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"This camp is ours. If you want to take it, you'll have to take it by force."
Creek to Tigerstar in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 321

The battle against the Sisters was an event that took place in Squirrelflight's Hope. Bramblestar, Tigerstar, Harestar and Mistystar grew tired of the Sisters occupying territory and decided to force them out. However, Moonlight went into labor at the same time, resulting in the few members of the Sisters to fiercely protect their leader.

Squirrelflight and Leafpool tried to help the Sisters escape, but a when a rockslide occurs, the two sisters are nearly killed and briefly join StarClan, where Leafpool decides to willingly die and join their ranks, but Squirrelflight opts to remain in the world of the living. When the Clans win the battle, the leaders feel guilty for pressuring a battle when there were newborn kits present, and SkyClan briefly takes in the Sisters until they are fit to leave.



"We will wait to hear from StarClan. Until then, we must all be vigilant. Who knows when the Sisters will strike again? And next time it might cost a cat more than their hearing."
―Tigerstar reluctantly agreeing to hold off on attacks Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 10
The Sisters live in the land beyond the abandoned Twolegplace,[16] which the Clans want SkyClan to have.[17] Leafstar wants it as well, however, she is open to letting them stay for a moon or so.[18] After four of the Sisters encounter a ShadowClan patrol and shred Strikestone's ear, Tigerstar demands they be driven out.[17] Squirrelflight and Tree try to persuade Moonlight to leave, but she refuses to budge, despite being pregnant and in danger.[19] After being pressured, Leafstar allows the attack,[20] but does not participate.[21]
Just before the Clans warn the Sisters, Squirrelflight has a dream of a terrible battle. When she awakens, she finds her sister awake as well, with the sensation that something is wrong. At first Squirrelflight thinks the warning is about Sparkpelt's kits, but realizes that it could be about Moonlight's.[21] They rush off to the Sisters, finding Moonlight to be having difficult kitting. Leafpool helps her through the kitting, before Squirrelflight informs the Sisters that the Clans are on their way to try to get them to leave. After Moonlight's kitting is finished, Squirrelflight realizes the battle patrol is there.[22]
Cats from four of the five Clans are at the abandoned Twolegplace, asking to meet with Moonlight. Squirrelflight pleads for the Sisters to get out, or at the very least, get the kits out. She tries to reason with the Clans, while not mentioning the kits, but tensions are high. After Harestar announces he will not back down, Sunrise leaps at him, causing battle to erupt.[23]


Bramblestar: "You care more about the Sisters than your Clanmates."
Squirrelflight: "I care about any injured cat."
Bramblestar: "Even an enemy?"
Squirrelflight: "A life is a life."
—Squirrelflight defending her actions Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 23
After Sunrise attacks Harestar, everyone starts fighting. Squirrelflight finds Twigbranch not wanting to fight, and tells her about Moonlight's kits. She promises to tell the ThunderClan warriors to stop fighting, and Squirrelflight heads off to warn Bramblestar. Sunrise orders a retreat, seeing the battle is lost, and the Clan cats pursue them. As Bramblestar catches up with Squirrelflight, she informs him of Moonlight's kits, and says they're in a cave. Bramblestar realizes they'll be trapped, as Tigerstar and the others have given chase. They hurry towards the cave, which is unsteady due to the rocks and dirt that is forming the roof. Inside, Moonlight refuses to leave, so Tigerstar insists on fighting. Bramblestar tells him of the kits, but as he reacts, Moonlight orders the Sisters to attack. The roof begins to collapse, and Squirrelflight and Leafpool scramble to find the kits and save them.[23] As the last one is hurried out, rocks fall on top of the sisters, sending them to StarClan briefly.[24] Squirrelflight returns to the world of the living, while Leafpool stays dead.[25] The Sisters are taken in by SkyClan until they can recover.[26] In the meantime, their medicine cats try to treat Moonlight's wounds, but to no avail, as she dies.[27] The Clans resolve to move on, and honor Leafpool.[28]


