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"[The warrior code] teaches us to be strong! I don't know what you are trying to do, but you'll never make me despise the warrior code, or my Clan! My Clan thinks it's being targeted by rogues because of you. They're frightened by our nighttime visits to their territory. I don't want to be part of that. I appreciate everything you've taught me, I really do. You've made me a stronger warrior than I could have ever dreamed of being, but I can't stay here. I must leave and protect my Clan. I won't be coming here again."
— Beetlewhisker to Brokenstar as he attempts to leave the Dark Forest in The Last Hope, page 158

Beetlewhisker is a brown-and-white tabby tom.[5]

Beetlewhisker was a RiverClan warrior under Leopardstar's and Mistystar's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born as Beetlekit to Mintfur and Icewing along with his littermates, Grasskit, Petalkit, and Pricklekit. As a warrior, Beetlewhisker trained in the Dark Forest. When the truth of the Dark Forest's intentions was revealed, Beetlewhisker attempted to leave and denounce his Dark Forest mentors, but was slain by Brokenstar.


In the Power of Three arc


Beetlekit is a RiverClan kit, and the son of Icewing and Mintfur. His siblings are Petalkit, Grasskit, and Pricklekit.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

He is now a warrior with the name of Beetlewhisker. Two of his siblings, Grasspelt and Petalfur, have also received their warrior names.

The Forgotten Warrior

It is revealed that Beetlewhisker is a Dark Forest visitor. He sits with Icewing and Hollowflight in the meeting when Brokenstar is warning the Clan cats to watch for the final signal, because the time is close to when the battle will take place.

The Last Hope

He objects against Brokenstar when the old ShadowClan leader mocks the warrior code and tells the warriors that it makes them weak. Beetlewhisker stands up for what his heart tells him is right, and informs Brokenstar that while he appreciates the training to become a better warrior, he could never betray his Clanmates or the warrior code, and that he was leaving the Dark Forest forever. Ivypool looks on in horror as Brokenstar blocks his path, attacks him, and crunches his neck, making a loud snapping sound. Brokenstar uses him as an example for the other warriors, informing them that nobody may leave, and threatens Applefur, who showed sympathy towards Beetlewhisker. Hawkfrost kicks the dead body aside, stating that he never really trusted Beetlewhisker anyway.
Ivypool tells Jayfeather and Lionblaze about Beetlewhisker's death. Dovewing searches the RiverClan camp with her special senses, and learns that RiverClan are calling for him but cannot find him anywhere. Ivypool then comments with a shudder that he will lie in the Dark Forest forever.

In The Broken Code arc

The Place of No Stars

During her time in the medicine den, Icewing reveals to Shadowsight that Beetlewhisker was one of the casualties in the Great Battle, and he is about to apologize. Icewing cuts him off, however, going on to say that she just wants him to know the dangers of going into the Dark Forest, knowing how Beetlewhisker was left to rot by Brokenstar.

In the Novellas

Mistystar's Omen

Beetlewhisker: "At least the big fish are coming back!"
Mistystar: "They are?"
Beetlewhisker: "Oh, yes. I saw a huge trout yesterday, longer than my tail. Mothwing told me to leave it alone, though."
Mistystar: "She did?"
Beetlewhisker: "Yes, to give the lake a chance to build up its stocks again. She said we should let the bigger fish build up their numbers and breed again before we start catching them."
Mistystar: "She didn't mention this to me."
Beetlewhisker: "Well, maybe she thought you'd feel the same?"
—Beetlewhisker reporting of the returning fish to Mistystar Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 8
When Mistyfoot announces that the former RiverClan leader, Leopardstar, has died, Beetlewhisker stands up, fur gleaming in the sun's early rays, and asks when she would be getting her nine lives.
After she has successfully killed a minnow, Beetlewhisker compliments her, which makes her look up with surprise, and notices that he had been watching her from the top of the shore, and his fur stands out sharply against the stones. Mistystar points out that it was not more than a mouthful, and Beetlewhisker then comments that the big fish were coming back. Mistystar puts her head on one side, asking if they were, and he nods, recalling that he had seen a large trout the day prior, longer than his tail, but Mothwing had told him to leave it alone. Mistystar then asks if he was sure, and the RiverClan cat replies that she did, so the lake could be given a chance to build up its stock, and to let the bigger fish build up their numbers and breed once more before they started catching them.
Mistystar then feels her mouth fall open, noting that Mothwing had not mentioned this to her, and Beetlewhisker blinks, replying that she possibly had thought she would feel the same. It is noted that he sounds uncomfortable, and Mistystar feels sorry to challenge him, thinking that he was not the cat to speak about the situation. After she picks up her minnow, she states that she would better add this to the fresh-kill pile, and tells him to see him later, leaving him standing unhappily on the shore. When she arrives at camp, Mistystar asks Mothwing why she told Beetlewhisker not to catch the trout. After deciding she would question about the apprentices later, she wonders if Beetlewhisker was right about the returning trout, and if he was, if her warriors could resist the temptation of catching them until the water is fully stocked.
After trotting near the entrance of camp, Mistystar meets Beetlewhisker outside, and he asks if Reedwhisker was okay. Mistystar replies that Mothwing and Willowshine were with him. When she seeks his look of surprise, she adds that RiverClan was blessed by StarClan to have two medicine cats, and if he wished, he could tell the rest of the Clan. Beetlewhisker holds her gaze for a moment, and nods, stating that as she said, they were very lucky. Mistystar then begins to move off, and Beetlewhisker calls after her, offering to accompany her. Mistystar then declines his offer, shaking her head, and promises that she would be back later.

Mothwing's Secret

Prior to the Great Battle, Mothwing reflects how Beetlewhisker had disappeared from his nest one night without a trace.

Dovewing's Silence

As the other Clans call for the Dark Forest traitors to atone for their actions, they hold a Gathering where punishments are discussed. Mistystar defends her cats, and says that Beetlewhisker was killed and cannot answer for his actions.

Character pixels




Icewing:[2] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Mintfur:[blog 1] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Grasspelt:[2] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Pricklekit:[2] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Petalfur:[2] Deceased, residence unknown
Nightsky:[6] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Breezeheart:[6] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Brackenpelt:[7] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Jayclaw:[7] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Owlnose:[7] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Icewing ♀Mintfur ♂
Mallownose ♂Petalfur ♀Beetlewhisker ♂Grasspelt ♂Nightsky ♀Breezeheart ♀Pricklekit ♂
Jayclaw ♂Owlnose ♂Brackenpelt ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown




Notes and references

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