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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Barley is a loner living in the barn, when Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw travel back from the Moonstone. Barley greets them warmly and is seen as one of Bluestar's good friends. Tigerclaw seems suspicious, asking him many questions. Barley tells the patrol that there are dogs out, and that they should go the other way. They do, but end up being attacked by rats. Tigerclaw believes that Barley has sent them into a trap. Before any cats are injured, Barley shows up and helps fight them off, flinging them into a ditch. As Bluestar is attacked, Barley runs over and tries to save her, but Bluestar loses a life in the process. Barley stands over her, grieving for her. Tigerclaw pins him down, hissing about him killing Bluestar. Firepaw saves him and tells Barley to go now, as Tigerclaw won't be calmed. Afterwards, when Bluestar says that she would've been eaten alive by the rats if Tigerclaw hadn't saved her, Firepaw tells her that it was Barley who saved her, not Tigerclaw, and that Tigerclaw sent Barley away because he was suspicious of him.
Later on, Firepaw decides that Ravenpaw is no longer safe in ThunderClan. Tigerclaw plots to kill him, as the black apprentice knows that Tigerclaw killed Redtail. Firepaw goes on a quest with Ravenpaw to find Barley. Firepaw thinks they are lost, but Ravenpaw says he knows the way. Soon they are in Barley's barn, and Barley agrees to take him in.

Fire and Ice

When Fireheart and Graystripe take WindClan back to their territory, they have to stop for the night. Fireheart offers to find Ravenpaw who might help shelter them. Ravenpaw agrees and goes to Barley, who can help them. When Barley comes and sees the wet cats, he immediately takes them to the barn in concern. One of the WindClan elders mutters that it's Twoleg barn, but Barley says that Twolegs never come there anymore. Barley allows WindClan to stay in his barn while they were on their way back to the forest. Fireheart apologizes for the crowd of cats, to which Barley responds that it's no trouble. He supplies them with food and shelter, but it is obvious that he is uncomfortable with so many cats, as he is used to living with only one cat- Ravenpaw. Fireheart asks Ravenpaw how he found Barley after Fireheart and Graystripe got him to safety and Ravenpaw tells him the story, also mentioning that Barley's been great and he likes having him around.

Forest of Secrets

He appears in Fireheart's thoughts when he is reminiscing about Ravenpaw. Fireheart mentions that he left them to live in an abandoned barn with Barley. Later, when Fireheart and Graystripe want to speak with Ravenpaw about the murderer of Redtail, they hear a dog barking in the distance. Fireheart keep going cautiously, remembering that the dogs were always chained up near night. When they get to the barn, Barley invites Fireheart and Graystripe in. He comments that what they want to say must be very important, as they have traveled along the moors in that weather. He leaves them to talking and says that they should feel free to hunt, as there's plenty of mice. Ravenpaw agrees, and lets them eat first.

Rising Storm

He is mentioned when Ravenpaw tells Fireheart that a cat smelling of ThunderClan, who was actually Cloudpaw, had moved into a Twoleg nest near his territory.

The Darkest Hour

Firestar stops on his way back from getting his nine lives, for food and shelter. After Barley hears about BloodClan's demands, he and Ravenpaw volunteer to fight alongside the Clans, pointing out, if the Clans lost, BloodClan would eventually find them, too.
Later, it is revealed that Barley was once a member of BloodClan, and because of this, he is able to tell Firestar of Scourge's greatest weakness; the BloodClan leader doesn't believe in StarClan. This means that he doesn't have the nine lives of a true leader, so they only have to kill him once.
During the actual battle with BloodClan, Barley is seen fighting alongside Ravenpaw, against two identical BloodClan toms. When one of them recognizes him, and accuses him of being scared of Scourge, Barley responds that at least he was courageous enough to leave.

In The New Prophecy arc


When Brambleclaw, Crowpaw, Feathertail, Squirrelpaw, Stormfur, and Tawnypelt are journeying to the sun-drown-place, Barley and Ravenpaw allow them to stay the night in their barn. They supply the six cats with food and shelter, and tell them about the sun-drown-place. They tell them that it is like a river with only one bank and more water than can ever be imagined. It is noted by Brambleclaw that Barley looks very uncomfortable with all the cats around and Ravenpaw does all the talking.


