"I've told you the most important lesson. To love. You must open yourself to love again. And I sent you the dream of Hawkfrost and Hollyleaf to show you how much you care about all your kits, whatever happens to them. You must reopen your heart to Breezepelt and be a father to him. [...] I'm proud of you, Crowfeather. At last, you're beginning to change."
— Ashfoot to Crowfeather in Crowfeather's Trial, pages 355-356

Ashfoot is a broad-faced[9] gray she-cat.[11]

Ashfoot was a WindClan deputy under Onestar's leadership in the lake territories. She was born to Stagleap and Wrenflight along with Morningflower, later becoming an apprentice, Ashpaw. Ashpaw became Ashfoot and the mate of Deadfoot and gave birth to Eaglekit, Hillkit, Downkit, and Crowkit. Ashfoot participated in the Great Journey, and was selected by Onestar to be his deputy after Tallstar's death and Mudclaw's rebellion. She acted as a voice of reason, helping ThunderClan find Sol. Ashfoot died fighting in the Great Battle, where she ascended to the ghost residence, and her deputy position was succeeded by Harespring. From there, she taught Crowfeather to reopen his heart to love, and when her deed was finished, managed to join the ranks of StarClan.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Peace? Here? With fire and monsters? My kits won't be safe!"
―Ashfoot to Tallstar about their new shelter Fire and Ice, page 2
Ashfoot is a WindClan queen and has given birth to a kit. When Brokenstar and ShadowClan drive out WindClan from their territory, Ashfoot frets about the safety of her kit as the Clan travels through dangerous Twoleg land. Tallstar and her mate insist they had no choice, and Ashfoot begrudgingly holds her tongue. Later, Fireheart and Graystripe arrive to lead the Clan back to their home, and Ashfoot helps carry Morningflower's kit across a Thunderpath.

The New Prophecy

"You couldn't hope for a better sign than this. StarClan sent lightning to strike the tree and kill the cat who would have taken your place. There's no doubt now that you're the cat StarClan has chosen to lead WindClan."
―Ashfoot to Onewhisker Starlight, page 319
Ashfoot had given birth to another litter of kits; however, only Crowkit survived to his apprenticeship. She participates on the Great Journey to the lake territories. When Onewhisker is appointed leader by Tallstar, he announces Ashfoot to be his deputy, insisting he wanted a cat who is humble and does not yearn for power. Firestar and Brambleclaw quietly approve of Onewhisker not selecting an overly ambitious cat to help strengthen his leadership.
She participates in Mudclaw's rebellion and fights for Onewhisker. After Mudclaw is killed by a fallen tree, Ashfoot reminds her leader that Mudclaw was a traitor and that StarClan approved Onewhisker's leadership. She worries for her son when he disappears and wonders why he vanished with a ThunderClan medicine cat. She, Tornear, Squirrelflight, and Brambleclaw try follow Crowfeather and Leafpool's scent trail, but they quickly lose it.

Power of Three

"I want my own Clan to be safe. Sol must be dealt with before he causes more trouble."
―Ashfoot to Brambleclaw Sunrise, page 50
Her son had become mates with Nightcloud, and Breezekit was their only surviving kit. During a border skirmish with ThunderClan on a piece of forest Firestar had given Onestar, Ashfoot fights Spiderleg and Thornclaw and insist they should take up the controversy with Firestar. She, Harespring, and Owlwhisker deny a ThunderClan patrol from seeing Onestar. Firestar and a patrol visit WindClan's camp to ask about Ashfur's murder, but Onestar orders Ashfoot to escort them out. Ashfoot orders Tornear and Breezepelt away so she could speak to Firestar alone. She explained she saw Sol along their border a quarter-moon prior, and didn't want trouble between their two Clans. When Brambleclaw leads a patrol to find Sol, Ashfoot greets them and leads them to the horseplace where she last detected Sol's scent.

