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This page contains Berrynose's personality and relationships. It contains conjecture due to being based off of general novel themes, and all statements must be sourced.


Berrynose is an arrogant and incredibly bossy[1] know-it-all,[2] believing himself to be better than anyone.[3] Most cats consider him to be unbearably annoying with his attitude.[4] When Bramblestar's impostor announces he needs a deputy, Berrynose believes himself to be entitled to the position as Bramblestar had mentored him.[5] When he becomes deputy, he uses his new position to bully[6] and boss his Clanmates around, making more cats despise him more than they already did.[7] He's strong in his convictions and harsh towards anyone who goes against them. Being outspoken about punishing perceived wrongdoers, he's not intimidated by Breezepelt's attempted attack for his accusations.[8]


Daisy and Smoky

Daisy and Smoky are Berrynose's parents. Berrynose never really knew Smoky, since he and his siblings were taken to away from him as kits to live in ThunderClan.[9][10] Daisy, Berrynose's mother, was always caring toward him and his siblings, as shown when she takes them away from the Clan after a badger attack.[10]

Mousewhisker and Hazeltail

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Poppyfrost and Honeyfern

"Berrynose is a pain in the tail, and yet he gets two apparently sensible she-cats padding after him. Weird."
Jayfeather The Fourth Apprentice, page 274
Honeyfern was Berrynose’s first mate, and they did seem to truly love each other. They spent time together and talked affectionately about their future kits. However, Honeyfern is bitten by a snake saving Briarkit. As she dies, Berrynose comforts her, saying she died as a hero.[11] After Honeyfern ascends to StarClan, Berrynose becomes mates with her sister, Poppyfrost. Poppyfrost, even though she is expecting Berrynose’s kits, wonders if he doesn’t love her as he loved Honeyfern. She goes to the Moonpool and is attacked by Breezepelt and Brokenstar, but Honeyfern’s spirit appears to fight them off. She then tells Jayfeather that Berrynose does love Poppyfrost, but is afraid of losing her as he lost his first mate. Poppyfrost then gives birth to Berrynose’s kits, Cherrykit and Molekit.[12]

Cherryfall and Molewhisker

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Bramblestar's impostor

Bramblestar's impostor: "Berrynose!"
Berrynose: "Yes, Bramblestar? What can I do for you?"
Bramblestar's impostor: "Why aren't the hunting patrols back?"
Berrynose: "They haven't been out for long."
Bramblestar's impostor: "You should have sent them out earlier."
Berrynose: "I'm a mouse-brain. I'll send them out earlier tomorrow."
—Berrynose sucking up to Bramblestar's impostor The Silent Thaw, page 314
Berrynose does everything Bramblestar’s impostor says, and will berate himself in front of him if he does anything wrong. He enjoys being the impostor’s personal bully-for-hire, and Bramblestar’s impostor doesn’t seem to mind Berrynose bossing around and insulting his own Clanmates. However, the impostor seems to despise Berrynose the more Berrynose tries to suck up to him.[13]

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