"Betrayal could come from anywhere. You must stand alone, knowing your ancestors walk with you, and you alone."
— Barkface to Kestrelflight in Night Whispers, page 154

Barkface is a dark brown tom[10] with a short tail.[2]

Barkface was a WindClan medicine cat under the leadership of Tallstar and Onestar in the forest and lake territories. He was born as Barkkit to Brackenwing and Redclaw, along with Shrewkit. He became interested in medicine at a young age, and eventually became Barkpaw under Hawkheart's mentorship. Eventually, he received his full medicine cat name, Barkface. He encouraged Talltail to leave WindClan when he received an omen and was happy when he returned many moons later.

Barkface continued to serve WindClan, even after ShadowClan drove them off their land. While Fireheart and Graystripe brought them back, he received an omen stating that today would bring an unnecessary death. He helped to heal the injured during the BloodClan battle and later joined his Clan on the Great Journey. Barkface supported Onewhisker during Mudclaw's rebellion and became his medicine cat once he rose to leadership. Now one of the oldest medicine cats, he mentored Kestrelflight before dying and ascending to StarClan.


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The Prophecies Begin

"The clouds are stained with blood! It is a sign from our ancestors. There is trouble ahead. This day shall bring an unnecessary death."
―Barkface upon seeing the red clouds Fire and Ice, page 76
Barkface is the WindClan medicine cat, and his Clan is forced to flee their home when Brokenstar and ShadowClan commandeer their territory. Fireheart and Graystripe arrive to bring them home. While resting at Ravenpaw and Barley's farm, Barkface interprets red clouds as a sign of an unnecessary death. This warning is proven true as during an ambush between ThunderClan and RiverClan, Whiteclaw falls to his death. When TigerClan attacks WindClan, Barkface tends to the wounded briskly. During the battle against BloodClan, he gathers underneath some undergrowth with Cinderpelt, Littlecloud, and Mudfur to tend to the wounded.

The New Prophecy

"Stop! Sheathe your claws, Mudclaw. Clan leaders have never been chosen by fighting. And do you want to start a fight with Tallstar’s spirit still watching over us? We should be sitting in vigil for him, not bickering over who will take his place. You betray him by behaving like this. He always expected the best from his senior warriors. I believe what the ThunderClan cats tell us. This was Tallstar's choice, and you must accept it."
―Barkface to his Clanmates Starlight, page 130
Like the rest of WindClan, Barkface is extremely weak and hungry, and snaps at Mothwing when she sniffs a dead rabbit. He explains how Twolegs have been poisoning WindClan's prey and slowly starving and killing his Clanmates. During the Great Journey, he tends to Tallstar who is very frail. At their new home, Barkface realizes that his friend is dying and fetches Firestar, Brambleclaw and Onewhisker at Tallstar's request. He is surprised to hear that Tallstar made Onewhisker deputy before he died, but supports his old friend's choice. When Leafpaw discovers the Moonpool, Barkface goes with Onewhisker for his leadership ceremony. He mourns Cinderpelt's death, but is confident Leafpool would do well without her.

Power of Three

"It doesn't look as if Littlecloud is coming. I thought he at least would stay faithful to StarClan."
―Barkface about Littlecloud when ShadowClan stops believing in StarClan Long Shadows, page 61
Barkface has taken on an apprentice, Kestrelpaw. WindClan suffers a bought of greencough, and Barkface sends a request to ThunderClan for some extra catmint. He's confident Morningflower would recover, but Jaypaw is doubtful of his tone. He listens in on Barkface's dreams and discovers Tallstar warning Barkface of dogs threatening the Clan. After the other Clan leaders threaten Firestar to get rid of Sol, Barkface voices his sympathy for Firestar having to make a difficult decision and insists the other medicine cats shouldn't voice their opinion about Sol.

Omen of the Stars

"You must trust in your ancestors, not in other Clans. The past will be your strength, not the present."
―Barkface to Kestrelflight Night Whispers, page 153
Sometime between the two arcs, Barkface has died and leaving Kestrelflight as the Clan's sole medicine cat. He visits Kestrelflight in his dreams and introduces Daisytail to him. They both try to convince Kestrelflight to break off his friendships with the other medicine cats and Clans so WindClan could stand alone in the coming battle. Barkface especially warns him of betrayal from his friends.

Super Editions

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In Tallstar's Revenge, Barkkit is born to Redclaw and Brackenwing alongside his brother Shrewkit. He befriends Tallkit, their denmate, and tries to ease his brother's harsh words to Tallkit. After removing a thorn from Tallkit's paw, Barkkit insists he wants to train as a medicine cat, though Tallkit couldn't imagine having Hawkheart as a mentor. He becomes Barkpaw, and he and Tallpaw continue their friendship through their adulthood. When Talltail struggles to fit into Clan life and longs to find Sparrow who he believed killed his father, Barkface discovers a tuft of Talltail's fur blowing away in the wind. Barkface believes this meant Talltail's destiny lies outside the Clans, and he wishes his friend well. He is delighted when his friend returns, and serves as Tallstar's medicine cat.

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Brackenwing:[11] Deceased verified StarClan member


Redclaw:[12] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Shrewclaw:[10] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Tornear:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Mudclaw:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Redclaw ♂Brackenwing ♀Mistmouse ♀Hareflight ♂
Barkface ♂Shrewclaw ♂Ryestalk ♀Doespring ♀Stagleap ♂Wrenflight ♀
Mudclaw ♂Tornear ♂Morningflower ♀Ashfoot ♀Onestar ♂
Gorsepaw ♂Crowfeather ♂Unnamed kitsDarktail ♂Unnamed kits
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    = Gender Unknown





The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.


"Fireheart could see from the worried look in the leader's eyes that Barkface's warning had disturbed him more than his confident words suggested."
―Tallstar's reaction to Barkface's prophecy Fire and Ice, page 77

"Sometimes I think StarClan wants every one of us to join them, and not even a kit left to keep the warrior code alive."
―Barkface about his Clan starving Moonrise, page 165

Barkface: "Twolegs have done something bad to the rabbits in the territory. They all die. And if cats eat them, they die too. We have lost half our elders and nearly all of our apprentices."
Mudfur: "And you couldn't help them?"
Barkface: "Do you think I didn't try? I gave them yarrow to make them sick, just as we do for deathberries. Two of the strongest pulled through, but most of them died. What hope is there for us when even our prey can kill us?"
—Barkface talking about the sickness in WindClan Moonrise, pages 166-167

"He said what? I can understand what he said was a shock, but you can't do anything about it. If that's what Tallstar wanted, it means that you're Clan leader in the sight of StarClan."
―Barkface to Onewhisker upon hearing Tallstar made him deputy Starlight, page 121

Barkface: "Everything is changing. WindClan's greatest battle is coming. We cannot let the treachery of other Clans sap our strengths."
Daisytail: "We must stand alone."
Barkface: "You must trust in your ancestors, not in other Clans. The past will be your strength, not the present."
—Barkface and Daisytail to Kestrelflight Night Whispers, page 153

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