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Barley is a laid-back and friendly cat.[1] He welcomes travelers into his barn all the time, and will take care of them if they are sick or hungry.[2] However, he is willing to do anything for those he loves, and will defend them with tooth and claw if he has to.[1]



Barley and Ravenpaw are the best of friends. They enjoy life in the barn with each other, and Barley is devastated when Ravenpaw dies.[3] The two loners know that they belong with each other, and help one another through thick and thin. Even when they disagree sometimes, they always forgive each other,[1] and stay together until the very end.[3]


Barley is friendly with Fireheart, and lets him use the barn to shelter many times. [4] Barley decides to support Firestar in the battle with BloodClan, and he and Ravenpaw fight valiantly alongside LionClan.[5]


Barley is protective and caring of his sister, and shelters her in BloodClan by bringing her food in secret. However, they are discovered by Scourge, who orders Violet’s own brothers, Jumper and Hoot, to kill her. They do so without hesitation, and Violet is seriously wounded. Barley takes her to a Twoleg nest, hoping desperately that the Twoleg will heal her. They do, and Violet becomes a kittypet. Barley is relieved, and happy for Violet’s new life as a happy kittypet, out of danger from BloodClan’s rogues.[6]

Jumper and Hoot

Barley: "You worthless piles of manure! Do you think I’m blind? Do you think I’d let you treat Ravenpaw like that? This is his home too! You don’t belong here. GET OUT."
Jumper: "Buh-buh-but we’re your kin!"
Barley: "Blood isn’t everything. Loyalty is everything. And Ravenpaw has been more loyal to me than you could in a hundred lifetimes. Now go. Or do I have to make you?"
—Barley kicking his brothers out of the barn Ravenpaw's Path, pages 252-253
Barley couldn’t be more different from his brothers. They are all raised in BloodClan, but Jumper and Hoot become violent, bloody bruisers, loyal to Scourge. They are willing to do anything for Scourge, and even attempt to kill their own sister on his orders.[6] When BloodClan is disbanded, Jumper and Hoot rename themselves Snake and Ice, and attempt to rebuild BloodClan and become leaders. Ravenpaw, Barley, and ThunderClan put an end to these plans, and the rogues are disbanded for good. However, Jumper and Hoot use their kinship with Barley to persuade him to shelter them in his barn. Barley deals with them for a little while, but when they start ordering Ravenpaw around, he banishes them, telling them that he is not blind and that he knows how badly they’ve been treating his friend. Jumper and Hoot leave, never to be seen again.[1]

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