"Bristlefrost growled to herself. Didn't Berrynose have any pride? Bristlefrost was relieved that Bramblestar had passed her duties to his new deputy. She didn't want to give orders on behalf of an impostor. But she couldn't help feeling that Berrynose didn't care who patrolled or hunted; he just enjoyed bossing his Clanmates around."
Bristlefrost's thoughts on Berrynose in The Silent Thaw, page 314

Berrynose is a long-furred,[15] cream-colored tom[4] with a stump for a tail.[16]

Berrynose was a ThunderClan deputy under the impostor's leadership in the lake territories, and previously served as a warrior under Firestar, Bramblestar and the impostor. He was born as Berry to Daisy and Smoky, alongside his littermates, Hazel and Mouse. His mother took him and his littermates to ThunderClan, and was renamed Berrykit. Berrykit got his tail trapped in a fox trap and was left with a stump for a tail. He was promised Brambleclaw as his mentor when he was appointed deputy.

As an apprentice, Berrypaw's arrogant and know-it-all attitude annoyed several of his fellow apprentices. He earned his warrior name, Berrynose, and he and Honeyfern developed a close relationship. After her death, Berrynose became mates with Poppyfrost and he was fiercely protective of her. She gave birth to Molewhisker and Cherryfall. He later became deputy under Bramblestar's impostor, much to the chagrin of several ThunderClan cats. However, he was later exiled by the impostor, and killed in battle by Tawnypelt, where he became a ghost.


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The New Prophecy

"He guessed from what Squirrelflight said that Berrykit hadn’t wanted to go. That just proved the kit’s spirit; thanks to Daisy, a fine warrior had been lost to the Clan."
Brambleclaw's thoughts on Berrykit after Daisy takes him back to the Horseplace Sunset, page 185
Berry is born to Daisy and Smoky, along with his siblings, Hazel and Mouse. The three kits are brought to ThunderClan from the Horseplace by their mother, who does not want the Twolegs to take them away. Firestar allows them to stay, and Berry is renamed to Berrykit. Unbeknownst to the Clan, he later slips out of camp to hunt, however, his plan ends sourly, as instead of catching prey, he gets his tail caught in a fox trap. After being freed by a patrol, Berrykit's tail is damaged beyond repair and he loses half; he is proud of this, believing it to be a real warrior injury. Paranoid after the recent badger attack, Daisy returns to the Horseplace without a word to ThunderClan, much to the displeasure of her kits, who are fond of Clan life. Brambleclaw and Cloudtail find them, and Daisy decides to go back. Her kits are thrilled to return to ThunderClan. Firestar promises Berrykit is to be apprenticed to Brambleclaw once he reaches six moons.

Power of Three

Berrypaw: "I hope Firestar has forgotten about my tail. He might use it to give me my warrior name."
Poppypaw: "What, Berrystumpytail? That would be a mouthful!"
Berrypaw: "Oh, no! Firestar wouldn't, would he?"
—Berrypaw worrying over his warrior name Outcast, page 18
Along with his siblings, Berrypaw is now an apprentice, his mentor being Brambleclaw, ThunderClan's deputy. He is shown to be argumentative, eager to compete and fight. During his warrior assessment, he stalks a thrush, which Jaypaw accidentally scares away, and Berrypaw has a difficult time forgiving him. He wonders what his warrior name will be, and is horrified that Firestar may give him the name Berrystumpytail, based on his injury. Brightheart reassures him, and he, Hazelpaw, and Mousepaw have their ceremony. Much to his relief, he is given the name Berrynose. Berrynose becomes prideful and bossy, ordering the apprentices around, and believes it's all right, now that he's a warrior, despite the fact he was sharing a den with them only a short time ago. Honeypaw admires the tom, however, but he continues to ignore her. After crossing the border with ShadowClan, Berrynose and Birchfall are punished to take up apprentice duties. Berrynose finally notices Honeyfern, and the two become close. They talk about kits and are hopeful for their future together. Their dreams are shattered when Honeyfern is bitten by a snake, after saving Briarkit. He comforts her as she dies and he hopes they will meet again in StarClan. He later shows affection for Honeyfern's sister, Poppyfrost.

Omen of the Stars

"Our kits are going to be the best in the Clan!"
—Berrynose to Poppyfrost after their kits are born The Fourth Apprentice, page 300
Berrynose proudly announces that Poppyfrost is expecting his kits and wants her to move into the nursery immediately. He goes on a patrol to fetch water at the lake and gets trapped in the mud with Spiderleg, but the two toms are freed by Thornclaw. After Poppyfrost returns from her short disappearance from camp, Berrynose gently scolds her and rushes her back to the nursery. Berrynose is proud after Poppyfrost gives birth to two kits, a son and a daughter, who they name Molekit and Cherrykit. He takes good care of Poppyfrost and often spends time with his kits. During the Great Battle, he is sent to help fight for WindClan.

