"That's the trouble, Rippletail. I'm not all right. None of us are. But we can be. StarClan will guide us. We just...we can't give up. As long as we don't give up, sooner or later...StarClan will guide us home."
— Berryheart to Rippletail, Cloverfoot, and Sparrowtail in Tigerheart's Shadow, manga page 11

Berryheart is a black-and-white she-cat.[7]

Berryheart is a ShadowClan warrior under Rowanstar's and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Snowbird and Scorchfur, along with her littermates Rippletail and Cloverfoot. She became mates with Sparrowtail and bore their daughter, Needletail. After her daughter sparked a rebellion within ShadowClan, Berryheart left her Clan with the newly named Needletail, Cloverfoot, and Beepaw to join Darktail's group. Berryheart realized Darktail's darker intentions, and he attempted to drown Berryheart, but she survived and fleed the lake. She was soon reunited with Sparrowtail, and they were found by Cloverfoot and Slatefur. The four were discovered by Tigerheart, and joined him on his trek back to ShadowClan, where Berryheart gave birth to hers and Sparrowtail's second litter, Spirekit, Sunkit and Hollowkit. She witnessed Tigerheart's resurrection and rejoined ShadowClan.


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A Vision of Shadows

Needlepaw: "Is WindClan our friend now? I thought ShadowClan stood alone. The only truce we recognize is the truce of the Gathering. Why deny ourselves prey on WindClan's behalf?"
Berryheart: "Would WindClan do the same for us?"
—When Rowanstar denies Darktail's rogues joining ShadowClan Thunder and Shadow, page 172
Berryheart is mates with Sparrowtail, and they have a single daughter named Needlepaw. She agrees with the majority of ShadowClan that Rowanstar is not a strong leader, and leaves with her littermate Cloverfoot and younger sister Beepaw to join Darktail. She eventually realizes her mistake, and after Darktail attempts to drown her, she escapes with Sparrowtail and meets up with Cloverfoot and Slatefur, where they run away to an abandoned Twoleg nest. She falls pregnant again soon after, and discovers Tigerheart, where he rejects the four cats as traitors, but realizes they have acknowledged their wrongs and they join his patrol. She gives birth to Spirekit, Hollowkit and Sunkit. Berryheart later rejoins ShadowClan under Tigerheart, now Tigerstar, and reunites with the rest of her family.

Super Editions

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Warning: Rippletail's appearances in Tigerheart's Shadow are a mistake as confirmed by Kate Cary and further installments in the canon. Slatefur was meant to be in the patrol traveling with Tigerheart.
"The giant bird is like a nightmare—a cluster of claws and feathers and rage. But even as my mate and I scramble and fight and try to keep it from killing us... I can't help but understand. This is a mother protecting her young. Protecting her family. Something I wasn't able to do. Our Clan, our daughter...maybe our whole forest...Darktail has taken everything. And what can we do to stop him? Nothing."
―Berryheart's regret at not protecting Needletail Tigerheart's Shadow, pages manga pages 8-9
In Tigerheart's Shadow, after being unsuccessfully drowned by Darktail for trying to leave the Kin, Berryheart meets up with Sparrowtail and the two exchange worries over their daughter Needletail. They run away and find Cloverfoot and Rippletail have escaped as well, and the four run away from the lake. They are encountered by Tigerheart, Spire and Dovewing and Berryheart pregnant with Sparrowtail's kits. She, along with her mate and littermates, join Tigerheart and his patrol back to ShadowClan. However, they are forced to stop when Spire dies and Berryheart comes close to giving birth, and she names her kits Sunkit, Hollowkit and Spirekit, the latter out of honor of Spiresight. She later rejoins ShadowClan when Tigerheart becomes leader and reunites with her parents and other siblings.

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Berryheart's parents are Snowbird and Scorchfur. Her mate is Sparrowtail, and Needletail, Sunbeam, Spireclaw, and Hollowspring are their children. For more of Berryheart family, click here!



"I persuaded Berryheart and Beenose to go to ThunderClan so they'd be safe. But they never arrived!"
―Snowbird about Berryheart and Beenose at a Gathering Darkest Night, page 30

"I know he's some kind of medicine cat—somehow—but...are we sure he knows what he's talking about?"
―Berryheart's doubt of Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 348
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"Brother! Sister! StarClan be praised, you found me!"
―Berryheart reuniting with Rippletail and Cloverfoot Tigerheart's Shadow, page manga page 11

Cloverfoot: "What we were thinking? How could we have let this happen? Supported a cat like Darktail?"
Rippletail: "We believed him. That's all. He said he was the strongest, and we went along."
Cloverfoot: "And now ShadowClan is gone because of it. Because of him...because of us."
Rippletail: "Well, stupid mistakes or not...Berryheart, I thought we'd never see you again. I'm so glad you're all right!"
Berryheart: "That's the trouble, Rippletail. I'm not all right. None of us are. But we can be. StarClan will guide us. We just...we can't give up. As long as we don't give up, sooner or later...StarClan will guide us home."
—Cloverfoot, Rippletail, and Berryheart admitting their mistakes Tigerheart's Shadow, page manga page 11

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