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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Darkest Night

Bellaleaf is seen sharing tongues with Fallowfern as the Clan wakes up. When Jayfeather and Alderheart go to SkyClan, Bellaleaf, Plumwillow, and Leafstar are the first to meet them. While Blossomheart is away on a journey, Bellaleaf takes over Finpaw's training, and she takes Finpaw out early in the day.
Twigpaw asks Finpaw if he should be training with Bellaleaf. He explains that Bellaleaf decided that the apprentice has had enough training for the morning so has allowed him the rest of the day to explore. While trying to explain why they should not hang out, Twigpaw suggests to Finpaw that he should just stay with Bellaleaf for now. After they finish talking, Twigpaw tells Finpaw to go return to Bellaleaf. When Twigpaw arrives back at camp, Bellaleaf is seen listening in as Leafstar talks to ThunderClan warriors. After their conversation, Leafstar tells Ivypool that Bellaleaf and Finpaw will escort her back to her camp. She tells the she-cat to make use of Bellaleaf and Finpaw. When the journeying patrol returns, Bellaleaf hurries to join her Clanmates that are asking questions. Leafstar sends hunting patrols to feed the hungry returning patrol, nodding to Bellaleaf as she tells her to take Sandynose and two ShadowClan warriors and hunt near ShadowClan's old camp. Later, Leafstar sends Bellaleaf as the lead of a hunting patrol, telling her they have mouths to feed.

River of Fire

When a fire destroys RiverClan's camp, Leafstar lets them shelter in ShadowClan's old camp. She assigns Bellaleaf, Juniperclaw, and Plumwillow to escort them there and get what they need.

The Raging Storm

When ShadowClan scent is reported on SkyClan territory, Bellaleaf leaves her work repairing the elders' den to listen to the commotion, and agrees that it couldn't be a good sign. She is later assigned on a patrol to meet with ShadowClan peacefully, though Juniperclaw, the ShadowClan deputy, is present while his leader Tigerstar is not. Juniperclaw eyes the SkyClan patrol, suggesting it to be a battle patrol, which Tree denies. The meeting is interrupted by the sound of a nearby dog, and the SkyClan cats return to their camp.
Leafstar laments at the lack of assistance from the other Clans in cementing SkyClan's place by the lake, to which Bellaleaf agrees they were just as alone as they were at the gorge. She is sympathetic towards Finleap when he arrives unannounced and without permission to visit his sick sister, Reedclaw.
She participates in an attack on a ShadowClan patrol, dropping onto the rival warriors from above the treetops, and hooking her claws into Snaketooth. In the aftermath, Bellaleaf reports that only ShadowClan warriors were injured. Soon after, ShadowClan attacks the camp in the dead of the night, and Bellaleaf rushes into battle. After they flee, Hawkwing orders Bellaleaf to gather cats to repair the elders' den. Leafstar spits that they shouldn't bother rebuilding, but Bellaleaf insists they can't give up.
Bellaleaf attends a Gathering where Leafstar announces SkyClan will return to the gorge. Afterwards, she argues with Harrybrook about leaving the lake, and is supported by Sagenose. Bellaleaf declares that StarClan would want them to fight for their place, but Leafstar dismisses her.
On their journey to the gorge, Bellaleaf rushes with Plumwillow towards Sunnypaw when the apprentice is caught in the mud. When a flood traps the Clan in a tree, Bellaleaf scowls at Leafstar that StarClan had warned them not to leave the lake, arguing with her leader. She and Sagenose guide Nectarpaw to safety when SkyClan is rescued by Twigbranch's patrol.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Bellaleaf is dozing in the entrance of the nursery, with her daughter, Wrenkit. As Tree passes, Wrenkit jumps up, shivering, pressing herself closer to her mother. Bellaleaf wraps her tail over Wrenkit's shoulders, following Tree with a hostile glare. Rootpaw can't blame Bellaleaf for not liking Tree and keeping Wrenkit away from him. He notes how Wrenkit is the only surviving kit of Bellaleaf's litter, and the grief of losing the others was made worse when Tree had insisted that the two unnamed kits who had died were still close to Wrenkit, watching over her until they joined StarClan, which had terrified Wrenkit.

The Silent Thaw

Her daughter Wrenpaw has become an apprentice.

In the Super Editions

Hawkwing's Journey

When Leafstar calls a Clan meeting to tell SkyClan about Echosong's prophecy, the dawn patrol—which consists of Tinycloud, Sparrowpelt, and Bellapaw, is the last to appear. The members of the patrol make their way down into the crowd of cats. Echosong shares how SkyClan must find ThunderClan, and she wonders if they can seek out Barley and ask him if he knows the other Clans' location. Bellapaw calls out that that is exactly what they should do, and Rileypaw agrees, but Hawkwing thinks that they are the farm cat's kin, and know him better then every cat.
Later, when a patrol returns unsuccessfully from trying to find ThunderClan, a Clan meeting is held to discuss the next move. Bellapaw asks if they should try to find Barley now, since he might be able to tell them where the Clan cats are. She adds that he is actually trustworthy, and gives Darktail an awkward glance. The white tom dips his head toward Bellapaw and meows that he understands her doubt, but even though he was wrong about the directions, he still thinks he knows where the Clan cats are.
In SkyClan camp, after the second group to find ThunderClan comes back without success again, Bellapaw is seen heading up the cliff for patrol with Sandynose and Mistfeather, led by Darktail and Rain.
