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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Thunder Rising

Alder, along with her brother, Birch, are the kits of a rogue called Misty.
Thunder finds not yet named Alder and Birch in their den, having just witnessed Clear Sky killing their mother, Misty. He calls for Clear Sky, who curses to himself when he realizes he just killed a mother with kits. The two take them out of the den, and Thunder stays between the kits and their dead mother so they can't see Misty's body. Clear Sky suggests that they kill them as it is the kindest thing to do, but Thunder and Petal object, Petal stating that she'll look after the kits.
Clear Sky is shocked, as Petal has hated Misty, but the yellow tabby says that she knows how it feels to be defenseless without a mother, with no one to help. Thunder decides to help Petal look after them, and she steps over the kits, murmuring that they'll be in a warm nest soon. She picks up Alder, whilst Thunder picks up Birch. Thunder wonders if Clear Sky would have really killed the kits if Petal hadn't decided to take care of them.
On the moor, Wind Runner and Gorse Fur report to Gray Wing and his cats that Clear Sky is expanding his territory. They reveal what happened to Misty, and they searched her nest but couldn't find Alder or Birch, and Wind Runner and Gorse Fur think that Clear Sky has killed them. When Bumble is found, dying, Clear Sky reveals himself. Wind Runner demands if he killed Alder and Birch, but he replies that they are fine, being cared for by Petal.
Thunder takes a squirrel to Petal and the kits. She thanks him, and Thunder hopes to himself that Alder and Birch will grow into healthy cats. He asks what Petal has called them, and she replies that she has named them Alder and Birch. Thunder says that they are good names. Petal chews up some of the squirrel and begins to persuade Alder and Birch to eat some. Alder tries to go to Petal for milk, but she says that they must start eating prey as they are older now. Alder squeaks that they are big kits now, and goes back to lapping up the squirrel pulp.

The First Battle

When Falling Feather argues with Clear Sky, Clear Sky brings up Birch and Alder, noting that they were kits, and there would be more in the future. Afterwards, Clear Sky calls for a meeting, and Petal heads over to join him, with Birch and Alder peering after her, eyes shining. Petal tells Alder to stay where they were and make sure Birch was with her. When Petal comes up to greet him, Clear Sky barely hears her, as he intently watches Birch and Alder from the yew, and it is noted that Petal had taken them in after Clear Sky had killed their mother, Misty. During the meeting, Clear Sky notices that Alder tugs Birch's tail between her teeth, trying to haul him back beneath the yew branches. When Quick Water brings up the possibility of fighting Gray Wing, Clear Sky denies being Bumble's murderer, and flicks his tail toward Alder and Birch, saying that he rescues cats. As they shift to a battle training session, Birch asks if they could watch, with Alder tugging on his tail, and Clear Sky permits them, stepping aside as the two kits hurtle forward, and skid to a halt beside Petal. As the training session goes on, Alder and Birch stare as Nettle careens toward them, and Petal commands them to move, making the two shriek, and scatter like mice before Nettle collapses onto the ground beside them.
As Clear Sky takes out Birch and Alder for some hunting training, he tells the latter she-kit to hurry up. She races behind Birch, half-running, half-slithering, and is noted to be only the size of a baby rabbit, making Clear Sky think that she would have to grow up eventually. Clear Sky pushes on, and it is said that Petal begged him not to take the kits out training, but Clear Sky had done so anyway. Alder then calls for Birch to help her, prompting Clear Sky to turn around, only for Alder to be gone. Birch leans into a ditch, tugging his sister out by the scruff, and let go. He asks if she was okay, and Alder scrambles to her paws, shakes out her fur, and confirms that she was fine. A moment later, the two hurtle from a fern clump, and scramble up the slope, pelts slick against their bodies, and ears pressed against their heads. Alder stops a tail-length behind Birch and complains that they couldn't run faster. Clear Sky pads around the kits as they catch their breath, and tells Birch to wait, prompting Alder to ask if he would be by himself. Clear Sky replies that he would be, thrusting his muzzle close to Alder's, making her leap back in surprise, and adds that she would come with him, as they would be playing hide-and-seek. Alder questions his choice, and Clear Sky reasons that it would be useful in the future.
