"There is you, and there is still hope. You must fight for your Clan, Rowanstar."
— Beenose to Rowanstar in Darkest Night, page 301

Beenose is a sleek-furred,[9] plump white she-cat with black ears.[10]

Beenose was the daughter of Snowbird and Scorchfur, born along with her littermates Yarrowleaf and Bluebellkit. Along with the other ShadowClan apprentices, she scorned the warrior code and StarClan, defecting to join Darktail after Rowanstar's leadership proved ineffective during the Yellowcough Plague. However, she attempted to escape after witnessing the cruelty of the Kin but was discovered and drowned by Darktail. Her spirit left to join StarClan after she and the other fallen ShadowClan cats were summoned from the lake by Tree.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I don't see the older cats earning any respect. All they do is hunt and sleep."
—Beepaw about the Clan elders Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 8
Beepaw is a ShadowClan apprentice under the mentorship of Dawnpelt. At a Gathering, she introduces herelf to Sparkpaw and Alderpaw of ThunderClan; however, she and the other ShadowClan apprentices startle them with their disrespect of the other Clans and disbelief in StarClan. When rebellion stirs among ShadowClan's apprentices, Beepaw harshly criticizes the need to respect elders, exclaiming that ShadowClan cats say what they want. While she does not initially defect to Darktail's group with Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, and Sleekpaw, she eventually leaves with her older sisters, Berryheart and Cloverfoot. During her time with them, the newly renamed Beenose catches yellowcough, and vanishes during the reign of the Kin. Her mother frantically explains that she had convinced Beenose and Berryheart to escape to ThunderClan, but they had never arrived.
When Tree summons the spirits of the fallen ShadowClan cats from the lake, Beenose is among them, reuiniting with her father, Scorchfur. She explains that because her missing sisters, Yarrowleaf and Berryheart, are not among them, they must be alive, further demanding that Tawnypelt and Rowanstar save ShadowClan. Her spirit then leaves to join StarClan.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Blackstar announces at a Gathering that Snowbird has given birth to three healthy kits, Beenose and her sisters.


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  • Although Beenose has stated that she does not believe in StarClan,[11] Kate has said she went there after death because she was young and misguided, and not evil.[blog 2]


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Mistystar: "RiverClan is doing well. The lake is full of fish..."
Beepaw: "RiverClan cats eat fish! Can you imagine? No wonder they're so smelly."
—Beepaw at a Gathering The Apprentice's Quest, page 48

Ratscar: "If you ask me, what should be embraced is a bit more respect for senior warriors."
Beepaw: "Ratscar's always saying that!"
—Beepaw snickering at Ratscar The Apprentice's Quest, page 53

"He thought that Needlepaw and Beepaw were shocked too, silent for a few heartbeats, even though they finally forced out short purrs of laughter."
—Alderpaw when Sleekpaw scorns StarClan and prophecies The Apprentice's Quest, pages 54-55
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"Beepaw and Yarrowpaw have been saying that we shouldn't bother with StarClan. They ask why should they believe in a bunch of cats they've never even seen."
—Leafpool about ShadowClan Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 7

Beepaw: "I don't see the older cats earning any respect. All they do is hunt and sleep."
Snowbird: "Beepaw! You mustn't speak about your elders like that."
Beepaw: "Why not? You taught us that ShadowClan cats can say what they like."
Snowbird: "Where has all this come from?"
Beepaw: "If you ever listened instead of just talking, you'd know."
—Beepaw about respect for the older ShadowClan cats Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 8

"I persuaded Berryheart and Beenose to go to ThunderClan so they'd be safe. But they never arrived!"
—Snowbird about Berryheart and Beenose at a Gathering Darkest Night, page 30

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