ShadowClan's final straw

"They won't be silent on a matter of war. And there is no unity among the Clans in this plan. SkyClan isn't with you. And ThunderClan will not agree to any action against the Sisters without the approval of StarClan."
―Bramblestar disagreeing with Tigerstar's demands Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 10
Four of the Sisters get into a tussle with a couple of ShadowClan warriors on the latter's territory, though it is unclear how it started and who provoked whom, as the stories on either side are inconsistent. The Sisters attack Strikestone, damaging his ear so badly that he can never hear out of that ear again, while Sunrise is nearly killed.[29] Tigerstar demands the Sisters be driven out, believing they are a danger to the Clans, and many cats agree. Squirrelflight and Leafstar protest that they don't pose any threats, but Tigerstar refuses to listen. Hawkwing theorizes that Tigerstar needs an enemy to unite his Clan, which is why he chose the Sisters. The ShadowClan leader continues his tirade on how the Sisters need to be stopped, and insists to Bramblestar that they should be ThunderClan's enemy as well. Both WindClan and RiverClan support ShadowClan, claiming it would solve all the problems about territory.[17]
Bramblestar and Leafstar ask Tree to negotiate with the Sisters for them, but he refuses, stating that he doesn't deal with out of Clan arguments, plus he despises his mother for abandoning him. They agree to pursue other methods of peace, and will come to him only as a last resort. Bramblestar suggests they ask StarClan for advice on this matter, even though they have been silent for moons. Tigerstar reluctantly agrees, though angrily remarks that if the Sisters attack again, it could cost a cat more than hearing loss.[17]


Moonlight: "Then reason with me. Don't quote words given to you by someone else. You're my son. I hope I taught you to have a mind of your own."
Tree: "I was your son. I speak for the Clans now."
Moonlight: "The Clans! Do you think like a Clan cat too? Dividing land out like prey to be given to others. Have you forgotten that as a tom, you are protector of the land? You should wander it, not own it!"
Tree: "You've never believed in borders! You've never believed in home. But some cats want to belong. They want a home that will always be a home."
—Tree defending the Clans Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 20
The Clans reluctantly allow someone to be sent to negotiate with the Sisters. They select Tree, as Moonlight is his mother;[18] therefore he might be able to convince her. At first, he refuses, as he wants nothing to do with her,[17] but eventually agrees.[20] Squirrelflight, Leafstar and Tree go to the Sisters' camp, and are allowed in. Tree tries to persuade Moonlight to leave the land, so there will be no more fighting, but she refuses, and wonders why the Clan attacked them for no reason. They start arguing, and Squirrelflight steps in, telling Moonlight that if the Sisters do not leave, there is a high possibility of battle with the Clans. Leafstar adds that if she stays, her kits will be in danger as well. Moonlight asks if they would really harm kits for land, but Tree growls that she needs to stop pretending that the Sisters can defend themselves against highly trained Clan cats.[19]
Moonlight insists that they will stay, and defend themselves against the Clans as necessary.Squirrelflight pleads with her to leave, as the Clans might accidentally harm her kits in the frenzy of battle. However, the gray she-cat is adamant in staying. Tree, fed up, leaves, and so do Leafstar and Squirrelflight. The negotiations have failed.[19]

A terrible dream

"That night, Squirrelflight dreamed a terrible dream. Battle raged around her. Cats shrieked on every side, writhing as they fought. As she strained to see through blinding sunshine, paws slammed into her shoulder. She hit the ground with a thump and glanced desperately around, scanning the confusion for a face she recognized. Fear-scents bathed her muzzle. Who were these cats? Her paws felt as heavy as stone, the earth dragging at her pelt like water."
―Squirrelflight's nightmare Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 21
Squirrelflight has a nightmare about a fierce battle. In the midst of the chaos, she lashes out as she gets to her paws. She sees a small orange-and-black kit in the low light, realizing it's Sparkpelt's lost kit, and that she killed him. Jolting awake, she tries to assure herself that it's just a dream, but the feeling lingers, and she's convinced it's a warning. The deputy walks into the nursery to find Sparkpelt and her kits fine, asleep. Relieved, she turns and walks out of the nursery, only to see her sister. She asks what's wrong, and Leafpool tells her that she had this feeling that something was wrong. The medicine cat then asks Squirrelflight why she was up. Squirrelflight responds that she had a nightmare, and thought it was about Sparkpelt's kits. The two come to the realization that it's not Sparkpelt's kits that are potentially in danger, it's Moonlight's kits.[21]
They race towards the Twolegplace and encounter Snow, Flurry, Creek, and Furze. Snow informs them of what's going on with Moonlight's kitting. Leafpool discovers that a kit is facing the wrong way, and orders two of the Sisters to fetch herbs so she can treat Moonlight. While she does, Squirrelflight informs them that the Clans are coming to tell the Sisters to leave, and Hawk cries that they can't leave now. Two more kits are born, and are placed with Tempest. Afterwards, Squirrelflight realizes the battle patrol is there.[22]

