Beetlewhisker is a brown-and-white tabby tom.[1]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Beetlewhisker is a RiverClan warrior.

Shattered Sky

When the Kin attacks RiverClan's camp, Scorchfur races forward and swipes at Beetlewhisker, who lets out a screech. The Kin wins the battle against RiverClan and drive them off their territory, and he goes with them.
Violetpaw goes to ThunderClan to seek help in freeing the RiverClan prisoners Darktail refuses to let go. She is met by a patrol consisting of Beetlewhisker, Dewnose, and Podlight. The brown-and-white tom asks after the prisoners, and Violetpaw tells him they are alive. The patrol escorts her to camp to speak with the leaders.

Darkest Night

Beetlewhisker is now Harepaw's mentor.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

His apprentice, Harepaw, is now a warrior named Harelight.


Interesting facts

  • In the Norwegian version of River of Fire, Sneezecloud is Harelight's mentor instead, due to Beetlewhisker not being listed.[3]


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