"I'd like to be called Badgerfang. Like you, because you were such a great mentor."
— Badgerpaw to Flintfang in Code of the Clans, page 56

Badgerfang is a very tiny, fluffy black-and-white tom.[2] His face is striped like a badger's.[4]

Badgerfang was a ShadowClan apprentice. He was born as Badgerkit to Fernshade and Wolfstep, and was forced him to become an apprentice early as Badgerpaw. He participated in a battle against WindClan, but is mortally injured in battle. Before he died, he named himself Badgerfang after his mentor, Flintfang. His death made Flintfang refuse to ever train a cat who was under six moons, as well as sparking controversy against Brokenstar and his tyrannical rule. In StarClan, Badgerfang gave Tigerstar one of his nine lives, the gift of training the young wisely.


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Super Editions

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"You will go to StarClan, Badgerpaw. You will shine so brightly, I promise you."
—Yellowfang to Badgerpaw's dead body Yellowfang's Secret, page 474
In Yellowfang's Secret, Badgerkit is born to Fernshade and Wolfstep and is named after the stripe on his forehead which resembles a badger's. He is apprenticed by his third moon and his uncle, Flintfang, becomes his mentor. Brokenstar announces Badgerpaw's apprenticeship at a Gathering and the other medicine cats are dubious of his age due to the young cat's size. Brokenstar eagerly informs Badgerpaw that he'll participate in his first battle against WindClan soon, and the eager apprentice excitedly tells his mentor. Flintfang uneasily tells Badgerpaw to remember every battle move he'd taught him for the fight.
After the battle, Flintfang carries Badgerpaw's body into camp and tells Yellowfang what happened. Flintfang goes to tell Fernshade, but informs Yellowfang of Badgerpaw's new name: Badgerfang. Yellowfang alerts Brokenstar who dismisses her attempts to stop apprenticing kits before their sixth moon. Littlepaw asks Yellowfang if Badgerfang is really dead and hopes his denmate was watching them from StarClan now.

Field Guides

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"A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice."
—The fifth law of the warrior code Code of the Clans, page 48
In Code of the Clans, during the battle, an enemy warrior fatally attacks Badgerpaw who collapses without much of a fight. Flintfang chases off the WindClan cat and carries Badgerpaw away. His apprentice wakes up, dying, and Flintfang stays at his side and tries to comfort him. Badgerpaw explains how he wanted to make Brokenstar and Fernshade proud and wonders if he'll become a warrior when he joins StarClan. When his mentor acknowledges this, Badgerpaw insists he wanted to be named Badgerfang in honor of his great mentor. Finally, Badgerpaw lets out a soft sigh, and passes away. As Flintfang grieves, he vows to never again train an apprentice under sixth moons old.


Interesting facts

  • His warrior suffix was chosen by him in honor of his mentor, Flintfang.[3]
  • He is one of the few single-litter kits in the series.[4]


  • He is called four moons old instead of three in The Ultimate Guide.[6]
  • He is said to have littermates that trained with him,[6] when he was actually the only kit from Wolfstep and Fernshade's litter.[7][4]
  • He is mistakenly shown as white and light-colored.[7]

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Yellowfang: "His face is striped just like a badger."
Fernshade: "Then that's his name. Badgerkit."
—Fernshade naming Badgerkit Yellowfang's Secret, page 455

"I'm going to fight! Brokenstar said! I'll use that two-paws move you taught me, and the leap-and-scratch..."
—Badgerpaw eager to fight for his Clan Yellowfang's Secret, page 471

Badgerpaw: "I hope Brokenstar is proud of me. And my mom."
Flintfang: "Fernshade will be very proud of you."
—Flintfang with Badgerpaw as he is dying from battle Code of the Clans, page 55

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"Are you proud of me?"
—Badgerpaw to Flintfang Code of the Clans, page 56

Yellowfang: "Badgerfang is dead. Or did you know that already?"
Brokenstar: "That is a shame. He would have made a great warrior."
Yellowfang: "Maybe one day, but he was too young! You must stop training kits before they are six moons old. You will destroy our Clan before they can become warriors!"
Brokenstar: "That is my decision, not yours."
Yellowfang: "Then I will walk with StarClan in my dreams. I will let them know exactly what you’re doing, and they will take away your nine lives."
Brokenstar: "StarClan will do nothing to stop me, old cat. I have made their Clan glorious! Let them try! You certainly won't stop me. Now, do your duty and heal my warriors before we celebrate."
—Yellowfang confronting Brokenstar after Badgerfang's death Yellowfang's Secret, pages 475-476

Badgerfang: "I am Badgerfang!"
Tigerclaw: "Are you sure? You’re the smallest warrior I've ever seen!"
Badgerfang: "I died as Badgerpaw when I was four moons old. Brokenstar forced me and my littermates to fight in battles before we should even have become apprentices. But I fought bravely and gave my life to save my Clan. Because of that, my mentor, Flintfang, said I could choose my warrior name."
Tigerclaw: "Fine. So what life can you give me?"
Badgerfang: "Be patient. Your lives will come as we wish to give them, not as you wish to receive them. I give you a life for training your young cats wisely. Train them when they are strong enough to survive their first battle, and encourage them to listen to many cats, including elders, to learn the most from their Clanmates' histories."
—Badgerfang giving Tigerclaw a life The Ultimate Guide, pages 91 - 92

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