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Author statements

  • Kate thinks that Ashfur forgave Hollyleaf for killing him once she joined StarClan.[1] This is contradicted by Vicky, who says they probably never forgave each other and avoid each other in StarClan.[2]
  • When asked about Ashfur's residence on her Facebook page, Vicky said the following: "[He] went to StarClan because he was essentially a loyal and well-meaning warrior. He was just driven a bit crazy from unrequited love!", and also replied that she'd been thinking for a long while about where to send him, and considered the Dark Forest.[3]
  • Vicky believes that Ashfur won't turn up in the future.[4]
    • However, he does end up appearing in Squirrelflight's Hope.[5]
    • In addition, Ashfur is revealed to be seemingly at peace in StarClan, and Hollyleaf is shown to bear no ill feelings towards him and states that she thinks he has changed.[6][7]
  • Vicky believes that Ashfur wasn't chosen as the cat who loved Squirrelflight for any specific reason.[8]


  • Either he or his sister, Ferncloud, were called tawny.[9]
  • He and Ferncloud were mistakenly said to be Cloudtail's adopted littermates.[10]
  • He was mistakenly said to have a dark pelt.[11]
  • His icon on the Warriors family tree mistakenly depicts him as gray-and-white.[12]

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