Alder asks if they were to hide as Birch waited, and Clear Sky confirms it, calling her a smart kit. He then tells Alder to find a place Birch would never think to look at him, and Alder asks if he had any ideas. Clear Sky tells her to hush and slows down so that Alder will have some energy for the next part of the session. As they look for a spot, Alder catches up to him and complains that there was no place to hide and that they should have stopped in the ferns. Clear Sky informs her to crouch behind a tree so that when Birch arrives, she would have space to attack him. Alder, confused, questions his command, as she thought they were playing hide-and-seek, only for Clear Sky to reply that they were training, who wonders why she argues with him. Alder refuses, as he didn't warn Birch, and Clear Sky reasons that he needed to learn. Alder adds that it wasn't fair, as he wouldn't be ready, and that it would feel wrong. Clear Sky admires her bravery but believes she has growing up to do and responds that although her instinct tells her to stalk her enemy, times were changing, so they must outgrow those instincts. Alder glances at her paws as Clear Sky goes on to speak of being ahead of their enemies, making her inquire if they had any.
Clear Sky explains that every cat that wished to steal prey from their territory is an enemy, and suggests for Alder to roll in the mud. Alder asks why, and he reasons that it would disguise her scent. She wrinkles her nose and complains that the muddy dip smelled of rotting leaves, only for Clear Sky to respond for her to roll herself in it. Alder wriggles onto her back and flops to her side. Once she is done, she complains how she smells, but Clear Sky points out that she lost her scent, and suggests for her to pick a tree to hide behind. He tells her to hurry, and her fur ripples along her spine, and pads uneasily to the next trunk, twisting suddenly to dig her nose into her flank. Clear Sky tells her to hide, but Alder complains that her pelt felt weird, and Clear Sky tells her to crouch into a gap between two roots, and to stay low so that Birch wouldn't see her. Despite doing so, she still complains that it felt wrong, as he thought they were playing hide-and-seek, yet he wanted her to attack him. Clear Sky replies that he wanted to see if she could surprise him, and she responds that she could do so without smelling like rotting leaves. She presses her belly to the floor, and Clear Sky reasons that smelling like leaves could be the best weapon she has if Birch was a real enemy, but she points out that he wasn't, and sits up.
She asks why they all couldn't get along, as despite living in different places, they didn't have to fight. Clear Sky swipes a paw at her, sheathing his claws before he strikes her ear, but Alder staggers from the blow, tripping over a root. Clear Sky argues that he was trying to help her win if she ever got into a fight, and Alder scrambles to her paws, backing away. Clear Sky scolds her for being frightened, and Alder freezes like a rabbit when he lands in front of her, staring up at her and trembling as he touches his muzzle to her head. A dog's bark rings throughout the area, and Alder ducks out beneath him, pointing out that Birch would be by himself near the big beech. She hares away from him, Clear Sky following her until he pulls past, and Alder squeals for him to save Birch. Alder, horrified, shrieks that the dog would kill him, and adds that Clear Sky would have to save him. Suddenly, Petal arrives, and Alder wails her name. Afterwards, Petal calls for the two kits, and they huddle in the crook of the lowest branch, pressed together like fledglings. Clear Sky informs them that it was safe to come down, and Alder lowers herself tail-first, trembling as she reaches the ground. Petal licks her roughly, and Alder shakes out her fur, shuddering as the mud sprinkles onto the floor, and decides that she had enough of training.
