"May StarClan- not ShadowClan- walk in your dreams."
Rowanclaw to the kittypets in Battles of the Clans, page 28

Chapter description

Rowanclaw greets Onestar, and asks why he's inside ShadowClan territory. The ShadowClan deputy notices the companions, and questions if WindClan has started recruiting kittypets. Rowanclaw asks the kittypets if they expect him to share his Clan's secrets, and why they have the most feared warriors. The dark ginger tom adds that ShadowClan's secrets are their strengths, referring to the kittypets as his friend. Rowanclaw speaks to Onestar now, questioning if he'd ask WindClan to train his own Clanmates to hunt rabbits, but admits that does not think so. The lithe tom tells the reader he'd be betraying his position as Blackstar's deputy, had he not tell the tale of their Clan's name heritage.
He goes on to explain ShadowClan are night hunters, and their senses are most alert in darkness, and silence, two things that most confuse other Clans. ShadowClan can slip noiselessly through shadows, and compares their abilities to a fish swimming through dark water, and the warriors can speak to each other without words. Rowanclaw adds that, unlike the other Clans, who stick to the moonlight, or the watchful shine of StarClan, ShadowClan enjoys freedom that comes with the night and dark.
When it comes to battle, the fierce Clan wastes no time in rallying their fighters with speeches or promises, for the warriors know what experience is. The cats will deliver or face the shame of betraying their Clan; the other Clans arrange themselves in lines, circles, or elaborate plans, but ShadowClan swoop in, and strike, before retreating. They fight to win, and Rowanclaw tells them to go, and leave his Clan to train in the dead of night. The deputy wishes for StarClan, and not ShadowClan, to walk in their dreams.




Notes and references

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