"Thank you, Amberclaw. You weren't too shabby yourself. Nice move with the sand-colored she-cat, I thought."
Redstar to Amberclaw about fighting Mousefang in Battles of the Clans, page 151

Amberclaw is a long-legged ginger tom.[2]

He is an ancient ThunderClan warrior named Amberclaw. His brother is the leader Redstar. He partcipates in the ThunderClan-SkyClan battle and when Mousefang, a SkyClan she cat jumps on him, he sidesteps out of her way and she breaks her leg. Redstar compliments him on his fighting later.


In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Amberclaw is an ancient ThunderClan warrior.
On his way to the fresh-kill pile, he congratulates his brother, Redstar, on fighting well in the battle with SkyClan. Redstar replies by congratulating Amberclaw on his fighting skills as well. He also comments on how, during the battle, Amberclaw had managed to dodge out of Mousefang's way, causing her to break her leg when she jumped out of a tree. Amberclaw pads away when Kestrelwing, the ThunderClan medicine cat, comes to check on Redstar.

In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Amberclaw takes part in the SkyClan-ThunderClan battle. As Cloudstar goes to jump on Amberclaw, Mousefang jumps down from a tree to battle him herself. Mousefang warns Cloudstar to watch out, but Amberclaw hears, thus leaping aside. Mousefang lands on the ground hard, shrieking in pain, and Amberclaw prepares to deal her some wounds. However, Cloudstar slams into Amberclaw before he can do so. Cloudstar then rolls off of Amberclaw before he can deal a blow to the leader's neck. Mousefang takes this as a chance to escape and flees. Cloudstar notices the angle of her leg, knowing it is broken. Moments later, Cloudstar calls his Clan to retreat.



  • He is not listed in the allegiances of Cloudstar's Journey, despite appearing in the book.[3]

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Redstar:[2] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Amberclaw: "Well fought, old friend."
Redstar: "Thank you, Amberclaw. You weren't too shabby yourself. Nice move with the sand-colored she-cat, I thought."
Amberclaw: "Yes, she wasn't expecting me to dodge quite so quickly when she hopped out of that tree, was she? She didn't seem too happy about getting up afterward."
—Amberclaw and Redstar after a battle with SkyClan Battles of the Clans, page 151

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