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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Battles of the Clans that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

Introduction: The Fire in our Blood

  • Ashfoot, deputy of WindClan, brings the readers (in the book referred to as kittypets) to Onestar.
  • The "kittypets" want to know what it's like to be a Clan cat.
  • Onestar tells them the basics--Gatherings, The warrior code, and battles.
  • The "kittypets" seem the most interested in battles (hence, leading to the title Battles of the Clans).
  • Onestar comforts them, telling them that no cat spends their entire lifetime in a blood soaked battle.
  • He tells them the myths about using bones of trespassers to line warriors' nests were not true, and jokes that they would be too hard to sleep on.
  • He tells the kittypets that going into battle is the hardest decision a Clan leader must make.
  • He takes them to the other Clans to help teach them about battles.

Techniques and Strategies

ThunderClan: Nimble in the Forest

Brambleclaw's Welcome

  • Brambleclaw, deputy of ThunderClan, greets the kittypets.
  • He asks the kittypets to forgive him for not allowing them into his camp as the camp is in a special place.
  • He tells the kittypets how the undergrowth is ThunderClan's greatest strength.
  • The kittypets want to know what ThunderClan's best battle tactic is.
  • He tells them that, while he cannot reveal the best, every apprentice loves to learn the Lightning Strike.
  • This leads to it being the Special Battle Tactic used for ThunderClan.

Special Battle Tactic: Bumblepaw Learns the Lightning Strike

  • Bumblepaw's PoV.
  • Bumblepaw runs into the ThunderClan camp , greeting Dovepaw, Ivypaw, Lionblaze and Purdy.
  • He tells them that Mousewhisker and Thornclaw had taught him the Lightning Strike.
  • Dovepaw and Ivypaw appear to be confused, so Bumblepaw offers to show them.
  • Bumblepaw stalks the "invaders" like he is stalking prey, the first move of the Lightning Strike.
  • He uses Ivypaw and Dovepaw as enemies invading territory and Lionblaze and Purdy as trees.
  • He then attacks Dovepaw, the second move of the Lightning Strike.
  • Bumblepaw then explains the clever part—the patrol leader would call retreat, leaving the enemy to think that the patrol had given up, the third move of the Lightning Strike.
  • He then tells how lightning doesn't strike twice, then leading to that you would attack again in the same spot once the enemy had let their guard down, the fourth and final move of the Lightning Strike.
  • Bumblepaw ends the story saying ThunderClan would be known as LightningClan.

Forest Attack: How ThunderClan Keeps the Element of Surprise

  • Move quietly and communicate with signals. Cracking twigs, startled birds, and rustling bracken will tell your enemy exactly where you are.
  • Keep downwind of the trespassers so that your scent doesn't give you away.
  • Look for freshly broken twigs, overturned leaves on the forest floor, remains of prey , or a clump of fur caught on a bramble. Any animal that moves through the forest leaves behind signs that it's passes by—any signs like this could lead you straight to the invaders.
  • Keep your mouth open to search for unfamiliar scents. Be careful: If there is scent when there is no breeze to carry it through the forest, it could mean that your enemy if very close by.
  • Light-colored pelts are easily seen against brown and green foliage, so stay in the thickest cover. Keep low - the enemy will be looking for movement at normal head height, not close to the ground.
  • Never miss an opportunity to perfect your tracking ability. In the nursery, kits sneak up on their mothers and pounce with their moss-soft paws. Apprentices leap out on one another from behind bushes and tree stumps. These are more than just games. One day, these skills could save your life and defend your Clan.

Dustpaw Speaks: Shadows in the Forest

  • Dustpaw's PoV.
  • He's out hunting with Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, Longtail and Darkstripe.
  • Dustpaw misses a squirrel as it climbs up a tree.
  • Tigerclaw insults Dustpaw, referring to his mentor, Redtail.
  • The squirrel that Dustpaw missed taunts him by running in circles, confusing him, making him think there were two.
  • Dustpaw hears a twig snapping, ShadowClan invading.
  • They gather together and worry about how they are going to attack.
  • ShadowClan brought their entire Clan, the patrol only has five cats.
  • Ravenpaw and Darkstripe worry about if they rip the patrol to shreds.
  • Tigerclaw decides to use the Lightning Strike.
  • Dustpaw remembers the squirrel that was taunting him, and brings it up with the patrol.
  • He says they have to think like squirrels - the squirrel he missed had circled him, making him think there were two of them.
  • Darkstripe finds the idea to be absurd, but Tigerclaw agrees and tells him to go on about his idea.
  • Dustpaw decided to do a "double Lightning Strike." - attack from one side, retreat, then attack from another and pretend to be different cats.
  • Longtail finds this part of the idea absurd as well, but Tigerclaw once again takes Dustpaw's side and goes on with the plan.
  • Tigerclaw sends Ravenpaw to tell Bluestar about the invasion.
  • The rest of the patrol attacks ShadowClan, then retreat into the bushes.
  • ShadowClan thought that they beat the ThunderClan patrol.
  • Blackfoot, Russetfur and Stumpytail are all seen on the ShadowClan side.
  • The ThunderClan patrol attacks again.
  • The ShadowClan warriors acted as if it was another patrol, Stumpytail quoting "Where did the others go?"[1]
  • Russetfur claims that she'll remember one of them called out to Longtail.
  • Dustpaw hears this, then tricks her into thinking that there are more cats than she thinks.
  • He calls out to Longtail calling him Runningwind. He at first is confused, but then gets the message and follows by calling Dustpaw Graypaw.
  • The other cats of the ThunderClan patrol get the message and Darkstripe then called one of the cats "Lionheart".
  • ThunderClan "retreat" once again.
  • They attack from both sides to make ShadowClan think that the whole of ThunderClan is there.
  • During the fighting, they continue to use their "names" to fool ShadowClan, (Dustpaw calls out "Redtail" and Longtail calls out "Bluestar").
  • The plan works, for Russetfur believes that they had brought the entire Clan.
  • Blackfoot orders retreat for his Clan.
  • Dustpaw is satisfied that his plan had worked and his Clan was safe from the ShadowClan invasion.

