"Yes, the other Clans are content to skirmish amid bushes or mud, but as the great WindClan tactician Graywing the Wise taught us, it is open battles that carry the weight of destiny."
Ashfoot about WindClan in Battles of the Clans, page 66

Chapter description

Ashfoot welcomes Onestar, WindClan's leader, and refers to the kittypets, saying they're still in one piece. She mentions how they know about darkness, water, and forest, but still have to learn about WindClan. The gray she-cat tells them her Clan can survive in the bleakest territory, with no spaces to hide, where their borders battle against wind, and are fragile. She invites them into the camp, to settle in, and eat fresh-kill. She mentions Webfoot as one of their best storytellers, so the kittypets may have to squeeze around the kits.
Ashfoot reassures them, confirming there to be nothing to fear with WindClan. For, unlike ShadowClan, who hide in shadows, or ThunderClan, who skulk in brambles, and RiverClan, whom live with water, WindClan has nothing to hide in. They live in the open, and battle in the open, with two lines of cats facing each other in open moorland. Ashfoot says it's surely a noble way to fight, since both sides are prepared, but only one can leave victorious. The WindClan warrior says the loser can lick their wounds, and accept that their side fell short in skill, courage, or strength.
She finishes by telling them the other Clans are content with fighting in mud, and bushes, but WindClan's great leader, Graywing the Wise, taught them fighting in the open leaves destiny in the battle.





Notes and references

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