The battle

Harestar: "A warrior never backs down."
Sunrise: "Neither does a Sister."
—Opening battle words Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 23
Sunrise leaps at Harestar, causing battle to ensue around them. Squirrelflight debates whether to fight or not, as she had promised Bramblestar that she would support him.[21] She tries to reach her mate, as Sunrise, Harestar, Creek, and Cloverfoot tussle. Creek is thrown into a bramble and set upon by four warriors, and the deputy is scared they'll kill him. She spots Twigbranch and pulls her aside, letting her know that Moonlight had just kitted. The warrior promises she'll ask her Clanmates to stop. As Squirrelflight noses her way through the battle, Sunrise orders a retreat, as she believes they cannot win. Tigerstar insists they follow, to make sure they're gone.[23]
Squirrelflight sees Flurry on the ground, and checks if she's dead. While she does, Bramblestar accuses her of caring more about the Sisters than her own Clanmates.[23] She retorts that she cares about any injured cat, not just Clan cats, before informing him that she dreamed about a battle, which prompted her and Leafpool to come.[21] They found Moonlight kitting,[22] and Bramblestar asks where they are now. The deputy mentions a cave, which they suspect the Clans have gone to. The thought dawns on them that the Sisters and the kits will be trapped; Tigerstar will corner them there. As she hurries towards the cave, she spies Flurry, who then tackles Bramblestar and begins swiping at him. She realizes that Flurry is aiming to kill Bramblestar, but as she leaps at the Sister, Twigbranch bursts into the clearing, announcing that the kits are indeed trapped. Flurry, horrified, runs across the clearing towards the cave.
Bramblestar gets up, and they run towards the cave, which is no more than boulders and branches. They all conclude that this is a dangerous place for kits before peeking inside. Tigerstar asks the Sisters if they'll go, but Moonlight says they'll stay, and defend the cave for as long as they need to. The ShadowClan leader then orders his warriors to start digging on the roof of the cave. Bramblestar suggests they find an alternative, as they could endanger the kits this way. Tigerstar is surprised that the kits are already born, but his remark is interrupted by Moonlight, who orders the Sisters to attack.[23]


While the Sisters are battling it out with the Clan cats, the roof of the makeshift cave begins to collapse. Squirrelflight and Leafpool hurry to rescue the kits, who are in the cave. The medicine cat hands them over to Squirrelflight, who hands them over to Hawk. As soon as the last kit is out of the cave, the branch holding everything together snaps and a landslide buries them.[23]


Bramblestar: "Moonlight's death was regrettable, but SkyClan has done what it can, offering shelter to her kits until they are strong enough to travel. One of our Clanmates died saving them too. We should honor her. She died trying to save others, which is how she lived."
Willowshine: "Leafpool will be remembered for as long as there are warriors to remember her."
Kestrelflight: "She will find peace in StarClan."
—Honoring Leafpool Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 30
Squirrelflight and Leafpool are hit and buried by rocks from the landslide, sending them to StarClan briefly. While there, they are greeted by old friends, and stay for a while.[23] After much deliberation, StarClan decides to let them in permanently should they actually die.[24] Leafpool chooses to stay, and Squirrelflight goes back to the living.[25] ThunderClan holds vigil for their fallen Clanmate, where Bramblestar, Millie, Alderheart, Jayfeather, and Squirrelflight speak and honor her.[30]
While the Sisters recover, SkyClan shelters them and takes care of them.[26] Their medicine cats treat Moonlight, but her wounds are too severe and she dies. The Sisters plan to leave as soon as Moonlight's kits are weaned. Snow and Tempest name them Squirrel, Leaf, and Moon, in honor of Squirrelflight, Leafpool, and Moonlight.[27]
SkyClan moves into their new territory, after the Sisters point out the best spots for hunting and water.[28] At the next Gathering, the Clans deliberate on what to do. Tigerstar announces that the Sisters may stay, as they are no longer a threat. The topic of Squirrelflight's possible betrayal is brought up, but is immediately shot down by Bramblestar. He then suggests they move on, as what's done is done, and they cannot change it. He also asks that they honor Leafpool, who died as she lived, trying to save lives. Her name is cheered throughout the Clans, in her memory. Squirrelflight then brings Firestar's message from StarClan: that they should turn towards them, not away.[25] They agree to do that, and let StarClan guide them.[28]



"I wish I'd listened to her. I ignored how strongly she felt. I didn't want to hear about the Sisters. It made things too complicated. It made things too complicated. It was easier just to think about the Clans. But Squirrelflight could see beyond that. She knew that honor doesn't mean anything if it can't reach beyond our borders. Any cat can respect those they know and love. But respecting cats we don't understand is truly being a warrior."
―Bramblestar reflecting on his mistake Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 26
Squirrelflight met the Sisters while scouting for territory, and because of this, formed a bond with them.[16] She desperately tries to stop Bramblestar from attacking the Sisters, and constantly defends them, but to no avail. The Clans decide to send a strong warning to them, and she argues with Bramblestar over the decision. Eventually, she agrees to support him. She gets a nightmare,[21] and races off with Leafpool to help Moonlight give birth.[22] The patrol arrives, and she tries to ensure peace. However, none of the cats on either side are willing to budge, and so a battle breaks out.
As the battle rages around her, she tries to find Bramblestar to stop him from fighting.Squirrelflight tells him about the kits, and they run towards the cave. The cave collapses around her as she and Leafpool get the kits out of safety.They are hit by the falling rocks and are briefly sent to StarClan.[23] Squirrelflight comes back,[25] with Firestar's words to turn towards StarClan.[28]


