"We've been hunting for days! I can't wait to try the sky-drop move again!"
— Acornpaw to Cloudstar in Cloudstar's Journey, page 262

Acornpaw is a light brown tom.[2]

In Cloudstar's Journey, Acornpaw is an apprentice of SkyClan. His mentor is Weaselwhisker.

He comes back from a patrol, muddy and wet, with his fellow apprentice, Snailpaw, who is the only cat on the patrol to have caught prey. Acornpaw mutters to himself that the only reason Snailpaw made the catch was that the prey was half-drowned in a puddle. Acornpaw is later selected to go on a hunting patrol, but Cloudstar interrupts, meowing that all of the warriors and apprentices should do battle training instead.

Shortly after this, Buzzardtail starts reorganizing the patrols, so there is a change in schedule. The apprentices are noticeably excited about this change. Acornpaw mews that he doesn't want to hunt as often; instead, he wants to learn the sky-drop battle move again.

Later, during a battle with ThunderClan, Acornpaw is seen with Nightfur and Weaselwhisker, leaping onto Nettleclaw. Cloudstar is satisfied until Nettleclaw shakes off his opponents and pounces on Acornpaw before the apprentice can react.

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"And that was only because it was half-drowned in a puddle."
—Acornpaw about prey Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 1

"Like other cats on the patrol, [Acornpaw's] was ruffled and smeared with mud."
—Narrator Cloudstar's Journey, page 210

"Weaselwhisker, you take Fernpelt, Stoatfur, and Acornpaw and hunt along the river. You might get lucky and find a vole's nest, if you don't mind getting your paws wet."
—Buzzardtail to a patrol Cloudstar's Journey, page 261

"The apprentices looked excited about the change in routine."
—Narrator Cloudstar's Journey, page 262

"Nightfur, Weaselwhisker, and Acornpaw plunged onto a sturdy gray tom called Nettleclaw. Cloudstar felt a surge of satisfaction, then stared in dismay as the warrior shook the cats off as if they were thistledown and pounced on Acornpaw before the apprentice could find his paws."
—Narrator during a battle Cloudstar's Journey, page 266

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