ShadowClan: Silent in the Night

Rowanclaw's Welcome

  • Onestar brings the kittypets to ShadowClan.
  • They are greeted by Rowanclaw who asks if WindClan is recruiting kittypets.
  • He then asks Onestar if he really expects ShadowClan to invite the kittypets into their camp and explain why ShadowClan is the most feared Clan.
  • Rowanclaw explains that ShadowClan cats are night hunters and that their senses are most alert in the darkness.
  • He also explains that when it comes to battle, they waste no time rallying the warriors with speeches or promises of glory.
  • The warriors know what is expected of them and they will deliver or face the shame of betraying their Clan.
  • While other Clans arrange themselves in lines and circles and create elaborate battle plans, ShadowClan cats strike and then vanish.

Special Battle Tactic: Tigerheart Teaches the Night Ambush

  • Tigerheart is teaching the apprentices Shrewpaw, Scorchpaw, Redpaw, Owlpaw, and Olivepaw how to ambush another Clan in the dark.
  • Olivepaw complains about falling into foxholes and Scorchpaw climbs up a tree. Scorchpaw then gets yelled at again for snoring.
  • Tigerheart instructs them to keep their eyes and mouths closed. He then asks the apprentices what they can hear, smell, taste, and feel.
  • Shrewpaw says that a breeze is coming from the lake, bringing the scent of water and fish and RiverClan. Tigerheart points out that it's not strong enough to suggest that they're any closer than their territory.
  • Scorchpaw suggests that he can hear ThunderClan snoring and is quickly rebuked by Tigerheart. Tigerheart quotes, "When Blackstar receives a prophecy about a cat that can hear farther than anyone else, I'll believe you."
  • Redpaw says that there is a pair of owls calling to each other beyond the inland border. And a kittypet is making its usual fuss about being shut in for the night. Tigerheart explains that their senses have told them that the ShadowClan territory is empty.
  • He instructs them to open their eyes and Olivepaw complains about the dark. Tigerheart then asks for any ideas about where to ambush and Shrewpaw suggests the gully.
  • All the apprentices climb into a bush and Tigerheart asks what call they would give to warn the ambush patrol to be ready for the attack.
  • Owlpaw suggests imitating an owl call while Tigerheart suggests imitating the wind.
  • He then asks what the problem would be if there was moonlight or starlight and Redpaw correctly answers: shadows.
  • Tigerheart asks who in the ambush should attack first. Shrewpaw suggests the cats at each end of the gully to trap the enemy and let them known that they're surrounded. Then the others should attack, straight down the sides, using the weight of their fall as part of the first blow. Then he commands the apprentices to strike.
  • They leap on him and squabble a bit.
  • Then Tigerheart says that as soon as the enemy surrenders or begs to flee, the fighting must stop. He tells the apprentices that they are ShadowClan cats and that they do not gloat over a victory.
  • He tells them to wait for the enemy to leave, and once they're gone, head for the nearest shadow and wait without making a sound; so that if the enemy looks back, all they see is darkness.
  • Tigerheart tells them that the darkness, the night, and the cold air belong to ShadowClan, and that it is their ancestors' gift to them.
  • He finally says that it is up to them to preserve the night as their greatest weapon.

Tail Signals

Main Article: Tail signals
  • ShadowClan was the first to devise a system of tail signals which are now used by all the Clans.
  • Generally, the leader of the patrol is responsible for giving the signals.
  • Tail held erect - "stop"
  • Tail rippling - "move forward with care"
  • Tail held erect and sweeping slowly from side to side - "retreat silently"
  • Tail pointing low, parallel to the ground, and sweeping - "spread out"
  • Tail flattened - "get down"
  • Tail bobbing - "enemy sighted"
  • Tail hooked - "danger"
  • Tail pointed sharply - "go that way"
  • Tail held erect and waving from side to side - "stay behind me"
  • Tail kinked over back - "follow me"

