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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

While in a vision from StarClan at the Moonpool, Jayfeather notices a young tom standing away from the rest of the group, but before he can get a good look, the cat bounds away and Jayfeather sees only the tom's white tail-tip. He notes that he smells very strongly of ThunderClan.
Alderkit stands in front of the nursery, wondering if there is some sort of assessment he must pass to become a proper apprentice. He remembers overhearing something about an assessment when Fernsong, Sorrelstripe, and Hollytuft were made warriors, and notes how small he was then. Alderkit begins to panic until Sparkkit nudges him from behind. She asks him if he is excited, and questions who their mentors will be. The she-kit says she wants someone fun, and comments that she doesn't want Berrynose, since he's bossy. Sparkkit adds that Whitewing sticks too close to the rules and could recite the warrior code in her sleep.
Squirrelflight interrupts and comments that they aren't supposed to have fun with their mentors, but to learn. She says that she would be lucky to have Berrynose or Whitewing, as they are both fine warriors. Alderkit observes Squirrelflight and comments on how he knows she is old to have her first litter, remembering their shared grief for his lost siblings, Dandelionkit and Juniperkit. He thinks about how they must be the best cats for their parents. Sparkkit is not cowed by Squirrelflight scolding her and she twitches her tail, and Alderkit wishes he had her confidence. He hasn't wondered himself who their mentors will be, and he looks around the camp, observing the cats there.
He thinks that Ivypool would be a nice mentor, but that Lionblaze is scary after seeing the strength in his muscles. He knows that it wouldn't be Blossomfall, because she mentored Hollytuft, and it won't be Brackenfur or Rosepetal either because they mentored Sorrelstripe and Fernsong. He watches Thornclaw scratch his ear and thinks he'd be an okay mentor, but he is a bit short-tempered. Sparkkit breaks his thoughts when she stomps on his paw and says that the ceremony is starting. Alderkit sees that Bramblestar has emerged from his den onto the Highledge and he calls the Clan together.
He is proud to be his son and thinks about how confident and strong he is. Alderkit is very nervous and is shaking, but he sees the warm gleam is his father's eyes and is reassured. Bramblestar calls Sparkkit up and renames her Sparkpaw, giving her Cherryfall as a mentor. Alderkit joins in on calling out his sister's name, relieved there is no challenge to prove he is ready. His legs begin to wobble as he comes up to the base of the Highledge, but he raises his head and Bramblestar rests his tail on Alderkit's shoulder. He names him Alderpaw and gives him Molewhisker as his mentor.
Alderpaw pads across the clearing to join his mentor, unsure of how he feels. He knows that Molewhisker is Cherryfall's littermate, but that he's never shown much interest in kits. Alderpaw wishes to make his mentor proud of him and resolves to try his hardest. The Clan chants his new name, and he ducks his head to lick his chest, embarrassed. At the same time, he thinks he will burst with happiness. After the chanting dies down and the Clan disperses, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight approach their kits. Bramblestar congratulates Alderpaw and adds that it wasn't so scary. Squirrelflight declares that she and Bramblestar are proud of him and Sparkpaw and licks them around the ears, adding that she's sure they'll become great warriors. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight nuzzle their kits before departing, leaving Alderpaw and Sparkpaw alone with their mentors.
Molewhisker tells Alderpaw about the responsibility of being an apprentice, and he nods in reply. He attempts to look worthy, but feels worried that he isn't succeeding. He hears Cherryfall talking to Sparkpaw about the fun parts of being an apprentice and wishes that Molewhisker would be as enthusiastic as his sister. Sparkpaw asks if they can start learning to hunt, but Molewhisker explains that apprentices have different duties to do. Alderpaw asks what they're going to do, and Cherryfall reveals that they will be removing the elders' ticks. Molewhisker instructs them to go get mouse bile from one of the medicine cats, and Alderpaw feels dismayed, unsure if he'll like being an apprentice. It's a sunny day, and he is disappointed that he has to spend it clearing out the ticks in Graystripe's pelt.
He watches his sister dab soaked moss on Purdy's coat. The old tabby tom tells the two apprentices there wasn't a cat who never removed ticks from elders. Alderpaw asks if his father did the chore before and Graystripe replies even Firestar had to do it. He then prods the young tom's shoulder, telling him to mind his claws. The younger tom apologizes and glances up at Sandstorm, who is looking at him lovingly. She remembers when his mother was an apprentice and how her mentor, Dustpelt, had to keep her in order. The pair are told that Dustpelt had to be hard on her or she would never reach her potential. Graystripe grabs Alderpaw's attention by reminding of the ticks on him. As he dabs the moss onto a large tick, he looks up to see both medicine cats staring at him. Alderpaw becomes anxious as he wonders why they are looking at him.
Soon after that, Cherryfall and Molewhisker show them the borders. Cherryfall points out that when they become warriors they will need to know every part of the territory. Molewhisker adds to this by saying that they need to know every tree, every rock, every stream. Alderpaw then thinks that surely no cat can know every part of the territory. They then head off to the ShadowClan border. On the way there, Sparkpaw asks what happens if they meet ShadowClan cats. Molewhisker then replies that nothing will happen, they stay on their side, and they will do the same.
Alderpaw soon after that questions a wide path leading away from the forest. Molewhisker then says that Twolegs made the path, many, many seasons ago and that it leads to the old den where Jayfeather and Leafpool grow their herbs. They begin to near the lake when Alderpaw notices a bright, silver light shining through the thinning trees. He thinks that they don't want a young kit to tag along with them either. As he emerges onto the shore, he thinks back, remembering the warriors talking about a lake. He always had imagined it would only be a bit bigger than a puddle. As Molewhisker points out RiverClan territory, he squints to see it.
Later during the border patrol, they come across the ShadowClan border, he wrinkles his nose at the scent, asking what it is. Molewhisker asks if Alderpaw could smell ThunderClan scent markers. He adds that as a warrior, he will be marking their borders by themselves. The mentors then take them towards a clearing dotted with weird green pelts, flapping in the wind. Alderpaw asks if this is Twoleg stuff, and Molewhisker says yes. The apprentice remarks that they sometimes come into the forest, and wonders why.
Alderpaw, Sparkpaw and their mentors carry on walking through the forest, they begin getting farther away from camp when they reach the lake. Alderpaw exclaims that there is no end to it, but Molewhisker assures him that cats have walked all the way around it. Cherryfall then points out where RiverClan territory is. Sparkpaw asks if she can catch a fish, and splashes to the edge of the water. Realizing that it is cold she leaped backward in surprise. She tries again but Molewhisker tells her she won't catch any fish if she's jumping around like she is. As they travel along the lake and reach the ShadowClan border, Alderpaw wrinkles his nose in disgust at the scent of them. Molewhisker tells him and Sparkpaw that they will soon set markers for their Clan. Cherryfall then show them the small dens Twolegs put up during greenleaf. Sparkpaw asks why they do this, but Molewhisker just replies that StarClan knows.
After a long time of walking, Alderpaw and the others pick up a scent of a mouse. Cherryfall asks what other things they can smell. The apprentice replies that the scent is WindClan and Cherryfall praises him, saying that he is right. They go down to the WindClan border and Cherryfall and Molewhisker explain that WindClan live on the moor, and camp in a hollow. They then see a rabbit and a cat chasing after it. They disappear, but they know the cat has caught it because of the shriek that pierces the air. Cherryfall then says that they should get back to camp, but Sparkpaw protests that she thought they were going to go hunting. Molewhisker replies that they can, but they can't eat it because all prey goes to the Clan.
They head away from WindClan's border and reach a clearing where a huge oak tree stood. Molewhisker asks if they can pick up any scent and Sparkpaw and Alderpaw both reply saying they can scent a shrew. Cherryfall shows them the hunter's crouch and tells Sparkpaw to try first. She disappears but quickly comes back with a shrew in her jaws. All three cats praise her, saying that they have never heard of an apprentice catching prey on their first try. Alderpaw tries next, dropping into the hunter's crouch, but not knowing what to do. Molewhisker hisses for him to go, and in the tom's indecision, a vole scampers out of the bush and into the water. Sparkpaw teases him, while Alderpaw's mentor tells him to trust his instincts. Molewhisker tells him it's fine, but this only makes the ginger tom feel worse.
