"I don't want to be treated like a kit or an elder. I joined ShadowClan so I could be a warrior. I'm perfectly okay. I should be taking care of my Clanmates. They shouldn't be taking care of me."
— Antfur to Shadowsight in The Silent Thaw, page 124

Antfur is a small, well-muscled tom with a splotched[7] dark[4] brown-and-black pelt.[7] He has glossy fur,[8]scars on his cheek,[9] and amber eyes.[10]

Antfur was a ShadowClan warrior that served under Tigerstar's leadership. He was originally Ant, and lived with the guardian cats. He decided to leave them, along with Cinnamon and Blaze, to follow Spire and Tigerheart's family to the lake territories. Ant joined ShadowClan as an apprentice, becoming Antpaw, with Stonewing as his mentor. Antpaw later was made into a warrior, Antfur, along with Cinnamontail and Blazefire. Antfur later died after falling from a tree after recently suffering from a head injury.


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A Vision of Shadows

"They looked too old to be apprentices, but pride shone in their eyes as their leader acknowledged them."
—Cinnamonpaw and Antpaw after being introduced at a Gathering The Raging Storm, page chapter 6
Ant is part of the patrol Tigerheart brings to ShadowClan, and witnesses his resurrection to become leader. When Ant formally joins ShadowClan, he is renamed Antpaw and given Stonewing as his mentor.

The Broken Code

"He wanted to be a warrior the moment he knew what one was. He was always the first to spot prey and the first to chase it. He wanted to help make his Clan as strong as healthy as it could be. And in the end, it killed him."
—Cinnamontail grieving over Antfur The Silent Thaw, page 128
He is now a warrior named Antfur. He is out on patrol with his fellow ShadowClan cats when a tree branch breaks and hits the patrol, knocking Antfur unconscious and giving him brief amnesia, believing he is a guardian cat back in the city. Puddleshine and Shadowsight help him recover his memory, albeit he feels dizzy. After insisting he is fit enough to patrol, he climbs a tree and blacks out on the top, falling to his death. His death is mourned heavily by Cinnamontail, Blazefire, Tigerstar, and Shadowsight. The guilt over Antfur's death encourages Shadowsight to tell the truth about the codebreakers to the other Clans.

Super Editions

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Dovewing: "You told us the tunnels were dangerous."
Dash: "I'm used to them. I'd never take kits or strays in there!"
Cinnamon: "Who are you calling a stray?"
Ant: "He's just worried about us."
Cinnamon: "Well he doesn't have to be rude about it."
—Ant, Cinnamon, and Dash Tigerheart's Shadow, page 308
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Ant is a guardian cat, and is more open to Tigerheart's ideas than most. He eagerly learns combat training from him and helps drive the pair of foxes away from their den. When Tigerheart and Dovewing announce they will be returning to the Clans, Ant tells them he wishes to join them. Though reluctant at first, Tigerheart allows him, Blaze, Spire and Cinnamon to come with them. On the way, Ant bonds with the cats on the patrol and often hunts for the group. When Tigerheart dies, Ant travels back to the lake territories and witnesses Tigerheart's resurrection as Tigerstar, and joins ShadowClan with his fellow patrol members.

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Fierce: "I think he has a lot of useful knowledge. It seems foolish not to learn from him."
Ant: "I want to learn how to fight, too."
Cinnamon: "And me."
Rascal: "There are foxes everywhere in this city."
Mittens: "And dogs. We'd be pigeon brained not to learn some fighting skills from a warrior."
—The guardian cats about learning to fight Tigerheart's Shadow, page 161

Cinnamon: "I want to come too."
Ant: "So do I."
Tigerheart: "What do you think?"
Dovewing: "I think that we are traveling with young kits. They would be safer if we had company."
Tigerheart: "But what will ShadowClan say if I return with strangers? They will remember what happened when they took in rogues."
Dovewing: "These cats aren't rogues. We have seen them fight to protect their denmates, and scavenge for others. They take care of their sick like Clan cats. If ShadowClan won't take them in, then ThunderClan will."
—Ant wishing to come with Dovewing and Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, pages 300-301

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Shadowsight: "You need to rest."
Antfur: "I've already rested for three days."
Tigerstar: "He just needs some exercise. A warrior's place is out there, in the forest."
Antfur: "Besides, Mittens was going to show me a shrew nest."
Tigerstar: ""Mittens"?"
Antfur: "I mean Blaze."
Shadowsight: "You mean Blazefire, right?"
Antfur: "Of course."
Tigerstar: "Perhaps you should stay in the medicine den for another day or two."
—Antfur insisting he wants to go back on patrol The Silent Thaw, page 124

Blazefire: "We told him to stay close. But he chased a squirrel up a tree. I followed him, but he was too fast. He'd cornered it at the top before I reached him, and he got dizzy...He fell."
Gullswoop: "There was nothing we could do."
Cinnamontail: "He was injured so recently. He should never had gone out."
Blazefire: "He wanted to hunt with his Clan."
Cinnamontail: "He wanted to be a warrior the moment he knew what one was. He was always first to spot prey and first to chase it. He wanted to help make his Clan as strong and healthy as it could be. And in the end, it killed him."
—Blazefire, Cinnamontail and Gullswoop mourning their friend's death The Silent Thaw, pages 127-128

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