"They won't be safe for long. RiverClan will not be content with my death. SkyClan must attack before they do. Take the battle into their territory this time. And make sure we win."
— Beechstar on his deathbed in Code of the Clans, page 76-77

Beechstar is a brown tabby tom[1] with milky-blue eyes.[2]

In Code of the Clans, Beechstar is an ancient SkyClan leader. He lays in his nest as he holds on to his last life after being mortally wounded by a RiverClan warrior in a recent border skirmish between SkyClan and RiverClan. His son Mothpelt, his deputy Maplewhisker, and the warrior Robinwing surround him. Beechstar claims that RiverClan will not be content with his death, explaining to Robinwing and the other listening cats that he wants SkyClan to attack RiverClan in RiverClan's territory.

As he dies, he appoints his son, Mothpelt, to be the new leader of SkyClan and tells Mothpelt to make him proud as he watches from StarClan. Mothpelt grieves heavily for his father, and swears that he will be the best leader StarClan has ever known. However, while blinded by rage, Mothpelt makes the mistake of attacking in terrible weather conditions, eventually turning back.




Mothpelt:[2] Living (As of Code of he Clans)


Leader info

Leader info
Name From To
Maplewhisker Code of the Clans Code of the Clans


"This is my final rest. My ninth life is slipping away; my warrior ancestors are already waiting for me. I come, my friends. Wait just one moment longer. Lead our Clan well, Mothpelt. Make me proud as I watch you from StarClan."
—Beechstar telling Mothpelt to lead his Clan well Code of the Clans, page 77

"Robinwing glanced at Maplewhisker, who looked as horrified as he felt. RiverClan wouldn't need to fight them; they could just sit on the far bank and watch the floodwater carry the SkyClan cats away. Beechstar would not have wanted his Clan to die like this!"
—Narration Code of the Clans, page 79

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