"As I wake up, the sounds come back to me. The cows and chickens... The Twolegs... The creak of the barn's wooden walls... I'm home again! I'm home, and Barley is here with me, and everything is right in the world."
Ravenpaw after reclaiming the Barn from BloodClan in Ravenpaw's Path, page 238

Barley's farm, known as Windover Farm to Twolegs, is a Twoleg nest that Barley calls home, at the edge of WindClan territory in the forest territories.[3] While both Barley and Ravenpaw call the farm home, the place is used by their close friends and the Clans alike as a place for refuge and resting.[2][4]


Barley's farm is located on the edge of WindClan's moorlands in the forest territories.[3] The structure is large, supporting an area full of haylofts and an undercover area where cows, sheep, and other animals are kept. To the side of the barn is a Twoleg nest, where a pair of elderly Twolegs also live at the barn and often leave food for cats that live within their barn.[5] However, most cats that call the barn home, enjoy hunting the plentiful mice that also live there.[6]
Barley is the main inhabitant of the farm, but, over the moons, the farm has seen other cats come and go.[7] Barley's farm is often used as a place for ThunderClan cats to rest on their journey to Highstones and for as a place for cats to seek shelter in times of trouble.[2][4] Medicine cats are also known to sometimes stop on their way to share tongues with StarClan, however, not that often.[8]

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The Prophecies Begin

"I don't know about that. All I want is a quiet life—but I won't get it until BloodClan is dealt with."
―Barley to Firestar The Darkest Hour, page chapter 24
Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Firepaw, and, Graypaw journey to Highstones to share tongues with StarClan. Along the way, they meet Barley, who Bluestar explains lives in the farm owned by the Twolegs.[1] Firepaw, upon learning of Tigerclaw's plans to kill Ravenpaw, decides it is best for his friend to seek refuge with the loner,[22] and is glad to learn that in the moons following, he is thriving in his new home.[17]
Fireheart and Graystripe becomes a frequent visitors to the farm. The pair of warriors, after finding WindClan, seek shelter from their friends at the barn to allow the Clan to rest before returning to the territories.[2] Fireheart also returns to the barn a lot as he uncovers the truth behind Redtail's death from Ravenpaw.[23] In the following moons, after Fireheart receives his nine lives, and new name, Firestar, he catches up with Ravenpaw and Barley.[24] Barley, prior to the impending battle against BloodClan, reveals his past before he took up residence at the barn.[25] After the Clans win the fight, Barley and Ravenpaw return home to their barn and Barley offers Firestar the invitation to visit them anytime he journeys to Highstones.[26]

The New Prophecy

"This many cats will never fit into the barn. The Twolegs would have a fit when they came to get straw for the cows."
―Barley to Firestar Dawn, page 246
The journeying cats shelter at Barley's farm before they leave the territories,[27] and after the destruction of the forest begins, all four Clans seek shelter at the farm belonging to Barley and Ravenpaw. However, Barley points out that the large group of cats won't fit in the single barn, and Ravenpaw instead suggests they stay at the broken nest that some had stayed at previously.[28]

Ravenpaw's Path

"He's right. I guess I was afraid to believe it, but he's right. We're as strong as a Clan, the two of us. And this territory is ours. All our own."
―Ravenpaw Ravenpaw's Path, page 260
Following the battle against BloodClan, Ravenpaw and Barley return to their usual barn life.[29] However, a group of strangers, led by a tom named Willie, soon arrive, seeking shelter.[18] They soon leave, thanking the two tom's for their hospitality.[30] Shortly after, a fire destroys the farm, sending both Ravenpaw and Barley to sleep elsewhere while the den is fixed.[31] They later find Willie and his cats causing trouble by hunting the farm animals.[32] The intruders, who are revealed to belong to BloodClan, fight the two toms off,[33] leading to the pair seek out help from their ThunderClan friends.[34]
Firestar and a patrol of his best warriors,[35] arrive at the barn with Barley and Ravenpaw. There, they devise a plan to drive the intruding BloodClan cats.[36][37] After defeating Willie, Barley allows his brothers, Hoot and Jumper, to stay with him and Ravenpaw at the barn.[38] The brothers cause trouble though,[39] so Barley chases the two toms off and both him and Ravenpaw return to their usual routine and lives at the barn.[40]

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