Petal agrees and decides to take them home, leading them down a slope. Alder presses closer to Petal and explains how they were to be learning how to attack other cats. Petal slows to lick some of the mud from Alder's pelt, and the latter adds that Clear Sky wanted her to jump out at Birch when he came to look for them. After meeting Jackdaw's Cry and Thunder, Clear Sky reflects on Misty's death, mentioning that he would've gone easier on her had he known Misty was protecting Alder and Birch. He then calls to Petal, who sits near the yew with her kits at her side. After he encounters Tom, Alder and Birch greet Clear Sky when he returns, eyes shining happily. Alder and Birch ask if they could train, skipping around him. When Thunder and Lightning Tail arrive to look for Turtle Tail and her kits, Clear Sky thinks of Alder and Birch waiting for him in the hollow, and how they would run to him when they arrived, as well as how they wanted to be with him. During the meeting at the four oaks, Petal reasons that Jackdaw's Cry was brought along because they couldn't leave him with Birch and Alder.

The Blazing Star

When a sick bird is discovered by Tall Shadow, Clear Sky soon appears, followed by Petal, Birch, and Alder. Thunder begins to explain what happened to it, but breaks off as the two kits bound forward and peer curiously at the bird. He tells them not to and pushes them away with a gentle paw, telling them to stay back. After Birch still manages to sniff at the bird, Clear Sky beckons the kits with a jerk of his head, commanding them to get back now. Thunder notices that there is a look of concern in his father’s eyes for the kits who aren’t even his. The kits bound back to Petal, who gathers them close with her tail and licks their ears affectionately. After the leaders talk a little bit more about the Blazing Star, Clear Sky tells Petal to take he kits back to camp, and Petal turns away, leading her kits back into the undergrowth.
Later, when Sparrow Fur is in Clear Sky’s camp, Birch tries to make her more comfortable and mentions that he and Alder like having another young cat in the camp.
Later, when Clear Sky heads back to his camp after a Gathering, Petal, who had stayed behind to look after the kits, rushes to meet him, and says that there is something wrong with Alder. Clear Sky rushes over to the nest Petal had shared with the kits, and only sees Alder lying comfortably among the moss, with Birch sitting beside her, stroking her tail with one paw. When Petal points out that Alder is not focusing on her, and states that something is wrong, One Eye says that he had told Clear Sky, and Petal shifts suddenly to stand in front of the kits, warning them to stay in their nest.
When Clear Sky returns to his camp to reclaim his leadership after One Eye’s death, in the clearing he sees Petal, Birch, and Alder lying in a makeshift nest at the foot of an elder bush. All three of them show signs of sickness from their bloated bellies, sores on their skin, and foam around their jaws. Petal moans as she makes a pitiful effort to lick and comfort the kits, and when Clear Sky is confused on what they are doing there, Acorn Fur explains that One Eye made them come, and wouldn’t let them help. She goes on that he said they should leave the sick cats there to die because they weren’t doing them any good. The ginger she-cat adds that she only got there that day, and brought them water and food, but is afraid that it is too late. Cloud Spots says that it might not be and rushes over to the sick cats, explaining that Tall Shadow and Gray Wing went to fetch the Blazing Star. However, Petal passes away, and Acorn Fur meows that when they brought Petal food, she only took one bite, and gave the rest to the kits. Clear Sky notes that they weren’t even hers, but she was dedicated to them right to the end.
After covering the dead she-cat’s body with leaves to prevent the sickness from spreading, Acorn Fur and Shattered Ice gently lift Petal’s body out of the nest, trying not to disturb the kits. Meanwhile, Cloud Spots chews up some of the tansy and begins trickling the juices into the kits’ mouths. The young cats are barely conscious, but their tongues eagerly lap at the moisture as if they are tormented by thirst. Clear Sky nuzzles the kits affectionately, not caring about the risk of infection, and greets them as his little ones, promising that they will soon feel better. When Birch asks where Petal is, Clear Sky lies that she went back to camp, and thinks that they are too weak to bear the truth now. He decides that he will tell them when they are stronger, and Birch presses himself close to Alder.
