"My name is Aspentail. I am kin of your elders and of your elders' elders. I fought for these rocks once, and I will fight for them again, for as many moons as it takes, until ThunderClan learns that Sunningrocks belongs to RiverClan."
— Aspentail introducing herself to Splashheart in Code of the Clans, page 36

Aspentail is an almost black she-cat with fur the color of floodwater. She has a very long tail and streaks of pale gray fur.[1]

In Code of the Clans, Aspentail's spirit appears to Splashheart during a battle over Sunningrocks. She helps him in part of the battle, warning him about a sneak attack behind him. She then tells him that she fought for Sunningrocks when she was alive, and she would fight for them again if she could. Aspentail helps him realize the importance of elders and kits, and to honor them for all they had done and would do for the Clan. Her guidance helps Splashheart, and eventually leads to the third law in the warrior code: elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors.


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