"The other night I got shut in the neighbor's shed, and when I got back my housefolk's kits were wailing. I couldn't bear to think of them upset again. But I hope you enjoy living in your new Clan, if that's what you want."
— Bella to Cherry in Firestar's Quest, page 293

Bella is a tabby-and-white she-cat with amber eyes.[1]


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Bella is first seen as a young kittypet, and a good friend of Cherry's.
When Firestar and Sandstorm are trying to rebuild the long lost SkyClan, Cherry suggests that they should go and talk to Hutch next. A cat rounds the corner of the alley the group is going down, fur bristling, but then relaxes as they see who the cats are. Cherry and Boris approach the cat, before seeing it is Bella, who Cherry asks to meet their new friend, Firestar. Firestar pads up to the kittypet, and he is reminded of his sister Princess, because of their similar tabby-and-white pelt. He notes that Bella didn't look like she was descended of the ancient SkyClan cats, lacking the strong haunches that Cherry and Boris have. When she raises a paw to dab at her nose, he also sees that she has extremely soft, pink pads, which would have made it difficult for her to survive in SkyClan, as they must get used to climbing on rocks.
Bella dips her head politely, saying that Firestar obviously wasn't from around the area, asking where his housefolk live. Boris tells her that he doesn't have any housefolk, as he is from a Clan, and Bella's eyes go wide wth curiosity, which changes over to wonder as Firestar tells his story. Cherry asks if she'll come to the meeting, mewing that it'd be great and she could show Bella how to catch mice. Bella shakes her head, declining their offer, explaining that her Twolegs would miss her, and she would miss her Twolegs too much.
Boris tries to protest but Bella cuts him off with a firm no, saying one night she was trapped in another Twolegs' shed, and when she finally got out of the shed and back home, her Twolegs were worried and their kits were crying and wailing. Bella presses her muzzle against Cherry's affectionately, saying she hopes the two enjoy living in their new Clan, if it's what they really want. Seeming unusually serious, Cherry promises that they will come and visit her sometimes, and Boris gives Bella's ear a quick lick before they continue on their way to find Hutch.



Cherrypaw: "You'll come to the meeting, won't you? It'll be great, living in a Clan! I'll show you how to catch mice."
Bella: "I couldn't possibly do that. I would miss my housefolk too much, and they would miss me."
—Cherrypaw asking Bella to join SkyClan Firestar's Quest, page 293

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