"I know you think I've never forgiven Brambleclaw for stealing you from me, but you're wrong, and so is every cat that thinks so. My quarrel is with you, Squirrelflight. It always has been."
— Ashfur's confrontation with Squirrelflight in Long Shadows, page 273

Ashfur is a muscular[12] pale gray tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes.[2] He has short,[13] thick fur,[14] and a torn ear.[15]

Ashfur was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's leadership in the forest and lake territories. He was born to Brindleface alongside his sister, Ferncloud, and two other kits who died soon after birth; however, they gained a foster brother, Cloudtail. As an apprentice, Ashpaw was mentored by Dustpelt, and during this time, his mother was slain by Tigerstar.

After earning his warrior name, Ashfur developed feelings for Squirrelflight, but when she discovered that her true place was with Brambleclaw, Ashfur was heartbroken. In an attempt to hurt her, he plotted with Hawkfrost to kill her father, Firestar, though this was unsuccessful. He later mentored Lionpaw, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's son, and during a fire, Ashfur cornered Squirrelflight, threatening to kill her kits. However, Squirrelflight revealed she was not their mother, and Ashfur threatened to reveal this at the Gathering. However, he was killed by Hollyleaf before being able to. Ashfur joined StarClan, and when Jayfeather asked why Ashfur was there, Yellowfang claimed that Ashfur's only fault was to love too much.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Actually, it's not just Darkstripe who wants to know. I'm worried, too. Cloudpaw promised he'd be back by now. Whatever else he might do, Cloudpaw always keeps his word."
—Ashpaw to Fireheart about Cloudpaw's disapperance Rising Storm, page 144
He is one of the two surviving kits born to Brindleface, and his mother fosters Cloudkit when Fireheart brings him to ThunderClan. Ashpaw becomes an apprentice alongside his sister, Fernpaw, mentored by Dustpelt. When Brindleface is killed by Tigerstar and fed to the dog pack, Ashpaw and Fernpaw convince Fireheart to let them lead the dogs away. He later participates in the battle against BloodClan, and helps kill the BloodClan deputy Bone with several other apprentices after Bone kills Whitestorm.

The New Prophecy

"Squirrelflight wanted to wail out loud. Leafpool had lost so much too. She must have loved Crowfeather very much to give up everything for him. Would I do that for Ashfur? Squirrelflight wondered. Somehow, she didn’t think she would. For Brambleclaw? She blinked, realizing that that was a question she couldn’t answer."
—Squirrelflight reflecting about her feelings for Ashfur and Brambleclaw Twilight, page 270
As a young warrior, Ashfur takes a liking to Firestar's daughter, Squirrelpaw. He is also appointed mentor to his nephew, Birchpaw. Although he and Brambleclaw were previously friends, Ashfur becomes jealous of his relationship with Squirrelflight. When Squirrelflight has a major fight with Brambleclaw, she becomes close to Ashfur and spends the majority of her time with him. Ashfur, having thought he had won Squirrelflight's love, is devastated and heartbroken when she rekindles her relationship with Brambleclaw and the two become mates. Ashfur sends Firestar to the lake where the ThunderClan leader is caught in a fox trap and confronted by Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw. However, he sends for help from Leafpool and Squirrelflight.

Power of Three

"He had to die because he knew! That night, on the cliff in the storm, Squirrelflight told him that we weren't her kits. He was going to tell all the Clans, at the Gathering, and I couldn't let him do that! They think we're true Clan cats, forestborn like they are. I couldn't let them find out the truth—that Firestar's Clan was even less pure than they thought. Ashfur would have destroyed ThunderClan."
—Hollyleaf admitting she killed Ashfur Sunrise, page 251
Ashfur receives Lionpaw, the son of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, as an apprentice, with whom he begins a hostile and uneasy relationship. He is often strict with his apprentice and is quick to criticize him. Even after Lionblaze is made a warrior, the two fight with their claws unsheathed. When a fire breaks out in the ThunderClan camp, Squirrelflight and her kits try to flee. When a burning branch falls, Ashfur blocks the only escape route. He reveals to Squirrelflight that he is still furious and heartbroken that she chose Brambleclaw instead of him, and wants to make her suffer like he did, and reveals his role in killing Firestar into the fox trap.
He is taken aback when Squirrelflight reveals that Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather are not her kits, letting them leave unharmed. However, he threatens to reveal the truth at the next Gathering. The night of the Gathering, Ashfur goes missing. His body is found in a stream, and many of his Clanmates believe he had drowned. However, Hollyleaf reveals to Jayfeather and Lionblaze that she had murdered him to keep their secret.