Later, Hawkwing is on dawn patrol with Darktail, Sparrowpelt, and Bellapaw, and they are led by Waspwhisker. When Waspwhisker irately chastises Darktail several times, Bellapaw exchanges a glance with Hawkwing, and she questions why the warrior is being to hard on Darktail. Hawkwing guesses that he might not want Darktail in SkyClan anymore. Soon after, the patrol sees a group of rogues, and Waspwhisker and Hawkwing challenge them, while Bellapaw, Darktail, and Sparrowpelt take up positions just behind them. The rogues refuse to leave the territory, and Waspwhisker orders the patrol to attack. In the fight, Bellapaw is seen chasing off one a tabby she-cat back into the bank of ferns. The SkyClan cats successfully scare the rogues away, and as they head back to camp Darktail chats amiably to Bellapaw, leaving Hawkwing pleased that for once, the white tom is having a friendly conversation with a SkyClan cat.
During the battle against the rogues, Pebblepaw, Parsleypaw, Bellapaw, and Rileypaw bundle out of the apprentices' den, to fight. Hawkwing snaps that the fight is no place for apprentices, but the four young cats fall in behind Hawkwing, who is impressed by their bravery. Later in the battle, after Hawkwing and Pebblepaw relieve the nursery of attackers, the former spots Rileypaw and Bellapaw struggling with two much bigger rogues. Hawkwing leaps down to save Rileypaw, who was pinned by a rogue, and the tabby then scrambles up to help his sister. Hawkwing scares the rogue off, then turns to see the two littermates driving off the second attacked. The warrior asks the littermates if they are okay, and although they have scratches, both simply nod, and Bellapaw mews that they are fine. Hawkwing instructs them to then go help the elders, Clovertail and Fallowfern, and the young cats bound off.
After SkyClan is forced to retreat from battle and give up the gorge, the scattered Clan gathers in Ebonyclaw's garden. A few days after, when a Clan meeting is held to decide SkyClan’s next move, Echosong shares her dream of a territory with a lake. Leafstar declares that SkyClan will leave to find ThunderClan, and to start, Bellapaw and Rileypaw would lead them back to where they used to live.
The next day, Leafstar calls another Clan meeting, and beckons with her tail to Bellapaw, Rileypaw, Pebblepaw, and Parsleypaw. The four young cats step out of the crowd, exchanging glances that are half excited, and half bewildered. Leafstar announces that they Clan needs every one of their warriors, and she tells them to come closer. The four apprentices walk pad up to their leader, and Leafstar asks each of their mentors in turn if they think their apprentice is ready. When Bellapaw’s mentor, Tinycloud, is asked if she is satisfied that the ginger tabby has earned her warrior name, the white she-cat responds that she is, without a doubt, and Bellapaw shivers in excitement. Leafstar continues with the warrior ceremony, and Bellapaw given her warrior name of Bellaleaf, along with Rileypool, Parsleyseed, and Pebbleshine.
The next day, SkyClan heads out on their journey, but soon after starting Macgyver, a daylight warrior, finds the Clan and decides to leave his Twolegs to travel with them. She asks where they are going, and Leafstar answers that Rileypool and Bellaleaf will lead the Clan back to where they came from, as Barley might be able to show them ThunderClan’s direction.
When SkyClan crosses through a Twolegplace, they encounter Shorty, who takes them back to his camp. Stick organizes the SkyClan and Twolegplace cats into hunting patrols and when Hawkwing wonders where Curlypaw, his apprentice, is, Pebbleshine replies that she saw the gray she-cat go with Fidgetpaw and Bellaleaf. Hawkwing is slightly anxious at the thought of his apprentice wandering by herself in Twolegplace, then reminds himself that she has two Clanmates and some Twolegplace cats with her. However, even after Hawkwing returns from hunting and finishes eating, Curlypaw hasn’t returned. Pebbleshine notes that Bellaleaf and Fidgetpaw aren’t there either, but her prediction is broken off by a screech. Bellaleaf races out of an alleyway on the far side of the barren ground. Her fur is bushed up, and her eyes are wild, with blood tricking from a scratch above her eye. Fidgetpaw follows her, and Bellaleaf calls for Leafstar. The Clan leader goes to meet the ginger she-cat and demands what happened. Bellaleaf gasps that it is terrible, and that they took Curlypaw. She explains that lots of other cats jumped down on them from the top of the wall, and although she managed to get Fidgetpaw away, she couldn’t help Curlypaw. Leafstar questions where Stick's cats are, and Bellaleaf bitterly mews that they ran away, and were cowards.
By now, the other cats have crowded around Leafstar and Bellaleaf, and the brown tabby instructs Bellaleaf to take them back to where the ambush happened, to try to follow the scent. Harvey, one of Dodge’s cats, brings a message to the SkyClan cats and takes the group Leafstar picked to where Curlypaw is held hostage. Dodge explains that SkyClan can have Curlypaw back if they help the rogues drive out Stick and his cats, and when the SkyClan cats refuse, Dodge’s are clearly ready to attack them. Hawkwing thinks that the SkyClan cats are hopelessly outnumbered, and Bellaleaf and Fidgetpaw still have fresh wounds. In the end, Hawkwing and Dodge battle, and when the former won, SkyClan left the Twolegplace, Curlypaw safely with them.