As the four cats walk back they pass Ivypool, Birchfall, and Sorrelstripe. Cherryfall comments by the looks of it they've had good hunting, and Ivypool replies so have they. The tortoiseshell proudly tells them it was Sparkpaw's catch and it's her first time out. All three cats praise her, while nobody pays attention to Alderpaw, suiting him just fine. He wishes he could slowly sink into the earth. By the time they get to camp, Bramblestar rushes outside to meet them, eager to know how his kits did. Sparkpaw boasts she caught both a shrew and a mouse. Her father praises her, then turns to her brother, asking what he caught.
There is an awkward silence and Sparkpaw hurriedly says Alderpaw listened to his mentor really well. Molewhisker adds that he is going to get the hang of hunting soon. The apprentice is embarrassed that this is the best his mentor and sister can say about him. He raises his head, wondering what Bramblestar thinks, but can't tell. Bramblestar calls his son over, and the ginger tom asks if he's angry. The leader assures him he'll do better as time goes on. It's only his first day out, and he's proud to know Alderpaw has been listening to his mentor really nicely. He doesn't believe his father, and wonders if he will see pity in the tom's eyes.
The ThunderClan leader pauses before asking if he ever told Alderpaw about his apprentice days. He looks down at his paws, mumbles that his father was Firestar's apprentice, and he must've been something to be trained by Firestar personally. Bramblestar sighs and says he thinks Firestar just wanted to keep an eye on him, because of his father. After a moment, he continues, saying on his first hunt with the great leader, he wanted to impress Firestar so badly that while chasing a squirrel, he slipped on some wet leaves. Spinning nose over tail, he crashed into a tree, and he's sure Firestar had to keep himself from laughing. Alderpaw asks if this really happened, and his father confirms it. Bramblestar says it was awful, but he got better and he eventually will too.
Alderpaw, now an apprentice for nearly a half-moon, grooms himself outside the apprentices' den in preparation for the Gathering. He thinks about his apprenticeship and compares his progress with his sister's. Sparkpaw then asks Alderpaw if he is ready for the Gathering. The tom replies enthusiastically, stating that this will be their first one. He joins the other cats, wondering what the other Clans will be like. Alderpaw sees little lights flickering in the air, and asks Squirrelfight about it. She explains that they are fireflies, and Sparkpaw and Alderpaw excitedly try to catch them. Squirrelflight scolds them for this, so they stop. The two littermates talk lightly about things they see on the way until they finally arrive at the Gathering. Alderpaw looks in astonishment at the amount of cats he sees. Walking by, he notices Rowanstar, and comments on how he doesn't want to cross his path. He meets some ShadowClan apprentices; Needlepaw, Beepaw, and Sleekpaw. Needlepaw teases Alderpaw and Sparkpaw about their Clan, asking them if they are going to boss her around.
Rowanstar announces his Clan's news, saying that Beepaw had been apprenticed to Dawnpelt, Sleekpaw to Tigerheart, Juniperpaw to Stonewing, and Strikepaw to Wasptail. Needlepaw informs Alderpaw that ShadowClan has lots of apprentices, and Rowanstar doesn't know what to do with them all. Alderpaw feels odd as the apprentices seem to be openly talking about their Clan's weaknesses. He looks up to the oak, noting that all Clan leaders are bunched together and talking in low tones. Rowanstar announces that the medicine cats from each Clan have something important to say. Leafpool, Jayfeather, Mothwing, Willowshine, Littlecloud, and Kestrelflight explain the prophecy they've received: Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky. Cats begin to debate what it means, and Alderpaw's pelt prickles when he feels Leafpool staring at him.
During training, Alderpaw's mind wanders, much to Molewhisker's annoyance. He continues to be confused as he recalls how Jayfeather and Leafpool seemed to be aware of him at all times, constantly looking at him. Molewhisker sharply tells Alderpaw that a cat who can't fight is no use to his Clan. The apprentice forces down feelings of misery, thinking that there is no such thing as a warrior who can't hunt or fight. When the two cats arrive at camp, Bramblestar calls Molewhisker to his den. Alderpaw is frightened that Molewhisker will report him for doing terrible, and he notes that Leafpool and Jayfeather had also joined the two. They walk over to Alderpaw, and Bramblestar tells him that he must become a medicine cat apprentice. He gapes, never thinking he'd be taken away from Molewhisker. Bramblestar explains that Leafpool and Jayfeather had a vision in which explained Alderpaw's destiny as a medicine cat. Alderpaw is horrified, begging Bramblestar to reconsider. The leader shakes his head, saying it is the will of StarClan.
During Alderpaw's medicine cat training, he begins to learn about new herbs. When the tom first goes to the Moonpool, he is introduced to the other medicine cats. They reach the hollow where the pool is, Leafpool begins the medicine cat apprentice ceremony. She presents Alderpaw to StarClan as the official medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan. He meets Firestar in his dream, and Firestar shows him a vision in a bottom of the pool. He sees a brown and cream cat perform a warrior ceremony, and instantly badgers Firestar with questions. Later, Alderpaw learns from Sandstorm that the cats are Leafstar, Sharpclaw, and Echosong from SkyClan. He tells Jayfeather and Leafpool, and go to discuss it with Bramblestar. After, the leader tells Alderpaw that his vision means that he's chosen for a very special quest. Bramblestar explains what happened with SkyClan, and he agrees to go on the quest.
Sandstorm, Molewhisker, Cherryfall, and Sparkpaw complete the patrol of cats for the quest. The group of cats journey through unfamiliar territory, following Sandstorm's directions to find SkyClan. The cats come across a fox, much to their horror. A she-cat comes to their rescue, helping the cats drive the fox off. After the fox runs away, Alderpaw recognizes the strange cat as Needlepaw. They eventually agree to let her come, and the apprentice tries his best to heal Sandstorm's wound. During the journey, he has a vision of the SkyClan cats running and begging for help. The cries for help wake him up and the tom even more determined to find SkyClan. When they start traveling again, Needlepaw comes closer to Alderpaw, making him uncomfortable. She tells him that she had overheard everything that he and Sandstorm had talked about.
During the night, Alderpaw notices that Sandstorm's wound is getting worse, with infection is setting in. She dies, but encourages him to continue the quest. The questing cats sit vigil for Sandstorm, realizing how close they had grown to her during the journey. Together, they bury the old cat somewhere where she can see the stars. Alderpaw tells the journeying cats the truth about SkyClan, much to their astonishment. Molewhisker tells his former apprentice that they will do whatever they can to find SkyClan and complete their quest, and he feels as if he will burst with pride. They follow the river upstream until meet strange cats, thinking they are SkyClan. However, they soon find that this isn't the case when he meets Mistfeather, who explains who Darktail really is. Darktail appears, snarling at Alderpaw that it seems like he's plotting against his cats. He keeps him and his companions prisoner, but they successfully escape in the night.
The journeying cats cross a river, but the current is heavy and Needlepaw and Alderpaw get swept away from the rest of the group. They are thrown off a waterfall, and realize they cannot find the others. They continue to look for three days, and meet a kittypet named Bob, who gives them directions. The tom grows depressed as he realizes that he had failed in his mission to find SkyClan, but Needlepaw tells him in a harsh voice that they couldn't have done more. He is visited by Sandstorm in a dream, who assures him that he has not failed. When the pair go into a tunnel, they find two kits, and agree to take them back to the Clans. Needlepaw names the black and white she-kit Violetkit, while Alderpaw names the other one Twigkit.
The two apprentices, along with the kits, travel back to Clan territory. Molewhisker, with Poppyfrost, Birchfall, and Berrynose meet them, and he shows them the kits. They are brought to ThunderClan's camp, with the promise that the issue will be brought up again at the Gathering. At camp, Lilyheart takes Twigkit and Violetkit as her foster kits. Alderpaw frequently visits them at the nursery, and also tells Bramblestar everything that happened in the gorge. When it is time for the Gathering, Sparkpaw and him carry each kit towards the island, where they settle down with them.
When the Gathering starts, Rowanstar ignores all normal Clan news and instantly launches into a debate about Twigkit and Violetkit with Bramblestar, who is shocked. Bramblestar explains the quest to those who didn't know about it, and he and the ShadowClan leader agree to claim one kit each. Alderpaw instantly confronts his father, saying that he can't do this, but the leader says that he has no choice. Rowanstar chooses Violetkit, and Twigkit is brought back to ThunderClan. Alderpaw feels a sense of foreboding looming over him, knowing how wrong it was to separate the siblings. He looks at Twigkit, knowing he will try to give her a good life.