When the Clans set out for a new home and come to the barn, Barley remarks that the Clan cats look half-starved and must stay for the night. In reply to when Firestar asks how the prey is running, he remarks that it's better for him than the Clans. He points out that all of the cats would never fit into the barn and that the Twolegs would throw a fit when they saw all those cats, and suggests to them that they stay the night in an old, broken Twoleg nest near the farm. Barley and Ravenpaw also lead the warriors to the best places to hunt in the barn, gesturing to a few corners and capturing mice. He is not seen anymore after this.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Darkest Night

While searching for lost Clanmates, Violetpaw sees a black-and-white tom standing over some stone. The cat yowls happily, and calls to Hawkwing. Hawkwing breaks into a run, revealing the cat as Barley, and the deputy purrs loudly.
Barley greets the patrol. He asks if Violetpaw is Hawkwing's kit; after Hawkwing answers, Barley notes that they have the same eyes and thoughtful expression. Cherrytail and Cloudmist join them and as they talk, Barley asks Violetpaw if she's eaten, and wonders if Molewhisker is a new member of SkyClan. Eye flashing warmly, he asks the ThunderClan tom if he'd like to help him hunt while the others share news. Barley and Molewhisker manage to catch enough rats for everyone.
They return to the barn after rescuing Frecklewish and Barley is said to have organized hunting patrols.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Although not named, Moth Flight receives a vision and sees Tigerclaw slamming his forepaws into Barley as they fight and the loner struggles desperately. Moth Flight tries to ask the fighting toms why they are not helping Bluestar as she is dying, but they do not seem to hear her.

Yellowfang's Secret

Barley is seen by the group of medicine cats traveling to the Moonstone. He's mentioned as having moved into the barn recently, and is somewhat friendly to the Clan cats. He watches the group from the top of a wall, and Hawkheart asks if he's settling in okay, to which Barley responds that the barn is crawling with mice and they could stop and eat if they'd like. Featherwhisker politely refuses him, saying they didn't have the time, but tells the loner that they might stop by on the way back.

Firestar's Quest

Barley appears when Firestar decides to visit the Moonstone after the Gathering, and goes to visit the barn. He is delighted to see him, along with Ravenpaw. He offers him food and shelter, but Firestar declines, saying that he was just passing through and that on the way to the Moonstone, he's not allowed to eat. Later, Barley walks out of the barn to give Firestar and Ravenpaw privacy. He gives Firestar a friendly nod as he goes outside. The next day, Firestar says a quick good-bye to both Ravenpaw and Barley and parts from them.

Hawkwing's Journey

When the idea of leaving their territory first is brought up in SkyClan, Echosong meows that they can seek out the help of Barley. Rileypaw and Bellapaw are quick to agree that their uncle will help. Much later, the two cats continue to insist they seek the black-and-white tom, commenting that he's trustworthy. After SkyClan is driven out of their territory by rogues, the Clan agrees that their first move is to find Barley, as he will know where the other Clans have gone. The cats set out, and although they are a bit dubious about how long it will take to reach the loner, however, they soon reach his barn.
As they arrive, Bellaleaf and Rileypool break away and race to the barn, calling out Barley's name. The tom greets them warmly, and invites all the cats inside after hearing their story. He meows that he is sorry that this has happened to them, and offers to point them in the direction Firestar went. Barley says that he doesn't know much more than that, since the days when he and Ravenpaw lived beside the Clans have long past. The black-and-white tom then tells Leafstar that her cats may hunt wherever, as there is plenty for everyone. Later that night, Barley talks with the SkyClan leader and Waspwhisker, telling them it'll be quite hard to find ThunderClan. Leafstar insists that StarClan will guide them, but the barn cat simply grunts.
The next morning, Barley points them in the direction that the other Clans went. Leafstar responds that it's a good start, and thanks the loner for his help. Cherrytail and Cloudmist choose to stay with the tom, though many protest at first. The cats bid their farewell, and leave the black-and-white tom, along with the two she-cats, sitting outside the barn.
Many moons after, when Sandynose and Fallowfern find their way back to SkyClan, the tom recounts how they'd seen Barley and Cherrytail faring well at his barn.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Barley interrupts Ravenpaw's sleeping, grumbling near his ear that he was getting wet. He jabs Ravenpaw's flank, standing over Ravenpaw. He teases Ravenpaw, telling him to not be such a grouch. He asked him if he wanted Barley to climb over the whole roof every night before he slept just to make sure he wouldn't get wet.
He pats the hay where he lies, telling him to come over where it was dry. He pricks his ears, asking Ravenpaw if he was okay. After Ravenpaw blames his belly pain on a mouse Barley caught, he squints up at the gap in the roof. He meows that he did not think the rain would last long. He offers Ravenpaw a walk to the forest that day once the weather lets up. He continues to say they had not been there in moons.
He and Ravenpaw spring down the stacked hay to where Barley hid the remains of a caught pigeon from the day before. Barley's gaze bores into Ravenpaw's pelt when he picks at the wing without hunger. He finishes cleaning his whiskers, and the two slip through a hole in the barn. They pad through the long grass that grew outside the barn.
Barley pauses at the edge of a stretch of pale stone. He leads the way, his big paws leaving prints in the damp earth. Barley bounds after Ravenpaw, telling him that they'd check if the tunnels were flooded. Taking a deep breath, Barley plunges into. On the other side, he is almost knocked by Ravenpaw, who bursts out in a run. Ravenpaw hears Barley growl as a gust of wind almost knocks him off his paws. He follows Ravenpaw through some bracken, and when Ravenpaw almost falls into the ravine, Barley blocks his path with his shoulder.
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Pebbleshine's Kits

