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Antfur is a loyal, strong and helpful tom.[1] He is eager to come with Tigerheart and become a warrior,[2] and when he does, he is a deeply loyal ShadowClan cat who is eager to help his Clanmates and do warrior duties.[3]



As a guardian cat, Ant spent a lot of time with Tigerheart, and he and Cinnamon are always ready to go along with his ideas.[4] Ant decides to travel with Tigerheart when he goes back to ShadowClan, and becomes a loyal warrior under his leadership.[3]


"He wanted to be a warrior the moment he knew what one was. He was always the first to spot prey and the first to chase it. He wanted to help make his Clan as strong as healthy as it could be."
—Cinnamontail about Antfur The Silent Thaw, page 128
Antfur and Cinnamontail were always spending time together and had known one another from kithood.[5] They are good friends, and enjoy each other’s company.[2][3]


Antfur and Blazefire are like brothers. Antfur is always willing to play with the young ginger-and-white tom,[6] and they have a strong bond among ShadowClan, as they are both former guardian cats.[7]

Dovewing, Shadowsight, Lightleap and Pouncestep

Antfur helps Dovewing and the kits when they are staying with the guardian cats and during the journey back to ShadowClan. He helps save Pouncekit from a fox trap, and carries the kits many times on the journey to the lake.[6] He plays games with the kits, and Dovewing is grateful for his help.[6] When Antfur briefly suffered from amnesia, Shadowsight aimed to help his friend recover and was crestfallen when he fell from a tree and died, blaming himself for not keeping Antfur in the den to recover more.[8]

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