Thunder and Shadow

Alderpaw's gaze drifts to the trailing brambles at the entrance to the medicine den when Jayfeather calls his name. When Jayfeather scolds him for daydreaming, he mumbles that he is sorry. Alderpaw walks into the medicine den and starts sorting the herbs. Briarlight volunteers to help but Jayfeather says they have enough cats and kits, Alderpaw is seen glancing guiltily at Twigkit, saying that he had to bring her back with him because she has no one to play with. When Jayfeather argues that she could play with Lilyheart's kits, Leafpool reminds him that Larkkit, Honeykit, and Leafkit are too rowdy for the younger Twigkit.
Alderpaw thinks of how the three kits are to be made apprentices soon, and they don't want Twigkit tagging along. He also wishes Violetkit, Twigkit's sister, was in ThunderClan. Angrily he remembers how the ShadowClan cats separated the littermates without caring. All they cared about was that Needlepaw, a ShadowClan cat, helped found her, and since they thought she might've been part of a prophecy, they took her away. Alderpaw is furious since it was his prophecy, and his quest that found the two kits. He felt sorry for Twigkit and Violetkit and wonders if a foster mother as kind as Lilyheart is taking care of her sister. She plays with a leaf, and when Leafpool notes that she is nimble and agile, Jayfeather huffs, saying she should be outside playing, and that a medicine den isn't for her. Alderpaw suggests she play with Briarlight, to which Leafpool and Briarlight agree to.
Jayfeather asks if Twigkit is still going to be in the medicine den, Leafpool responds by telling Jayfeather to stop being so grouchy, and Jayfeather responds sarcastically by saying he trips over Twigkit three or four times a day. This comment makes Alderpaw's pelt prickles with irritation and he thinks it is almost like Jayfeather enjoys being grumpy. Then Jayfeather snaps at Alderpaw to get on with his work and he wonders if the tom can read his thoughts. He guiltily continues sorting herbs and the brambles at the entrance rustle again. Graystripe says that Bramblestar wants to see all the medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices. Alderpaw wonders why and he waits for Jayfeather to speak, but Graystripe asks for some comfrey and says it's for Millie. Leafpool offers to check on her but Graystripe says no. Graystripe also says that Rowanstar is with Bramblestar. Then, Alderpaw glances at Twigkit and wonders if something has happened to Violetkit.
Alderpaw tells Twigkit to stay with Briarlight and he follows Jayfeather through the exit. Lilyheart, her kits, and Daisy are sitting outside the nursery. Larkkit says he wants a nest in the middle of the apprentice's den, but Honeykit says that Alderpaw and Sparkpaw's nests are already there. Leafpool distracts Alderpaw by commenting on how empty the fresh-kill pile is, but he looks at it and notices that there is no prey there at all. The tom wonders if the patrols have brought anything back and wonders if they met Rowanstar before they hunted. Alderpaw follows Leafpool up the tumble of rocks to Highledge and stops. The ShadowClan leader says Littlecloud is dying. The apprentice is impressed at Bramblestar's authority and asks if he can help. Jayfeather says to Rowanstar that Alderpaw can't go and he wonders why. Rowanstar says Littlecloud needs proper help, not that of an apprentice. Leafpool offers to go, and the ShadowClan leader accepts, saying Grassheart needs help as it is her first time kitting.
Alderpaw is surprised to hear concern in the ginger tom's voice. After Violetkit was snatched from her sister he decided the ShadowClan tom had no heart, but now starts to think otherwise. Leafpool nods and tells Alderpaw to come with her to ShadowClan, as she can't carry all the herbs by herself. Jayfeather asks if they are going to leave him here by himself, and his mother says he'll be fine, but she'll send Alderpaw back right away. As the brown tabby she-cat and Jayfeather head off to fetch the supplies, Bramblestar holds the young tom back from following. The ThunderClan leader then tells Rowanstar to leave since his Clan needs him.
The leader goes out of the den and walks out of camp with his chin high. Bramblestar then faces Alderpaw, and the apprentice looks at his father expectantly. The dark tabby meows softly that he's sending a patrol to look for SkyClan, consisting of Cinderheart, Lionblaze, and Squirrelflight. Alderpaw is surprised that he'd told them about the missing Clan, but Bramblestar assures him that the majority of the Clan won't know. The apprentice asks if he can go, but he is declined as he is needed to help Jayfeather. The leader sends him off, commenting that someone is waiting for him. Alderpaw turns, expecting to see his mentor, but instead spots Twigkit at the edge of the clearing, and heads over to her. The kit begs to come to ShadowClan with him to see Violetkit, but the apprentice regretfully says no. Twigkit rushes off and returns with a red feather, and asks if Alderpaw will bring it to her sister. The dark ginger tom feels pity prick his heart, and promises to do what the kit requests.
Alderpaw and his mentor travel to ShadowClan's camp, and Tawnypelt's patrol helps them carry their supplies as they near the entrance. As soon as they enter, Leafpool immediately sets to work, asking Dawnpelt how Littlecloud is, and she has the she-cat lead her to the medicine den. Once seeing his condition, the brown tabby orders the cream she-cat to get the elderly tom to swallow some pulp. Rowanstar and Crowfrost ask Leafpool if she would be willing to stay and train Puddlekit to be ShadowClan's next medicine cat. She is skeptical about training a random kit with no proven StarClan connection to be in charge of a Clan's herb store, but concedes that they don't really have a choice.
Leafpool orders Alderpaw and Needlepaw to go fetch water-soaked moss for Littlecloud, as he will be thirsty. The brown tabby then is lead to the nursery by Dawnpelt to check on Grassheart. The ShadowClan apprentice suggests that they could simply carry the elderly medicine cat to a ditch to drink, but Tawnypelt silences her and meows that she shouldn't be so insolent. The pair leave, and as they talk, Alderpaw is concerned about her lack of involvement with Violetkit. Needlepaw and the ginger tom soon gather enough moss and dunk it in a nearby pool. The two cats then bring it to the medicine den where Littlecloud laps at it thirstily.
Needlepaw asks Alderpaw if he wants to see Violetkit and he accepts with enthusiasm. They cross the clearing to the nursery, and Grassheart and Pinenose stare at the apprentices when they enter. The silver ShadowClan she-cat assures the queens that Alderpaw is just a visiting ThunderClan cat, and then he spots Violetkit playing with a tendril sticking out of the wall. The ginger tom calls to the kit and says that he's brought her a present from her sister. Violetkit is confused, but Alderpaw then shows her the feather Twigkit had given to her.