Blackstar Speaks: Ambush by the Lake

  • Blackstar's PoV
  • RiverClan are hunting by the halfbridge.
  • Blackstar asked them to stop hunting on the half-bridge, so they stopped, but now they are hunting at night.
  • ShadowClan plan an ambush on them while they are fishing.
  • Mistyfoot asks Blackstar what he is doing, and Blackstar says that Leopardstar said they would stop fishing from the half-bridge. Mistyfoot answers back that they said they would not let the Twolegs see them, and that they kept their word.
  • As the cats are about to plunge back into battle, Mistyfoot yowls "Stop!" , and says that this is not a battle they want to fight, but Blackstar says they will fight for it.
  • Mistyfoot says that they will stop fishing from the half-bridge and let them learn how to catch prey. Tawnypelt bristles at the insult, but Blackstar thinks to himself that they will not get away with it.
  • Blackstar says that RiverClan owe him fresh-kill, because they owe him loss of nights for hunting. Mistyfoot objects, but then Blackstar threatens to come into RiverClan camp and battle them.
  • Mistyfoot finally agrees, and Blackstar says they will take half of what RiverClan catches, and to leave it on the half-bridge at dusk each day until the next half-moon. Blackstar also says that if they see a cat fishing at the half-bridge again, they will be in the RiverClan camp.
  • Mistyfoot and Blackstar agree to not mention it at the Gathering.

RiverClan: Strong in the Water

Reedwhisker's Welcome

  • Reedwhisker is alerted by Silverpaw that there are intruders. Then he sees that it is Onestar with the "kittypets" and quite nicely offers them to cool their pads in the river.
  • Reedwhisker is momentarily confused when the "kittypets" reply that they will not be joining WindClan. They explain that they want to know the secret behind RiverClan's strength in battle.
  • Reedwhisker explains that it is water.
  • It feeds them, cools them, and keeps them safe from foxes, dogs, and curious Twolegs. It gives them the power to choose whether they want to fight or not, because few cats are brave enough to swim across their borders.
  • He explains that the other Clans say that RiverClan cats look like kittypets.
  • But in truth, the fur repels water and keeps them dry and the RiverClan cats also have strong legs that can carve through water and tails that steer them through the swiftest currents.
  • The cats have lightning reflexes and the rivals don't stand a chance of winning when the lake fights with the RiverClan cats.

Special Battle Tactic: The Rushpaw Splash

  • Mistystar is training Duckpaw, Pikepaw, Tanglepaw, and Rushpaw water combat techniques. Rushpaw complains the water is cold, and the other apprentices mock her. Mistystar tells them to try to ambush her from downstream.
  • Rushpaw trips and her tail flicks some water. Tanglepaw is about to tell Rushpaw she is the clumsiest cat in the Clan, when he notices Mistystar is downstream, and they can still ambush her.
  • They pass the assessment.
  • Mistystar asks who made that splash downstream. Rushpaw admits it was her, that she tripped and her tail flicked some water.
  • Mistystar asks her to get back in the water and show everyone else what she did. Rushpaw asks if she did something right.
  • Mistystar says she did something better, that she invented a whole new tactic for water combat. She also says they'll call it the Rushpaw Splash.

Water Combat Moves

  • RiverClan warriors have developed special techniques for fighting in water.
  • These secrets are closely guarded.
  • Double-Front-Paw Slap-Down - splashes water into the face of the enemy,temporarily stunning them.
  • Underwater Leg Sweep (Front or Hind) - the opponent will not see it coming under the water so won't have a chance to brace himself before losing his balance.
  • Push-Down and Release - almost all non-RiverClan cats panic if they are submerged, while RiverClan cats know how to hold their breath underwater. This move can be used to secure a decisive victory, because it's most likely to make the opponent surrender.
  • Underwater Clinch - uses warrior's weight to hold the opponent below the surface, with a firm grip that enables the warrior to bring his enemy spluttering back to the surface before forcing him under again.
  • Tail Splash - temporarily blinds opponent by flicking water in his eyes.
  • Underwater Push-Off - crouching and erupting out of the water into opponent, using surprise and impact to knock him off balance.
  • Rushpaw Splash - using noise of water splashed at a distance to create a decoy, leaving opportunity for a surprise attack.

Hailstar Speaks: The Lost Kits

  • Hailstar's PoV
  • Hailstar asks StarClan to send a sign if what he's doing is wrong.
  • StarClan is silent.
  • He meets with Timberfur, Owlfur, Rippleclaw, and Ottersplash, and says he want them to come with him to take back Fallowtail's kits.
  • Timberfur, Owlfur, Rippleclaw, and Ottersplash are shocked at the idea.
  • Hailstar pictures when Reedfeather, Fallowtail's mate, took the two kits out of RiverClan. He remembers how Fallowtail had stayed in the nursery, unable to watch because she knew she broke the warrior code, and how he let WindClan take the kits and said there was no place for half-Clan cats in RiverClan, and how Hailstar wanted loyalty without question.
  • But then he notices how ill she looks without her kits.
  • The five cats set off to WindClan.
  • When they get to the moor, Hailstar says they need to look for gorse bushes to find the camp.
  • Timberfur sees a patrol, and luckily the RiverClan cats stay well out of sight.
  • Hailstar says when they get there, Rippleclaw and Timberfur deal with the camp guards, while the others find the nursery. Hailstar also says that Owlfur and Ottersplash corner the queens so they are unable to get out, while Hailstar grabs the kits and they run away.
  • The group gets to the WindClan camp, and the plan sets into action.
  • The Clan sees them, so they run away and notice they are being followed.
  • They try to get into the river so WindClan are unable to reach them.
  • The two Clans start to fight.
  • Hailstar almost kills Reedfeather by pushing his head under the water too long, but stops in time to save him from dying.
  • RiverClan win over the kits.
  • In a time jump, the kits, Willowpaw and Graypaw, are about to be made warriors. Fallowtail asks to let their names be Willowbreeze and Graypool, so they know that they carry the strength of the wind and water with them.
  • Hailstar thinks to himself that Fallowtail will never stop loving Reedfeather, and Hailstar knows that part of Fallowtail will belong on the moor, with the wind and the rabbits.