Several days after, while hunting, Blossomheart asks Hawkwing if he thinks they will ever find Barley. She notes that they have been traveling for days, but didn’t think it took Barley that long to get to the gorge when he and Ravenpaw brought Bellaleaf and Rileypool to SkyClan. Hawkwing agrees, and comments that since Rileypool and Bellaleaf were very young when they made the journey, they might not actually remember the way. Blossomheart mews that they followed the river but assumes that Barley doesn’t live on the river bank, and she guesses that the littermates might not remember when to leave the river. Leafstar calls to SkyClan, interrupting their conversation, and the Clan leader announces that Bellaleaf thinks she recognized a landmark. The ginger she-cat points to a tall pointed hill on the horizon, and meows that it is visible from where Barley lives. Bellaleaf and Rileypool walk with Leafstar from the front of the Clan, and as the cats continue on, Bellaleaf lets out a screech of triumph. She points to a large Twoleg den in the distance and exclaims that it is Barley's barn. She and Rileypool purr in excitement, and Rileypool mews that he knew they would find it. The Clan draws closer to the barn, and eventually Rileypool and Bellaleaf break away from the rest of the Clan and bound up to the barn door. They yowl the name of their kin with excitement, and Barley peers out through a gap at the bottom of the door. The black-and-white tom asks Rileypaw and Bellapaw what they are doing, before Rileypool proudly corrects him that they are now Rileypool and Bellaleaf. Barley congratulates the littermates, then upon seeing how many cats are standing in front of him, questions what they are all doing here. The SkyClan cats explain the story and spend the night in the barn, then leave the next morning.
About a month later, when the SkyClan cats take a break near a small Twolegplace, Bellaleaf bounds up to the elder Clovertail and Plumwillow, who would kit soon. Rileypool is at her shoulder, and she offers to hunt for them.
Approximately another moon later, after SkyClan discovers a territory by a lake, as Blossomheart and Hawkwing hunt, the she-cat suggests taking Bellaleaf and Curlypaw to go explore on the other side of the lake. Later, as the four cats hunt, they discuss the Twoleg dens on the far side of the lake, and Bellaleaf mentions that Rileypool was part of a patrol that went there yesterday, and he told her that all of the Twoleg dens are abandoned. Hawkwing suggests that they practice hunting, and he tells Curlypaw to show her stalking and pretend that Bellaleaf is a mouse. The ginger tabby she-cat crouches in the grass and squeaks that she is only a tiny little mouse, begging Curlypaw not to eat her. After Hawkwing corrects Curlypaw's stalking, her mentor tells Bellaleaf that she is doomed. After the lesson, Blossomheart shows Hawkwing that there are voles around the reeds by the lakeshore and she suggests taking back fresh-kill to the Clan. Hawkwing agrees, and gestures to Curlypaw and Bellaleaf to join them. However, just as soon as they start to hunt, a water bird attacks Blossomheart. As Hawkwing jumps up and attacks the bird, Bellaleaf leaps up from the other side, but is swatted away by a flap of the bird’s wing. The ginger tabby hits the ground with a thump and lays there, half stunned. After the bird is driven away, Hawkwing looks around to check on his Clanmates, and sees Bellaleaf stagger to her paws and shakily pad over to join the others. Hawkwing asks her if she is hurt, but the she-cat shakes her head, and responds that she is just a bit stunned. Bellaleaf adds that the bird was really strong. After a brief talk between Hawkwing and Curlypaw, Bellaleaf meows that they should go home and get Echosong to check on them. As they head back to the camp, Hawkwing watches Bellaleaf and Curlypaw pad ahead of him, and the she-cats discuss the encounter with the water-bird with excitement. The gray tom thinks that they are so young and brave, and knows that they are the future of SkyClan.
After two moons by the lake, when Echosong announces to SkyClan that she will leave the territory by the lake to find the other Clans, Leafstar tells her that she won’t stop other cats from leaving with her, and Bellaleaf immediately rises to her paws and offers to come. Harrybrook stands beside Bellaleaf and meows that he will come too.
Many moons later, when a sickness threatens the lives of several SkyClan cats, Leafstar tells the Clan that they must go to find Echosong while she stays with the ill cats. Just as she announces this to the SkyClan, though, Echosong comes, followed by Bellaleaf and Harrybrook. Echosong is led to where the sick cats lay, followed by Harrybrook and Bellaleaf. When Bellaleaf sees Rileypool curled up motionless in his nest, she wails that he is dead, but Echosong shows that he is breathing, and states that he is barely living. Bellaleaf thanks StarClan, and begs the medicine cat to help him. Echosong reassures the ginger she-cat that she will do that. Echosong goes to get borage, and as she chews up the leaves and forces the pulp between the sick cats’ jaws after returning, Bellaleaf asks if they will get better. It is noted that she had stayed crouched beside her brother ever since returning. Echosong replies that it is in the paws of StarClan, but adds that she has seen cats recover from worse illnesses, and Bellaleaf meows that she wishes she could help. Hawkwing tells her that she can lead a hunting patrol to bring back prey for the sick cats, and the tabby warrior glances at her brother, clearly reluctant to leave him, then gets up and tells Hawkwing that she will find some other cats and hunt right away. Once Bellaleaf is gone, Echosong mews to Hawkwing that he was right to keep her busy, and although she wouldn’t say it in front of the ginger she-cat, Rileypool and Firefern are very sick.
That night, both Rileypool and Firefern die from sickness, and as the sun begins to rise, SkyClan finishes their vigil for the two warriors. Hawkwing orders Sparrowpelt, Sagenose, Bellaleaf, and Rabbitleap to carry Firefern and Rileypool out of camp and bury them, and the deputy watches the cats lift the bodies of their Clanmates and bear them away.