The black-and-white she-cat's eyes light up, and announces that she loves it. Violetkit asks many questions about her sister, and Alderpaw does his best to answer all of them. Pinenose then tells the she-kit that it's time for her nap, so she slowly pads over the nest of the queen. The medicine cat apprentice meows that he'll tell Twigkit about her, and then slips out of the den to see Needlepaw. They go to collect bedding for Littlecloud, and Alderpaw suggests quietly that they should let Violetkit and her sister meet in secret. She agrees, commenting that everyone loves secrets.
About a half-moon after Twigkit and Violetkit's meeting, Alderpaw is in the medicine den, sorting herbs. When Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, and Cinderheart return, he's disappointed to hear they found nothing in the gorge. The medicine cat apprentice feels a surge of frustration as he excuses himself and goes back to his duties. Once back, he checks Honeykit for fever. The apprentice says that she doesn't have one, so his mentor concludes that it isn't serious. Jayfeather tells Alderpaw to get some chervil for the kit, commenting that he'd better hurry up. Honeykit asks what they will taste like, but the medicine cat snaps that it doesn't matter how they taste because the herbs will make the bellyache go away. The kit obeys, and Alderpaw reassures her that she'll feel better in no time.
Twigkit brings prey for Briarlight, but is shooed out of the den by Jayfeather. The medicine cat apprentice then turns to his mentor, fuming, and meows that he needn't be so mean to Twigkit. Jayfeather rebukes the ginger tom, saying that just because StarClan gave him a prophecy doesn't mean he knows everything. Cloudtail comes into camp reports that WindClan cats are fighting rogues, so Bramblestar nods and picks a patrol to come with him. Jayfeather and Alderpaw follow to treat the injured at the scene of the battle. The patrol soon sees that the WindClan cats are fighting for their lives, and move to help them. The rogues are beaten off, but Furzepelt dies, and Onestar loses a life.
Bramblestar takes them back to ThunderClan's camp, and the medicine cats set to work on the wounded. The medicine cat apprentice sees his father in a meeting with Onestar and some others, but quietly tells the ThunderClan leader about having seen Darktail before. Bramblestar comments that he'd feared this would happen, and calls a Clan meeting. The WindClan cats leave, and then a patrol is sent goes to ShadowClan, to check on Violetkit and Leafpool. The patrol travels to the other Clan's camp, and Bramblestar tells him about the rogues.
They follow the scent trail, but end the search when it fades. Alderpaw goes back to ShadowClan's camp to check on Violetkit and speak to Leafpool. He finds Violetkit, and then runs into Needlepaw. The ShadowClan apprentice seems unusually restless, but the ThunderClan tom dismisses this. Alderpaw notices a new closeness and he observes their conversation, and is happy they are friends. Pinenose soon calls to the black-and-white kit to come inside, so she reluctantly obeys. Alderpaw then leaves ShadowClan's camp, wondering why Needlepaw had seemed distracted. Later, he helps warm Twigkit up after her failed watermint expedition. Sparkpaw announces that because she saved the gray kit, she gets to have her assessment and become a warrior. During her ceremony, Alderpaw cheers for her. He then goes to the half-moon medicine cat meeting. They arrive at the Moonpool, but StarClan shares nothing.
Twigkit and Alderpaw travel towards ShadowClan territory to meet Violetkit and Needlepaw. The gray kit sulks about her recent experience of falling in the lake, but the medicine cat apprentice comforts her saying that Jayfeather did the exact same thing when he was younger. The pair soon run into a ShadowClan patrol who tell them that Needlepaw is confined to camp after being caught sneaking out with Violetkit. They bid farewell to the other Clan cats, and start to make their way home. Alderpaw tells Twigkit that it might be good that they weren't seen together, because they would've gotten in trouble. The gray kit meows that she wants to be a medicine cat, so that she can be special, but the medicine cat apprentice insists that she already is. However, Twigpaw later confronts him about the search patrol for her mother, and he tells her they never looked.
At the Gathering, Jayfeather and Alderpaw sit in the chilly island clearing. The meeting starts, and he notices something off about the leaders as they bicker among themselves. New warriors announced at the Gathering, and Rowanstar shares the news about his Clan, revealing that when they attacked the rogues the previous night, Beepaw, Berryheart, and Cloverfoot chose to leave ShadowClan as well. The leaders argue for a bit, but the meeting breaks up. At a different Gathering, Sparkpelt reports to her brother about what's happening in ShadowClan. The meeting starts, and Bramblestar announces that Violetpaw has returned to ShadowClan. ShadowClan then arrives at the Gathering with Crowfrost leading them, as the deputy meows that Rowanstar is sick, but would be better by now if they'd been allowed to have the herb. Onestar hisses that that will never happen, even though the other medicine cats offer to help.
Twigpaw is excited because her mentor, Ivypool, has suggested that they lead a patrol to search for her mother. Bramblestar reluctantly agrees, and Alderpaw comes too. However, they don't find anything in the tunnel, and return home. Back in camp, the medicine cat apprentice is woken by Ivypool, who asks if he's seen Twigpaw. She explains that she'd checked everywhere to no avail, but a ShadowClan patrol soon comes and announces that they've taken Twigpaw hostage for the herb. Bramblestar says that they will consider their proposition, but opposes helping when they leave. Bramblestar sends Leafpool and Alderpaw to WindClan's camp to see if they can convince Onestar to allow them to fetch lungwort, but it fails.
Alderpaw climbs the slope to the Moonpool, with Jayfeather following behind him. They talk about the lack of lungwort, and Alderpaw angrily states that they should just make WindClan give them the herb. Kestrelflight steps forward and meows that he may have a more peaceful solution, but has to discuss it with StarClan to make sure what he's doing is right. They lap water from the pool, and soon after, Alderpaw awakens and meets with Yellowfang. She tells him to always speak out for what he believes in before fading away. Kestrelflight awakens from his dream and tells the medicine cats to follow him, before quickly leaving to find Harespring. The WindClan cats let the group gather as much lungwort as they like. The ThunderClan cats reach their at dawn, Jayfeather praises Alderpaw.
Alderpaw treats Twigpaw's ear with marigold, as it now has a nick in the tip. The medicine cat apprentice wonders how the she-cat got it, but simply inquires if she'd tell him if anything is wrong. Twigpaw meows that she's fine, just a bit sad about Violetpaw staying with the rogues. Alderpaw feels relieved, and then goes to the half-moon meeting for medicine cats with his mentors. At the Moonpool, he is given his full medicine cat name of Alderheart. They then share with StarClan, and the newly named tom looks for Yellowfang in a sunlit meadow. The tom sees two cats talking in the distance, and receives the same prophecy as the one he'd gotten before his quest.