WindClan: Proud in Battle

Ashfoot's Welcome

  • Ashfoot welcomes Onestar and the kittypets back to WindClan camp, and notes that they are still in one piece.
  • Ashfoot says that they know about RiverClan, ThunderClan, and ShadowClan, but they have yet to learn about WindClan's strengths, which makes them able to survive on the most open territory where there are no hiding spots.
  • She tells the kittypets to come into WindClan camp, and talks about one cat, Webfoot, the best storyteller.
  • Ashfoot says there is nothing to fear in WindClan camp, and that unlike the other Clans, WindClan has nothing to hide.
  • Ashfoot closes with talking about the WindClan tactician Graywing the Wise, and says that Graywing taught them that it is open battles that carry the weight of destiny.

Special Battle Tactics

  • Graywing the Wise led WindClan a long time ago. He won the reputation for being the greatest leader of any Clan, thanks to his attention to battle strategy. He realized that the most important element of any battle was the position of warriors before and during combat.
  • Approach from above your enemy: The advantage of gaining the higher ground is that you can charge at greater speed at the enemy, who will be weakened by having to fight uphill.
  • Use the light from the sun: The sun should be behind you to dazzle the enemy. In greenleaf, the midday sun is especially bright and cruel to cats who are used to skulking under the cover of trees. In leaf-bare, the low sun hovers around the eye line like a troublesome bee; keep your enemies facing it, and they'll have trouble seeing an attack from any direction.
  • Know where the wind is coming from: If there is a strong wind, it should blow from behind you toward the enemy, blinding them with dust and holding them back like the current of a river. If you wish to preserve the element of surprise, the wind should blow from the enemy position toward you so that your scent is carried away from them.
  • Conceal the size of your force: The number of cats in your battle patrols can be hidden to confuse the enemy from a distance. Cats packed tightly together will appear as a small attacking force, encouraging the enemy to be overconfident and make poor strategic decisions. Alternatively, if cats are spread out single file, they will look like a solid border of warriors, which will seem impenetrable to an advancing army.
  • Attack both ends of the enemy line first: If both ends of the enemy's line are defeated, the cats in the center of the line will have to fight on two fronts. Even if they are not outnumbered, they will be outflanked, vulnerable, and in disarray.
  • Keep fresh warriors in reserve: Always have adequate reserves of fresh, fit warriors behind the battle line. They will be able to replace injured warriors, launch a separate attack if the enemy tries to encircle your forces, or fend off a surprise enemy from the rear. If the battle is in your favor, finish it by sending your reserve warriors behind the enemy line to surround them and demand surrender.
  • Feigned retreat and ambush: A group of strong cats charges at the enemy, screeching, then turns around and withdraws. Repeat this until the infuriated enemy finally breaks its line and gives chase. Then the trap is sprung. Other warriors positioned in rabbit holes and in dips in the ground, out of the enemies' eye line—attack as soon as your opponents have gone past. The enemy is forced to stop and turn around to fight this unexpected threat, and as they do the retreating cats must turn and charge back at them at full speed. The enemy is caught between two bodies of attacking cats and will surrender quickly.

Webfoot Speaks: The Story of the Lost Tunneler

  • Webfoot's PoV
  • Webfoot starts to tell a story of a distant ancestor of his, a young tunneler named Rabbittail who was here before Twoleg Thunderpaths were built. Because of that, the Clans were always fighting about boundaries.
  • After a ShadowClan patrol ignored WindClan's borders, there was a battle.
  • Rabbittail was a tunneling cat who crawled into a burrow to attack an enemy as they ran above him.
  • He thought that if he went farther down the hillside, he could ambush the ShadowClan cats from behind.
  • He could hear the cats above him jeering at the ShadowClan cats.
  • The bait was taken and the battle began.
  • He tried to tunnel out of the place, but he had never tunneled this far, and he was lost.
  • He scented a rabbit, indicating that he was close to the top.
  • Suddenly, she spotted a dog behind him, and he ran.
  • He saw a gray light and soon burst out into the open.
  • As he burst out, he got stuck in a Twoleg mesh (net).
  • Looking around, he realized that this was a trap for rabbits, as there were dead rabbits all around.
  • Rabbittail didn't give up, and tore his claws through the net.
  • The dog pursued him.
  • The Twoleg called and Rabbittail was free to go.
  • The story is ended with Webfoot saying that battle skills are always needed and that no easy battle will ever be won against WindClan.

