"'From now on, let us face new threats as StarClan intended - five Clans united."
— Alderheart after all five Clans make peace in The Raging Storm, page 322

Alderheart is a dark ginger tabby tom with a white-tipped tail[9] and amber eyes.[1]

Alderheart is a ThunderClan medicine cat under Bramblestar's leadership in the lake territories. He was born as Alderkit to Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, along with Sparkpelt, Juniperkit, and Dandelionkit. He became an apprentice named Alderpaw with Molewhisker as his mentor. However, Alderpaw later became a medicine cat apprentice to Jayfeather after he received a vision. Alderpaw went on a quest to find SkyClan with Sparkpaw, where they found Darktail and his cats, but were unsuccessful in finding the true SkyClan. On the journey back, Alderpaw and Needlepaw discovered Twigkit and Violetkit, and took them back to the Clans.

Alderpaw helped to raise Twigkit and often took her to visit her sister. He aided in several crises, such as helping gather lungwort for ShadowClan's yellowcough epidemic, and earned his full medicine cat name, Alderheart. He served his Clan well with compassion and empathy. After SkyClan returned, Alderheart strongly believed that they should have a place among the other Clans by the lake.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I'm sure that's why they want me to be a medicine cat: not because I'm special and important, but because I'm no good as a warrior apprentice. Well, I'll just show them! I'm going to be the best medicine-cat apprentice I can be. I'll try really hard, and make Bramblestar and Squirrelflight proud. [...] I'm not really a medicine cat. I'm not... special enough."
—Alderpaw's thoughts after Bramblestar tells him he's going to be a medicine cat The Apprentice's Quest, page 62
Alderkit is born alongside Sparkkit, Dandelionkit, and Juniperkit to Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, the ThunderClan leader and deputy respectively. He and Sparkkit are the only surviving kits of their litter, and Alderkit pressures himself to be the best son he can be. He is nervous, anxious, and determined. He is given the name Alderpaw and is apprenticed to Molewhisker. Unlike his sister, who shows a natural talent for everything, Alderpaw struggles through his warrior training despite his best efforts. His father encourages him to become a medicine cat apprentice due to Leafpool and Jayfeather receiving a vision. At the Moonpool, he is chosen by Firestar to go on a quest to find SkyClan, the missing Clan. He, Sparkpaw, Molewhisker, Cherryfall, Sandstorm, and Needlepaw of ShadowClan go on the journey. At the gorge where SkyClan lived, the group finds Darktail and his group instead, and they returns back home unsuccessful.
On the way back, he and Needlepaw find two kits abandoned in a tunnel underneath a Thunderpath. Deciding they cannot leave the kits to die, they name the kits Twigkit and Violetkit and take them back to ThunderClan. At a Gathering, ShadowClan and ThunderClan fight over the kits, and Alderpaw mourns when ShadowClan separates the two sisters. He acts as a fatherly figure to Twigkit in ThunderClan and communicates with Needlepaw for the two sisters to meet in secret. He becomes friends with Puddlepaw, the new ShadowClan medicine cat, and retains his friendship with Needlepaw even if the two have differing opinions about Clan life. When yellowcough critically weakens ShadowClan and WindClan refuses to share its herbs, Alderpaw finally finds his voice and speaks against the immorality against ShadowClan. Jayfeather is impressed by his apprentice and names him a full medicine cat as Alderheart.
When Darktail and the Kin take over ShadowClan, Alderheart anxiously worries for Needletail and Violetpaw and mourns for Needletail, one of his closest friends, when he hears she died. Twigpaw brings SkyClan back to the lake, and Alderheart is finally relieved the five Clans are reunited. However, the peace doesn't last long, and he grows frustrated with Sparkpelt when she and several other cats strongly oppose SkyClan's place at the lake. Alderheart desperately misses Twigpaw when she chooses to live with her family in SkyClan, but warmly welcomes her when she returns. He develops feelings for a kittypet named Velvet when she seeks shelter in ThunderClan from a fire. However, he assures Jayfeather he is loyal to ThunderClan despite his feelings for Velvet.
Alderheart saves Puddleshine's life when he is caught in barbed wire by using deathberries. When Tigerstar discovers Alderheart's unusual methods, Tigerstar makes Alderheart become ShadowClan's temporary medicine cat as Puddleshine recovers. In ShadowClan, Alderheart becomes close to Shadowkit, one of Tigerstar's kits, and notes the kit's future as a medicine cat. Alderheart continues to advocate for SkyClan's place at the lake and is relieved when all five Clans are reunited at last.