A Vision of Shadows

Lionblaze: "They drove us off."
Berrynose: "Because we were way outnumbered. But we did give them something to remember us by."
—Berrynose and Lionblaze after their skirmish with rogues Shattered Sky, page 142
Berrynose is part of the patrol sent out to search for Alderpaw, after he was separated from the rest of the cats on his quest, and when he returns to camp, Berrynose is one of the cats to praise the apprentice. After WindClan fights rogues and Furzepelt is killed, Berrynose is sent with Blossomfall and Snowbush to escort Onestar and his cats back to their home. Berrynose is one of the cats to protest against finding SkyClan, then he later gets into an argument with Tigerheart. Purdy comes to break them up, but collapses, and Berrynose rushes to the medicine den to get Jayfeather. He is later on a patrol that got attacked and outnumbered by rogues, but he says they gave them something to remember by.

The Broken Code

"The more Berrynose tried to please Bramblestar, the more Bramblestar seemed to despise him."
—Bristlefrost's thoughts The Silent Thaw, page 313
Berrynose affirms to his brother Mousewhisker that ThunderClan can survive without the interference of StarClan. Berrynose later becomes one of the biggest ThunderClan supporters of Bramblestar's impostor, and when Squirrelflight is exiled, he becomes the next deputy, much to the dislike of several ThunderClan cats. After Berrynose failed to arrive with help quickly enough during an assassination attempt of the impostor, Berrynose was exiled and Bristlefrost succeeded him as deputy. A despondent Berrynose became a loner once more until he was given refuge within the rebel group. He fought in the Battle of the rebels, where he was killed by Tawnypelt and became a ghost, unable to go to StarClan.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Berrynose is on dawn patrol with Bramblestar, Spiderleg, Rosepetal, Millie, and Amberpaw. Amberpaw falls into the stream and causes a skirmish with WindClan, and afterwords, Berrynose expresses concern for Rosepetal, believing after they lost so many she-cats that season, and they might be weaker than the other Clans. Bramblestar thinks Berrynose may finally be growing up. Later, he goes on a patrol with Bramblestar and Poppyfrost, where they find a WindClan patrol on their territory. Poppyfrost and Leaftail fight, and Berrynose tries to help her, but Bramblestar stops him, not wanting a war. Berrynose later gets sick, however soon recovers. He fights against the badgers with the help of his Clanmates.


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In Leafpool's Wish, Berrykit tells Brackenfur to watch a fighting move Thornclaw taught him, and claims he doesn't need to wait to become an apprentice. He attempts to pounce on an ant, but misses. Brackenfur tells him he's almost ready and he just needs some more practice. Daisy then sends him and Hazelkit back to the nursery. He later limps to the medicine den with Hazelkit, a thistle barely the size of a mouse whisker in his paw. He worries that he will never be able to hunt, but he is treated by Brightheart and, thankfully, makes a full recovery.
In Dovewing's Silence, after the vigil for their fallen Clanmates, Berrynose helps carry Sorreltail for her burial. He is hostile towards the cats who trained in the Dark Forest and is reluctant to forgive them, even after they swear an oath of loyalty. When the former trainees kill a fox, Berrynose appears uncomfortable and eventually forgives his Clanmates.

Detailed description

Berrynose is a long-furred,[15] cream-colored tom[4] with a thick,[17] short[18] stump for a tail.[16] He has a wide head,[19] broad shoulders,[20] and a shredded ear-tip.[21]

Character pixels

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Berrynose's warrior ceremony
Firestar: I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these three apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Berrypaw, Hazelpaw, Mousepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?
Berrypaw, Hazelpaw, and Mousepaw: I do!
Firestar: Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Berrypaw, from this moment you will be known as Berrynose. StarClan honors your bravery and your enthusiasm, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.
Everyone: Mousewhisker! Hazeltail! Berrynose!
Reference: Outcast, pages 19-20

Personality and Relationships

Berrynose is arrogant, egotistical and argumentative, however, shows a soft side to his family. He is protective and caring of his mate, and shows great pride in his children. For more of Berrynose's personality and relationships, click here!


Berrynose's parents are Daisy and Smokey. He fell in love with Honeyfern, but she died from a snake bite. He becomes Poppyfrost's mate later on, and Cherrytail and Molewhisker are their children. For more of Berrynose's family, click here!



Author statements

  • Vicky thinks that in the end Berrynose loves Poppyfrost more than Honeyfern, because they raised a family together.[22]

Interesting facts

  • He is the second cat to have his tail amputated, falling behind Halftail.[23]
  • He was made deputy despite never having an apprentice.[11]


  • He has been mistakenly described as gray-and-white like his brother, father, and sister.[24]
  • He has been described with a full length tail on multiple occasions.[25][26][27][3]

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