Over two moons later, as SkyClan is still searching for ThunderClan, Leafstar calls a Clan meeting, and Bellaleaf sits beside Fallowfern and Blossomheart. Echosong tells the Clan of how StarClan sent her a sign that SkyClan are on the right path. Leafstar then performs Dewkit, Finkit, and Reedkit's apprentice ceremonies; Reedpaw is apprenticed to Bellaleaf, while Blossomheart becomes Finpaw’s mentor and Dewpaw is given Macgyver as a mentor. The Clan congratulates the new apprentices, then Reedpaw flings herself at Bellaleaf and mews that she wants to catch a mouse, demanding that the ginger warrior show her how. Bellaleaf is wryly amused and tells her to stop squealing, then she tells her apprentice that she will teach her the hunter’s crouch. Finpaw and Dewpaw also ask their mentors to teach them, and the three warriors lead their apprentices to a flat grassy area at the side of their temporary camp.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Bellaleaf rests near the nursery, lapping her swollen belly, when Squirrelflight arrives in SkyClan's camp.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

After Violet saves Ravenpaw and Barley from hostile kittypets, she brings them to her Twoleg nest to show them her kits. The kits swarm around Barley, mewling, purring, and tugging at his fur with their teeth. Violet introduces her kits to the two barn cats. She pleads Bella to be gentle as the she-kit reaches up and fastens her claws into Ravenpaw's ear. Ravenpaw uses his front paw to pry her off and place her on the ground, and as she stares up at him curiously with huge green eyes, he thinks that she looks just like Firestar. Bella asks Ravenpaw if he and Barley have kits, but Ravenpaw answers that they don't. The kit tips her head to one side and inquires him on where they live, what their housefolk are like, and why they haven't come to see them before. Violet chides that she is asking so many questions, and she sweeps her tail around her daughter. Violet tells Ravenpaw that Bella started talking before any of the others, but that she isn't sure when she will stop. However, her voice is warm and full of love as she gazes down at her daughter. Eventually, Barley decides that they should be going back to the farm, but Bella is confused on what it is. Ravenpaw tells her that it is where they live, and when Riley still has questions, Violet promises him that they will visit one day. However, she tells her kits to go lie down now for a nap, and she herds her kits back to the pile of pelts. Bella complains that she isn't sleepy at all. Before Ravenpaw and Barley start to leave, Barley tells his sister that she is a great mother, and Violet looks at her kits who squirm among the pelts, and says that they are important to her.
Many moons later, at the beginning of newleaf, Ravenpaw and Barley walk outside when two kittypets call their name, and Ravenpaw recognizes them as Riley and Bella. The loner asks why they are there, and Violet steps out from behind, explaining that her kits insisted on seeing them. She adds that her other two kits had gone to a new home, but that she, Riley, and Bella sometimes see them. Bella bounds up to Ravenpaw, and he notes that she has grown a lot, so that her head reaches his shoulder. He reflects that she is taller than her brother, more angular, and with her chin tapered to a point that suggests a strong will. Bella begs to go to the farm, claiming that it took them a long time to get there, and that she wants to catch a mouse. Riley agrees that he is extremely hungry. Barley heads the cats toward the barn, with Riley and Bella racing ahead, halting at the sight of anything new. They are particularly surprised when they see their first cow, and Bella gasps that it is huge. When Barley jokes to the kits that a cow once tried to bite Ravenpaw's tail, Bella mews that it sounds amazing, and begs Ravenpaw to tell them if he used his warrior moves to fight the cow, causing Violet to explain how her kits have been obsessed with stories of the Clans ever since a kittypet named Smudge told them about it. Riley announces that he wants to join ThunderClan, and mentions that he stalks so quietly that Bella doesn’t know he is there, although Bella snorts that he is loud, and tries to compare him to something else that is loud. When a volley of barking splits the air, Bella declares to his brother that he is as loud as the dogs. Ravenpaw leads them into the barn, and the young cats are silenced as they enter the den, and they stare wide-eyed. Violet is slightly spooked by the barn, and Ravenpaw purrs that the ferocious mice won't attack while they are there, causing Bella to ask if there are really ferocious mice, and she looks delighted. Ravenpaw admits that there aren't, but offers to let the kits watch him hunt, and they enthusiastically agree.
Ravenpaw leads Riley and Bella to the back of the barn, and the two kittypets try to tread quietly. Bella is noted to be very light on her paws. Ravenpaw falls into a hunting crouch and tells the kits to be quiet, and he catches a mouse. Ravenpaw offers to let the kits carry it back, to which Riley and Bella enthusiastically do. Violet is amazed that they caught it themselves, but Bella pants that they watched Ravenpaw catch it and that he was brilliant, and Riley declares that the black tom hunts like a real warrior. Ravenpaw is amused, thinking that the kit has probably never seen a warrior hunt. Bella vows to hunt like Ravenpaw when she becomes a warrior, but Violet sighs at her daughter, and reminds her that there aren't any warriors, and that Ravenpaw isn't one anymore either. Ravenpaw confirms this, but Riley still asks Ravenpaw to train them, and Bella nods, vowing to do everything he says, and practice all the battle tactics and hunting moves. She adds that they wouldn't even mind doing dawn patrols, and Ravenpaw realizes that Smudge has told them a lot about the Clans. Violet interrupts that ThunderClan is gone, and she discourages her kits' warrior fantasies. Violet tells her kits that they will go to home at dawn, but Bella whispers that they don't want to go home, and Riley agrees.
The next day, Ravenpaw and Barley accompany Violet and her kits to as far as the Thunderpath, but Bella and Riley are sullen and insist on examining everything they see. Violet tells them to hurry, and Riley tells Ravenpaw that he and Bella were born to be warriors, and he begs the loner to help them, but Ravenpaw objects that he is not a warrior. Bella pleads that he could train them, and that they could start their own Clan but Violet bounds over to them and licks the top of her daughter's head. She tells her kits to stop pestering Ravenpaw, and informs them that since they reached the tunnel, they must now let the loners go home. She leads her kits away, and Bella glances back at Ravenpaw and pleads him to just think about it before she ducks into the tunnel and vanishes behind her brother. Barley asks what they had been talking about, and Ravenpaw explains that they have a crazy idea to become warriors, and Barley huffs that they are kits. Barley suggests hunting, but Ravenpaw is distracted, and wonders if it is really that crazy for him to train Riley and Bella to be warriors.