Shattered Sky

Alderheart is standing in a sunlit grassy hollow. He can't remember being there before, and wonders if he's accidentally wandered from ThunderClan territory. The tom spots a group of cats by a pool and recognizes just one of them, a gray tabby she-cat. He hesitantly pads closer to them and calls out a greeting. While he's asking a question, he trails off, realizing the group can't hear him. Alderheart excitedly realizes that he must be dreaming, and wonders if these are SkyClan cats. The medicine cat draws closer to the cats, noting that he's not even bending the blades of grass under his paws. He notices that the tabby she-cat he recognized is wounded and sick, and thinks about how he knows how to help her. The tom feels helpless as he watches the other cats attempt to help the injured cat. Her eyes close, and Alderheart thinks she's dead, but she awakens. She calls out the name Frecklewish, and he realizes that she's probably hallucinating.
The tabby tom figures out that the dying she-cat is this group's medicine cat, and feels pity for the ragged cats. Alderheart tries to remember the gray tabby's name, as he thinks it's vitally important. The she-cat sits up, and he wonders what she's looking at. When the she-cat dies, her Clanmates call out her name, Echosong, and Alderheart realizes he's seen her in a vision before. His suspicions that these are the remaining SkyClan cats are confirmed. He awakens in the apprentice's den, and feels the sudden urge to find and help SkyClan, and thinks that they definitely have something to do with the prophecy. Alderheart wants to go tell Bramblestar, but wonders if he'll even be able to do anything before the battle that morning.
After the battle, Alderheart is seen dressing Birchfall's wounds. Later, he tells the Clan about his vision of SkyClan. The cats disagree about whether it is important that they should go and search for them, and Alderheart also adds about the tom he saw who looked like Twigpaw's kin. She is excited by this news, but when Ivypool disagrees on the search for SkyClan, the apprentice gets discouraged. Shortly after, Twigpaw disappears, and Alderheart is deep with worry, and begins a search for her, but it is interrupted when Purdy suddenly collapses. Alderheart, being the only medicine cat available, quickly rushes to Purdy, trying to save him, but is gently told by Jayfeather that nothing can be done, and that Purdy was going to die eventually. Alderheart then asks Bramblestar if he thinks Purdy will go to StarClan, and is reassured that he will. At the vigil for Purdy, Alderheart notices Twigpaw is absent, and knows she went to find SkyClan by herself.
He grabs his father and tells him about an emergency. They move to where the warriors' den is, and Bramblestar asks what is going on. Alderheart informs him that Twigpaw is missing, and is afraid that she may have gone to look for her kin in SkyClan. His father slides his claws into the dirt in exasperation, and calls a Clan meeting to inform the other cats that Twigpaw is missing, saying he and Alderheart believe she went to go look for SkyClan.
The dark ginger tom watches Dovewing, Tigerheart, and Molewhisker go look for Twigpaw, and is grateful that they are looking out for the gray apprentice. Suddenly, he remembers the Thunderpath that is between their territory and the barn that shelters SkyClan. Alderheart hopes Twigpaw knows of the tunnel that goes underneath, because that is the way to SkyClan. More hazards would be waiting for her on the other side even if she crossed, and it isn't safe for her. He becomes angry with himself when he remembers the conversation with Twigpaw about SkyClan and her kin. He murmurs aloud that he could've been more reassuring, and now she's gone. He wonders if he's going to lose more than one friend.
He and Mothwing are on their way to the lake, and now RiverClan cats who have not been captured have taken refuge in ThunderClan. The tom hopes they won't get caught by a patrol and be asked awkward questions. Mothwing asks if he is sure his father will be all right with them sneaking off, and Alderheart replies that Bramblestar wouldn't be okay, which is why he didn't ask. Mothwing asks if he'll get in trouble, and he says probably, but Bramblestar would understand that medicine cats sometimes have to make their own decision. The golden tabby she-cat says she's grateful to Alderheart, because they need to know what's going on in the RiverClan camp, but Willowshine is busy, and she can't do this alone. He isn't surprised. The battle shocked him, as Darktail did drive Rowanstar and others from ShadowClan territory, but that was different, because so many ShadowClan cats sided with Darktail. Now Darktail is attacking Clans that had nothing to do with him.
Alderheart admires the golden tabby she-cat for willing to set paw on RiverClan territory, and thinks that he has bees in his brains for agreeing to go with her. They walk along the strip of pebbles that lead to the lake. He asks Mothwing if they should go through WindClan or ShadowClan. Both routes are dangerous, as WindClan has closed its borders and ShadowClan is being patrolled by rogues. Mothwing replies WindClan, because although they may give them a hard time, the rogues will definitely claw off their pelts. She adds that WindClan let Mistystar through yesterday. Alderheart is surprised, and she adds that their leader did it with a patrol.
The medicine cat notes that they wanted to free their Clanmates and collect the bodies of the fallen ones for burial, but were spotted by some rogues when they crossed the border. They had a skirmish and the RiverClan cats lost. Raven let them go, but told them if they crossed the border again, the prisoners were going to be killed. Alderheart exclaims that it is outrageous. The RiverClan cat agrees, but that they can't just leave the cats prisoner. He asks her what the plan is, and she tells him that she and Willowshine built up a store of herbs in their den. She thinks that if she walks there and tells the rogues she came to collect them they might let her in.
He agrees that it's worth a try, and remembers his quest, when he first discovered Darktail and his band of rogues. The white tom was fascinated by the things medicine cats knew, and Alderheart hopes that it means he'll respect the medicine cats now. As they approach the stream that borders WindClan, the ginger tom picks up strong WindClan scent. He doesn't see any movement, but as they cross the stream, a WindClan patrol stops them. Sedgewhisker asks them what they want, and hopes they aren't expecting to visit Onestar. She adds that they made it clear yesterday that he doesn't want to see any other cats. He replies no, they just want to cross their territory to get to RiverClan. The she-cat relaxes, though her companions, Leaftail and Oatclaw, are still suspicious. She begins to speak, but before she can, Leaftail interrupts, saying it's a ThunderClan trick.
The light brown tabby turns back to tell her Clanmate that they're medicine cats before turning back and telling them yes, but within three tail-lengths of the water, or else they might find themselves missing both their ears. Mothwing thanks her with a dip of her head, and they continue. Alderheart asks the RiverClan medicine cat what Sedgewhisker meant by yesterday. Mothwing replies that after the RiverClan patrol returned, she sent Mallownose and Petalfur to talk to Onestar, but a patrol turned them away. The tom meows that it's weird, because when the rogues first came, Onestar was so eager to have them driven out. However, Alderheart notices that he now doesn't seem to care at all. Mothwing nods, and says that she heard about Darktail whispering in Onestar's ear during the battle, and wonders what it was.
Alderheart responds that she and every cat in ThunderClan wonders what Darktail said, and it must've been something to make Onestar act like this. As they draw closer to the horseplace, he begins to feel uneasy. ThunderClan's camp is bad enough already. With the addition of the RiverClan warriors and Dawnpelt's two kits, cats are treading on one another's tails. All the newcomers are demanding help to win back their territory. Bramblestar has ordered extra patrols, fearful that Darktail will attack ThunderClan next. Mothwing interrupts his thoughts and apologizes for her mouse-brained plan, but there's nothing else they can do.
He agrees, saying that they can't let things go on like this, then asks the golden tabby if she's heard about Dawnpelt. She shakes her head, and Alderheart replies that Dawnpelt's kits, Juniperclaw and Strikestone, came to their camp, and asked to join Rowanstar. They said Dawnpelt would join them, but she never did. Mothwing comments that it's really worrying, and Alderheart says that Juniperclaw and Strikestone don't know what to do. Things are really bad among the rogues, and they're afraid that Darktail has done something to their mother. Mothwing says it wouldn't surprise her, and the dark ginger tom replies that it wouldn't surprise any cat. A suggestion is that Dawnpelt might have changed her mind, but it is very unlikely.
Alderheart releases Twigpaw from the medicine cats' den as her leg is now healed. He has another vision of SkyClan, and realizes they're at the yellow barn. Alderheart has another dream about some cats in a barn, and one tom has the pelt of Twigpaw and the eyes of Violetpaw, so he realizes he must be their father or other kin. He knows where the barn is, but the Clan decides not to send a patrol. Twigpaw goes missing, and can't be found, so it's assumed she went after her kin. Bramblestar sends off a patrol consisting of Dovewing, Tigerheart, and Molewhisker to bring her back.
After RiverClan is driven out of their territory, they shelter in ThunderClan. Mothwing and Alderheart sneak into what was RiverClan's territory under the claim that they've come to collect Mothwing's herb stores. Needletail and Puddleshine assist their plan, and they leave safely. He talks with the silver she-cat they both establish that none of them know where Dawnpelt is. The tom realizes that she seems terrified of the rogues, despite her efforts to appear otherwise. Back in ThunderClan, Dovewing, Tigerheart, and Molewhisker return, reporting that they think Twigpaw is dead. Ivypool and Alderheart blame themselves for this happening. A patrol returns the next day, reporting that the rogues have announced that they're coming for ThunderClan next. They discuss what to do, and think speaking to cats within the rogue camp might be a start.
The medicine cats from ThunderClan and RiverClan visit the Moonpool, and Alderheart dreams of SkyClan and the cat who is Twigpaw and Violetpaw's kin again. When Darktail orders her to go hunting, she sees a chance to get away, and goes to ThunderClan territory for help. They talk to her and she agrees to be a spy in the camp, and asks to talk to Twigpaw. Alderheart tells her the news, but she refuses to believe her sister is dead. She returns to camp and tells Needletail that she has a plan to free her and the prisoners, and then goes to speak to the ShadowClan elders.
Later that night, Violetpaw brings the ShadowClan elders to ThunderClan territory. She agrees to serve Darktail and his supporters prey with poppy seeds hidden in it, but the plan fails. The medicine cats visit the Moonpool again, and this time Firestar's words of wisdom are that the Clans must remember their names. They puzzle out what it means, and Alderheart realizes what he means. The Clans set up a battle strategy that plays to each's particular strengths. They win the battle, and RiverClan gets their territory back. The Clans split up, deciding that they'll eventually figure out where SkyClan fits in as far as territory goes, but in the meantime they'll share the other Clans' territories.

