moth Flight, not wanting anyone to make the same mistake that she did, establishes the law that says that medicine cats cannot take a mate or have kits. Acorn Fur is confused and indignant, but Moth Flight knows it is the right thing to do.[5]

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