The beech copse is a thicket of beech trees in RiverClan territory.[1] The clearing there is used for training apprentices.[2] Though not seen in the maps, it is an important site in Crookedstar's Promise, and is on the border next to WindClan territory.[1]


The beech copse is a part of RiverClan territory used for training apprentices in battle and hunting skills.[2] It is near a meadow, by the WindClan border, and is across the river from WindClan's moorlands.[1] In the winter, frost gathers on the beech trees and the grass.[3] Next to the beeches is the clearing, which is where the apprentices train.[1]


It is very similar to the sandy hollow in ThunderClan territory. It serves as a training and a hunting area.[4] Mentors often train their apprentices here, they teach them how to fight and hunt prey that isn't fish.[5] They can teach their apprentices to climb here as well.[6]


In the Super Editions

Crookedstar's Promise

Ottersplash, Rippleclaw, and Mudfur, along with their apprentices, Petalpaw, Volepaw, and Beetlepaw go training at the beech copse. They are having hunting assessments. Crookedkit watches as they leave the camp.
Soon after Crookedpaw is made an apprentice, he goes to the beech copse to train with his new mentor, Cedarpelt. They are practicing battle moves. After a while, Piketooth and Beetlenose come, and tell them that Reedfeather told them at the border that ThunderClan attacked WindClan's camp. Cedarpelt is surprised, but thinks that ThunderClan won't attack them. He asks Beetlenose if Crookedpaw can practice his new battle moves on him, and he agrees. They practice for a while, but then return to camp.
Crookedpaw helps organize the RiverClan warriors to drive a dog away, planning to have the dog run to where the RiverClan warriors are hiding, and are prepared to ambush the dog, but it runs to the beech copse, where Willowpaw and Graypaw are training. Graypaw, Brightsky, and Owlfur make it up a tree, but Willowpaw doesn't, and the dog comes towards her. Crookedpaw fights the dog away, and lures it to the RiverClan warriors, who chase the dog home.
A dog runs loose in RiverClan territory, near the beech copse. A patrol of RiverClan warriors consisting of Crookedjaw, Whitefang and Petaldust drive it away from the beech copse, but the dog runs towards the river, where Rainflower is, and startles her so much that she falls in the river and hits her head on a rock. Crookedjaw wants to save her, but he is afraid that his Clanmates might not be able to chase the dog away from the beech copse on their own. He goes back to help them, leaving Rainflower, who dies.
While Beetlenose, Crookedjaw, and Oakheart are training their apprentices how to a climb, yet again another dog is loose. The cats chase it at the top of the beech copse and out of RiverClan territory. Unfortunately, the dog throws Rainflower in the river, and she hits her head on a rock and dies.

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