Darkest Night

Alderheart is checking up on Hawkwing, and Twigpaw asks if her father is okay. Leafstar purrs that he's fine; the medicine has checked on all of SkyClan, and she thinks the ginger tom likes making them eat herbs. She darts to the den to talk to her sister, and asks what's going on. Jayfeather replies nothing, just that Alderheart decided that SkyClan needs more attention than the others. He adds that maybe the younger tom will hope he'll become their medicine cat. The she-cat glares and says he's just being a good medicine cat like his mentor taught him to be.
Twigpaw follows Violetpaw into the medicine cat den where Alderheart is checking up on the deputy's pelt. He tells the gray tabby that his scratches have healed, but he should still rest. Hawkwing meows that he doesn't want to be a burden and insists on contributing. The medicine cat says that they'll be fine. When Alderheart and Leafpool check over Tinycloud, he comments that her kits will be the first SkyClan cats born by the lake. However, Leafpool pulls him aside and tells him that he shouldn't have said that, since SkyClan might not be staying. Alderheart is shocked, but Leafpool reminds him that not every cat likes having SkyClan around, and the Clans are unlikely to be willing to give up territory for them. Alderheart insists that StarClan brought them here, but Leafpool questions this.
On the way to the Gathering, Alderheart casually asks Sparkpelt how she feels on the matter. Sparkpelt tells him that only the real Clans should live by the lake. She meows that SkyClan should go back to where they belong, as Darktail is gone and the gorge is free. Alderheart is taken aback by this, and asks if StarClan and his visions mean anything to her. Sparkpelt believes that StarClan wanted them to find SkyClan, but never said they needed to move into their territory. Alderheart joins Leafpool, who tries to comfort him. She tells him that whatever the Clans decide about SkyClan, he must accept it. Alderheart refuses.
As they settle, the other cats are all very uneasy. Leafstar remains on the ground with her Clan rather than join the other leaders in the tree. The cats question Rowanstar's leadership, due to so many of their Clanmates being missing. The meeting breaks up, with Mistystar saying RiverClan will be closing their borders for a while. The next day, Twigpaw has passed her ThunderClan warrior assessment, but leaves with SkyClan along with her kin, though Alderheart misses her. He goes to the half-moon meeting, and notes that Mothwing and Willowshine aren't here.
They share a dream with StarClan in which Firestar tells them they must bring RiverClan back. Echosong arrives and delivers a prophecy: "The dark sky must not herald a storm." Alderheart is frustrated because Bramblestar will not act on the prophecy until they fully understand its meaning. The medicine cats go SkyClan and RiverClan, but receive no assistance from either leader. Alderheart is collecting herbs by the lakeshore when Willowshine runs over to tell him about a vision she had about a six toed cat. They agree go to the other Clans and tell the other medicine cats.
Alderheart sneaks off to the Twolegplace to look for a six toed cat. He meets Zelda, Loki, and an aggressive cat named Jasper, but the kittypets are unable to help. As Alderheart makes his way back, Sparkpelt joins them, and they jointly fight off a dog that attacks them. At the Gathering, all Clans but RiverClan are present. Rowanstar announces that Tigerheart has gone missing, and rescinds his leadership. He gives ShadowClan's territory to Leafstar and merges with SkyClan.
When a rock slide occurs in ThunderClan's camp, he escapes safely with most of his Clanmates. Lionblaze shields him from an incoming lump of stone, shoving the medicine cat against the thorn barrier. He returns to the medicine den to help Jayfeather and Briarlight, but the blind medicine cat refuses to leave his herbs. On their way out, Alderheart stops to stare at a massive stone breaking away from the cliff, but he's shoved out of the way by Snowbush. However, the white warrior's leg is broken, and he stops breathing. Alderheart clears his airways, and then escapes with the rest of his Clan to a place near the lakeshore. Infection sets in, and Snowbush dies despite the medicine cat's best efforts. Alderheart then goes to the Gathering, where he's shocked as he watches Rowanstar rescind his leadership and territory to Leafstar.
Later, the medicine cats, Tree, and the remaining ShadowClan cats meet by the lake shore, in the place where Needletail died and many other ShadowClan cats were drowned by Darktail. Leafpool tells them that the yellow tom has the power to bring dead cats from the darkness so that they can be seen. Tree has been born with this gift to sense the dead and sometimes make them appear. The yellow tom then summons many spirits who rise from the lake, and they tell Rowanstar that for ShadowClan to be saved, he must fight for them and find his missing Clanmates. Alderheart wonders what is left of ShadowClan, and if they have enough time to be saved.