Clear Sky asks if they should move the kits back to camp, but Cloud Spots disagrees that they still aren’t doing well, and need the Blazing Star. He also points out that it is best to keep the kits away from the cats who are still healthy, and Clear Sky agrees, leaving Cloud Spots with the kits, and limping across the clearing to where Shattered Ice and Acorn Fur are digging the grave. When they are finished with burying her, Cloud Spots offers to stay with the kits until the blazing Star comes, as he will need to make sure it will help them. When Tall Shadow arrives in camp with the Blazing Star, Clear Sky tells her that the kits are very ill and are with Cloud Spots. All Shadows asks where they are, stating that she must see them, and Clear Sky offers to show her and limps off in the direction of the small clearing where Birch and Alder are lying. When Tall Shadow asks him to hurry, Clear Sky points with his tail towards the direction that the kits are in.

A Forest Divided

Alder is first seen peeking out of the low, spreading yew with her brother, Birch, and it is noted that Petal had made their nest after she'd adopted them. Clear Sky remembers how the kit's mother, as well as Petal, had died, and that Birch and Alder had nearly been taken by the sickness too, had the Blazing Star not saved them. Alder and Birch hurry out to meet Quick Water and Birch asks if the mouse is for them. Alder dips her head and says that if she tells them where she found it, they could go and catch their own. Clear Sky notes that the littermates are almost full-grown and always eager to hunt, and Clear Sky is proud of the cats they had become and is pleased that he had let Petal take them it. Quick Water tells them not to be silly and lets them share the mouse, and the young cats blink at her gratefully. After Clear Sky talks with Pink Eyes, alder looks up from her meal and licks her lips, gazing at the old tom's tail mischievously. The young she-cat lunges and grabs it, rolling onto her back. Alder purrs and pummels it playfully with her hind legs, but Pink Eyes angrily tells her to chase her own tail. Alder freezes with her paws in the air and says that she isn't a dog, but Pink Eyes responds that his tail isn't prey. At that point, a patrol comes into camp with very little prey, and Clear Sky feels worried, and he notices that Alder and Birch are staring hungrily at Acorn Fur's starling.
Later, Birch and alder are seen batting the tip of Acorn Fur's tail while she lies down, and every now and then the she-cat would whisk it up in the air for one of the young cats to jump for it, and they would purr loudly. Clear Sky wonders where Milkweed's kits are, and remembers how they had seemed so frail when they had arrived that he had given them Birch and Alder's nest, and how the young cats had happily made new nests in a gap in the brambles. When Thistle asks to go hunting with Clear Sky's patrol, the leader tells him that he can practice some moves in camp, and he sees that Birch and Alder are clearly bored, since Acorn Fur is now sleeping. He asks the young cats to teach Thistle and Clover some battle moves, and Alder hurries over, saying that it would be great. Thistle asks to start right away, and Alder agrees.
Alder is later seen training Thistle and Clover with Birch. They circle the clearing, their paws pattering softly over the muddy earth, and Thistle and Clover crouch in the center. Alder tells Thistle to keep his tail down. When Clover tries to jump by bunching her hindquarters, she lands skillfully the second try, and she asks Alder if it is better. Alder agrees that it is much better. Owl Eyes thinks that Alder and Birch should be teaching them how to stalk, not jump, but Alder glances at him and says that Clear Sky asked them to train the kits, and not Owl Eyes, and Birch joins his sister and agrees with her. When Thunder goes to talk to Clear Sky about patrols, the leader tells him to look after the kits, but Thunder argues that Birch, Alder, and Owl Eyes are all looking after them.
Alder and Birch are later seen asking Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur about life on the moor. Alder, eyes wide, asks if they really hunted in rabbit tunnels, and Lightning Tail answers that he preferred hunting above ground, although Acorn Fur had enjoyed the shelter of the tunnels better.