The Broken Code

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Detailed description

Alderheart is a short-furred,[blog 1] dark ginger tabby tom with a white-tipped tail,[9] and amber eyes.[1]


Author statements

  • Kate said that she liked Alderheart better than Sparkpelt, because she prefers a worrier.[blog 2]
  • Kate has said that Alderheart does have feelings for Needletail.[blog 3]

Interesting facts

  • He has kittypet blood through Firestar,[10] and SkyClan blood through his grandfather Tigerstar.[11]


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Alderpaw's apprentice ceremony
Bramblestar: From this day forward, this apprentice will be known as Alderpaw. Molewhisker, you will be his mentor. You are loyal, determined, and brave, and I know that you will do your best to pass on these qualities to your apprentice.
Everyone: Alderpaw! Alderpaw!
Reference: The Apprentice's Quest, page 12

Alderpaw's medicine cat apprentice ceremony
Leafpool: Alderpaw, is it your wish to share the deepest knowledge of StarClan as a ThunderClan medicine cat?
Alderpaw: It is.
Leafpool: Warriors of StarClan, I present to you this apprentice. He has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant him your wisdom and insight so that he may understand your ways and heal his Clan in accordance with your will.
Reference: The Apprentice's Quest, pages 85-86

Alderheart's medicine cat ceremony
Jayfeather: I, Jayfeather, medicine cat of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help he will serve his Clan for many moons. Alderpaw has always had a natural connection with StarClan. You chose him, and you chose well. He is loyal, determined, and smart. He has compassion and strength, a rare combination. He will serve his Clan well. Do you, Alderpaw, promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry, between Clan and Clan, and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?
Alderpaw: I do.
Jayfeather: Then by the powers of StarClan I give your true name as a medicine cat. Alderpaw, from this moment you shall be known as Alderheart. StarClan honors your devotion and kindness, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of ThunderClan. Well done.
Everyone: Alderheart! Alderheart!
Reference: Thunder and Shadow, pages 373-374


"Don't you get it? It's because I've failed. What kind of a medicine cat am I?""
—Alderpaw to Needlepaw, blaming himself for not finding SkyClan The Apprentice's Quest, page 253

Sandstorm: "Do you know the difference between you and Sparkpaw?"
Alderpaw: "What?"
Sandstorm: "Sparkpaw believes she's solved every problem. And you believe you've caused every problem. You're two sides of the same leaf. But you haven't caused this problem. You have not failed. And it is not too late to fulfill the quest. It will merely require a different path."
—Sandstorm encouraging Alderpaw to finish his quest The Apprentice's Quest, pages 261-262
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Lilyheart: "Don't worry, little ones. I love you just as much as if I were your real mother."
Alderpaw: "That's right. All you need to know is that you're very special."
—Alderpaw and Lilyheart after he checks on the new kits The Apprentice's Quest, page 279

Twigkit: "They said I was just an ordinary cat. But if I'm just an ordinary cat, the Clan won't want me anymore. So I had to prove I was special."
Alderpaw: "Of course you're special! StarClan led Needlepaw and me to you. And the Clan will always want you. You're one of us now, and nothing will ever change that."
—Twigkit and Alderpaw when he finds her by the lake Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 6

Alderpaw: "Why don't the Clans join together and make Onestar give ShadowClan the herb?"
Puddleshine: "If only it were that easy."
Alderpaw: "It is that easy! We need to stand up to Onestar."
Leafpool: "You're right, Alderpaw. But we need to support our leaders. I'm not sure they are ready to start a war over this yet."
Alderpaw: "They should be! Don't they care that ShadowClan is dying? Aren't all cats' lives important?"
—Alderpaw, Leafpool, and Puddleshine about Onestar not giving the lungwort to ShadowClan Thunder and Shadow, pages 326-327

"Just now with the other medicine cats. I wondered at first if you had what it takes to be a medicine cat, but now that I see that you are willing to say what you believe, I trust that StarClan made the right choice after all.""
—Yellowfang to Alderpaw Thunder and Shadow, page 327

Jayfeather: "Well done, speaking up tonight. I wondered when you'd finally find your tongue."
Alderpaw: "I've spoke up before-"
Jayfeather: "Talking back to an old badger like me is not the same as standing up for what you believe to cats from other Clans. I was proud of you. I think you may be ready to become a full medicine cat."
—Jayfeather and Alderpaw Thunder and Shadow, page 352

"We need to find SkyClan!"
—Alderheart's thoughts on the desperate situation of SkyClan's whereabouts Thunder and Shadow, page 376

Lilyheart: "You look worried."
Alderheart: "There has been too much change recently."
Lilyheart: "I still can't believe Twigpaw left."
Alderheart: "You must miss her."
Lilyheart: "Don't you?"
Alderheart: "Very much."
—Lilyheart and Alderheart Darkest Night, page 70

"No! We must try to understand. If it was left to our leaders, we never would have found SkyClan."
—Alderheart to the other medicine cats Darkest Night, page 84

"He had been hoping to see Needletail, but there had been no hint of her. If she wasn't with StarClan, where is she? [...] I hope she is at peace, wherever she is."
—Alderheart thinking about Needletail Darkest Night, page 84