River of Fire

When Twigpaw returns to ThunderClan with Finpaw, Alderheart defends Twigpaw when her loyalties are questioned. He keeps an eye on the brown tom when Twigpaw speaks to Bramblestar, taking him to find some prey.
ThunderClan cats begin catching an illness and Alderheart is looking for watermint by WindClan's border. He worries about his Clanmates, especially the kits, who are more susceptible to the illness. When he reaches the border, he is disappointed to find no watermint, assuming WindClan must be suffering from the same illness. He tries his best not to feel resentful Kestrelflight had taken so much when he could have picked some from the border with RiverClan. He heads upstream, finally spotting a few stems of the herb and collecting it; they grow close to the waters edge so he is careful to not fall in. Afterwords, he goes back to camp with the precious leaves.
Overhead, dark clouds mass once again, making Alderheart feel a tingle of unease. His medicine cat awareness tells him these are more than just clouds promising rain, and wonders if the darkening sky could be a literal sign of the prophecy, The dark sky must not herald a storm, coming true. He can't shake the sense of impending doom, disaster hanging over the Clans just like storm clouds.
Later, Alderheart is chewing chervil root, and Jayfeather demands why he's doing that, giving his shoulder a sharp prod, adding the sick cats need watermint. Alderheart spats out the chervil root chunks onto a leaf and suppresses a sigh. Jayfeather is crankier than ever now that so many cats are. Alderheart had given the scraps he'd found to Plumkit. He meows to Jayfeather, they don't have watermint, does he expect him to pull it from his ears. Jayfeather grumbles he expects him to stay out until he finds some. Alderheart looks outside the medicine den, where rain is hissing heavily down; but he would willingly get soaked if it meant finding the herb. Alderheart teases Jayfeather to stop acting like a kit just because they have a lot to do, adding he knows there's hardly any at the supply by the stream, they'll have to find more. Jayfeather irritably adds he needs to chew the chervil root more thoroughly, the chunks are too big.
Alderheart stops himself from pointing out Jayfeather had interrupted his chewing. Instead he meows they should talk more about the prophecy, but Jayfeather waves his tail dismissively, mewing he doesn't care about it now, it's more important to help the cats get better. Leafpool is lying with Plumkit, giving her soothing licks, suggesting they move Briarlight into the nursery with the other healthy cats. Briarlight protests, but Alderheart agrees with Leafpool. While he speaks, he can't help but think of Whitewing losing the strength and will to fight the sickness. Jayfeather points out the nursery will be crowded, since there is no room in the medicine den for all the sick cats.
Alderheart sends them to the apprentices' den, moving Finpaw and Twigpaw into the nursery. He murmurs that there's enough room there for Briarlight has well, and has Lionblaze and Bumblestripe move her. After she is settled, Alderheart decides to leave the den. Blossomfall reaches put to him with a paw, asking how Plumkit is. He replies she's doing fine, and Blossomfall shifts uneasily, mewing she should be with her. Alderheart gently tells her that's the last thing she should do, she could catch the sickness and bring it back to the nursery. Blossomfall agrees, but sighs it's difficult. Alderheart reassures her Plumkit is getting the best care possible.
He heads back to the medicine den, thinking the best care meant giving Plumkit watermint, which they don't have. When Alderheart reaches the den, Leafpool and him discuss the watermint situation. The only other supply they are aware of is in WindClan territory, on the border with RiverClan. Despite the Clan having its borders closed, Alderheart feels a tingle of excitement at the thought of going to RiverClan, thinking that he can check in to see how they're doing, and maybe convince them to return to the Clans. He decides to speak with Bramblestar about it, and the ThunderClan leader agrees eventually, but to take a couple of warriors with him, they don't know what to expect from RiverClan.
Sparkpelt approaches with Twigpaw, offering to go with Alderheart. Alderheart feels warm anticipation as Bramblestar agrees, thinking it will be good to go with with his sister on the expedition to RiverClan, especially if it means Twigpaw will coming too. He notes his worries about his friend, how she looks so sad and anxious all the time, now is his chance to see how she's getting along with Sparkpelt as her mentor. The group of three set off with Sparkpelt in the lead. They cross the border with WindClan, keeping close to the lakeshore. Alderheart asks Twigpaw how she's doing, as the pad side by side behind Sparkpelt. Twigpaw curtly answers she's fine, and Alderheart knows something is wrong, knowing it's not like her to answer like that.
He goes on to ask how she's getting along with Sparkpelt, and Twigpaw gives him another quick answer. Before he can press any further, a WindClan patrol intercepts their path. Sparkpelt and Twigpaw begin to bristle, but Alderheart tells them to take it easy. To Alderheart's relief, they don't appear hostile. Featherpelt greets them, with Hootwhisker and Larkwing. Alderheart explains they're on their way to collect herbs and the patrol joins them, wanting to collect more for their own Clan. On their way to the border, they pass horseplace, where a young horse frightens them. They scatter as it comes near the fence, but Alderheart realizes it probably didn't even notice them.
They continue on their journey until pass the tree-bridge and reach the border. The WindClan and ThunderClan cats begin to gather herbs, when Twigpaw nearly falls into the stream as the ground gives way beneath her. Sparkpelt saves her, but gives her a noisy scolding. Alderheart hopes the noise from the two cats doesn't alert RiverClan. He heads for the clumps, but before he can reach them two RiverClan warriors, Shimmerpelt and Havenpelt stop them, reminding them the borders are closed. Sparkpelt angrily points out they haven't crossed the border and they need the watermint for their sick Clanmates, as it's the warrior code to care for your Clan. The two RiverClan cats look uncertain, meowing to please not make trouble and just go. Alderheart slaps his tail across Sparkpelt's mouth before she can make any more comments and wonders if they would allow them to cross the border to explain to Mistystar why they're so close to their territory. After a moment of talking to each other, the two warriors agree, but only Alderheart is allowed to cross, since he is a medicine cat.
The stream is too deep here for Alderheart to cross, so Shimmerpelt and Havenpelt lead him to a spot where a stone juts out. The tom nearly falls into the stream, but makes it across. They splash through another, smaller stream that borders the camp. As they enter the camp, ears prick in surprise at the sight of a cat from another Clan. Alderheart is uncomfortable from all the stares and is relieved when Havenpelt fetches Mistystar. The RiverClan leader greets him with a slight dip of her head, asking why he is here when he knows the borders are closed. Alderheart replies politely, explaining the problem in ThunderClan and WindClan, and he promises they'll stay on the far side of the border, never intending to set pawstep on her Clans territory or collect herbs from there. Mistystar gaze rests thoughtfully on him, mewing they came very close to crossing the border.
Fear stabs Alderheart as he wonders if she's going to consider it an act of aggression but he silently goes on that he'll not go home without watermint. Mistystar allows them to take the herbs, warning to think next time before approaching the border, it's closed. Alderheart thinks to himself they got that message by now, then notices Willowshine is shifting her paws uncomfortably, obviously unhappy with Mistystar. Alderheart bows his head to Mistystar to show deep respect, thanking her, then turns to go, but his paws drag, a huge weight in his chest. He turns back, asking if she wouldn't change her mind, asking if she knows how ShadowClan collapsed and joined SkyClan, surely it's in every Clan's interest to stay strong. He sees the news affect her as she draws herself backwards, but relaxes after a moment, repeating their borders are closed while her Clan rebuilds. She says she's sorry to hear about ShadowClan, but that it's not RiverClan's responsibility, and then dismisses Alderheart with a wave of her tail.
He struggles to hide his disappointment as he leaves camp, for a heartbeat, he thought he had reached her. Shimmerpelt and Havenpelt escort him back to the border, where the ThunderClan and WindClan cats collect as much watermint as they can carry. As they set off back along the lare shore, Alderheart is aware of Shimmerpelt and Havenpelt still guarding the stream until they are out of sight. The WindClan patrols says their good-byes at the other side of the horseplace and Alderheart and his Clanmates make their way back to their territory. Alderheart tries to feel optimistic, thinking he might have failed with Mistystar, but they could at least treat the sickness now. But as soon as he pushes his way into camp, Jayfeather bounds toward him, demanding where he's been, and what took so long, more cats have fell ill with Squirrelflight being the worst.
Later during the medicine cat half-moon meeting, Alderheart receives a vision from Needletail. He thinks it means nothing, but the other medicine cats report having similar dreams. They walk back to camp, still talking about what the prophecy might mean. At the next Gathering, Leafstar announces that Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker are staying with SkyClan temporarily due to the approaching shadows prophecy. Alderheart feels that they've got the interpretation wrong, and there's a storm coming. Afterwards in camp, Twigpaw asks the medicine cat about the prophecy, and if they should be doing more. He says no, and she is disappointed. A storm begins to rage outside, and so Alderheart has Briarlight moved to the tunnels as a precaution. The nursery roof flies off as the storm gets worse, and Alderheart sees a strike of lightning start a fire.
Bramblestar sends two warriors to investigate it, and they bring back to kittypets seeking shelter. Velvet and Fuzzball explain how the fire affected their homes, and the leader agrees that they can stay until it's safe to return. Alderheart brings them to the medicine den and treats their wounds, and assigns Fuzzball to help a sick Jayfeather. Velvet helps the tom with some herbs, and he learns more about where she came from. When they go outside to start helping other cats, however, the storm starts again and they dart back inside. A flash of lightning strikes, and Alderheart sees another fire start in the direction of WindClan and RiverClan.
At the next Gathering, RiverClan rejoins the other Clans, and requests help to rebuild. Though some cats are wary of the timing, each Clan leader pledges their assistance. Leafstar announces that she has given the role of mediator to Tree, and Bramblestar proposes the yellow tom will be given a trial period, which pleases most cats. Days after, Alderheart peels the poultice off Velvet's wound to find it healed. He visits the nursery to check on the kits, but finds Briarlight is ill and has her moved back to the medicine den. However, even though she is given treatment, the she-cat is dying by morning. Her family is gathered and she says goodbye before passing away. They sit vigil for her through the night, and bury her the next morning. Afterwards, Velvet pushes a tired Alderheart to sleep, saying she'll care for him.
Meanwhile, Alderheart and Velvet sit in the medicine den, and Jayfeather says that it's time for the kittypet to move out of the medicine den. They begin to pad over to the apprentices' den, but see Ajax in the clearing. Velvet and Fuzzball greet their kittypet friend, who tells them that they can return to Twolegplace now. Bramblestar says they may stay here the night, and return in the morning. The cats then disperse to eat, and Alderheart shares a mouse with Velvet. Later that night, he can't sleep, and so he and Jayfeather talk outside the den. Alderheart reassures the blind tom that he's not leaving ThunderClan, and is only wondering how to say goodbye to Velvet. The next morning, he says goodbye to the gray kittypet, knowing that it has to be this way.
Twigpaw has her warrior assessment, and catches a large amount of prey in the forest. Bramblestar holds the warrior ceremonies, naming Twigpaw as Twigbranch, and Finpaw as Finleap. Alderheart cheers for them, very happy to see the she-cat finally get her warrior name. Moments after, Grassheart and Strikestone demanding that Hawkwing come with them, because Tigerheart has come back. The deputy and Violetshine go with them, along with Alderheart. They arrive at Moonpool to see that a group of cats has returned with Tigerheart, some new to the Clans.
Alderheart asks if Dovewing will come visit ThunderClan one more time, even if she's staying with ShadowClan now. She agrees, and they go to camp, where she is greeted warmly. However, after expressing that she doesn't intend to stay, the excitement fades. The queen seems sad when Bramblestar says she can't come and visit often, but leaves camp without complaint. The next morning, Alderheart wakes and decides to visit Velvet to return her toy. In Twolegplace, he comes across Fuzzball, who takes him to her den. She greets him warmly, and gives him a thyme plant in goodwill. They say their final goodbyes, and Alderheart quickly makes his way to the medicine cat half-moon meeting.
Jayfeather and Leafpool question where he's been, but he brushes off their concerns, saying he visited Twolegplace. In his Moonpool vision, Cinderpelt appears to him, admitting that she'd loved Firestar, but chose her duty as a medicine cat over it. He murmurs that he understands, but that it's hard. She tells him that ThunderClan needs him for the coming challenges ahead, and that he's a good medicine cat. As the vision fades, he feels content, but wonders what challenges the Clans will have to overcome in the future.