Omen of the Stars

"That's enough. We're working together now. The patrol must do whatever they can without risking their lives."
―Ashfoot to Mistyfoot and Russetfur when they're fighting The Fourth Apprentice, page 123
Lionblaze reflects how he and Ashfoot are kin now since Crowfeather is his father. Ashfoot brings Whitetail and Sedgewhisker to meet the others for their journey to the beaver dam. Ashfoot prevents a fight from escalating between Mistyfoot and Russetfur, and another outburst between Breezepelt and Jayfeather. When Dovewing uses her powers to see the WindClan cats and Sol attacking through the tunnels, she notices how Ashfoot wasn't present, implying Sol only tricked some of WindClan to follow his lead. She participates in the battle against the Dark Forest, but is slain in the fight.

Super Editions

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In Crowfeather's Trial, shortly after the Great Battle, WindClan builds a memorial for those fallen in the fight, including Ashfoot. Crowfeather struggles to process the grief of losing his mother by himself, and secludes himself from Breezepelt and Nightcloud, both of whom he has a terrible relationship with. Ashfoot visits Crowfeather in his dreams and he notices how she does not bear the starry pelt of StarClan warriors. She insists she cannot leave for StarClan until her son is happy, and encourages him to compromise on his relationships with Nightcloud and his kits. She appears to him many times, everytime telling him to love. Crowfeather doesn't understand at first, and when he does, he disregards her message, thinking that every cat he loved died or went away from him. When he starts to take her message seriously, he reconciles and mends his relationships with Nightcloud and his kits. After he finally does, Ashfoot goes to StarClan at peace.

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Ashfoot's deputy ceremony
Onewhisker: I say these words before the spirit of Tallstar, and the spirits of all StarClan, that they may hear and approve my choice. Ashfoot will be the new deputy of WindClan.
Everyone: Ashfoot! Ashfoot!
Reference: Starlight, page 131


Ashfoot's parents are Wrenflight and Stagleap. Her mate is Deadfoot, and Crowfeather, Eaglekit, Downkit and Hillkit are their children. For more of Ashfoot's family, click here!




  • She has been mistakenly called Ashfur.[12]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, it is revealed that Ashfoot is a distant descendant of Windstar.[13] When ShadowClan attacks the WindClan camp, Ashfoot shoves Morningflower back into the nursery, growling at her that she is in no condition to fight. But when Morningflower protests, Ashfoot instructs her to protect Eaglekit, then rushes into battle. As Morningflower crouches in the nursery, she hears Ashfoot's enraged yowls coming from outside.[14]


Ashfoot: "Thank you, Onewhisker. I'll do my best. I never imagined-"
Onewhisker: "I know. That's one reason why I chose you. I don't want a cat who thinks she deserves power. I want a cat who will help me make our Clan strong again when we reach our new home."
Ashfoot: "Then that is what I will do."
—Ashfoot and Onestar after Ashfoot's deputy ceremony Starlight, page 132

"You're needed for a hunting patrol. Or do you think the rabbits will come running into the camp on their own?"
―Ashfoot to Tornear and Breezepelt Sunrise, page 28

Ashfoot: "Goodbye, then, and good luck!"
Brambleclaw: "Thanks, Ashfoot. You've helped us a lot. What made you do it?"
Ashfoot: "I want my own Clan to be safe. Sol must be dealt with before he causes more trouble."
—Ashfoot on why she helped ThunderClan solve Ashfur's murder Sunrise, pages 49-50

Crowfeather: "Oh, Ashfoot. I miss you so much...But why are you here? Why aren't you in StarClan?"
Ashfoot: "I can't leave yet. There are tasks you must do. You could lose everything."
—Crowfeather and Ashfoot Crowfeather's Trial, page 104

Crowfeather: "You made it to StarClan!"
Ashfoot: "It was time. I'm so proud of you, Crowfeather. Proud that you're finally listening. No cat can be a good warrior, or a loyal Clanmate, with a closed heart. Now you have opened yours...and WindClan is better for it."
Crowfeather: "It scares me a little. Caring, when for so long I tried not to. Any cat you love, you can lose."
Ashfoot: "The loss is worth it. I loved you...so much...and now it hurts to part. But I'm better for it, and so are you."
—Ashfoot and Crowfeather Crowfeather's Trial, page 408

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