Sparkpelt: "What's wrong? Are you annoyed with me?"
Alderheart: "What's wrong with you? We were always close. Now I feel like I hardly know you!"
Sparkpelt: "We still are close, aren't we? I know I've been kind of distracted lately with Larksong."
Alderheart: "Kind of?"
Sparkpelt: "Is that what's bothering you?"
Alderheart: "Not exactly. But you haven't noticed anything! You didn't care how I felt about SkyClan. Or that I've been worried about the prophecy or that it might be embarrassing to need saving from a kittypet! You're always so sure of yourself—you act like everything you do is okay, and sometimes it's not okay!"
Sparkpelt: "I know you wanted SkyClan to stay. But that doesn't mean I had to agree. I can have my own opinion. And of course I care that you're worried. But you're right. I guess I've been too caught up with Larksong to take the time to talk to you about stuff that's important. And I'm sorry I saved you from that fat kittypet... I'm not sorry exactly. I wasn't going to let you get your fur ripped off. But I trained as a warrior and you trained as a medicine cat. But if I was bleeding to death right now, you'd save me, wouldn't you? Because that's what you do. You save cats. I hunt and fight."
Alderheart: "I'm sorry. I know I'm being oversensitive. And you are allowed to have your own opinions. Even if they're wrong."
Sparkpelt: "I'm glad you're sensitive. It makes you a great brother."
—Sparkpelt and Alderheart Darkest Night, pages 197-199

Sparkpelt: "It's bad enough you had to chase the dog off. I'm supposed to be the warrior. Don't rub nettles into the wound."
Alderheart: "I was going to use oak leaf. It's better for infections."
Sparkpelt: "Smart ears!"
—Alderheart and Sparkpelt Darkest Night, page 202

"Alderheart blinked, as shocked as ShadowClan to hear that so many of their Clanmates might still be out there, alive somewhere. His attention was snatched away as he recognized a ghostly pelt. His heart seemed to skip. "Needletail." He stared at her as she padded from the water, her pelt dry as bone and glowing as though she were lit from the inside. Grief choked him. She stopped in front of him, her eyes flashing in the teasing way they used to when she was alive. Alderheart's mew caught in his throat. She hadn't changed. Even her scent was the same. He felt her breath on his cheek as she turned her muzzle."
—Narrator on Alderheart and Needletail Darkest Night, page 300

Alderheart: "Needletail!"
Needletail: "Did you miss me?"
Alderheart: "Of course!"
—Needletail and Alderheart Darkest Night, page 300

Needletail: "Hi there."
Alderheart: "Needletail! You made it to StarClan!"
Needletail: "Yes. Once we had delivered our message, we were able to move on to StarClan."
Alderheart: "And are you okay?"
Needletail: "Oh, yes. It's great here. But I still worry about Twigpaw and Violetshine. You will keep an eye on them, won't you?"
Alderheart: "You know that Violetshine is in SkyClan now, and she has her father and her kin to look after her. But I'll certainly take care of Twigpaw. You can trust me."
Needletail: "Let me down, and I'll come over to ThunderClan and claw your ears off!"
Alderheart: "Needletail, I need to ask you something important. Do you know where the missing ShadowClan cats are?"
Needletail: "The shadows are approaching and must not be dispelled."
—Needletail and Alderheart River of Fire, pages 99-100

Alderheart: "I'm going to miss having you around camp."
Velvet: "I'll miss you, too. But I know there's no way we could be together. We lead such different lives. I can't stay here, and I know you have responsibilities and can't leave your Clan."
Alderheart: "Thanks for understanding, Velvet. I'll never forget you."
Velvet: "Good-bye, Alderheart."
Ajax: "Hey, Velvet! Are we standing around here all day?"
Velvet: "I have to go."
Alderheart: "Good-bye."
—Velvet and Alderheart's good-bye River of Fire, page 240

"Good-bye. I'm glad you came. I've missed you. But I'm not sure we can be friends. You've chosen one life and I've chosen another."
—Velvet to Alderheart River of Fire, page 275

Cinderpelt: "I loved Firestar, but I chose my duty over the hope that he would love me, and it was the right choice. ThunderClan needs you, Alderheart, just as it needed me. For the future to remain unclouded, medicine cats must choose their duty to their Clan over anything else."
Alderheart: "I understand, but it's hard."
Cinderpelt: "True, but the rewards are great. And now... now that the five Clans are finally united once more, there will be new challenges. The sky has cleared at last, but the Clans must come together to make the forest grow."
—Cinderpelt and Alderheart River of Fire, page 281

"Thank you for helping me find them, Needletail. […] I hope you're happy in StarClan."
—Alderheart on Violetshine and Twigbranch The Raging Storm, page 322

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