The audiobook narrators are a group of people that have worked for HarperAudio to record the Warriors series in audio format. There are three narrators for the English language, including MacLeod Andrews, Kathleen McInerney.[1]

MacLeod Andrews

MacLeod Andrews is an actor, producer, and audiobook narrator,[2] who has narrated the audiobooks for The Prophecies Begin,[3] The New Prophecy,[4] and A Vision of Shadows arcs in the Warriors series,[5] as well as Firestar's Quest.[6]

Nanette Savard

Nanette Savard is the audiobook narrator who has narrated the audiobooks for The New Prophecy arc in the Warriors series.[7]

Kathleen Mclnerney

Kathleen McInerney is the audiobook narrator who has narrated the audiobooks for the Omen of the Stars arc in the Warriors series.[8]

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