Heathertail Speaks: The Lost Skill of Tunneling

  • Heathertail's POV
  • She begins saying that in the old territory, there were lots of tunnels.
  • The tunnels could be used as an advantage against their enemies.
  • Smallest cats were trained as tunnelers.
  • They concealed the exits in other camps with bracken.
  • Often tunnelers got nervous in daylight, but in the tunnels, they were the fastest.
  • Training took longer to become a warrior, and more deaths were common.
  • They left marks, recognized the feel of air, and always listened for water.
  • They recognized the smell of underground animals and stayed away from them.
  • They could visualize their routes aboveground.
  • These skills were feared and respected within the Clan.
  • When they left by the lake, the warriors proclaimed that there were no tunnels.
  • She says that some cats know differently, such as her, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather.
  • She says that it was all a mistake and that she risked everything belowground.
  • She says that all the tunnels eventually led to breaking her heart.

SkyClan: Agile in the Air

Buzzardstar's Welcome

  • Buzzardstar welcomes the reader in their dreams.
  • He says the reader is lucky he can walk in our dreams, because there is one more clan to learn about.
  • SkyClan is the Clan to learn about.
  • They earned their name because they were happy in the trees.
  • They could jump to the highest and lightest branches and swoop down.
  • They were driven out of the forest and soon the Clan was gone.
  • He ends by saying that Cloudstar summoned Firestar, and he made the Clan flourish again.

Special Battle Tactic: Sparrowpaw Explains the Sky-Drop

  • Sparrowpaw's POV
  • The story begins in the nursery with Sparrowpaw commenting on Clovertail's kits.
  • Sparrowpaw says he wants to tell the reader about a cool battle move he learned.
  • Their ancestors used it to defeat their enemies.
Skywatcher taught Firestar, Firestar taught Sharpclaw, and Sharpclaw taught it to Sparrowpaw.
  • The move is called the Sky-drop.
  • First he climbed a tree.
  • Then he waited in a place where he could see the path in both directions.
  • Most cats look parallel to the ground, but none look up or down.
  • The process involves climbing the tree quietly and being dead silent on the tree.
  • It's harder to stay hidden in leaf-bare, because there's no leaves for cover.
  • You have to be careful to not let the enemy find your shadow on the ground.
  • Earlier, Sparrowpaw was practicing with Whitewhisker and jumped down from the tree onto him.
  • He says that Whitewhisker's fine and that he didn't land hard enough.
  • He jokes about how the enemy would think it was raining cats.
  • After the story, he leaves the nursery commenting on the kits again and saying bye to the reader.

Aboveground Battle Moves

  • The Sky-Crusher: Landing with all four feet on top of an opponent, flattening him like a leaf.
  • The Flick-Over: Landing with front paws outstretched to sweep the opponent off his feet and roll him onto his back.
  • The Kick: Kicking down hard as the warrior nears the ground, then using momentum from landing to spring away before the opponent can retaliate.
  • The Slice: Dropping down with claws unsheathed for maximum injury.
  • The Branch Swing: Holding on to branch with front claws and swinging hind legs into the opponent's face.
  • The Reverse Branch Swing: Holding on to branch with hind claws and striking with front legs through the swing.
  • The Trunk Spring: Sliding down trunk and springing off at head height, using hind legs to push off and clear opponents (good if tree is surrounded).
  • The Reverse Climb: Climbing backward up the trunk as the opponent advances to gain advantage of height; often followed by Trunk Spring.

Cloudstorm Speaks: A Lesson to Kittypet Thieves

  • Cloudstorm's POV
  • There have been kittypets stealing prey from SkyClan.
  • Nightfur suggests a battle against them.
  • Cloudpaw says that they can't attack the kittypets in their own territory.
  • Buzzardpaw disagrees, while Birdflight jumps to Cloudstorm's defense.
  • Cloudstorm continues that these kittypets have copied their hunting moves and are now stealing their birds.
  • The only way to teach them a lesson is to launch an attack on Twolegplace.
They will launch attacks from the fences surrounding the kittypets and from the trees in their backyards.
  • At dawn on the next day, they issued four patrols to each part of Twolegplace.
  • Petalfall is concerned that they should have told Flystar first, and that StarClan might have told him not to deal with the kittypets.
  • Cloudstorm reassures that StarClan wants them to thrive and get good prey.
  • He also says that StarClan doesn't live among them and doesn't know their needs.
  • Cloudstorm climbs onto a fence and waits for the attack to begin.
  • A kittypet is surprised when Cloudstorm jumps down on him.
  • Cloudstorm threatens him saying that the forest prey is theirs.
  • He lets the kittypet go and leaves to threaten more.
  • They win the battle and go back home.
  • He acknowledges that SkyClan's survival lays in their power and the story ends.

