"For as long as the fire burns in our blood, warrior Clans will fight."
Onestar about the Clans in Battles of the Clans, page 162

Chapter description

Onestar greets the kittypets, and admits he's been wondering where they went. The mottled tabby asks if they got lost in some bushes, because the island looks bigger than it does from shore. He orders them to come, for they'll be leaving now, and Onestar will take them for the border. He tells the kittypets they must find their own way after that, and asks if they can. The WindClan leader praises them, saying they're good, and goes on to question if they've learned all they wanted. Onestar says he's heard some himself, then mentions Cedarheart of ShadowClan, asking what he'd said. It's rumored the ShadowClan warrior knows more than anyone about the Clans' history, and Onestar adds that he's never been told about things like that. The tabby tom changes to battles, telling the kittypets it's not always the answer, but part of their heritage.
A legacy passed down from the warriors' ancestors, and a path to the future. Some questions lead only to conflict, but all challenges deserve a brave and carefully planned response. Onestar states that as long as they fight with honor, courage, and respect for the opposing side, the legacy does not deserve to fall, and will watch as apprentices become warriors, trained by the last generation, and train the newer ones. Heroes shall be celebrated, with the defeated side forgotten as dust in the memories of the Clans. The leader tells the kittypets that being a warrior is to be proud of the legacy, and of the battles fought, and the clashes their ancestors endured for the Clans. For as long as fire lives in their blood, the Clans will fight.




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