When Pebbleshine sees a barn in the distance, she compares it to Barley's barn, and wonders if there will be delicious mice there like the loner's barn.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

When Ravenpaw talks about his other life, he mentions Barley several times, such as when he mentions that they both fought in the battle against BloodClan.
Barley admires Ravenpaw's hunting crouch and asks him about warrior life. It starts to snow so they go back to the barn. While going back to the barn, Ravenpaw gawks at the snow for a while and Barley compliments on the snow brightly. When Ravenpaw gets his tongue stuck on the ice, he notices that he's speaking funnily. Barley jokingly asks if he's sure, but Ravenpaw objects, telling him to eat his mouse. Barley drops the subject.
That night, Willie and his gang comes and when Ravenpaw and Barley are sleeping. Ravenpaw welcomes the band of rogues into the barn and Barley brings them fresh-kill. Right after Minty gives birth, Ravenpaw is amazed with the kits, and Barley walks away from the cats, distrusting them.
Barley tells Ravenpaw that he needs to talk to him, and he says that there's something about those cats that isn't right. Ravenpaw protests, saying that the cats are their friends, and that they should help them. Later, Barley sees Snapper teaching the kits how to practice killing blows on mice. He is horrified, and quickly takes up the subject with Ravenpaw. He pleads Ravenpaw to tell them to go. Ravenpaw disagrees, and says that they aren't doing anything wrong. He says that Snapper was probably trying to tire them out so that they'd sleep better. Ravenpaw walks away, and Barley is left feeling discouraged.
Later, Barley walks in on Snapper and Willie talking about their old territory, and how they had a plan to get a new one. Barley is now wary of these cats and openly mistrusts them. After a while, the gang says that they have to leave and that they can't stay there forever. They walk away, and Ravenpaw is sad, thinking the barn looks empty now. Barley is elated, and says it's nice to have it back the old way. Barley comments on how the cats made a big mess, and he can finally start cleaning up. Ravenpaw says that they left because Barley was never nice to them. Barley objects, saying that Ravenpaw was too trusting, and how Ravenpaw wished he were a Clan cat again. Ravenpaw says that he never fit in with the clan, but Barley asks him if he fits in the barn, which upsets Ravenpaw.
When the two are sleeping, a spark goes astray, and the barn is about to catch on fire. Barley immediately wakes Ravenpaw up, saving his life, and they both escape the fire. Ravenpaw then wants to save the dogs, but Barley asks if he is crazy. Ravenpaw races off and Barley rushes after him, commenting that he must be crazy, too. They both help the dogs escape, and go into the Twoleg nest. After the fire is gone, Barley is the first to notice that the barn is in ruins. The two cats are discouraged, and they go to sleep in the cow den, exhausted.
Almost all the prey is now gone, and Ravenpaw and Barley go outside looking for more. Seeing a dead rabbit, they stop and wonder who did it. As they head back to the barn, Barley recognizes a familiar scent, but then says it's nothing. They go back inside, and hear a strange sound. Following the sound, they meet up with Willie and the gang. They race down and find the cats killing the chickens. Willie kills the chicks and Ravenpaw now knows that Barley was right the whole time. They try to save them, but the rogues run away, and Barley tells Ravenpaw that the chicks are dead. The Twoleg walks in, and thinks that they killed the chickens. He chases them out, and they find Willie and the rogues waiting outside. The rogues say that this is their home now, and reveal that they were from BloodClan. Ravenpaw and Barley try to fight them, but they are outnumbered, and forced to leave.
They walk off to Highstones, and Barley comments that he's never been so wet and cold before. Ravenpaw tells him to hang in there, and that they are almost at the Moonstone. At the Moonstone, they both sleep, and Ravenpaw has a dream in which StarClan appears, and tells him that ThunderClan will help them. Ravenpaw quickly wakes Barley up, and says that they are now going to ThunderClan.

