"The striped brown tom who told you where Swiftpaw was? I think that was Beetail. He was Oakstar's deputy when I arrived. He was a great warrior, wise and kind."
Cloudberry after Goosekit describes Beetail in Goosefeather's Curse, chapter 3

Beetail is a dark brown tabby tom[2] with near-black stripes, amber eyes, and long legs and a long tail.[4]

Beetail was a ThunderClan deputy under Oakstar's leadership. He stood with Oakstar while his Clan leader banished Mapleshade and her kits for being half-Clan. After his death, Beetail joined StarClan and was succeeded by Doefeather. Goosekit, who can speak to dead cats, discovered his spirit in ThunderClan's camp and Beetail helped him find Swiftpaw.


In the Novellas

Mapleshade's Vengeance

Beetail is the current deputy of ThunderClan. Nettlepaw wakes up Mapleshade, mentioning that Beetail wants her on patrol. Mapleshade shoos the apprentice away, saying to let her speak to the deputy.
Beetail is organizing the daily patrols so Mapleshade walks up to the deputy and tells him that she would be unable to do her duties for a while because she is expecting kits. Beetail looks awkward as he meows his congratulations, and asks if Oakstar, ThunderClan's leader knows. Mapleshade admits she hasn't told him yet and offers to work around the camp. Beetail agrees, congratulating to the newly expectant mother again. He agrees it's good news, and asks her who the father is. Mapleshade firmly tells him that she will raise the kits alone. Surprised, Beetail wishes that StarClan lights hers and her kits' paths.
Frecklewish approaches Mapleshade, mentioning that Beetail told her about her kits and that she will raise them alone. Later, Beetail is out on patrol so Mapleshade sneaks out with Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit. He returns to see the Clan gathering to see the queen justify herself over the father of the kits. Beetail positions himself next to Ravenwing, the medicine cat, under the Highrock, the deputy's pelt ruffled as if he'd been interrupted mid-groom.

Goosefeather's Curse

When Swiftpaw is missing, Goosekit asks a black-and-white apprentice if he can help search for her. Unsure if he is allowed to leave, the black-and-white cat calls to a brown tom who is padding past. He tells the brown tom that an apprentice is missing. Stopping, he fixes his gaze on Goosekit, and asks which one it was. When Goosekit replies that her name is Swiftpaw, he asks for confirmation if she was quite small and carrying herbs with her. Goosekit nods in confirmation, and the dark tom purrs that she is by Sunningrocks, in the reeds. The kit tries to call for him again, but with the sun in his eyes, the mysterious warrior is gone.
The warriors ask Goosekit how he knows this, having never been outside camp. He tells them that a dark brown tom told him, although Rooktail thinks he may be talking about Squirrelwhisker, Goosekit shakes his head and says it was a tom, not a she-cat. Cloudberry and Doestar end up questioning the kit about the tom, and ask him to describe the cat. Cloudberry ends up telling him that his name is Beetail, and he was the former deputy of ThunderClan when Oakstar was leader. He had been alive when Cloudberry had joined ThunderClan, but is now dead. Goosekit is confused by this information, and his power is discovered.
Beetail is seen walking alongside Goosefeather as he leaves the camp.

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Beetail: "I'd like you to join the dawn patrol, please. Frecklewish is leading it."
Mapleshade: "Actually, there's something I need to tell you. I won’t be able to carry out my usual duties for a while. I'm expecting kits."
Beetail: "Oh. Right. I... er... wasn't expecting that. Well, you must only do what you feel up to. Does Oakstar know?"
Mapleshade: "Not yet. Why don't I help out in the camp today? I could fetch some soaked moss for the elders, if you like."
Beetail: "That would be great. And er, congratulations."
Mapleshade: "Thank you. It's wonderful news, isn't it?"
Beetail: "Indeed. And these kits... their father...?"
Mapleshade: "I will raise them alone."
Beetail: "May StarClan light your path, and the path of your kits."
—Mapleshade and Beetail Mapleshade's Vengeance, page 14

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