That night, Ravenpaw has troubles sleeping, and he is distracted by the thoughts of Riley and Bella. Ravenpaw thinks that any Clan would be lucky to have such brave, quick, and enthusiastic cats like them, and wishes that he could send them to ThunderClan. Silverstream visits Ravenpaw in his dream, and tells him that she can see that Riley and Bella would make good warriors, but that they need his help. Ravenpaw is doubtful, but the tabby she-cat confirms that he is the best cat to help Riley and Bella follow their hearts. She tells Ravenpaw that he should take the kits to SkyClan, but Ravenpaw protests that he is not a warrior. The next morning, Ravenpaw fidgets with the thoughts of his dream, and Riley and Bella. Ravenpaw announces to Barley that he wants to take to kits to SkyClan, and when Barley is dubious, Ravenpaw explains that SkyClan have daylight-warriors, and thus might be more welcoming to Riley and Bella. Barley thinks that it is a crazy idea, but Ravenpaw replies that he must do it for the kits. Barley argues that Violet would never agree, but Ravenpaw replies that it isn’t her decision, and Barley grunts that the young cats are kittypets, and he mustn’t be encouraged, as they know nothing about surviving outside. Ravenpaw tells Barley that the kits want to choose their own path, and hopes that his friend will come, but Barley says that Ravenpaw is a fool for listening to some foolish kits' dreams, and he walks away from Ravenpaw.
Ravenpaw goes to Violet's home, and when Bella squeaks in excitement that they will be warriors. She thanks Ravenpaw and throws herself at him, almost knocking him off the platform. Violet is horrified and had thought that all the Clans had gone, but Ravenpaw explains that SkyClan is a different Clan, and will decide whether or not to train Riley and Bella as warriors. He adds that if SkyClan won’t take them in, he will bring the kits home again, and Ravenpaw is prepared to convince Violet to do what is best for her kits. He reminds her that she and Barley once lived in the wild, and her kits should know how to shelter themselves too, but Violet protests that she wants to keep them safe. Bella interrupts and she stares at them, here eyes huge. she says that she and Riley won't ever be happy as kittypets, and pleads her to let them go, and Riley nods in agreement. Violet rests her chin on Bella's head, and she realizes that her kits must have the same choice as she did, and says that she can't deny the choice to her kits. Bella gasps in surprise, asking if they can really can go, and Violet nods, telling Riley and Bella that she will think of them every day, and asking them to be great warriors and remember her if they ever pass by that way. Bella's voice trembles as she exclaims that they won't ever forget her, and she tells Violet that she is the best mother a cat could have. She adds that she doesn't want to go if she won't ever see her again, but the kittypet tells her daughter to have courage. Violet then turns to Ravenpaw and begs him to keep her kits safe, and he promises to do so, then beckons the kits down. Bella follows, though Riley looks back at his mother. Violet tells her children to make her proud, and Bella calls that they will. Ravenpaw and the kits trot across the grass, and when he smells monsters, trees, and distant hills, Ravenpaw briefly doubts his decision, but Riley races ahead, exclaiming that they will be warriors, and Bella springs after him. Ravenpaw follows and thinks that the young cats have chosen their destiny.
The next morning, in the barn, before Riley and Bella wake up, Ravenpaw asks Barley again on if he will come, and he explains that he will come straight back to the barn as soon as taking Riley and Bella to SkyClan. Barley hisses at Ravenpaw that Ravenpaw isn’t doing it for Riley and Bella, but just wants to be in a Clan again. However, their quarrel is interrupted by the kits, when Bella asks if it is time to go. She looks down at them from the top of the hay stack, and Riley joins her. Barley shows them the prey that he caught the previous night, and when Ravenpaw thanks him, Barley says that he did it for the kits, and he tells his young cats to make their mother proud before he leaves the barn. Bella looks up, cheeks bulging with pigeon, and asks if he won't see them off, though Barley replies that Ravenpaw knows the way out. He adds that they shouldn't do anything stupid, and that they should make their mother proud. Ravenpaw tells the kits to eat as much as they want, and when they finish eating, they push the rest of the prey back under the hay. Ravenpaw gazes at the young cats, and yet again sees their resemblance to Firestar and Graystripe, but he reminds himself that they know nothing about the wild, and that he would have to teach them everything. The kits stare back at him brightly, and Ravenpaw realizes that they have decided on their choice, and think that nothing will go wrong. He tells the kits that they will go to find SkyClan, and leads them through the fields until they arrive at a river.
Riley and Bella’s eyes open wide at the sight of the body of water, and Bella fluffs up her orange fur, asking if they have to cross it. Ravenpaw tells the kit that they won't, and she is relieved. The three pad along the path running beside it, with the kits stooping to sniff every small thing they see, and even pouncing and shredding leaves. While Riley practices jumping, Bella stares into a clump of reeds, but Ravenpaw promises that they will hunt later. Bella replies that she is not hunting, but watching the green stone with eyes, though Ravenpaw informs her that it is a frog, and he explains that only ShadowClan eats frogs. Riley exclaims that they have heard of ShadowClan, and begs to hear a story. As not to scare the young cats Ravenpaw makes up a story that ShadowClan queens teach their kits to jump like frogs, and it keeps Riley and Bella distracted. By sunhigh, when they have traveled a good deal, Ravenpaw calls it as a time for rest, and as Ravenpaw settles down, there is a loud scrabbling noise in the scrubby grass behind him. Bella steps proudly through the brittle stems with a shrew in her jaws and she drops it in front of the loner. She declares that it is fresh-kill, her tail curled high above her back. Ravenpaw compliments her, and Riley tries to catch a sparrow, but is unsuccessful. Ravenpaw reassures him that Bella caught enough prey for them all anyways, and Riley scrambles through the hedge and almost has to stretch to rubs his muzzle on his sister's head. He mews that she is practically a warrior already, although Ravenpaw warns that there is still a lot to learn.