A Clan in Need

Barley has a bad dream about his time in BloodClan. He sees the moment when his cruel brothers, Snake and Ice, try to kill his sister, Violet, when they are ordered to by Scourge. He wakes up right before his sister is horribly clawed. Ravenpaw asks if he's alright, and Barley assures him it was just a dream. He asks if it was the one about Violet, and Barley admits that it was. Ravenpaw then tells him everything's fine, because he's awake now, and Violet is safe. He then says it is time to go. Barley doesn't seem as positive as Ravenpaw that ThunderClan will help them get their home back, but Ravenpaw insists that they go to ThunderClan for help. Finally, Barley gives in.
While traveling to ThunderClan, they run into some WindClan cats, who circle around them. Ravenpaw tells Barley to stay calm, and that they'll be fine. A cat calls them rogues, and accuses them of stealing their kit. Mudclaw is there, and recognizes the two loners. Mudclaw then explains to the others that Ravenpaw and Barley aren't enemies. Ravenpaw then asks if a kit is missing, and Mudclaw tells them yes. He says Crowkit, a dark gray kit, has gone missing. They then tell them they're going to ThunderClan, and will keep an eye out for the missing kit. They then find him at Fourtrees, and ask what he is doing. He replies saying that he wants to see what it would be like to be leader, but he can't climb the rock. Ravenpaw tells him that his Clan is all worried sick about him. Crowkit says they never take notice of him. Barley then says they will now, thanks to him wandering off. They go back to WindClan to take back Crowkit, and find Dustpelt accusing the WindClan cats of crossing the ThunderClan border. Mudclaw refuses, and then says that ThunderClan stole Crowkit. Barley remarks that Clan cats seem to do nothing else but argue and fight. They then end the argument, by telling WindClan they have found Crowkit.
They then follow the ThunderClan cats back to their camp, telling them they need to visit Firestar. Dustpelt is reluctant at first, but soon gives in. The two get to ThunderClan, and Barley is relieved to find that they are warmly welcomed by the ThunderClan cats. Brightheart then tells them she'll fetch Firestar for them. Two kits then curiously ask who Ravenpaw and Barley are. Sandstorm then tells the kits that they are rogues, but the best kind of rogues, and they helped ThunderClan when they needed it the most. Ravenpaw is startled and pleased to say Firestar and Sandstorm now have kits. Firestar then comes, and remarks it seemed like only yesterday they, too, were that young. Ravenpaw is pleased to see him, however Barley shows a look of suspicion.
They ask for help, but Firestar reluctantly says that he'll think about it. Later, many warriors get ambushed by the rogues of former BloodClan. Ravenpaw is shocked, and asks if this is why he can't send help to the barn. Firestar admits yes, and says that they are still welcome to stay as long as they like. Ravenpaw offers to be on hunting patrols, and tells Barley to wake up. Barley, who is used to getting up whenever he feels like it, says that he wants some more sleep, but Ravenpaw yells at him, and he jumps up.
During the patrol, another group of BloodClan cats ambush the patrol to get the fresh-kill ThunderClan had caught. The cats are forced to fight, and Barley jumps in, helping. During the fight, a cat with a torn ear recognizes Barley, and calls out to him. Barley ignores him and continues fighting. However, Ravenpaw and Graystripe notice his strange behavior. The rogues run away, and Graystripe asks if he knew those cats. Barley objects, and as they get back to the camp, he walks away. Ravenpaw corners him, and asks if he knew those cats. Barley stands up and says that part of his life is over, and he's not going to talk about it anymore. Firestar then comes and asks if he knew where those cats live, but Barley bursts out that he doesn't know, and he's not going to help them.
The Clan is full of hungry kits and warriors now, but Barley pretends not to hear them. When a group of rogues hurts Sorrelpaw, Barley is determined to help them. They bring her to help, and Rainpaw is concerned about his sister's safety. Barley admits that they tried to kill his sister, too, and that he can't stand this. He will now go help Firestar. That night, everyone hears what Barley has to say. Barley identifies Snipe in the patrol, and reveals all he knows about BloodClan. Ravenpaw asks if Violet might want to help them, and Barley reluctantly admits that Violet wouldn't want anyone to suffer if she could do something about it.
Barley goes to find Violet alongside Ravenpaw. He asks her if she knows about what's going on, and she tells him that she's heard rumors of ex-BloodClan cats banding together again. They find out where the BloodClan cats are, and Barley, Violet, and Ravenpaw head back to the ThunderClan camp, after Violet convinces Barley to let her come with them. A patrol of ThunderClan cats, Barley, Violet, and Ravenpaw go to where the BloodClan cats live. When Snake and Ice are about to attack Violet, Barley jumps in and fights them, prompting the rest of the patrol to attack. After they beat the rogues, Barley and Violet pin their brothers down, causing them to break down and say that they are kin, and Barley wouldn't hurt his old littermates. But Barley doesn't take it, causing Hoot and Jumper to blame the rogues for the prey-stealing. When the rogues turn on Hoot and Jumper, they beg Barley to protect them. Barley tells them to just go away.
After the rogues leave, Barley takes Violet back to her home, then returns to ThunderClan. Ravenpaw says that next, they go back to the farm and fight the rogues. Barley says that he thought Ravenpaw wanted to stay here, because he was such a great warrior tonight, but Ravenpaw tells Barley that he's his best friend, and the barn belongs to them, not the rogues.

