"Even after watching the heart-breaking defeat of the Clanmates who came after me, I knew that SkyClan would live again, strong and proud and preserved by the warrior code."
Buzzardstar about his Clan in Battles of the Clans
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Chapter description

Buzzardstar, a SkyClan leader, welcomes the kittypets, and assures them they are safe and dreaming in WindClan. The SkyClan tom introduces himself, talking of his Clan's long travel from the forest. He notes he's went to StarClan long ago, but can still walk in the dreams of cats. Buzzardstar tells the kittypets that they're lucky he's here, for they can learn about SkyClan, for his old Clan was once an equal with the other Clans. The ginger leader goes on of how SkyClan could climb trees, hunting birds, and feeding on the eggs. The SkyClan cats also can jump higher than any other Clan cat, climb with confidence, and swoop like hawk or eagles onto prey. They were able to launch attacks from above, dropping down from the trees, and catch their enemies off guard.
He recalls SkyClan being driven out, for the Twolegs started destroying their forest. During this time, Buzzardstar was the deputy, and like his Clanmates, tried to rebuild their broken Clan. The cats settled beside the river in a gorge, but enemies from all around started attacking them, and soon, SkyClan was no more. He mentions watching the heart-breaking defeat of his beloved Clan, but deep down, always knew the Clan would be whole once again. Cloudstar, an old SkyClan leader, called upon Firestar, a ThunderClan cat, to find the remaining kin of his old Clan. Within due time, SkyClan grew again, and Buzzardstar watches over them. The reborn Clan are relearning the ancient battles moves, the same moves that made the Clan respected back in the forest.






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