When several cats argue about the fewer hunting patrols, Leaf says that there should be more since they are feeding cats who can't hunt for themselves, and he gazes at Birch and Alder as he says so.
Later, when Thunder watches Pink Eyes after they come to the ravine, he notes that the old tom is clearly at ease in his new home, and it is hard to believe that he is the same cat who had snapped at Birch and Alder for playing with his tail.
When Thunder comes to Clear Sky's camp to bring him a message about Quiet Rain, Alder and Birch hop from their nest beneath the bramble. Before he talks to Clear Sky, several of Clear Sky's cats ask about the cats who went with Thunder, and when Lightning Tail tells them that Pink Eyes is happy in his new home, Alder mutters that he had been happy in Clear Sky's camp too.
When Clear Sky returns to his camp after Quiet Rain's death, he recalls how Alder and Birch had brought him two voles that they had caught near the snake rocks. When Clear Sky had given one of the voles to Star Flower, Alder had grunted that when she disappeared, the cats in camp had thought that she had left again.

Path of Stars

When Clear Sky rushes into camp after Star Flower has been kidnapped, Thorn and Alder spin around when he scrambles in. His cats look at him hostilely, and Clear Sky argues with Quick Water for lying, claiming that she was kidnapped, but Alder still watches through narrowed eyes. Quick Water says they were all from the same group of rogues, and Star Flower knows them all, and Alder blinks at Clear Sky, asking how big the group is, but he answers that he doesn’t know. After Clear Sky is asked many more questions by his campmates, Acorn Fur tells Clear Sky that she will come with him, but Birch argues that Star Flower might have gone with the rogues freely. However, Acorn Fur tells him that she is carrying Clear Sky's kits, who are a part of the group, and Alder glances at her brother, her fur rippling.
She blinks at him and asks if he doesn’t remember how the group protected them when their mother died, and Clear Sky feels guilty for killing their mother when she had fought to protect her nest. He recalls how Petal had brought the kits into the group and raised them as her own, and Birch nods, agreeing. Quick Water tries to point out that Star Flower might be trustworthy and when several cats make a prediction that Star Flower might have set up her own kidnapping to gather the leaders and attack them, Clear Sky says that they are not helpless and Alder nods, agreeing that they can't let the rogues scare them. Sparrow Fur announces that she will go with Clear Sky to persuade the other leaders and Alder follows, stating that she will come too. Clear Sky heads for the camp entrance and is relieved to see Sparrow Fur, Alder, and Acorn Fur at his heels.
In Thunder's camp, Owl Eyes rushes into the camp entrance and announces that Clear Sky is coming with Acorn Fur, Sparrow Fur, and Alder. Thunder asks for more details, and soon paws scrabble down the ravine beyond the gorse. Clear Sky hurries in, and Acorn Fur, Alder, and Sparrow Fur hurry in behind him, gazes solemn. Clear Sky explains Star Flower's situation and after her kits greet Clear Sky and his cats, Milkweed hurries across the clearing and asks what is happening, eyes sparkling with worry at seeing Clear Sky, Acorn Fur, Sparrow Fur, and Alder. After Clear Sky and Thunder talk and the ginger tom decides not to help his father, Alder encouragingly mews that Tall Shadow might help. Clear Sky hurries through the gorse tunnel, his campmates following.
Later, when Clear Sky goes to the Four Trees hollow to meet with Slash and the other leaders, he thinks of how he left his campmates prepared, and that Birch and Alder were assigned to stalk through the woods for signs of intruders.
Later, in camp, Clear Sky brings Star Flower a rabbit, but she turns it down and says that he should make sure that Birch and Alder get a bit, as she knows that rabbit is their favorite.