The Heart of a Warrior

Barley is first seen waking up in the ThunderClan camp, when Firestar starts to send out a patrol to help Ravenpaw and Barley at the barn. Barley wakes up, and says he's rather they leave quietly, as he is not one for farewells. They are about to leave when Squirrelkit and Leafkit say they want to come too. Squirrelkit causes a huge ruckus, sending dust flying, and the whole Clan wakes up. The cats then realize that Ravenpaw and Barley are leaving, and they start to say goodbye. Ravenpaw thinks he is doing really well with all the attention.
As they leave, they meet WindClan, and Deadfoot steps up to wish them good luck and tells Ravenpaw and Barley that they deserve their barn back. When they get to the farm, Barley notices that there is now an abandoned cowshed, and they can sleep there for the night. Firestar starts to make plans, and he asks Ravenpaw and Barley if the dogs will make too much noise. Barley responds by saying that the dogs are heavy sleepers, and can be avoided. Firestar also asks about the chickens, but Barley tells him that the chickens have always liked Ravenpaw and Barley; they wouldn't make too much noise. As they rest, Barley has another dream about Violet, and this makes Ravenpaw want to help him even more.
That night, they attack the barn, and Barley participates in the fighting. Soon, ThunderClan realizes that these aren't same cats as last time, as there's also BloodClan cats living there. There's too many to fight, and an angry Twoleg comes. The ThunderClan patrol scatters. When they get back to the cowshed, Barley panics, now knowing that his brothers, Hoot and Jumper, have followed BloodClan here. He is discouraged at the thought of having to fight his own kin, but Ravenpaw tries to cheer him up. The cats make plans again, and are ready to launch a second attack on the BloodClan cats.
Their plan involves climbing up through the hole in the roof, but when Barley and Ravenpaw get there, the hole has been mended since they last time they were here. Barley panics, and asks Ravenpaw what they should do. Ravenpaw responds that they have to make a new hole. They both succeed in making a new hole. The cats fight, Barley even fighting Hoot and Jumper, and they chase them out of the barn. However, Willie grins, as if this was part of his plan all along. New BloodClan cats start to arrive, and ThunderClan is circled by them. Firestar doesn't know what to do, but then the dogs start barking and they escape to help ThunderClan. They now fight alongside the dogs, and succeed in driving them out. Just when one of the dogs is about to attack Hoot and Jumper, they protest, saying that they didn't know it was Barley's place. Willie growls, saying they knew very well, but Barley steps forward, and says that even though they're weak, they are his brothers.
When Willie is driven out, Hoot and Jumper say they want to stay; if they go with him, Willie will kill them. They plead to Barley, saying that they are brothers. Barley doesn't know what to do, but Ravenpaw understands, and lets them stay with them in the barn. As Barley looks inside the barn, he asks if this is even the same place anymore. Ravenpaw assures him that they'll make it better. As they clean up the barn, Hoot and Jumper don't help at all, and Barley says he'll talk to them in the morning.
The next day, Hoot and Jumper try to make friends with Barley by bringing back all the times they had fun together. Ravenpaw notices how tired Barley is, and tells him to go outside to relax. He even offers to show his brothers the best places in the barn. He takes them everywhere, but Hoot and Jumper seem to want everything handed to them. After a while, Ravenpaw takes a nap, and Barley wakes him up. Barley tells him to look around the barn and see what's wrong. The whole barn is a mess, and Hoot and Jumper tell Barley that they were trying to catch a mouse, but it was too hard without someone to show them. Ravenpaw replies that he did show them, and that they're lying, but Hoot whispers in Barley's ear that Ravenpaw took a nap the whole day and made them collect everything. Barley stalks off, miffed about what Ravenpaw did.
That night, Barley goes out for a walk with Hoot and Jumper, and they come back laughing and joking, just like family. Hoot and Jumper tell Ravenpaw to catch a mouse for him, and to make a nest somewhere else. Ravenpaw agrees, but only for Barley. The next morning, as they all wake up, the brothers command Ravenpaw to catch mice for them. Ravenpaw sadly goes outside, but when he does, he hears a screech from inside. He runs back inside where he sees Barley yelling at his brothers to get out. They've been making too much trouble for Ravenpaw, and he doesn't want them living in the barn. The brothers protest, saying that they're his kin. Barley snarls that blood isn't everything; loyalty is everything, and Ravenpaw has been more loyal to him than they could ever be. His brothers say that they can still fight him, but Barley leaps over and scratches one of them, saying that they are kin, which means he can fight just as well as them. Hoot and Jumper then leave, and Ravenpaw says he didn't have to send them away for him. Barley replies that he didn't send them away for that; he sent them away because this is their home, and no one else belongs there. They both clean up the place, and Barley says he wants to show Ravenpaw something. He takes him up to the roof, and shows him the view. They're back home, and the territory is theirs again.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