Omen of the Stars

"Perhaps [Ashfur] did a lot to bring it on himself, perhaps not. It is not StarClan's place to judge him. If he found his way here, then he must deserve to be here. That is what we all have to believe. [...] How can we say that Hollyleaf deserved to be in StarClan and Ashfur didn't, or the other way around? Things are different here. Some cats forget parts of their life that they don't want to remember."
—Bluestar to Jayfeather about Ashfur The Forgotten Warrior, pages 180-181
When Yellowfang and Jayfeather are in StarClan, Jayfeather spots Ashfur and questions why the cat who tried to murder him and his littermates would be in StarClan. Yellowfang claims that his only fault was to love too much. Later, Jayfeather tries to talk to Ashfur to learn the truth about his death, but Bluestar stops him. She insists Ashfur must belong in StarClan despite what he did for a reason. When Hollyleaf returns to ThunderClan and the subject of Ashfur's death is brought up again, Brambleclaw lies that Ashfur attacked Hollyleaf and died when he slipped in the stream.

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Killed victims

This list shows the victims Ashfur has killed:

  • Bone[16] (Along with Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Stormfur and Feathertail)
  • Firestar[17] (Fifth life, Caused)


Ashpaw's apprentice ceremony
Bluestar: Dustpelt. You will be mentor to Ashpaw. Dustpelt, this will be your first apprentice. Share your courage and determination with him. I know you will train him well, but don't be afraid to turn to the senior warriors for advice.
Reference: Rising Storm, pages 41-42

Personality and Relationships

Although a loyal ThunderClan warrior at first, Ashfur became obsessed with Squirrelflight after she chose to become mates with Bramblestar over himself, resulting in him becoming a bitter cat bent on ruining her life. For more of Ashfur's personality and relationships, click here!


Ashfur's mother is Brindleface, and his sister is Ferncloud. For more of Ashfur's family, click here!



Did you know that Ashfur went to StarClan because Victoria Holmes claimed "He was just driven a bit crazy from unrequited love!"? For more trivia about Ashfur, click here!


Fernpaw: "Fireheart, we want to help."
Fireheart: "I said warriors."
Ashpaw: "But Brindleface was our mother. Please, Fireheart. We want to do it for her."
—Fernpaw and Ashpaw wanting to lure the dogs A Dangerous Path, page 291

Squirrelflight: "Look, Ashfur. I really care about you as a friend, but I don’t want any more than that."
Ashfur: "But I love you! We’d be great together, Squirrelflight, I know we would."
Squirrelflight: "I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you, but Brambleclaw—well, I think StarClan has destined us to be together."
Ashfur: "I don't know how you can say that! You said yourself that it's impossible to trust a cat with Brambleclaw's heritage. He’s a great cat, I know, but he is still Tigerstar's son."
Squirrelflight: "I'll judge Brambleclaw by his own actions not by something that other cats did long before I was born."
Ashfur: "I'm only thinking of you, Squirrelflight. I can remember Tigerstar. His paws were red with the blood of innocent cats. You know that he murdered my mother to lure a pack of dogs to our camp?"
—Squirrelflight breaking up with Ashfur Sunset, pages 61-62

"Pure blood is no guarantee of virtue!"
—Ashfur getting angry The Sight, page 335
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Ashfur: "Was that the best you could do?"
Lionpaw: "It's not my fault you taught me all the wrong moves!"
Ashfur: "Do you think anyone would believe I taught you that clumsy display?"
Lionpaw: "Well, if you had it would be the first thing you've taught me today!"
—Ashfur and Lionpaw Dark River, page 168

"She could still see in her mind the blaze of rage in Ashfur's eyes, as if he'd forgotten he was fighting his own apprentice."
—Narrator describing Hollypaw's thoughts after watching Lionpaw and Ashfur fight Outcast, page 82

Squirrelflight: "Your quarrel with Brambleclaw has to stop. Too many moons have passed. You have to accept that I'm Brambleclaw's mate, not yours. You can't keep trying to punish Brambleclaw for something that was always meant to be."
Ashfur: "I have no quarrel with Brambleclaw. I couldn't care less about Brambleclaw. It's not his fault he fell for a faithless she-cat. I know you think I've never forgiven Brambleclaw for stealing you from me, but you're wrong, and so is every cat that thinks so. My quarrel is with you, Squirrelflight. It always has been."
—Squirrelflight and Ashfur Long Shadows, pages 272-273

"Upset? I'm not upset. You have no idea how much pain I'm in. It's like being cut open every day, bleeding onto the stones. I can't understand how any of you failed to see the blood..."
—Ashfur to Squirrelflight Long Shadows, page 273

"Stay there! I can't believe you didn't know how much you hurt me. You are the blind one, not Jayfeather. Who do you think sent Firestar the message to go down to the lake, where the fox trap was? I wanted him to die, to take your father away so you'd know the real meaning of pain."
—Ashfur to Squirrelflight Long Shadows, page 274

Jayfeather: "Ashfur! He's here?"
Yellowfang: "Why not? His only fault was to love too much."
Jayfeather: "Hardly. He tried to push us off the cliff!"
Yellowfang: "But he didn't. Squirrelflight stopped him. And maybe her only fault is that she loved too much, as well."
—Yellowfang explaining why Ashfur is in StarClan Sign of the Moon, page 94

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