Tour of the Battlefields

The Lake Territories

  • Tawnypelt takes the reader on a tour of the battlefields around the lake.
  • First she takes the reader to the moor.
  • She tells the story of Onestar's leadership.
  • When Tallstar died, Mudclaw was deputy and every cat expected him to be leader.
  • By the time he died, he appointed Onewhisker deputy instead, making Onewhisker Onestar.
  • Mudclaw was furious and Tawnypelt agrees that he had a reason. However she says that as a noble warrior, he should have accepted his former leader's decision.
  • In secret he led a revolt with Hawkfrost and carefully gained allies.
  • However StarClan sent a tree crashing down on him, making Onestar the true leader.
  • Soon she takes the reader to ThunderClan's territory.
  • She shows them the old Twoleg nest and the hollow where the ThunderClan cats live.
  • Then she tells about the border battle between ThunderClan and WindClan.
  • It all started with a border dispute between ThunderClan and WindClan.
  • Then the other clans got involved and ShadowClan allied with ThunderClan which doesn't happen often.
  • Tawnypelt remarks that it was terrible fighting with cats she met at Gatherings.
  • She also says that that's what being a warrior is about: being ready to fight for your Clan whenever you have to.
  • Next she tells about the prophecy: "Before all is peaceful, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red".
  • She says that the dead cat's name was Hawkfrost, and that he liked battles too much.
  • She also remarks that her brother, Brambleclaw, killed him to save Firestar's life.
  • She then tells the reader to walk faster to avoid the Twolegs and that the strip of land she was walking on was fought over.
  • Firestar had given ShadowClan that land as a gift, and then demanded it back.
  • ShadowClan didn't give up without a fight.
  • The battle ended when Lionblaze killed Russetfur and neither side won.
  • She ends with the last battle, the one with the kittypets.
  • The kittypets took food and tried to take on ShadowClan, but in the end, they kept out of their way.
  • RiverClan also fought battles with Twolegs and Tawnypelt reminisces about the battles in the old territory.

The Forest Territories

  • Tigerstar greets the user and introduces himself to be from the Dark Forest where cats with cunning and ambition are sent.
  • He starts to take the reader through the old territories.
  • He tells of the battle against BloodClan.
  • The Four Great Oaks stood when the battle was fought.
  • He calls Scourge a traitor and that he deserved to die.
  • Whitestorm was killed by Bone near an old rock and ThunderClan avenged his death by killing him.
  • He soon got sent to the Dark Forest.
  • He admits that Firestar showed great courage in the battle, but also says that he'll need all of it when they meet again.
  • He brings the reader to the place where WindClan's camp was.
  • He talks about the time Brokenstar raided their camp, and how it was a ShadowClan classic.
  • He also comments that is Tallstar didn't show weakness in this affair, his Clan wouldn't have grown so reliant on Firestar's help.
  • Next he takes the reader to Sunningrocks and says countless battles have been fought there.
  • He goes in depth on the battle where he killed Redtail.
  • Redtail had just killed Oakheart, and Tigerclaw watched carefully.
  • He then realized that this was the perfect chance to be made deputy and killed Redtail.
  • He goes over his whole story of revenge.
  • He led a pack of dogs into ThunderClan camp, and he now mocks Brightheart for having half a face.
  • Finally, he says it's time to go back, and also says that he has no regrets for what he has done.

Famous Battles

The Gathering

  • Dapplenose's POV
  • At first she is outraged there are kittypets at the Gathering, but then realizes that they are with Onestar.
  • She introduces cats from other clans.
  • She talks about the last battle she was in and how StarClan stopped it by putting out the sun.
  • She says that Pouncetail and Nightwhisper can tell really good battle stories and brings the reader to them.

Pouncetail Speaks: A Time for Mercy

  • Pouncetail's POV
  • He starts the story by saying that he was only acting towards the warrior code.
  • Mothwing and Blackclaw had visited the ThunderClan camp before, and he told of an abandoned Twoleg nest that could help in the battle.
  • They can smell ShadowClan close by.
  • They get poised in the Twoleg nest and get ready to attack as soon as they hear them.
  • When ShadowClan arrives, RiverClan attacks, and drives them back.
  • After they leave, Dawnflower spots another ShadowClan cat hiding.
  • The other cats ask Pouncetail what to do with him.
  • Pouncetail makes him walk up a broken piece of wood and he follows.
  • When Spiderfoot reaches the gap, he whimpers and asks if he is going to push him off.
  • Pouncetail shakes his head, saying that will be stored for next time and that RiverClan must not be underestimated.
  • Spiderfoot leaves quickly and Pouncetail reminds his Clanmates that it is not necessary to kill to win.

Nightwhisper Speaks: A Rogue's Story

  • Nightwhisper's POV
  • Nightwhisper talks about how he was born in Twolegplace near the old forest. His mother is a stray, and Nightwhisper finds it hard to believe she used to be a kittypet. His littermates learned how to fight and keep away from dogs and other cats.
  • When Nightwhisper is fully grown, two of his brothers had been killed on the Thunderpath and his sister had chosen to live with the Twolegs. He noted that sometimes he sees her.
  • Nightwhisper was left alone, fighting for food just to keep him alive.
  • One day he speaks with exiles from ShadowClan, and they tell Nightwhisper about how they were thrown out for breaking the warrior code. Nightwhisper says he envied the cats, and thought secretly that the exiles were fools to throw away what they had before
  • Soon, Nightwhisper meets Tigerclaw, and he asks Nightwhisper for help. Tigerclaw talks about his current leader, Bluestar, being weak and frail. Tigerclaw states that as their deputy, that when Bluestar dies, he would become leader. He also says that Brokentail is one of their prisoners, and that he used to be a ShadowClan leader feared by all. Tigerclaw proposes Nightwhisper to join him and kill Bluestar. Then Tigerclaw says that whoever kills the flame-colored cat, Fireheart, will have a special place in Tigerclaw's Clan as the deputy.
  • Nightwhisper agrees to join Tigerclaw
  • They plan an attack, and Tigerclaw attacks one of the cats fighting along-side the group of rogues. Nightwhisper thinks it was a trap, and that Tigerclaw had lured them here to fight against Tigerclaw's Clanmates. Soon after Nightwhisper realizes it was part of the plan
  • Once Nightwhisper sees Fireheart, he attacks him.
  • A golden-brown tabby tom saves Fireheart, and Nightwhisper knows he cannot take on both of them. So, he flees.
  • Nightwhisper makes it back to Twolegplace, and is worried that ThunderClan warriors would hunt him down, and is too scared to get any food or water until a exiled cat brings him a bird
  • Nightwhisper thinks it's better off to stay away from the Clan cats, but he couldn't forget the courage the warriors had in battle. He knows that those cats are better than he ever will be
  • Tigerclaw came to Twolegplace again, and Nightwhisper went with him. He took a warrior name, the one that he now has today, Nightwhisper.
  • Closing the story, Nightwhisper says that there is no better life than being a warrior, and no better way to prove your loyalty or your courage than in battle

