"We have to trust him. That's what being a Clanmate is all about."
Leafstar to Echosong about Sol in Beyond the Code, page 24

Beyond the Code is the second book in the SkyClan and the Stranger arc.


With Leafstar's encouragement, Sol, a former kittypet, has joined the ranks of SkyClan. He dreams of becoming a great warrior, and promises to be helpful and brave. But Leafstar soon begins to wonder if Sol respects the rules of the warrior code. And when Sol's actions lead to a perilous disaster for SkyClan, Leafstar has to figure out whether he can be trusted‒before it's too late.

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The story starts off with Leafstar, reflecting upon her time as leader of SkyClan, while watching her three kits play. She watches Stormkit, Firekit and Harrykit play, and wonders what their destiny will be. Clovertail, one of SkyClan's queens, comes up from behind Leafstar, startling her. As the two get to talking about kits, their conversation turns to discussing Sol, who seems to be fitting in with SkyClan well, despite him not being there for a long time. They are joined by Birdpaw and Honeypaw, two of SkyClan's apprentices. They start complaining about how Sol never does any apprentice tasks. Leafstar says that Sol has a lot more experience then the two apprentices do, and goes on to say he's not a typical member of SkyClan.
Later on in the day, Rockshade, Harveymoon and Bouncefire get into an argument over the way the daylight warriors live. Leafstar attempts to step in to stop them, but is distracted by her kits, one of which is hurt. Billystorm tries to go and comfort Harrykit, but to no avail. Sharpclaw, SkyClan's deputy, steps in and tells Leafstar to go to her kits, which she does.
After the events that happened, Billystorm and Ebonyclaw both offer to hunt prey for the Clan, but not take any for themselves. This greatly pleases Sharpclaw and Leafstar, who seem relived that the fighting has stopped. Soon enough, things are back to normal and Sharpclaw goes back to organizing patrols. The patrol with Sharpclaw and Ebonyclaw returns later, and it turns out they were attacked by a badger. Echosong informs Ebonyclaw that she has to stay overnight in camp, to which she becomes a little hesitant.
After being assigned to a hunting patrol, Sol decides to go against Leafstar's wishes, and split up the hunting patrol, only choosing a few to go with him. When asked, Sol shows Leafstar how he hunted, and they take out a small patrol. How he does it shocks and horrifies Leafstar. She finds out that he's stealing from foxes, and scolds him for it. Sharpclaw joins them momentarily, and does the same thing. Leafstar tells them all to have more faith in their hunting skills, and they proceed back to camp.
During the night, SkyClan is attacked by a group of foxes, presumably the ones Sol stole the prey from. Leafstar tries to fend them off, but is soon distracted by her kits, who want to fight as well. Leafstar tries to get to them, but as soon as Harrykit tries to jump off the cliff to help his mother, Lichenfur comes out from the elders' den to save them. Leafstar, although grateful, turns her attention back to clearing the camp of the foxes.
After the incident, Leafstar is shocked at Sol's actions. He froze up, and wasn't able to do anything. When asked about why, he says that he got scared, and goes on to explain his past to Leafstar, and how it was important to him to become a member of SkyClan. He tells of his mother, Cinders, and how she used to tell Sol and his siblings about SkyClan, calling them "sky warriors". Sol's father was never around, and when he did come around, it was only to tell Cinders that he was leaving her for another mate. This changed Cinders, and she was unable to care for her kits, so, she left each one of them at a different home, in hopes a Twoleg would take care of them.
After talking with Billystorm, Leafstar decides to take Sol, and train him in the ways of being a warrior. This doesn't work at first, but after constant training, Sol gets the hang of it. During the Gathering, Sol takes Leafstar's praise seriously, and expects to be made a warrior. Leafstar tries to explain to him that it takes time, but is ignored as Sol yowls that Leafstar is a liar, and storms off, furious.
Later on that night, it begins to rain heavily. Billystorm decides to stay the night with Leafstar in her den, to keep her and the kits company. Soon, Sharpclaw joins them, and says they'll need to evacuate the lower dens. They don't get very far before waters rush into the camp, quickly flooding it and chasing the cats to higher ground. The cats manage to escape to safety, and soon the flood waters recede. When checking the damages around the camp, Cherrytail finds Lichenfur, drowned. The Clan holds a vigil for her, and the book ends with Leafstar wondering about the peace of her Clan.


  • The cat on the cover is strongly suggested to be Sol.[3]
  • It should be noted that while this book is referred to as 'manga', it is not, as it did not originate in Japan and was not drawn by Japanese mangaka.[4]

Publication history

  • Beyond the Code (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 22 November 2011[5]
  • 'Следуя Воинскому закону (RU), OLMA Media Group (unknown binding), 2014[6]

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