The Raging Storm

Alderheart finds Puddleshine caught in barbed wires. He frees the latter and brings him to the medicine den to treat his wounds. He becomes anxious when Puddleshine develops a terrible infection and a fever, and he tries every remedy he knows to treat his friend. However, none of the usual remedies work, and Alderheart begins to despair because Puddleshine's health continues to decline. He looks to StarClan for an answer, and visits the site of the barbed wires where Puddleshine was stuck to look for clues about where his infection came from. He sees an injured rabbit eating death berries from a nearby bush, but spitting out the seeds. He feels compassion for the dying creature because he thinks it is putting itself out of its misery. Later, Alderheart returns to the same place after having a dream because he feels StarClan is leading him there. He sees the rabbit again, but this time its eyes are bright and though it is still limping, it seems attentive and lively. Alderheart is shocked and comes to the realization that the death berries could cure Puddleshine's illness.
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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Alderheart is first seen at the Moonpool with the other medicine cats. When Willowshine says that RiverClan cats have been getting sick in the cold, Alderheart also mentions that a few ThunderClan cats are sick too. He comforts Jayfeather when he gets upset over Leafpool’s death.
When Rootpaw is taken into the ThunderClan camp, he and Jayfeather immediately get to work healing Rootpaw. Alderheart is regularly encouraging him during Rootpaw’s recovery.
Alderheart is once again at the medicine cat meeting, agreeing with Puddleshine over the prey running terribly. Alderheart is shown being shocked over Mothwing’s news, as well as the other medicine cats. He is also worried about the Moonpool, because of what Squirrelflight told the Clan about what StarClan wanted.
Alderheart is with Jayfeather, Squirrelflight and Bramblestar when Bristlepaw overhears them discussing the Moonpool. He is also briefly noted to be at the Gathering. Yet again at the Moonpool, he adds onto the discussion of the lack of prey and herbs. He thinks that the medicine cats should tell the Clan leaders about StarClan abandoning them.
After Bramblestar collapses during the hunt and is carried back to camp, Alderheart rushes out of the medicine den, confused and worried about his father. He comforts Bristlefrost when she gets concerned about Bramblestar losing a life. When Bramblestar becomes conscious, he calls for Alderheart and that he needs to tell him something. Alderheart refuses, saying he needs to rest, but Jayfeather eventually convinces him to let Bramblestar talk. Alderheart and Jayfeather get panicked over Bramblestar’s dream, admitting that StarClan still hasn’t sent any signs. Jayfeather immediately gets mad at Alderheart for sharing, but Bramblestar interrupts, saying it was foolish to hide it from the leaders.
Alderheart is among the medicine cats when the Clans gather at the Moonpool and participates in the effort to crack the ice, which fails. Alderheart is there during Squirrelflight’s outburst, remaining calm. After Squirrelflight storms off, Bristlefrost notes how upset the young medicine cat looks.
When Tigerstar and Shadowpaw visit ThunderClan’s camp to share their idea, Alderheart is one of the few who somewhat agrees, reminding Jayfeather of what happened to Puddleshine and the death berries. He thinks that StarClan may have changed the way they communicate, through Shadowpaw instead. Squirrelflight eventually says that she does not want Bramblestar to spend a night in the snow, and Alderheart does not protest. Alderheart and Jayfeather eventually agree to send out a patrol to fetch some borage to make Bramblestar colder.
Upon the patrols return, the ThunderClan medicine cats immediately get to work treating Bramblestar with the borage, but it doesn’t seem to work. Alderheart brings up Shadowpaw’s idea again and Jayfeather immediately shoots it down. Alderheart calls over Squirrelflight, saying it’s her decision. Squirrelflight eventually agrees, since it is his last hope.
Alderheart along with Jayfeather attend the attempt to save Bramblestar, on Squirrelflight’s request. He is noted to get more panicked throughout the night, and Shadowpaw wished be could comfort him, but he was too fearful. Alderheart eventually cries out that he’s too cold, and Shadowpaw says that the cold is supposed to cure him.
When Puddleshine announces Bramblestar is dead, Alderheart immediately lets out a choked sob. When Bramblestar doesn’t return, Alderheart wails and pushes past Jayfeather to crouch beside his father. Alderheart is briefly seen during Bramblestar’s vigil, giving a small word.

The Silent Thaw

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Veil of Shadows

During a Moonpool meeting with the other medicine cats, Rootspring was able to bring Bramblestar's ghost back, but only for a little and is confused when he disappeared so quickly. When Shadowsight appears missing, Alderheart is worried, just as much as the other medicine cats and promises Rootpaw he and Jayfeather will look out for the false Bramblestar back in ThunderClan. During a Clan meeting the next morning, Jayfeather is exiled for being a codebreaker, leaving Alderheart as the sole medicine cat of ThunderClan, but worries for his former mentor.
When Flipclaw is forced to become his apprentice, much to the dislike of others, Alderheart reluctantly trains him. He is later exiled after he stands up to the impostor when Twigbranch tries to come back to ThunderClan after being exiled with Lionblaze and Jayfeather, and he apologizes to Flipclaw saying he can't stay in a Clan with the impostor leading it, thus leaving Flipclaw as the sole medicine cat with very little training. Alderheart is brought to ShadowClan and the rebels' camp by Twigbranch and is reunited with his mother and the other exiles, becoming a refugee. He helps fight against the impostor and goes back to being a ThunderClan medicine cat with Jayfeather after the impostor is taken down by the Clans.

In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

When Dovewing reveals that she has been having strange dreams, Tigerheart asks his mate if she has consulted ThunderClan's medicine cats, Alderheart and Jayfeather, about them. Dovewing says no, because that would give away that she is expecting his kits. Dovewing worries that Alderheart has already guessed that she is expecting, due to her belly being swollen already. She notes that telling them she's having dreams about the nursery will just confirm their suspicions.
Alderheart joins Willowshine, one of RiverClan's medicine cats, as she travels to ShadowClan. Tigerheart is surprised when they walk into camp, curious about why the two cats are together. The deputy worries that Alderheart has figured out that Dovewing is expecting kits, and he searches the medicine cat's gaze for a key to what he is thinking. However, Alderheart doesn't make eye contact with Tigerheart, and his concentration and gaze are focused solely on Rowanstar. Willowshine reveals that her prophecy says that they must find a cat with an extra claw to fend off the oncoming threat.
Alderheart leans in, getting closer to Rowanstar, and asks the ShadowClan leader if he knew of any cats with six toes. The ShadowClan leader replies that he does not know of any cats, and says he does not have enough warriors to send out a search party. Scorchfur and Tawnypelt begin to fight about Rowanstar being a weak leader, with the tom swiping at her eye. Tigerheart breaks up the fight, and sees Willowshine and Alderheart hurrying out of camp.

In the Novellas

Pebbleshine's Kits

After Pebbleshine dies from a monster and goes to StarClan, Micah takes her to a pool and shows her two Clan apprentices who will find her kits to be raised in the Clans. However, Pebbleshine wishes to be with her kits as she cannot fully trust cats from the Clans who drove out SkyClan many moons ago. She returns as a ghost and, although she cannot interact with the living world, encourages the silver-gray she-cat to go into the tunnel. The ginger tom exasperatingly follows his companion into the tunnels and the pair are surprised to see two kits. As the ginger tom sniffs them over, Pebbleshine notes he must be a medicine cat apprentice. He calls for Needlepaw to catch some prey for the kits.
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