"We’re on our own, just as we’ve always been."
— Bellaleaf about the hostility towards SkyClan in The Raging Storm, chapter 9

Bellaleaf is a pale orange she-cat with green eyes.[12] She has long legs[9] and a chin that tapers to a point.[5]

Bellaleaf is a SkyClan warrior in the gorge and lake territories under the leadership of Leafstar. She was born a kittypet to Violet alongside her littermates, Riley, Lulu, and Patch as Bella. Longing to become a warrior, she and her brother Riley sought out their uncle Barley's partner Ravenpaw, who was once a ThunderClan apprentice. He took them to join SkyClan, where they were accepted after proving themselves in a battle against invading kittypets. Bellapaw was apprenticed to Tinycloud, and soon became a warrior named Bellaleaf alongside her brother Rileypool.

When SkyClan was driven from the gorge by Darktail, Bellaleaf and Rileypool led SkyClan to Barley's farm, where they coordinated their plan to reunite with the Clans by the lake. Though Rileypool died on the journey, Bellaleaf reached the lake with SkyClan, trained Reedclaw and became mates with Rabbitleap, mothering a litter of kits, of which only Wrenpaw survived.


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A Vision of Shadows

Leafstar: "There was no place for us beside the lake."
Bellaleaf: "We should have fought harder to make one."
The Raging Storm, page chapter 15
She arrives at the lake along with the rest of SkyClan after the defeat of Darktail. Bellaleaf temporarily takes over the training of Finpaw while his mentor, Blossomheart, is on a patrol searching for the missing SkyClan warriors, and her apprentice, Reedclaw, becomes a warrior. She is determined that SkyClan stays at the lake rather than retreat to the gorge.

The Broken Code

Bellaleaf takes a mate in Rabbitleap and has a litter of kits; however, only one kit, Wrenpaw, survives, mentored by her father.

Super Editions

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"Over there! You can see that from where Barley lives."
—Bellaleaf leading SkyClan to Barley's farm Hawkwing's Journey, page Chapter 24
In Hawkwing's Journey, Bellapaw and Rileypaw receive their warrior names, Bellaleaf and Rileypool, after SkyClan is driven out of the gorge by Darktail’s rogues. During SkyClan’s travels, Bellaleaf and Rileypool help lead SkyClan to Barley's farm, where they are briefly reunited with Barley. When SkyClan stops at a lake and Echosong leaves them to continue trying to find ThunderClan, Bellaleaf and Harrybrook decide to leave with her. The remaining SkyClan cats eventually leave the lake, and some of their warriors become sick. Bellaleaf’s brother Rileypool dies, but Echosong returns with Bellaleaf and Harrybrook in time to save Blossomheart and Macgyver.


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"We’re not going unless you make us! We’re warriors, so we know how to fight!"
—Bella after a rogue demands that they leave Ravenpaw's Farewell, page Chapter 7
In Ravenpaw's Farewell, Ravenpaw and Barley are walking in the abandoned Clan territories when they run into Violet, who reveals that she’s had a litter of kits. Ravenpaw and Barley go to visit the kits and meet Riley and Bella, the most talkative ones. Seasons later, Violet takes Bella and Riley to the barn to visit Ravenpaw and Barley. Patch and Lulu, Bella’s littermates, have already found new homes, and Riley and Bella are growing big and strong. The kits have been obsessed with the Clans ever since Smudge told them about ThunderClan, and they beg Ravenpaw to let them become warriors.
Ravenpaw and Barley eventually agree to journey with the two kits to SkyClan, but when they get there, Leafstar rejects Bella and Riley. The kits and Ravenpaw and Barley are dejected and are about to return home, but they discover that SkyClan is being harassed by a group of kittypets and they help the Clan defeat the intruders. After this, Leafstar allows Bella and Riley to become SkyClan apprentices and gives Bellapaw a mentor in Tinycloud. During Rileypaw and Bellapaw’s apprentice ceremony, Ravenpaw passes away in Echosong’s den.