However, they hear dogs barking, but Riley claims that he and Bella are used to dogs. He explains that there was a fluffy white canine that lived in the garden next to theirs, who he and Bella would scratch whenever it looked under the fence. The dog approaches, but Riley exclaims that it hadn’t been as big as this dog, and he leaps into the hedge, Bella following. Ravenpaw scrambles after them and gives Bella's rump a shove with his nose to boost her higher into the branches. They look down at the creature, and Bella whimpers, asking if it will eat them. Ravenpaw answers that he hopes not, and as a Twoleg bellows close by, the cats all jump, but the dog leaves. Ravenpaw and Riley slide down to the ground, though Bella stays where she is, clinging to a branch at the top of the hedge. Ravenpaw meows to her that she should come as it is safe, but Bella squeaks that the dog won't come back. Ravenpaw reassures her that it won't, but she exclaims that she doesn't know that. Ravenpaw sighs that he can't see or hear it anymore, and that they're going in the opposite direction, and Bella mews in a tiny voice that she is scared and wants her mother. Riley muses that it might not have been a good idea, and Ravenpaw briefly agrees, before remembering how Silverstream had told them that this was Riley and Bella's only chance of choosing their own path, and he tells them that all warriors get scared, but both kits did well, and must move on before the dog returns. there is a faint whimper above his head, but Ravenpaw looks up and tells Bella that she can't stay up there forever. He exclaims that a hedge is no place for any cat, though Bella makes him promise that the dog won't get him before she squeezes out from the bottom of the hedge. Her fur is full of scraps and her eyes are wide with fear, but Ravenpaw licks the top of her head and compliments her, saying that she is doing great.
Ravenpaw trots on the path, Riley and Bella following. As they continue, Bella is unusually quiet, and Riley stays close to his sister to give her encouraging licks. At nighttime, Ravenpaw finds a gray stone den, and he leads the kits inside, waiting for them to lie down. He notes that they look exhausted and he tells them to stay there and clean themselves. Ravenpaw goes outside to bring eggs to the kits, but Bella makes a face at the slimy texture. However, Riley eats it enthusiastically,and Ravenpaw makes a nest from moss, which Riley and Bella curl up into together. Both drifting off at once, and Ravenpaw lies down beside them.
The next day, the kits are still more quiet, and Bella refuses to eat a thrush Ravenpaw had caught, claiming that it smelled funny. Ravenpaw is briefly tempted to snap at her for being ungrateful, but he reminds himself that they are far from home and must miss their mother. Ravenpaw leads the kits back to the riverbank, and since the kits aren’t as interested in stopping to sniff each new scent, the cats travel faster than they did earlier. They eventually reach a small copse of trees on the bank, and Ravenpaw decides to hunt, hoping to find something that Bella will eat. The black tom announces that they will stop there, but Bella lays at the edge of the path and scrapes at the grass with her paw. She mews that she is too tired to hunt and Ravenpaw is annoyed, but tells her to wait until they come back, and he and Riley leave to hunt. Ravenpaw soon comes back to find the place he left Bella as empty. He calls her name, then hears a Twoleg farther up the river and spots Bella arching her back and purring as she eats something from the Twoleg's paw. Ravenpaw races along the bank and asks what she is doing, screeching that she must get away from there. Bella spins around and glares at him, hissing that he is giving her something to eat, as she is hungry. Ravenpaw grabs the scruff of her neck, which is difficult as Bella is so tall, and he orders her to come with him, and drags the young she-cat along the bank into the shelter of the trees. Riley, shocked, asks what is going on, and Ravenpaw spits that Bella was taking food from a Twoleg. Bella asks what is wrong with that, but Ravenpaw snarls that she is a wild cat, and that to be a warrior, they can’t take Twoleg food or trust Twolegs. Bella flattens her ears at him and exclaims that that is mouse-brained, as the Twoleg was being friendly, but Ravenpaw insists that Twolegs can't be trusted. Riley defends his sister that she didn't know she wasn't supposed to take his food, but Ravenpaw argues that if they don’t listen to him, they can just turn back. The littermates stare at him in alarm, and Ravenpaw leads them out of the trees and along the riverbank. Riley and Bella bristle as they trot behind Ravenpaw, but Ravenpaw thinks that they need to respect their mentor, or SkyClan won’t accept them. He realizes that he must start teaching the kits the warrior code, but then he doubts if Bella and Riley might really have a chance of becoming warriors.
After another night’s sleep, Ravenpaw wakes and catches a young pigeon, which Riley and Bella eat. Bella narrows her eyes as if she is making a point of showing Ravenpaw that she understands the rules about food. Ravenpaw feels compassion as he watches the kits eat, and thinks that they are brave to come so far from home, considering their young age. Ravenpaw offers to teach the kits few battle moves, and both young cats are excited at this. Bella jumps to her paws and pleads him to teach them. Ravenpaw begins by showing the hunting crouch, and he demonstrates how it can be an attack, and almost lands on top of Bella. Ravenpaw lets them try, and Bella almost falls over, but both cats have a decent start. Ravenpaw brings a stick and tells them to pretend that it is their enemy, and Bella drops down with her paws lightly on her imaginary enemies' neck. After Riley's turn with the stick, Bella pleads Ravenpaw to teach them something else, and he next shows the kits the front-paw blow. Ravenpaw demonstrates on Riley and when he is done, Bella takes his place and lightly pats her brother's head. Ravenpaw warns that he is too slow and would have known what she was doing, and he instructs Riley to duck and twist out of Bella's reach. The young cats practice the font-paw blow and duck-and-twist, and Ravenpaw notes that Bella has a good reach with her long legs. Ravenpaw praises the young cats on their good work and Bella mews that she can't wait for her first battle, though the loner warns that fight always comes soon. The cats start moving again.