When there is a meeting called about the rogue cats now living in the groups, Clear Sky says that he has taken in rogues, and that Thorn, Nettle, Birch, and Alder are as loyal as any camp-born cat. However, when the other cats tell Clear Sky that Red was one of Slash's rogues, he thinks back to the dark ginger tom at camp and feels anxious, before reminding himself of his own words or Thorn, Nettle, Birch and Alder's loyalty. After the Gathering, Clear Sky watches his cats in camp, and sees Quick Water with a hunk of ice in her teeth as she pads past Birch and Alder, who are sharing tongues at the bottom of the short slope that leads to Clear Sky’s den.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

During Micah's burial, Alder is seen staring bleakly at his body.
Later, when Moth Flight and Spotted Fur go to SkyClan to get bark for Slate, who is sick, Nettle asks where they are going, and Alder and Birch flank him, their eyes narrowed aggressively. Moth Flight defends herself that she is taking bark, not prey, but Alder curls her lip, asking if no one is allowed to help SkyClan, but SkyClan must help them. Spotted Fur and Moth Flight try to reason with them, but Alder pads closer, and says that they must come back to camp with them. She adds that they won't try to run, since Clear Sky will only send a bigger patrol to fetch them, and will want to know what they are doing on SkyClan land. Moth Flight protests that her Clanmate is sick, and fights the urge to rake Alder's nose. However, the WindClan cats are headed toward the SkyClan camp, and when Moth Flight hurries, Alder snarls that she seems to be in a hurry. Moth Flight snaps back at the gray-and-white she-cat that she wants to get it sorted out and go home.
When they come to camp, Alder tells the WindClan cats that Clear Sky is in his den, and she jerks her nose across the clearing. She tells Moth Flight that Spotted Fur can wait outside while she speaks to him and steers the WindClan medicine cat up the short, steep slope and through the trees beyond. Alder calls to Clear Sky and when Star Flower, who also comes, asks what Moth Flight is doing there, Alder explains to her Clanmate that they found her on their land with a Clanmate. Clear Sky tells Moth Flight that she will remain in SkyClan until Wind Runner comes to fetch her, and Moth Flight smells Alder and Red Claw close in behind her.
When Moth Flight and Spotted Fur talk while confined in the SkyClan camp, Spotted Fur asks Moth Flight how they will escape and he jerks his muzzle toward Alder who sits still, a few tail-lengths from the entrance. After they discuss more, Spotted Fur gazes at Alder, who still hasn't moved, and wonders if SkyClan cats don't have to eat. However, Moth Flight responds that if the gray-and-white she-cat were to leave, another cat would take her place. Spotted Fur says that they must escape and talk to Wind Runner to explain Clear Sky's anger, and he suggests distracting Alder while he makes a run for it. He also offers that Moth Flight could distract Alder while he runs, but is cut off by the sound of pawsteps when Acorn Fur approaches Alder. The medicine cat dips her head to Alder, who nods toward the den. Acorn Fur comes but tells the WindClan cats that she can't help them escape and she looks at Alder, and says that he can't betray her Clanmates. Spotted Fur says that they only need to get past Alder, and Moth Flight agrees that she can pretend to be ill while Acorn Fur would fetch Alder, so that Spotted Fur would slip out when she is gone, but Acorn Fur objects, and protests that Alder will see that Moth Flight is okay and Spotted Fur is gone. Before she can continue her speculation though, Moth Flight interrupts that Alder will think that she tricked Acorn Fur, but Acorn Fur argues that Alder knows that Moth Flight trained her, and will suspect her. Moth Flight suggests that Acorn Fur gets the other Clans' medicine cats and explains what to do, but lowers her voice when Alder turns, ears pricking. Acorn Fur trots past Alder and disappears down the slope. Soon after, when shrieks are heard ripping though the trees, Alder leaps into the hollow, her pelt bushed.
During the battle, Moth flight sees Alder streak toward Willow Tail, and warns her Clanmate. The tabby whips around and lifts her paws as Alder slams into her. Willow Tail briefly staggers, but keeps her balance and hooks her claws into Alder's pelt, and with a hiss of fury, hauls the SkyClan she-cat onto her belly.
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