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Apple Blossom is an energetic and skillful young she-cat.[1] She is always ready to hunt or help the elders, and enjoys being a warrior of ThunderClan.[1]


Snail Shell

Apple Blossom gets along well with her brother. They make a good team, and like to play with each other. They do everything together, and are almost inseparable.[1]

Lightning Tail

"Lightning Tail was a good deputy and a fine cat. He taught me to hunt and to fight. He was never impatient with me, and when I was discouraged, he always had an exciting story to tell me to make me feel strong again."
—Apple Blossom about Lightning Tail Thunderstar's Echo, page chapter 8
Lightning Tail often teased Apple Blossom, and they had a good relationship as mentor and apprentice.[1] Apple Blossom mourned for her former mentor when he died. She sees him as a good deputy and a fine cat, and says that he never got impatient with her and told good stories.[1]

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