Farther along the river, they reach an abandoned Twoleg nest which they decide to explore. Inside the den, Riley bounds onto the wooden slope and comes back down, and Bella mews that she will chase him. She bounds toward him and her brother skids around quickly. As the kits play, Ravenpaw finds Barley in the Twoleg den, and Bella tears down the wooden slope, exclaiming that it is Barley. Barley tells them that he will come to SkyClan, and Bella, to Ravenpaw's surprise, mews that the adventure has been amazing. She notes that there was a fierce dog, and that they had to hide in the hedge, and when Barley is alarmed, Riley reassures him. Bella adds that Ravenpaw also taught them the hunter's crouch, front-paw blow, and the duck-and-twist, and Barley purrs that he is glad that Ravenpaw has been looking after them. Bella agrees but adds that he is very bossy, but Barley replies that she should be, and he asks if they will make a camp there or continue. Riley yowls that they should keep going, and he races out the door, Bella right behind him. Ravenpaw tells Barley that he knows how to motivate them, and Barley tells Ravenpaw that, as he had said earlier, the kits deserve to choose the life they lead. The older cats leave, with the Riley and Bella in the lead, calling back at every new scent or movement. As they all stop to look at a dragonfly that Bella had spotted, Barley comments that they are observant. When, at dusk, the cats rest by a low waterfall, Riley and Bella play at the edge of the water. Riley falls into the pool and Bella squeaks in horror, though her brother comes back up a moment later with a fish in his jaws. He shakes his fur when he gets out of the water and Bella springs away with a yelp as water spatters her pelt. The young cats tuck into the fish, and Barley notes that they are settling into living wild well. Ravenpaw responds that they are brave and he is proud of them, and Barley agrees that he should be.
That night, the cats sleep beside the waterfall, and when Barley catches a squirrel the next morning, Ravenpaw is relieved when Bella eats just as eagerly as Riley. As they travel, the river grows narrower, and Riley and Bella talk happily, competing to spot minnows beneath the surface of the water. Barley asks to rest, and Ravenpaw can’t see any spot to rest, but Riley offers to take a look, and he runs along the bank. The other cats catch up to find Riley peeking smugly from a small cave. Bella mews that she is hungry, but Ravenpaw says that they will first rest. The cats settle down, and Ravenpaw wakes to find Bella standing outside at the entrance to the little cave, gazing out. She mews that she heard another cat, and Ravenpaw explains that it must have been SkyClan. Riley frets if they won't like him, Bella adds that they might think they are dumb kittypets, but Barley rests his tail on her flank and conforms her that if they aren't welcome, the barn cats will take her home.
They pad along the stream but encounter no cats. At dusk, Ravenpaw decides to spend the night by the stream, and Barley makes a nest out of dry leaves, and Riley and Bella settle down obediently. Ravenpaw notes that they are more quiet than usual, as if aware that the real adventure will soon begin. After Ravenpaw scouts the area for SkyClan cats, he comes to find Riley and Bella still awake, although Barley is fast asleep. Bella whispers that they are not sleepy, and Riley begs Ravenpaw to tell them more about the warrior code. and Ravenpaw agrees, and asks which rules they remember. Riley begins by listing off some rules, and Bella adds that they can't trespass on another Clan's territory. She cocks her head and wonders if it would matter for SkyClan as they are only one Clan. Ravenpaw notes that there could be loners in the woods, and Riley continues that elders and kits must eat first, and that prey must be eaten, though Bella protests that those are two rules. Ravenpaw tells them more of the code, but stops when he notices that Riley and Bella are quiet, their flanks rising and falling steadily. Ravenpaw realizes that they have already fallen asleep and he curls up beside Barley, thinking that the young cats are trying so hard to learn the ways of a warrior, and hoping that SkyClan will give them a chance to try.
Later that night, hostile kittypets threaten the traveling cats. Bella squeezes in between Barley and Ravenpaw, who argue with them, and exclaims that since they are warriors, they won't go without a fight. After they leave, Bella exclaims that they weren't nice, and Barley comments that they didn't seem to be nice to SkyClan either. The cats settle down again, and Ravenpaw thinks about how on the upcoming day, Riley and Bella would see their new home for the first time, and if SkyClan will accept them.
The next morning when Ravenpaw wakes up, Barley gives him a squirrel to eat, and Riley and Bella appear. Riley boasts that they helped catch the squirrel, and Ravenpaw is impressed. He remembers that SkyClan are talented at hunting above ground, and wonders if Riley and Bella might fit in even better than he had thought. The cats share the squirrel and continue along the stream. However, a SkyClan patrol comes up to them and tells them to leave. Ravenpaw asks to talk to Leafstar, and while Cloudpaw goes to fetch the SkyClan leader, Barley introduces himself, Riley, and Bella to the patrol.
