"I can try as hard as I like, but I'll never do anything right. I will bring nothing but trouble to ThunderClan because I was made deputy when I shouldn't have been. My Clanmates didn't trust me before: Now they will blame me for everything that goes wrong, every drop of blood that is lost. Whatever I do, I will destroy my own Clan from within."
— Brambleclaw doubting himself, and seeking help from Leafpool in After Sunset: The Right Choice?

After Sunset: The Right Choice? is a short story found in the Warriors App. The story describes a conversation between Leafpool and Brambleclaw after the death of Hawkfrost, seen from Leafpool's point of view.


Leafpool is walking in the forest toward the lake. It is noted that Brightheart was taking care of Firestar, who had not lost a life to the foxtrap, but could not eat or talk yet. Leafpool reminisces about what had happened. She remembers seeing Hawkfrost's dead body in the lake, making it run red with his blood. She also states that she had thought Brambleclaw harmed her father, and kept shuddering at the thought. She then goes on to explain the prophecy, which became true.
As she walks up to the lake, she sees Brambleclaw, staring out at the lake. She greets him, and he turns around, his amber eyes clouded with grief and his voice flat. He asks Leafpool why she came, and she lies, saying that she often came to enjoy the view. Brambleclaw gets up to leave, but Leafpool tells him to stay. Brambleclaw listens to her and stays. He closes his eyes, and Leafpool asks what's wrong. Not getting a response, she asks if he was thinking about Hawkfrost, and Brambleclaw confirms that he was.
Leafpool sits down, noting her growing, pregnant belly. She wonders what will happen to her kits, but pushes the thought aside. She pushes Brambleclaw to talk to her. He states that the rest of ThunderClan hates him, that he should have never become deputy. Leafpool reassures him, saying that he had been StarClan's choice. He tells Leafpool he bet she wished she had never closed her eyes. Leafpool says she didn't have to trust him, and tells him that StarClan approved of him and Squirrelflight loved him.
He then says that Firestar's accident was his fault. Leafpool shakes her head, telling him he was a hero. Brambleclaw states that it's bad luck he hadn't had an apprentice when he became deputy. Leafpool realizes that a lot of cats agreed with him. Brambleclaw explains that no matter what he did, he felt like he was going to destroy ThunderClan from the inside. Leafpool, shivering, believes his words might become a prophecy.

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