"Adderpaw had been training for several moons longer and he looked full-grown next to Specklepaw, whose head barely reached his shoulder."
Daisytail's thoughts on Adderpaw in Code of the Clans, page 48

Adderpaw is a tom.[2]


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Code of the Clans

Adderpaw is an ancient WindClan apprentice.
He participates in a training bout with Specklepaw, a young apprentice of only three moons, who is the son of Daisytail. As Specklepaw fights, his mentor, Slatepelt, tries to yowl suggestions at him, even though Adderpaw is clearly stronger than the tiny cat. When Specklepaw is hurtled to the ground once again, Slatepelt nudges him back towards his opponent. Specklepaw once more launches himself at Adderpaw, but his mother, Daisytail, is unable to watch and she turns away, wincing at the tiny tom's useless courage.
Upon turning around again, she sees Specklepaw pinning Adderpaw to the ground. As she begins to congratulate him, she sees Adderpaw exchange a look with Slatepelt, and realizes that the older apprentice had deliberately let Specklepaw win.
Later, after Daisytail stops a battle with ShadowClan, Specklepaw hides behind Adderpaw in embarrassment and anger.



"She could tell from the look exchanged by Adderpaw and Slatepelt that the older apprentice had deliberately let the little cat win."
—Daisytail's thoughts about the "fight" between Adderpaw and Specklepaw Code of the Clans, page 49

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