When the sound of paw steps is heard, Riley and Bella begin to fidget. Leafstar appears and introduces herself, and Ravenpaw explains that he and Barley have come to SkyClan with Barley’s kin, Riley and Bella. Leafstar asks if they still live near the Clans, but when Ravenpaw hesitates too long, Barley blurts out that his sister’s kits want to become warriors. He asks if they could join SkyClan, and adds that they have already started their training and are really good. Leafstar turns down their offer and says that SkyClan doesn’t need new warriors, and Ravenpaw is disappointed, thinking that Leafstar didn’t even give Riley and Bella a chance, and he had hoped that he would be able to persuade Leafstar when she saw how determined the young cats were, and how much they learned. Bella asks if it was because they used to be kittypets, and she says that Ravenpaw told them that some of their warriors are still kittypets, but that they promise to be full-time warriors. However, Leafstar says that the daylight warriors have trained with SkyClan for many seasons. She tells Ravenpaw that the siblings are enthusiastic, but asks why Firestar couldn’t take Riley and Bella to ThunderClan. Ravenpaw explains that the Clan had to leave the forest, but Leafstar, though sympathizing for Firestar and Sandstorm, still apologizes to the loners that they cannot accept unknown cats to train as warriors.
As the SkyClan cats leave, Riley mutters that he and Bella weren’t even given a chance to show their battle moves, and Bella growls that they were mean. Barley suggests going to the cave in the gorge, and he pads over to Bella, his tail is still drooping. He tells the young cats that he is proud of them and says that they learned lots on the journey and are brave, strong, and smart. He tells Ravenpaw that they would be great warriors, and Ravenpaw agrees, though he is disappointed. The four cats come to the cave and Riley and Bella slump down beside Ravenpaw with their chins on their paws.
Ravenpaw is woken when he is prodded in his side, and he sees Riley and Bella standing over him with their eyes huge. Faint yowls and shrieks echo along the banks of the gorge, and Riley wonders if SkyClan is being attacked. Bella squeaks that something is happening, and Ravenpaw goes to see what is going on, but Barley and the young cats insist on coming with him. Ravenpaw allows them, but says that they must be quiet, and Riley promises to be as quiet as mice. Bella objects that mice are actually noisy, and Riley hisses back that they will be quieter than dead mice. The cats travel along to stream until they are inside SkyClan territory. They come to the edge of the cliff and Ravenpaw looks down. Barley, Riley, and Bella creep up beside him and stare in horror and the sight of cats fighting in the gorge. Ravenpaw recognizes the kittypets from the previous night, but the intruders leave after SkyClan charge at them. Bella is surprised, and breathes that the kittypets are giving SkyClan a lot of trouble. The cats begin to walk back to the stream, and soon reach the cave, where Barley tells the young cats to get some sleep, and shoos Riley and Bella inside before he curls around them.
The next morning, after Ravenpaw has his dream from the SkyClan ancestors, Barley wakes Riley, Bella, and Ravenpaw up. Bella sleepily asks if they will go home, but Ravenpaw tells her that they will not go home, but go back to SkyClan. Barley is confused, but Ravenpaw explains that he had a dream the previous night and Riley rushes to the mouth eager to help SkyClan. Bella nods and says that if there is anything they can do to help, they must go back. The cats go up the stream once more, and they pause among the trees to hunt. Riley and Bella are successful in catching a pigeon, and they continue after eating.
As they enter the forest, a SkyClan patrol encounters them and tells them to leave, but Echosong objects to Bouncefire and Plumwillow that the cats mean no harm. Ravenpaw says that he needs to talk with Leafstar, and Echosong leads the cats into the gorge. Once in the camp, Barley, Riley, and Bella sit beside Hawkpaw while Ravenpaw goes to Leafstar’s den. After Ravenpaw explains the battle strategy from his dream to her, he is about to announce it to the Clan, and Bella bounces on her paws with excitement, squeaking that he should go on. Ravenpaw explains that strategy to the whole Clan, Sharpclaw guesses that Riley and Bella want to help with the new patrols too, and the young cats nod so hard that their ears flap. After telling Riley to pile up stones, the deputy gestures to Bella and assigns her the task of helping Bouncefire and Blossompaw fetch sticks from the woods.
Ravenpaw and Echosong go up to the Skyrock, and when Ravenpaw heads back into the gorge with Echosong, Riley and Bella bound up to him as he approaches. After Riley shares his adventures, Bella mews that she found the longest stick, and that Blossompaw helped her carry it. When a brown tom calls to them, Riley explains that it is Rabbitleap, who they are on patrol with that night. Bella and Riley whirl around and race off, and Barley comes up to Ravenpaw and observes that the kits have already made friends.
As the cats go to fight the kittypets, Ravenpaw loses sight of Riley and Bella farther along the line, and hopes that the young cats will remember everything he taught them. Ravenpaw begs StarClan to keep them safe. After the battle, back at camp, Riley and Bella appear among the throng, and both have ruffled pelts, but are quivering with excitement. Riley exclaims that it was amazing, and Bella mews that they did everything he showed them. She adds that she did a front-paw blow that made a kittypet fall over. Ravenpaw tells the kits that he is so proud of them, and Barley adds that they both are. Leafstar calls to the young cats from the Skyrock, and says that she must ask them something important. Riley and Bella push their way the front of the cats and Bella mews that they are there. Leafstar invites them to join her and the two young cats scramble up the border and stand at the top. Leafstar tells them that they fought well, and bravely, and tells them that they have proven that they belong there, which causes Bella to let out a tiny squeak. Leafstar asks Riley and Bella if they will join SkyClan, and asks Tinycloud and Nettlesplash to be their mentors. Leafstar welcomes Rileypaw and Bellapaw to SkyClan as apprentices, and she begins the ceremony. As Ravenpaw goes to Echosong's den for not feeling well, he can hear the SkyClan cats cheering Rileypaw and Bellapaw's new names behind him. Ravenpaw rests beneath the trees, and before he passes away, he feels glad that Rileypaw and Bellapaw will live as warriors now.
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