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Ashfur was a loyal, sensible, helpful and brave ThunderClan warrior.[1] He showed care toward his loved ones and friends.[2] But when Squirrelflight rejected him for Brambleclaw, he became bitter, vengeful and slightly mad. His desire to get even with Squirrelflight even resulted in him trying to burn her adopted kits alive before he figured out they were actually Leafpool's kits.[3] But when Jayfeather visited StarClan with Yellowfang for a time, he saw Ashfur there and Yellowfang claimed that his only fault was loving too much.[4]



Ashfur began to develop feelings for Squirrelpaw after her journey to the Tribe with Brambleclaw and the others.[5] Later, he and Squirrelflight began spending more and more time together until it was apparent that he was in love with her.[6] He tried to fight her battles for her, and he was very protective and possessive of her.[7] But when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over Ashfur to be her mate, Ashfur became extremely angry because he loved her,[8] and later his hunger for vengeance and his new madness caused him to try to burn Squirrelflight's adopted kits alive, and then threaten to reveal the secret that they were actually Leafpool's kits at a Gathering.[3]


Ferncloud is Ashfur's sister.[9]


Ashfur loved his mother, Brindleface, and was wracked with grief, fury, and the need for vengeance when she was killed by a pack of dogs. He helped fight the dogs.[10]


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"Besides, Ashfur only got what he deserved. He tried to kill four cats—his own Clanmates! If you ask me, Hollyleaf did us a favor."
—Dustpelt about Ashfur's crimes and murder The Forgotten Warrior, page Chapter 15
Dustpelt was Ashfur's mentor, being delighted when he was assigned.[11] While he did his best to train Ashpaw, Dustpelt got distracted by his feelings for Fernpaw. So when he offered to train both littermates after Darkstripe's exile, he was declined for this reason, being told to focus on Ashpaw.[12] Dustpelt proudly watches when Ashfur became the mentor of his son, Birchpaw.[13]
When Hollyleaf reveals Ashfur's crimes, Dustpelt disowns him in an instant, no longer feeling grief for his death.[14] Seasons later, however, Dustpelt comes to forgive his former apprentice in StarClan, considering the past less important.[15]


Ashfur and Cloudtail are adopted brothers, as Brindleface took in Cloudkit when he was brought into ThunderClan by Fireheart.[16] Ashpaw was shown to have a strong friendship with Cloupaw when they were apprentices,[17] perhaps because they were raised together.[18] When Cloudpaw started taking food from the Twolegs, Ashpaw stayed loyal to him and didn't tell the Clan. He was also shown to be relieved when Cloudpaw was rescued by Fireheart, Sandstorm and Ravenpaw, when he bounded up and touched noses with the white tom.[17]

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