Warrior's Return

Ravenpaw finds Graystripe, the former ThunderClan deputy, and his new friend, Millie, looking for the forest cats. Ravenpaw takes them to the barn where Barley stays, and calls out for him. Barley comes out of a corner, hostily asking who these cats are. Ravenpaw reassures him that they are his former friends. Barley is happy to see Graystripe, and says it's been a long time. Graystripe replies that it has, and that Barley looks well. Barley and Ravenpaw allow Graystripe and Millie to stay in their barn for the night. Barley hesitantly offers to catch a mouse for Millie, revealing his little crush for her. Millie says thanks, but she is perfectly capable to catch mice herself. In the morning, they point them the right way.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock explains how Ravenpaw came to live with Barley, then he tells the kits Barley's past. He was a member of BloodClan, but broke the rules, because he lived with his sister, Violet. His punishment was to watch his two brothers brutally attacking Violet without being able to stop them. Barley helped Violet become a kittypet so she could receive medical treatment from Twolegs, while he fled Twolegplace and moved to the farm.

The Ultimate Guide

Barley is mentioned by Ravenpaw in Brambleclaw's leadership ceremony. Ravenpaw mentions that he was so happy with Barley and misses him, though he still sees him in their barn, and he knows it won’t be long until Barley is with him once more. Brambleclaw comments that he remembers Barley, and that he must miss Ravenpaw too. Ravenpaw exclaims that he hopes so.
Barley again appears on his own page shared with Ravenpaw. Ravenpaw found peace, freedom, and a dearest friend in Barley. Barley was experienced in witnessing bloodshed. He was born in BloodClan. He insisted on living with his sister, Violet, despite Scourge's orders, and was forced to watch her receive a savage beating from his own brothers, Snake and Ice. Barley escaped to the farm and lived alone until Ravenpaw arrived. They helped the cats of the Clans over and over, helping fight against BloodClan and offering the Clans moons of prey before the Great Journey.
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