"I will fight the Sisters if it means peace among the Clans. Isn't that what StarClan wants?"
―Squirrelflight trying to convince Moonlight to leave Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 19
Tigerstar was against the Sisters ever since they trespassed onto ShadowClan territory and maimed one of his warriors. He orders they be moved out, claiming they are a danger, and gets support from the other Clans.[17] Eventually he, Harestar, and Mistystar manage to convince Leafstar to let them send a patrol to warn the Sisters.[21] They attempt to get the Sisters to leave, but the Sisters stand their ground, and a battle breaks out. When they retreat, he orders the Clans to chase after them.They follow the Sisters to the cave where Moonlight is, and he orders the roof to be dismantled in order to flush out the Sisters. Bramblestar suggests they find another way so they don't harm the kits, and Tigerstar is surprised to find out that kits have been born. His surprise is cut short by Moonlight's order to attack.[23]


"If you stay here, you'll be putting your kits in danger. And your sisters will die trying to protect them, and you. You're outnumbered! All the pride in the world won't save you."
―Squirrelflight trying to convince Moonlight to leave Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 23
Moonlight refused to leave even after Squirrelflight and Tree urged her, as she was dead set on standing her ground. Even though she would be placing her unborn kits in danger, she insisted that the Sisters would stay.[19] Her kits are born just before the battle, and she still refuses to move. Squirrelflight attempts to get her to move, but she is stubborn and will not budge. Finally, she is taken to a cave to be sheltered, but the Clans chase the Sisters to said cave. There, she stands her ground, though she is weak. She orders the Sisters to attack, taking advantage of Tigerstar's surprise. While the battle rages, the cave starts to collapse, placing her kits in danger. They are rescued by Leafpool and Squirrelflight[23] and are, along with the rest of the Sisters, taken into the SkyClan camp while they recover.[26] Unfortunately, she dies, as the wounds are too severe for the medicine cats to heal. One of her kits is named Moon in her honor.[27]


Bramblestar: "I don't know anything of the kind, and I'm not responsible for how Moonlight might react. I know that you're worried, but I'm not going there to fight. I don't want the Sisters to be hurt. I will do everything in my power to make sure we move her without bloodshed. I promise I'm only trying to do what's best, Squirrelflight. I can't let the Clans fight among themselves. StarClan has told us there must be peace. This is the only way we can ensure that peace."
Squirrelflight: "Don't you see that I can't agree with you? The Clans are threatening unborn kits because they can't wait one moon for extra land. It's greedy and heartless."
—Bramblestar and Squirrelflight arguing over the Sisters Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 21
Bramblestar was hesitant to treat Sunrise after she'd been injured during a fight with the ShadowClan patrol.[31] He was also hesitant to chase off the Sisters, as he did not want to pressure SkyClan.[20] However, he reluctantly agrees to the warning patrol. Before the Clans set off for the Sisters' territory, Squirrelflight tells him that she doesn't believe it's right to do this. He states that he's agreeing to this for the benefit of all the Clans, and for peace in the forest. Despite their differing beliefs, she tells him she loves him and that she will support him.[21] After the battle starts, he accuses Squirrelflight of being more loyal to the Sisters than to her own Clan, as she had checked to see if Flurry was dead. He learns about Moonlight's kits,which prompts the two to look for them, but Flurry starts attacking Bramblestar. Fortunately, he is spared when Twigbranch announces that the kits are trapped by the Clan cats.
He runs after the others,and tries to convince Tigerstar to think a bit so they do not harm the kits. While the ShadowClan leader processes this, the Sisters attack, and the cave starts collapsing. The kits make it out safely but Squirrelflight and Leafpool do not.[23] Leafpool dies, and Squirrelflight survives.[25] While Squirrelflight is unconscious, he reflects on the battle and how he should've listened to his deputy.[26] At the Gathering, he defends her and her actions, but insists they move on from the tragedy and instead honor Leafpool, who died saving Moonlight's kits.[28]



  • Petalfur is shown taking part in the Sisters' battle,[10] despite having died seasons before.[32]

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