Graystripe Speaks: The Battle Against the Foxes

  • Graystripe comments on how long back that was and how it was still in the forest.
  • He starts the story at the point when Firestar and Sandstorm had left the territory, and he was in charge.
  • There were foxes living under The Great Oak, and they had been stealing prey.
  • The Clans met at a Gathering to decide what to do about this.
  • Graystripe said that he had an idea to drive the foxes away.
  • He says that each Clan should use it's advantage into a battle against the foxes.
  • Slowly, the Clans agree.
  • Later, the tracking started, and Cloudtail picked up a scent.
  • Soon they get to the foxes, and Graystripe orders Mousefur to put a dead rabbit near them.
  • The foxes picked up the scent and started to stalk towards them.
  • As the foxes got closer, Blackstar led his Clan into an ambush against the foxes.
  • RiverClan now ambushed the foxes as well.
  • As all the cats fought them, WindClan went to take care of the dens.
  • The foxes were now surrounded, and Blackfoot threatened them to leave the forest.
  • Surprisingly, the foxes surrendered, and the Clans congratulated Graystripe for leading them into a successful battle.

In the Midst of Battle

A Long Tradition

  • Mistystar greets the reader and says that the elders are talkative tonight.
  • She says that a warrior must train for a long time before being let into battle.
  • Being in battle can always have ever-lasting memories that stay with you.
  • She then introduces the reader to other cats with good battle stories.

Whitewing Speaks: My First Battle

  • Whitewing's POV
  • Whitewing starts by saying that the enemies in her first battle weren't cats; they were badgers.
  • The badgers didn't want territory or fresh-kill; they wanted blood.
  • She was walking back from a training session when she heard a crackle from the brambles.
  • Her mentor, Brackenfur, got nervous and commanded her to go back to camp.
  • Suddenly, a big badger muzzled it's way in to the place.
  • Whitewing ran back to camp, and everyone ran away from the badger.
  • She wanted to fight, but her mother firmly said that this battle was no place for an apprentice.
  • Cloudtail arrived, and said that it was okay for Whitepaw to fight.
  • Whitewing and Cloudtail both fight the badger together.
  • Whitewing's claws have tufts of fur stuck in them and she can't attack.
  • Cloudtail helps her, and she gets the fur out.
  • She then tells Cloudtail to go help Brightheart and Daisy.
  • He goes away and then Birchpaw is cornered by a large badger.
  • She tells him to climb, but he is frozen out of fear and can hardly do so.
  • Then Whitepaw goes and rips the badger's cheek so Birchpaw can get away.
  • She keeps battling it, and soon it is dead.
  • She runs to help her other Clanmates, until another badger traps her and she thinks she might die.
  • Squirrelflight arrives and introduces her to Midnight, and says she will do no harm.
  • Whitewing ends the story by saying that they were saved by their battle skills, and will use them again if needed.

Mousefur Speaks: The Deserter

  • Sunfall led a patrol close to the Thunderpath, where they saw a group of ShadowClan warriors.
  • The ShadowClan warriors admit that they were hunting prey, but they mock the ThunderClan warriors, saying that they can't stop them.
  • Sunfall threatens them and says that they'll make them leave.
  • Foxheart is amused and looks at Lionpaw.
  • He says that he'll rip Lionpaw's ears out and make him beg to be put out of agony.
  • Sunfall leaps toward the cats, and Lionpaw gets scared, thinking that he'll never be able to fight these cats.
  • Lionpaw starts to run away from the battle, knowing that Pinestar would banish him for not fighting like a warrior.
  • He starts to sleep, and by the time he wakes up, it's nighttime.
  • Swiftbreeze and Bluepaw look for him, and Lionpaw comes out of his hiding place.
  • Lionpaw says he's sorry, and asks how he should be punished.
  • Swiftbreeze is shocked and says that even the strongest warriors get scared.
  • She comforts him, saying that she's be a useless mentor is she sent him into battle without teaching him to be prepared.
  • Lionpaw protests, and asks what she would so if he was always scared to fight.
  • Swiftbreeze responds that if cats can't feel fear, they will never be able to feel brave.
  • Slowly, Lionpaw goes back to camp, thinking that it wasn't so bad to be scared.