Interesting facts

  • Bellaleaf is said to look just like Firestar.[2]
  • She has rogue blood through Violet.[13]

Author statements

  • Vicky stated that none of Violet's kits are related to Firestar in any way.[14]
  • Kate thinks she and Harrybrook becoming mates would be a "lovely idea" because of their shared quest to find Echosong.[blog 1]
    • Furthermore, she likes the idea of Harrybrook being Wrenpaw's father.[blog 2]


  • She mistakenly appeared during the SkyClan cats' journey to find lost SkyClan members,[15] when in reality she is still with SkyClan.[11]

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Bellapaw's apprentice ceremony
Leafstar: You fought well tonight. As bravely as any of my Clanmates, in fact. I was wrong to think that I needed to know a cat from kithood before I could trust them. You have proved that you belong here. Riley, Bella, will you do SkyClan the honor of joining us? Tinycloud, Nettlesplash, will you be their mentors?
Tinycloud: With pleasure.
Leafstar: Rileypaw, Bellapaw, StarClan welcomes you to SkyClan as apprentices.
Everyone: Rileypaw! Bellapaw!
Reference: Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 10

Bellaleaf's warrior ceremony
Leafstar: We must become a Clan again. Our journey will be hard, and there are dark times ahead. We will need every one of our warriors. And so this is the right time to make some new ones. [...] Tinycloud. Are you satisfied that our apprentice has earned her warrior named?
Tinycloud: Without a doubt.
Leafstar: I, Leafstar, leader of SkyClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn.
Everyone: Bellaleaf! Rileypool! Bellaleaf! Rileypool!
Reference: Hawkwing's Journey, chapter 20



Bella: "When I'm a warrior, I'm going to hunt just like Ravenpaw."
Violet: "Not this again, Bella. There aren't any warriors now, remember. (to Ravenpaw) I know you used to be one, of course, but you aren't anymore, right?"
Ravenpaw: "No, no, I'm not a warrior."
Riley: "But that doesn’t mean we can't be! You could train us, Ravenpaw! We'd work really hard, I promise."
Bella: "We'd do everything you said, practice all the battle tactics and the hunting moves. I wouldn't even mind doing dawn patrols!"
—Bella about being a warrior Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 3

Violet: "Oh, my precious kits. you're right. I chose to be a kittypet having known the alternative. How can I deny the same choice to my kits?"
Bella: "You mean we can go?"
Violet: "I will think of you every day, my loves. Be the best warriors you can be. And if you ever come by this way again, please remember me."
Bella: "We'll never forget you! You're the best mother a cat could ever have! I... I don't want to go if I'll never see you again."
Violet: "Courage, little one! Partings are always hard, but endings are just the start of something else!"
—Bella and Violet's farewell Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 4

"You're practically a warrior already!"
—Riley to Bella when she catches a shrew Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 5

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Ravenpaw: "Come on, Bella! It's safe now!"
Bella: "What if the dog comes back?"
Ravenpaw: "It won't."
Bella: "You don't know that!"
Ravenpaw: "Well, not for sure, but I can't see it along the riverbank, and I can't hear it anymore. We're going in the opposite direction, so we have time to get away."
Bella: "I'm scared. I want my mother."
Riley: "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."
Ravenpaw: "All warriors get scared sometimes. It's the only way to tell if you're being brave. You kept yourself safe from that dog, didn't you? You did well, both of you. Violet would be very proud of you. But we need to keep going, before the dog comes back. [...] You can't stay up there forever, Bella! A hedge is no place for a cat, kittypet or warrior!"
Bella: "Do you promise the dog won't get me?"
Ravenpaw: "I promise. [...] Well done. You're doing great."
—Bella refusing to get down from the tree Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 5

Bella: "I can't wait for our first battle!"
Ravenpaw: "Never wish yourself into a fight. It will come soon enough."
—Ravenpaw and Bella about fighting Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 6

"And you heard what we said. We’re not going unless you make us! We’re warriors, so we know how to fight!"
—Bella to Pasha Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 6

"If there's anything we can do to help, then we have to go back."
—Bella about helping SkyClan Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 9

Bellaleaf: "No! He's dead!"
Echosong: "He lives, but barely."
Bellaleaf: "Oh, thank StarClan! Please help him!"
Echosong: "I'm going to do just that."
—Echosong and Bellaleaf about the ill Rileypool Hawkwing's Journey, pages 395-396

Bellaleaf: "They will get better, won't they?"
Echosong: "That's in the paws of StarClan. I've seen cats recover from worse illness than this."
Bellaleaf: "I wish there was something I could do."
Hawkwing: "There is. Lead a hunting patrol, and bring back some prey for them when they wake up."
Bellaleaf: "Right away, Hawkwing. I'll find some other cats."
—Echosong, Bellaleaf, and Hawkwing about Rileypool Hawkwing's Journey, page 397

Reedpaw: "I want to catch a mouse! Show me how!"
Bellaleaf: "Stop squealing like that, for a start. Come on, I'll teach you the hunter's crouch."
—Bellaleaf and her apprentice Reedpaw Hawkwing's Journey, page 423

"We should stay and fight for our place beside the lake. It’s what StarClan would want us to do."
—Bellaleaf about returning to the gorge The Raging Storm, page chapter 15

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