Barley's farm, known as Windover Farm to Twolegs, is a Twoleg nest that Barley calls home, at the edge of WindClan territory in the forest territories.[3]


Barley's farm is located on the edge of WindClan's moorlands in the forest territories.[3] The structure is large, supporting an area full of haylofts and an undercover area where cows, sheep, and other animals are kept. To the side of the barn is a Twoleg nest, where a pair of elderly Twolegs also live at the barn and often leave food for cats that live within their barn.[4] However, most cats that call the barn home, enjoy hunting the plentiful mice that also live there.[5]
Barley is the main inhabitant of the farm, but, over the moons, the farm has seen other cats come and go.[6] Barley's farm is often used as a place for ThunderClan cats to rest on their journey to Highstones and for as a place for cats to seek shelter in times of trouble.[2][7]

Book Appearances

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Firepaw, Graypaw, Ravenpaw, Tigerclaw, and Bluestar, journey back from the Moonstone, a loner appears. Bluestar introduces him as Barley to the apprentices and explains he lives near the Twoleg nest nearby. The older cats make brief conversation as Barley warns them that the Twoleg unties his dogs of a night.
Later on, in order to escape Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw escapes ThunderClan and goes to seek shelter at Barley's farm with the tom.

Fire and Ice

Fireheart reveals to Bluestar that Ravenpaw isn't dead like he had led the Clan to believe, but that he and Graystripe had told him to seek shelter at Barley's farm. When the two warriors are sent to find WindClan, they pass by the farm on their way and then return with the lost Clan to rest in an abandoned Twoleg nest nearby. Barley and Ravenpaw welcome the tired Clan cats to the farm, allowing them to hunt and rest from their journey. While there, Barkface receives a prophecy about a death that would occur that day.

Forest of Secrets

Fireheart and Graystripe travel to Barley's farm in order to speak with Ravenpaw about Redtail's death, and the battle at Sunningrocks.

Rising Storm

Ravenpaw encounters Fireheart, Sandstorm, and Brightpaw, while the ThunderClan cats are hunting. The loner tells his friend that a cat smelling of ThunderClan had come to live near the farm. Fireheart realises that its Cloudpaw, and has Ravenpaw take him and Sandstorm to see the young white cat.

A Dangerous Path

Fireheart mentions the farm to Tallstar and Onewhisker in passing, to pass a message to Ravenpaw who lives there.

The Darkest Hour

Fireheart and Cinderpelt pass by the farm on their way to Highstones and on the return journey, stop there to rest. The two ThunderClan cats catch up with Barley and Ravenpaw, Firestar introducing Cinderpelt to them both. Firestar also catches the pair up on what had happened in the Clan, including Bluestar's death and ShadowClan's new leader, Tigerstar.
Barley reveals his past with BloodClan to Firestar. He mentions that he had escaped the Twolegplace cats and sought shelter at the barn instead, finding the lifestyle more suitable for himself. On the eve of the battle, Firestar tells Speckletail to take the kits and elders away from the territories if BloodClan enters ThunderClan camp. He mentions to the elderly queen to cross the river and to head for the farm.
Following the battle, Firestar thanks Barley and Ravenpaw for fighting with the Clans against BloodClan. Barley accepts the thanks and tells the ThunderClan leader that he is welcome to visit them at the farm anytime on the way to Highstones.

In The New Prophecy arc


The journeying cats shelter at Barley's farm before they leave the territories. Brambleclaw speaks about his dream of the sun-drown-place, thinking it silly as he expects Ravenpaw to doubt him. However, the loner tells him that is real and that passing rogues had spoken of the saltwater and cliffs.


As the Clans begin to leave the territory, they stop first at Barley's farm. Ravenpaw and Barley greet the large number of cats, catching up with Firestar in the process. Firestar explains to the loners that Twolegs had begun to destroy the forest with their monsters, and that the Clans had begun to starve. At the comment, Ravenpaw offers the barn to them all, but Barley warns his companion that the Twolegs' would have a fit if they saw this many cats. Instead, the Clans seek shelter at the nearby abandoned Twoleg nest before departing the following morning.


Brambleclaw recalls Ravenpaw, Barley, and their barn when and his companions meet Smoky and Daisy at the Horseplace.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Darkest Night

Violetpaw and a patrol leave the the territory to find the lost SkyClan cats. Hawkwing leads them to Barley's farm where they meet Barley, who welcomes them and allows them to rest before they leave.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight is brought to the farm by Cow and Mouse, after saving the she-cat from dogs. The white she-cat is intrigued by the barn as she led by the two cats, who explain foreign words to her. The three cats chat as Micah soon joins them, having outrun the dog, making Cow comment that the dog must be new to the farm.

Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedkit arrives at the barn after running away from RiverClan. After trying to catch a mouse, he is met by Fleck, who lives there with his sister, Mitzi, and her kits, Soot, Mist, Magpie and Piper. Crookedkit becomes well acquainted with the family and learns of a cat named Domino, who had also broken his jaw. Fleck recalls that he had learnt to hunt and eat with the side of his jaw, and soon passes on the knowledge to the RiverClan cat.
As the young tom spends time on the farm, he soon learns that he should return back to the Clans. However, before he returns home, he saves Mitzi's kits from a farm monster after it begins cutting the corn in the fields. Many moons later, Crookedjaw and Brambleberry pass by the farm on their way to Highstones.

Bluestar's Prophecy

At a Gathering, WindClan reports increasing their patrols to remind the barn cats to stay off of their territory.

Yellowfang's Secret

As the medicine cats gather at Highstones, they trek through the farm on their way there. A young black-and-white tom watches them as do and Hawkheart greets him by his name, Barley. Barley offers them the chance to hunt in the barn, but Featherwhikser politely declines him, suggesting that they might on their return trip.

Firestar's Quest

Firestar passes Barley's farm on his way to the Moonstone, having to politely decline Ravenpaw and Barley's offers to hunt. He does, however, rest in the haylofts and briefly talks to his former Clanmate about his reason to talk to StarClan.
Later on, Firestar and Sandstorm pass by the barn on the beginning of their journey. The leader fights the urge to stop in and catch up with their friends but knows if he does they'll question him. At thegorge, Firestar spots a Twoleg nest that reminds him of Barley's farm.

Hawkwing's Journey

The journeying SkyClan cats find Barley's farm, Rileypool and Bellaleaf excited at the fact of seeing their kin once again. The two siblings race ahead of their Clan and greet Barley at the farm, who is equally excited to see them. Barley soon realises that the other SkyClan cats are there and invites them into the barn after Leafstar asks permission. While there, Barley allows the Clan to hunt and gives them information about the Clans and where they had moved too.

Graystripe's Vow

Graystripe reflects on his age, noting that when he was Flywhisker and Snaptooth's age, he hadn't left ThunderClan's territory much, save for the occasional trip to Twolegplace or Barley's farm. When the elder arrives at Highstones he spots the rooftops of Barley's farm, and with fondness thinks that he would love to see the tom again. He recalls with pain in his chest that Ravenpaw, Barley's companion at the farm had also passed away.
When Graystripe meets Monkeystar and the cats of WarriorClan, they take him to Barley's farm. Upon arriving, Graystripe notes that the barn still looks the same as it did when he first saw it as an apprentice. He, Fang, and the WarriorClan cats stay at the barn for a few days before leaving to save the trapped cats in the Twoleg den.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Ravenpaw and Barley spend their morning in the barn, the former commenting to the other about the holes in the roof after he gets rained on. Barley after teasing his partner, suggests they go for a walk through the forest. The two do so and after an eventful day, return home to their barn.
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Pebbleshine's Kits

Pebbleshine sees a Twoleg barn in the distance and wonders if it is like the barn Barley lives in.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

After the BloodClan battle, Ravenpaw and Barley live peacefully on the farm. Some unexpected visitors come by, and explain they need shelter. Willie makes sure his mate, Minty is all right before touring through the barn with Tess, Snapper, and Pounce. Soon, Minty has kits, and she names them Sniff, Cloudy, Snowflake, and Icicle. Barley isn't happy with the visitors, and is scared after he sees Snapper teaching the kits killing blows.
When the farm burns down, Ravenpaw and Barley help the dogs escape, and later return to living in the barn. However, Willie and the other rogues are hunting chickens and claim that the barn is theirs now. Later, Ravenpaw nearly dies being attacked by the rogues, but Minty stops them, and all her kits that loved Ravenpaw look scared.

A Clan in Need

After Barley and Ravenpaw go to the Moonstone they pass by the farm and see the rogues patrolling the border. Ravenpaw tells Barley that they'll get the barn back.

The Heart of a Warrior

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In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

Warrior's Return

When Graystripe and Millie return to the Forest after their travel, they end up at the barn and ask where the Clans went. Ravenpaw explains that they have left the Forest. This is the last time the farm appears in the books.


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