Cedarheart Speaks: The Leader who Sought Peace

  • At a Gathering, Morningstar announces that WindClan have been stealing prey, but he doesn't want to go into battle with them.
  • The rest of ThunderClan protest, saying that they want to go into battle.
  • Morningstar continues saying that they are too weak to hunt.
  • He begs the other clans to share food with ThunderClan.
  • The other leaders object, saying that he should start eating crowfood.
  • ThunderClan goes back to the camp, and everyone, especially the deputy, Leafstorm, are angered by what he said.
  • As the days continue, WindClan and SkyClan continue taking food from ThunderClan, knowing they are too weak to fight.
  • The cats try to speak sense into Morningstar, but he thinks what he said was for the good of the clan.
  • Soon, Leafstorm gets sick with greencough, and eventually dies.
  • Morningstar is devastated, and breaks down.
  • His mate, Songbird, appears behind him from StarClan, saying that she died in battle, and that was the honorable way to die.
  • She also says that peace is not the way of the clans, and that they must prove themselves in battle.
  • The story ends, when Morningstar finally comes to his senses and orders his clan to attack.

The Aftermath

Cedarheart's Final Warning

  • Cedarheart tells the "kittypets" that even though they now know much about Clan battles, there is still one more lesson they need to known.
  • The echoes last long after the final blow has been struck and every wound has healed.
  • With each challenge and each blow landed, lives are changed forever.
  • He says that before he takes the "kittypets" back to Onestar there is one last story he must tell them.
  • When SkyClan was still in the forest, ThunderClan and SkyClan shared a border.
  • They argued for many moons over the land on their shared border.
  • So much blood was spilled that Darkstar, the SkyClan leader, decided to give it to ThunderClan at a gathering.
  • His Clanmates were horrified but Darkstar refused to go back on his word.
  • Seasons passed and Twolegs began building nests on SkyClan's borders.
  • Their territory shrank and Cloudstar was forced to look at the hunting grounds he had given up, knowing that those grounds would give his Clan enough prey to survive.
  • He launched an invasion but ThunderClan was expecting it.
  • ThunderClan won, and both sides had a story to tell.

The Victorious Clan

  • Redstar (the leader of ThunderClan) yowls to his Clanmates that they have won the battle.
  • He remarks that his wounds don't matter anymore, victory is better than any herbs at making pain disappear.
  • Kestrelwing, the medicine cat, ushers all the injured cats into his den to be treated.
  • A few warriors go towards him but most stay and share their stories with the queens and elders. The kits are especially excited.
  • Redstar speaks with Seedpelt, his deputy, thanking her for staying behind and guarding the camp.
  • Redstar converses quickly with Amberclaw, his brother about the battle. Seedpelt remarks that she thinks SkyClan is stupid.
  • Kestrelwing reprimands Redstar because he hasn't has his wounds treated yet.
  • Warriors in the clearing sit in groups discussing the battle, reviewing what they did, and what moves were good and what need practice. Redstar joins them and Kestrelwing speaks to him again as he heads for his den.
  • Kestrelwing tells Redstar that since the night sky is almost impossible to see behind the stars, StarClan approves of the battle.

The Defeated Clan

  • Cloudstar (the leader of SkyClan) sadly tells his Clan that they lost the battle.
  • His mate, Birdflight, is very concerned.
  • Cloudstar is momentarily angry but it is only frustration.
  • Cloudstar orders Buzzardtail to go straight to Fawnstep the medicine cat.
  • All around the clearing, queens and elders quietly speak with the returning warriors.
  • Cloudstar wonders if StarClan was even watching them today.
  • Cloudstar addresses his Clanmates and tells them that the reason they lost is that ThunderClan fought harder and better. He says that they wanted victory more than SkyClan.
  • The warriors seem guilty about letting their Clanmates down. Cloudstar knows that they gave all they could but they were outnumbered, hungry, and exhausted from too many pointless hunting patrols. He tells his warriors that he doesn't blame them and that all he asks of them is to look at what they did today and to see if they could have done any more. If the answer is yes, he says, then there will be other battles and other chances to prove what it means to be a SkyClan warrior. He finally yowls that SkyClan will take back what is rightfully theirs.
  • Cloudstar is relieved that his Clan still cheers and that he has not lost their faith.
  • Cloudstar limps to the medicine cat den and falls asleep.
  • He is startled awake by Fawnstep who needs to speak to him. Cloudstar immediately worries that Birdflight is having her kits.
  • Fawnstep sounds worried but replies that she had a dream. In her dream, SkyClan was leaving the forest at a Gathering. Cloudstar is outraged but Fawnstep sadly replies that there will be no territory left for the cats. The story ends with Fawnstep telling Cloudstar that this was a battle that should not have been lost, and a defeat that they can not survive.

Conclusion: Onestar's Farewell

  • Onestar finds the readers and comments that it's easy to get lost on the island.
  • He also says that some of the stories were new to him, too.
  • Cedarheart never shared any of those stories with him.
  • Battles are not always the answer.
  • It is part of their heritage, legacy passed on from earlier generations, and the path to the future.
  • That is what the meaning of being a warrior is: to be proud of the legacy and of the battles that were fought, being fought, and the battles that will be fought.
  • As long as the fire burns in their blood, warrior clans will fight.

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